VCRMM: Chapter 42 Part 2

The moment Xu Sili walked into the dining room, Si Sheng saw the young man’s furrowed brow and the softness on his face disappeared.

What happened to the Lord God? What was bothering him so much?

Xu Sili also saw Si Sheng but to his surprise, there were two other figures in the dining room. They were Joan and Asheng.

“Imperial brother!” Joan saw him and jumped out of the chair.

The little boy with black hair and purple eyes was dressed as a prince. He was so young but he already had a stable temperament. He was like a little adult and was handsome and cute.

Xu Sili glanced at the little boy with surprise. Then he walked over and reached out to touch the soft black hair. “Little Joan, aren’t you going to the academy today?”

He still liked this brother very much. He also knew that Joan trained hard every day which was why the two of them hadn’t eaten breakfast together.

Joan’s hairstyle was messed up but he didn’t become angry. Rather, his cheeks were slightly flushed.

He tried to maintain a straight face as he said seriously, “I don’t have morning classes today so I came here for breakfast.”

As he talked, he peeked at Asheng who was still sitting in her chair. Except for smiling at Xu Sili, she didn’t mean to jump up and salute him.

Joan pursed his lips and looked at his imperial brother. His imperial brother didn’t seem angry.

“Then you can rest.” Xu Sili patted his head. “I heard that you are training hard. This is an advantage but you should also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, you know?”

“I know. Thank you, Brother.”

Joan was slightly relieved hearing his brother’s concern for himself. He looked up with a small face, eyes bright and full of admiration.

Then he soon blinked with confusion. He felt that his imperial brother’s aura had become stronger again and…

“Imperial brother… did you grow taller?”

Xu Sili was startled after hearing this. He looked down at himself and smiled. “I do seem to have grown a little bit.”

As his physical attributes increased, his height and shape seemed to have improved unknowingly. He didn’t feel anything but in the eyes of others, the changes were probably quite big.

Maybe one day, he could catch up with Si Sheng?

Xu Sili glanced at the blond man to the side. He thought about the day when he would surpass Si Sheng in the future and suddenly felt better.

Si Sheng was watching the interaction between the two brothers.

Lord God…

He seemed to like this younger brother very much? Or did Lord God like children?

He glanced at Asheng opposite him. This female doll carved from pink jade was wearing a puffy dress and nibbling on a piece of bread in her hand. She also didn’t forget to throw some to Ah Huang on the ground.

She treated food in a very serious and pious manner. Even the emperor coming couldn’t stop her from eating.

Si Sheng took a second look before retracting his gaze. He glanced back at the young man only to be unprepared…

He met a pair of smiling eyes. The eyes were like falling stars. They were bent into a beautiful arc as he smiled lightly, making Si Sheng’s heart move.

Si Sheng was slightly startled.

His Lord God… was smiling at him!

He was puzzled about the reason but seeing the young man’s bright eyes, he couldn’t help his lips curving and his gray-blue eyes flashed with soft brilliance.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected Si Sheng to suddenly show this gentle expression. He was a bit… killed.

He endured the strangeness in his heart and sat down.

There were two children and a dog so the previously cold dining table was a lot more lively.

Xu Sili took a sip of milk and looked at the little girl. “Asheng, after you finish your meal, you and Ah Huang will go with me to Mercenary Town.”

Then he ordered the guard captain to prepare the shuttle.

Little Asheng nodded obediently. “Am I going to work?”

Xu Sili saw she was still thinking about work and smiled. “Yes, starting from today, you will go to work in the small town during the day and go back to the palace at night to sleep. Li Zhecheng, you arrange for someone to pick her up every day.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Asheng glanced at the big dog at her feet.

At this moment, Ah Huang was no longer a yellow dog. After some cleaning, his yellow fur had turned back to silver-gray. It was fluffy and soft. Combined with his brown eyes, he looked very beautiful. The appearance value was quite high. Of course, if he didn’t always have his tongue dangling out then he would look more like a wolf.

“I will let Ah Huang take me back soon,” Asheng answered earnestly.

Xu Sili paused. That’s right, why did he forget about Ah Huang? “That’s fine but you have to make sure you go there on time every day and come back on time.”

“Yes, Asheng will be very punctual.” The little girl nodded and continued to eat breakfast happily. The food in the palace was delicious! She would live here in the future and she didn’t have to leave.

The little boy couldn’t help pressing his lips together. He looked at the opposite Asheng and couldn’t help saying, “Imperial Brother, I also want to go to the town to help. I’m half a star. I… I can help too!”

Although… he didn’t know how he could help.

Xu Sili felt some relief as he looked at his sensible brother. He thought about it before giving the boy a difficult question. “Joan, can you meditate while walking?”

Joan couldn’t help being stunned? Meditate while walking? This… he had never tried it!

Was this how his imperial brother trained? Was this why his imperial brother had become so powerful in such a short period of time?

He looked at Xu Sili with a burning gaze.

Xu Sili gazed back at him and chuckled. “A spiritual elementalist relies heavily on the magic in their body. Once the magic value is exhausted, the spiritual elementalist will fall into a passive state. At that time, it will be difficult to escape from trouble if you are surrounded. Then what if you can meditate while walking and even add magic during battle?”

His words caused Joan’s eyes to brighten. There was nothing wrong with this. It had always been the knot in his heart.

