VCRMM: Chapter 43 Part 1

“Ding dong— ding dong—”

Early in the morning, a bell rang suddenly in the quiet town. It spread from the center of the town to the surrounding area and weakened a lot by the time it reached the town gate.

In the open space at the gate of the town, rows of tents were gathered together. A long line had formed in front of the tent closest to the town.

The wounded were supported by their families or nearby residents as they lined up and drank porridge. There was also a camera next to it that captured the scene.

“We are at the door of Mercenary Town. As you can see, there is a long line here.”

The reporter Pei Lin stood in front of the camera and was doing a live report with a microphone.

Due to her heroic performance during the riot of the three star beast, she was sent to the town by the TV station to make a special report on the series of recent initiatives of Mercenary Town.

Now rather than streaming the beast fighting arena, they were streaming the process of rebuilding the town in real time. It wasn’t exciting but the ratings were climbing.

“We have just received information the royal water healer has arrived in Mercenary Town yesterday and she is treating the over 1,000 injured during the three star beast riot.”

She stood in front of the camera and showed a very professional attitude.

“You can see the tent ahead. Lady Niya, the royal water healer, is in the tent and treating the wounded.”

“This reporter has received reliable information that since Lady Niya’s arrival yesterday, more than 100 wounded have been healed. Most of them were critically injured patients who were dying.”

“That is an amazing number!”

“Now let’s go over and conduct some interviews.”

Pei Lin spoke to the cameraman before walking to the tent belonging to Niya in front. Unfortunately, she was stopped by two expressionless soldiers before entering it.

“This is an important medical area. No idle people are allowed to enter!”

The two tall and sturdy soldiers were imposing and domineering. They made people feel intimidated at a glance.

“These two big brothers, I am reporter Pei Lin. This is my press card.” Pei Lin showed her papers. “We would like to go in and interview Lady Niya. Can you please give us permission?”

The two soldiers were unmoved.

“Lady Niya is treating the injuries. For every minute of delay, one more person will lose their life.”

“This reporter, please don’t interfere with the work!”

They suddenly stood at the moral high ground and it wasn’t easy for Pei Lin to break through. She was curious but she thanked them and retreated to the side.

“Unfortunately, we can’t see the true face of Lady Niya but we can go to the other side and interview the healed patients.”

At this point, one of the injured was carried in. Pei Lin asked the cameraman to zoom in on the injured person and to film his dying appearance.

“Everyone can see that the man is badly injured and is being carried into the tent.”

“Now we are waiting outside for a while to see what happens after he receives treatment. Is it as magical as the rumors?”

The cameraman pointed the lens at the exit of the tent. Pei Lin had just stepped back in order to drink water when a familiar figure walked out of the town. Her eyes lit up and she ran over in a hurry. “Lord Administrator!”

Pei Lin stopped in front of Wen Jishan and held the microphone up high.

Wen Jishan blinked. He clearly saw the female reporter in front of him and calmly spoke as he pushed up his glasses, “Good morning, Reporter Pei.”

“Good morning, Lord Administrator! Are you interested in accepting an interview?”

Facing the female reporter’s shiny eyes, he smiled slightly at the camera not far away.

He had a good relationship with the media because he was very aware of the importance of public opinion. In this era, even the nobles couldn’t ignore the voices of ordinary people.

“I don’t know what Reporter Pei wants to interview me about?” He asked gently.

“I have some questions about Water Healer Niya.”

“It’s fine, but I have work to do later. Please make your questions brief.”

“Yes, thank you Lord Administrator!”

Pei Lin hurriedly called the cameraman over and secretly looked at the real-time ratings feedback. She was relieved to find that it had risen rather than dropped.

This Lord Wen Jishan was very popular among the people. In addition to his outstanding talent, he was also—


He was gentle and intellectual. This was the type that young girls as well as elders liked. Every time he was interviewed, the ratings would skyrocket for a while.

“Lord Administrator, I heard that Water Healer Niya has healed more than 100 patients yesterday. Is this true?”

“Of course it is.” Wen Jishan nodded with a smile. “Many of them were seriously injured patients but now they are basically recovered. They are recuperating in the neighboring area and can return when the destroyed houses are rebuilt. Reporter Pei, if you are interested then you can go there for an interview.”

“Okay. Thank you for reminding me.” Pei Lin smiled and nodded. “It is really admirable that Lady Niya, a royal water healer, went deep into the disaster area in person.”

“Indeed.” Wen Jishan nodded.

He knew that Niya had been stripped of her title of noble and royal water healer and she couldn’t return to her original height until she had healed 10,000 people.

