VCRMM Chapter 32 Part 1

Xu Sili suddenly focused on an individual and his tone was very familiar. This made the faces of the teachers present become a bit embarrassed.

Su Lin…

This poor student had been enrolled for 11 years but was always at the bottom of the rankings in terms of strength. He was known to several teachers of the warrior department.

It wasn’t that he was known to everyone due to his poor strength. It was that he kept making a fuss about wanting to change his department.

The teachers weren’t at ease. They thought he was whimsical and sometimes became annoyed with him, making demeaning remarks.

Of course, it just stopped here. They didn’t do anything unethical to suppress him. They didn’t have that much time. Who would’ve known… it was really the case!

To be honest, these teachers had been really shocked when they knew that Su Lin had successfully tested as a talent of the spiritual department, becoming the first person to lead the reform of the academy.

Their faces were swollen. It still hurt.

More than that, Su Lin caught His Majesty’s eyes. They heard that His Majesty handed over a task to him. It was a task delivered by the royal guard captain Li Zhecheng himself. It was said that he would receive many rewards if he completed the task.

It wasn’t only the students who were jealous. Some teachers couldn’t help feeling envy. After all, it wasn’t just a reward. It was also an honor! In the Roland Empire where the people were fierce and all soldiers, sometimes honor was more important than life!

Meanwhile, Si Sheng stood behind Xu Sili and raised an eyebrow slightly. Su Lin…

It was that little guy from last time.

He looked at Xu Sili and didn’t say anything. He just reached out his hand, picked up the teapot and skillfully poured a cup of hot tea. Then he gently placed it in front of the young man.

Xu Sili listened to Deputy Dean Chris’ report. At this moment, he saw a hand wearing white gloves from the corner of his eyes. It held a cup of steaming tea and gently placed it next to his hand.

This scene was a bit familiar and Xu Sili couldn’t help looking up at Si Sheng.

The man stood beside him, solemn and silent. The tailor-made military uniform fit tightly on his body and gave him a rigorous and meticulous beauty. If he wore a pair of glasses then he would look like a good butler.

Xu Sili was a bit distracted as he picked up the teacup. The difference from last time was that he no longer used Insight on the tea.

He took a sip. The faint and refreshing taste of tea permeated his mouth. The warm liquid was just right for soothing the thirst of his throat. Yes, this was nice green tea. Dean Justin would enjoy it.

Xu Sili nodded. He felt that Si Sheng’s tea making skills were very good.

Seeing the young man’s joyful look, Si Sheng successfully diverted this person’s attention and his mouth curved imperceptibly. He smoothed it out before anyone else could find it.

Xu Sili only cared about drinking tea and naturally didn’t discover it. After taking a few sips, he looked at Deputy Dean Chris again. “So Su Lin followed Dean Justin to Mercenary Town?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili nodded and didn’t ask anymore. Even if he did ask, she wouldn’t be able to answer it. He called up Su Lin’s attributes panel. The last time he helped measure Su Lin’s talent and this child became his die-hard fan. Xu Sili could look directly at his attributes. To Xu Sili’s surprise, this boy Su Lin…

He leveled up again! Yes, after the last time he was tested, Su Lin gained two levels in a row. Now it had only been three days and Su Lin actually rose another level to Lv 5.

This might be due to accumulating knowledge and delivering it slowly. He had been suppressed for so many years only to suddenly find the right direction. His potential burst out and he started to leap forward.

Xu Sili couldn’t help nodding.

This was one of his own. The stronger, the better. Xu Sili wasn’t expecting Su Lin to fight but at the very least, Su Lin should plant the ground for him.

At the same time, Xu Sili inevitably felt a sense of crisis. The kid had improved so much. Would he catch up to Xu Sili? Wouldn’t it be a bit embarrassing if he caught up?

Then at this moment…

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has a newly built wooden house +1, experience value +100.]

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has a newly built brick house +1, experience value +200.]

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has transformed a wooden house into a two-story wooden house, experience value +200.]

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 7 to Lv 8, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Distance to next level: 176/900]

Xu Sili was stunned before he grinned. Dean Justin’s group was really powerful! In one morning, they directly sent him 500 experience and let him level up.

He glanced at the notification messages. A wooden house gave 100 experience while a brick house gave 200. The wooden houses obviously took a short time.

From yesterday until now, three wooden houses had been built. There was one two-story house but only one brick house.

However, when transformed into a two-story wooden house, the experience value doubled compared to a newly built wooden house. If the brick house was transformed to a two-story house, would it also double to 400? Xu Sili pondered on it and decided to observe later.

He didn’t rush to add the free points. After all, Deputy Dean Chris and the others were still around. It wasn’t good to improve too fast all at once.

Despite this, Deputy Dean Chris and the academy teachers were shocked.

“Your Majesty, did you have another epiphany?” Deputy Dean Chris closed her slightly opened mouth and pushed up her round-rimmed glasses while asking with some disbelief.

The gap below one star wasn’t very big so it was difficult to judge the specific strength of the other party without direct contact.

