VCRMM: Chapter 31 Part 2

Xu Sili sat on the back of the shadow leopard that flew through the sky of Imperial City. Surrounded by blue sky and white clouds, he once again experienced the feeling of a roller coaster.

He previously tried skydiving but how could skydiving be as much fun as riding a flying cat?

His lips curved gently and his smile gradually widened. His bright and indulgent smile was quite different from the cold emperor who just awed Niya and the others. It was almost like two different people.

Si Sheng saw this and he felt infected by the mood. All the gloom disappeared without a trace and his heart was only full of the young man’s unbridled and joyful laughter.

Xu Sili shouted into the sky. This feeling of freedom was simply awesome.

Then he soon realized there was still a man sitting behind him.

Xu Sili hurriedly controlled himself and coughed lightly.  “Is this the Elementalist Academy?”

He lowered his head and saw the iconic building of the Elementalist Academy in the distance.

Si Sheng nodded. Following his orders, the shadow leopard leaned down and quickly approached the academy.

He was originally supposed to land in the academy’s square but he stopped in the air after seeing the crowd of students in the square.

Xu Sili was also attracted by the scene in the square.

For the past three days, he had been learning songs to try and get a skill. He hadn’t paid much attention to the affairs of the academy.

He watched from a distance and found that the students were in a long line in order.

At the forefront of the line was a small wooden table. On the wooden table, there was a crystal ball for testing spiritual talent and it gleamed in the sunlight.

An unfamiliar university teacher sat behind the table, directing the students in line to do the test one by one.

There were also several teachers maintaining order in the area. Xu Sili saw the figure of Deputy Dean Chris.

“Do you want to go down?” Si Sheng asked him.


Xu Sili nodded. Just looking at the square, he didn’t see a place where the shadow leopard could land.

Moreover, it was likely to cause panic and perhaps a stampede.

Fortunately, the shadow leopard didn’t land directly.

He only lowered his height before hovering in mid-air.

Below, some students had noticed the abnormality in the sky. They looked up one after another. The square was filled with hundreds or thousands of people and it suddenly became loud and noisy.

“Your Majesty, I have to offend you.”

Xu Sili heard Si Sheng’s voice. Then an arm encircled him. Before he could say anything, his body started to fall at a rapid speed.

Si Sheng actually hugged him and jumped down!

Oh my god!

Xu Sili instinctively turned back and hugged the man’s body.

It wasn’t known how he did this action in mid-air but…

It was too frightening!

The fear caused by weightlessness made Xu Sili afraid to look down. He turned back consciously and hugged the man’s body tighter.

He even couldn’t help wondering—

Was Si Sheng trying to take this opportunity to kill him and get rid of the shackles of the secret technique?!

Si Sheng held Xu Sili and fell rapidly.

Once Si Sheng was five or six meters above the ground, a strong wind pressure rose from under his feet and his white cloak blew back.

The man hugged the young man and slowly landed on the ground, like a divine soldier falling from the sky.

The moment his military boots stepped on the ground, the tumultuous wind stopped and the flying cloak fell, covering the young man in his arms.

It was only when his feet were steady on the ground that Xu Sili finally believed Si Sheng didn’t intend to kill him.

He was still buried in the man’s arms, his heart beating wildly and his body trembling from instinct.

The previously noisy academy square was now completely quiet.

Seeing the two people falling from the sky, both the teachers and students were stunned.

 A long time passed before there was an uproar.

“Lord Si Sheng!”

“Look, it’s the patron saint Si Sheng!”

“Ahhhh, so handsome!”

“Si Sheng is an eternal god! Wooo, so handsome…”

“By the way, is Lord Si Sheng holding someone?”

“Yes, who is that?”

The students had instinctively scattered in all directions at the sight of someone jumping from the sky. Due to the sudden strong wind, they retreated a short distance, leaving a circular vacuum zone in the middle.

Now the man in the snow-white uniform stood firmly in the middle of the empty area.

His arms were tightly encircling a thin figure.

The person was completely buried in his arms and hidden by the cloak. They could only see long, silver hair fluttering but they couldn’t see his appearance clearly.

Deputy Dean Chris was the first to recover and rush to the front.

“I greet Your Majesty! I greet Lord Marshal!”

As the students were talking, she cried loudly and dropped to one knee, not daring to show any neglect.

She learned a lesson from Dean Justin and couldn’t make the same mistake!

Her courtesy made the speculating students have wide open mouths.

Fuck, it was the emperor!

These days, His Majesty was the most frequently mentioned existence in the academy.

They weren’t sure about the specifics but everyone knew that they were now gathering in the square to test their talent again because of His Majesty!

The students exchanged looks. Then along with the teachers, they followed Deputy Dean Chris’ lead and also knelt down.

This was the first time they could see His Majesty and the marshal!

Weren’t they too lucky?

A few courageous people secretly lifted their communication devices and activated the camera function to photograph the two figures in the distance.

Two of them were girls who had followed Deputy Dean Chris to the dean’s office last time.

At this moment, they looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

His Majesty and the marshal were standing together again!