However, he wouldn’t say this in public. After all, water healers were precious and he should give her a bit of face.

“His Majesty is considerate of the people and directly sent the royal water healer over so the residents of Mercenary Town can return to normal life as soon as possible.”

Wen Jishan didn’t forget to bring up the emperor.

Niya might’ve contributed to this matter but the good reputation couldn’t be occupied by her alone.

“At the same time, His Majesty also intends to take Mercenary Town as the center as he develops the surrounding area.”

Wen Jishan gave a small reveal about future plans.

“Of course, it is still early. It needs to wait until the current reconstruction and resettlement are completed.”

Pei Lin’s eyes brightened. She wanted to continue digging deeper but Wen Jishan had already finished the topic. She couldn’t keep asking ignorantly.

“His Majesty is a benevolent ruler. The presence of His Majesty is a blessing to our Roland Empire.” She gave a bit of flattery.

“Yes, in addition to his benevolence, His Majesty’s wisdom is beyond ours.” Wen Jishan spoke earnestly. “I am still not enough compared to His Majesty.”

Pei Lin was stunned by these words.

In fact, she had just spoken casually. The young emperor…

The silver-haired, purple-eyed young man appeared in front of her again. He wasn’t afraid of the violent three star beast and even shot the three star beast in the eye.

The video was still circulating online.

She smiled. Yes, the young emperor might indeed become a wise ruler but he still needed time to grow up.

“You are right. We can all see what His Majesty has done for Mercenary Town.” Pei Lin continued asking, “I heard that you are busy helping the poor today?”

“Yes, this is another wise move by His Majesty.” Wen Jishan gave exaggerated praise again.

“Mercenary Town is far from the inner city and the living conditions are bad. Many people in the town have no fixed place to eat. His Majesty saw the lack of food and ordered me to preside over the relief matters.”

“Of course, the relief is only temporary. It is better to teach people to fish than to give them fish. In the future, we will create more jobs for the residents of the small town so they can solve the problem of food and clothing on their own. If there are lazy people who only eat and don’t work, I can only say sorry. The empire doesn’t raise idle people!”

Pei Lin agreed. “Lord Administrator, you spoke well.”

Then she looked at the one dozen residents behind Wen Jishan.

They were all dressed plainly and there were patches on their clothes. It was obvious that their living conditions weren’t good.

Once Pei Lin greeted them, they showed a shy smile.

Pei Lin looked at them a few times before asking Wen Jishan again, “Chief Administrator, what are you going to do next? Is it relief work?”

Wen Jishan’s lips curved up.

“There is nothing wrong with your words. It is really regarding relief. Wood elementalists are carrying out an improvement of rice. Perhaps in a short time, people from all over the empire will no longer be troubled by famine.”

Pei Lin was stunned before exclaiming with surprise, “Chief Administrator, are your words true?”

“I don’t have to lie about this type of thing.” Wei Jishan still had a gentle and elegant smile on his face. “However, it is still in the experimental stage. Please wait and see.”

Pei Lin was a bit excited before she suddenly realized a problem.

“Lord Administrator, the empire has suddenly mobilized so many elementalists to engage in construction and production. Won’t it affect the fighting on the front lines? The teachers of the Elementalist Academy might be presiding over the construction right now but they do have other jobs…”

Wen Jishan looked at the female reporter and his heart filled with satisfaction. This female reporter was very good.

He kept smiling as he answered, “It is true that the dean and teachers still have teaching work. After completing the reconstruction of Mercenary Town, they will soon return to their daily lives. But—”

“The wood elementalists in charge of the rice improvement aren’t teachers but graduating students.”

Pei Lin couldn’t help frowning and she asked sharply, “If so, won’t it cut off the active forces on the front lines and cause faults?”

“Of course not.” Wei Jishan spoke with confidence. “Everyone knows that only graduates who have one star strength will be assigned to the front lines. Right now, the elementalists conducting the rice experiments only have a half star of strength.”

Wen Jishan emphasized the last four words. He was already beginning to lay out the reform of the elementalists.

Si Sheng’s prestige in the empire might be high and perhaps no one would dare to resist his orders, but Wen Jishan still wanted it to be foolproof and to maximize the results.

The elementalist apprentices in Mercenary Town right now were the best experiments. Their success would be the best example.

Most of the troops were warriors but there was the video of His Majesty’s speech. A two-pronged approach might minimize resistance.

Moreover, the number of elementalists was huge. A complete management system was needed to convert all of them into mercenaries.

Now the over 180 elementalist apprentices could provide some reference to slowly develop a mercenary management system suitable for elementalists.

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