His oldest brother and second sister were both powerful spiritual elementalists. Yet when they ran out of magic, they could no longer resist the interstellar beasts and died in the beast wave because there wasn’t timely rescue.

Due to this, Joan had been working hard to train his physique. His physical fitness had improved but it couldn’t be compared to a warrior and he even delayed his spiritual talent.

He had reached a strength of half a star by the age of 10. This might seem good but it was only regarded as medium among all the apprentices of the spiritual department.

Joan had actually been on a wild goose chase before. Still, he stuck to his ideas and rarely communicated with others in the academy so no teacher had discovered his problem.

Now Xu Sili’s words allowed him to find a new way!

“Brother, I’ll try to do it.”

A fierce light appeared in the little boy’s beautiful purple eyes.

Then Xu Sili found…

Joan actually leveled up! The aptitude of this guy was really good. Was this an epiphany?

Xu Sili sighed emotionally.

In any case, it was good for his family to increase their strength. It was unlikely… that any growth could catch up with him.

“Yes, then you can follow Asheng to Mercenary Town. You are responsible for protecting her. In the process of protecting her, you must maintain a state of meditation and training. As for the academy, I will help you temporarily ask for two days off.”

Xu Sili directly let Joan follow Asheng.

What was a better place for training than being around the humanoid elements gathering formation?

He thought that Joan had been working too hard before and should go out to play. Even if Joan didn’t learn to walk and train, it would be good for him to relax his mood.

Joan opened his mouth and responded positively. This was the order of the emperor. He wouldn’t go against his imperial brother or disappoint his imperial brother!

“Brother Your Majesty, what about me? What should I do?” Asheng asked at this time.

Xu Sili struggled for a moment. Currently, the most important thing was the Snow Valley on Su Lin’s side so…

“Go to Su Lin, the brother who gave you bread yesterday. He is farming and you will sing next to him.”

Asheng blinked. “Is that all?”

“Yes, just sing next to Su Lin. Don’t you like singing?”

“I like it!”

“Then isn’t it good?”

Asheng thought about it before nodding. It was very good but it was a bit different from what she wanted to do.

“Then Brother Joan, are you coming with me? Ah Huang can take us.” Asheng looked at Joan and asked.

Joan looked between her and Xu Sili. Then the young boy nodded seriously and resolutely. “Okay, let’s go together.”

So after a hurried meal, the two motivated little ones disappeared into the palace under Ah Huang’s leadership. Xu Sili didn’t even have time to arrange a guard for them.

He had to send a message to Wen Jishan to request him to send someone over and not let anything happen to these two children.

Then he slowly and methodically finished breakfast before casually walking out of the palace. There were no clouds in the sky and the sunlight was just right.

Once he came to the garden, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Si Sheng. “Marshal Si Sheng, don’t you have anything else to do?”

These days, he had only been following Xu Sili. It was really idle.

The blond man stood in the sunlight with gray-blue eyes. All the ice and hostility faded away as he smiled gently. “There is nothing more important than you.”

Xu Sili inexplicably felt his heart beat a bit faster. This guy…

How could his words be improving? It was as if his mouth was smeared with honey…

His eyes unknowingly fell on Si Sheng’s lips.

Si Sheng’s lips weren’t thick, which made them sharper and cooler. However, his lip color was very bright and against his cold white skin, it made him look sexy and charming.

It was especially so when he smiled.

Xu Sili felt very strange at this moment. Why was he inexplicably paying attention to Si Sheng’s lips? Why did his mouth feel a bit dry?

He looked away and shook his head. “You are just coaxing me.”

Si Sheng’s smile faded. He wanted to say that it wasn’t just coaxing. All his words were sincere. However, looking at the young man’s indifferent side profile, he finally couldn’t say it.

He smiled bitterly in his heart and changed the topic. “Your Majesty, what is bothering you?”

Xu Sili stared at the sky in the distance. There were too many worries but for now…

“I want… to promote the birth of a new life.”

He didn’t know why but he actually mentioned this matter to Si Sheng. “I’m just worried that poor control will cause a backlash. Si Sheng, if it was you, what would you do?”

Si Sheng frowned slightly. He cocked his head and watched Xu Sili for a long time before saying seriously, “Anything disobedient will be destroyed. If you can’t handle it, this servant is willing to be your knife and will solve all those who dare to resist.”

Xu Sili was speechless at these cruel words. Xiao Wu was an artificial intelligence. How could he be killed when he didn’t have a form?

Then slowly, Xu Sili laughed. To tell the truth, this feeling of someone supporting everything he did wasn’t bad…

Perhaps with Si Sheng’s power, this person could even handle an artificial intelligence? In addition, the threat posed by Xiao Wu should be a long time later.

After thinking about this, Xu Sili turned to Si Sheng and smiled softly. “You only know how to fight and kill all day long. Isn’t it boring?”

Si Sheng was in a daze. He couldn’t help raising his hand slightly, wanting to touch this smile. Then he caught himself halfway through.

“Okay, take me to Mercenary Town. I haven’t arranged the group of students yet and I don’t know if they are working well…”

Xu Sili pulled Si Sheng to the open space in the garden.

There was clearly the flying shuttle. He didn’t know why but he just wanted to go on the flying beast.  Perhaps… the shadow leopard was more flashy?

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