Xu Sili was a bit embarrassed. He barely calmed down the physical reaction caused by fear and couldn’t help raising his head to give Si Sheng a look.

Si Sheng was also looking at him.

There was confusion in the gray-blue eyes, as if he didn’t understand why Xu Sili was angry.

Xu Sili didn’t speak. He calmly loosened his hands and slowly moved back. Then his gaze swept over the teachers and students kneeling on the ground.

The academy uniforms were all black.

Right now, there was a mass of people in dark clothes kneeling and the scene was quite shocking.

He nodded. Then he looked at Deputy Dean Chris in the front, thought about it and lifted his legs to walk over.

Clatter, clatter, clatter.

The silver-haired young man’s every move tugged at the crowd’s hearts. Even his footsteps seemed to ring out loudly.

In the end, he stood in front of the deputy dean.

“Get up.”

Xu Sili’s understated voice rang out. The sound wasn’t loud but it was clearly heard by everyone in the square.

There was shock in their hearts.

As for Deputy Dean Chris, she suppressed her excitement and stood up with the young man’s help.

“Your Majesty,” she called out respectfully again.

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded and glanced at the students on the ground. “Let them continue while we go to the office to have a talk.”

Once he was done speaking, he stopped looking at everyone and headed straight to the dean’s office. Si Sheng naturally followed him.

He was surrounded by Deputy Dean Chris and a few teachers as they came to the dean’s office.

This time, Xu Sili still sat in the best seat.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng stood behind him in a guardian position and watched the teachers of the Elementalist Academy.

Apart from Deputy Dean Chris, the teachers were all from the warrior department. It was because there weren’t many in the spiritual department to begin with and they were all pulled by Dean Justin to build houses in Mercenary Town.

As a warrior, they could feel the powerful pressure from Si Sheng.

Currently, one or two of them were bowing their heads, shivering and not daring to look directly.

Xu Sili skillfully picked up the dean’s quill pen, leaned back on the chair and asked leisurely, “Deputy Dean Chris, how has the work progressed lately?”

“Reporting to Your Majesty, Dean Justin has led all the spiritual department teachers to work on the reconstruction of Mercenary Town and it is now proceeding in an orderly way.”

Deputy Dean Chris bowed.

“As for the actual progress, I need to contact Dean Justin to give you an accurate answer.”

Xu Sili nodded. He was very satisfied with Deputy Dean Chris’ awareness.

At least she knew how to judge the situation and wouldn’t make mistakes like the old man Justin.

“Very good.”

Xu Sili praised her with one sentence before raising an eyebrow. “What about the students? How is the retesting of their talent going?”

The spiritually gifted students who went the wrong way were important for future infrastructure development and were top priority.

Without them, many plans couldn’t be developed directly.

“Your Majesty, the academy currently has 11,624 students in total. We divided these students into four batches according to their ages.” 

Deputy Dean Chris answered.

“Students between the ages of 15 and 18 were retested first. There are 3,205 students in this group and they should all be completely retested by this afternoon.”

“At the moment…” She paused with a bit of heartache. “The number of talented students of the spiritual department who were delayed like Su Lin are… a total of 157.”

My god.

Xu Sili couldn’t help being speechless.

As far as he knew, the number of students originally gifted in the spiritual department throughout the entire academy was only 30.

They were the true pride of the sky. Some hadn’t reached 18 years old yet and their strength was already at one star.

Now only 15 to 18 year old children had been tested and there were already 157 students who were supposed to be in the spiritual department.

Compared with the total of 3,205, this number wasn’t too much. This also showed how rare spiritual elementalists were.

Xu Sili nodded and said nothing more. It was because he saw that Deputy Dean Chris’ heart was obviously bleeding.

As for the other teachers, their mood probably wasn’t much better.

Deputy Dean Chris continued talking.

The children between 12 to 14 and 9 to 11 were divided into two batches and would be tested in order.

As for the children between 5 and 8 years old, they were still young and they would continue the dual practice method of the original martial arts and spiritual system for the time being. Then their results would be checked at the end of the term.

This wouldn’t delay their training and would temporarily reduce the burden on the academy.

After all, those talented in the spiritual department might increase by a few hundred at once!

How to arrange these students was already a headache for Deputy Dean Chris and the others. In addition, they had to deal with the parents of the noble students.

Of course, Dean Justin wasn’t completely incapable of solving this problem. For example, the basic training techniques being introduced to the general population could do the trick.

It was just that he was temporarily distracted and couldn’t take the time to do this.

Xu Sili listened leisurely while turning around the quill in his hand. Once she finished speaking, he said, “Deputy Dean Chris, gather these more than 100 students together. I want to see them.”

Deputy Dean Chris knew that His Majesty had a special skill to test the talents of students so she was overjoyed to hear this.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I will have someone arrange it right away!”

Then she whispered a few words to the other teachers and two teachers hurriedly withdrew from the office.

After finishing this, Deputy Dean Chris looked at the young man in the superior position again and spoke respectfully, “Your Majesty, do you have any other orders?”

Xu Sili touched his chin and asked, “Where is Su Lin? How is that kid doing?”

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