Still, Deputy Dean Chris was a strong spiritual person and her sensitivity was higher than others. She clearly felt that His Majesty’s current strength was close to or even more than one star! It was progressing too fast! The last time he came, his aura wasn’t even that of half a star, right?

Xu Sili saw the shock in everyone’s eyes and couldn’t help sighing inwardly. It wasn’t good to level up automatically. It wasn’t secretive enough. Then he thought about it and felt this was fine.

As the emperor, he needed to be strong to deter others. If he was as strong as Si Sheng, who would dare to not listen to him?

Xu Sili thought this way and nodded. “It is just a bit of insight.”

He spoke easily but Chris didn’t think so. This rate of progress was so fast. If His Majesty’s talent had been measured and he entered the academy then the Roland Empire might’ve had another two star powerhouse!

Deputy Dean Chris’ eyes were full of heartache and she felt even more ashamed for delaying so many students over the years.

“Your Majesty, do you… want to go to the academy to study?” She couldn’t help asking.

Previously, Xu Sili hadn’t mentioned it and Deputy Dean Chris also hadn’t asked. After all, they were now very busy with Mercenary Town and retesting the talents.

His Majesty was also 18 years old. It was after the best training age and it was actually very difficult to make progress. Then after seeing His Majesty today and perceiving his talent, Deputy Dean Chris changed her mind.

His Majesty had such talent. It would be a pity if he didn’t continue training! They couldn’t let him continue to bury it!

Xu Sili hadn’t expected Deputy Dean Chris to take the initiative to bring up this matter. He nodded and said, “This time, I wanted to borrow some books from you. By the way, is there a sound elementalist at the academy?”

All his memories came from Snow Roland. Snow Roland had never studied at the academy and didn’t know the training methods. In other words, Xu Sili was now on a completely unorthodox road. Still, letting him go to class with a group of little kids?

Xu Sili thought about this scene and felt it was very awkward. He was the emperor. He could naturally enjoy some privileges such as—

One-on-one tutoring.

Deputy Dean Chris frowned, her face showing a look of embarrassment. She had just thought about not burying His Majesty’s talent but she hadn’t realized a problem—

His Majesty had the rarest sound element!

“Your Majesty, the academy…”

Deputy Dean Chris spoke with difficulty. “There is no sound elementalist teacher.”


Xu Sili was slightly stunned.

Deputy Dean Chris explained, “Sound is an extremely rare element. In my teaching career, I’ve only encountered one student who had the sound system. Due to the natural disaster a hundred years ago, the sound system inheritance was broken. This student could only use the most basic spiritual techniques to practice. Finally…”

At this point, Deputy Dean Chris looked a bit embarrassed. “By the time he graduated, he hadn’t reached the one star level. Later, he went to the local army and I haven’t heard any news about him.”

The other teachers heard Deputy Dean Chris’ words and showed deep emotions on their faces. This was the only genius student in the history of the academy who tested into the spiritual talent but failed to reach one star before graduation.

They thought of this and couldn’t help looking at the little emperor with sympathy and regret. His Majesty was also such a genius!

Xu Sili couldn’t stand their looks. What were they doing? He was completely different from that hapless student!

He thought about it before asking, “Deputy Dean Chris, did the student you mention learn any skills before graduation?”

Deputy Dean Chris shook her head. The sound inheritance was broken. Where could he get any skills to learn? If he could realize it with his own epiphany, he would have unparalleled qualifications. In that way, he wouldn’t have failed to reach one star before graduation.

Xu Sili pursed his lips slightly at these words. He took a small sip of tea and didn’t speak. He hadn’t expected the sound system to be so rare…

The inheritance was broken!

The sound system gave him a strong feeling. Based on when he learned Roland’s Good Night Song, he believed that it would be an absolutely powerful control skill when it leveled up. However, if the inheritance was broken it meant he could only feel his way across the river himself…

Fortunately, he had the player panel and could level up with experience points. Even if he didn’t have many sound skills, he had Si Sheng’s skills as a trump card.

Despite this, Xu Sili was somewhat depressed.

The little emperor didn’t speak and the atmosphere in the office abruptly froze. Deputy Dean Chris didn’t dare to speak any longer.

After a long time, in the trembling silence, the young man lazily opened his mouth. “Then there is no way. Okay, this emperor doesn’t have much time for class. Deputy Dean Chris, I will have to trouble you to prepare the basic training books for a spiritual elementalist. I will have someone come to pick them up.”

Deputy Dean Chris waved her hand and spoke cautiously, “Your Majesty is joking. Once I finish sorting out the books, I will personally send them to the palace myself.”

Xu Sili nodded and didn’t continue the topic.

After a little while, there was a knock on the door outside. It was the return of the two teachers who had left earlier to organize the students.

There were 157 students and it was naturally impossible to bring them to the office. They were gathered in the auditorium on the same floor and waiting for Xu Sili.

“Okay, I will go and see those students.”

Xu Sili finished the last mouthful of green tea, dropped the quill and walked to the door. Si Sheng followed him step by step.

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