VCRMM: Chapter 31 Part 1

Niya slumped on the ground. She looked up at the two most distinguished people in the Roland Empire and turned gray when she heard their judgment. Healing 10,000 wounds…

How long would that take to complete?

Niya suddenly woke up. She looked at the young monarch before her and fell to her knees while trembling. “Your Majesty, Niya is willing to go and save the victims of Mercenary Town! Please forgive Niya this once!”

However, lowering her posture now was too late. Her head was bowed when she saw the young man’s right foot coming out and gently kicking her knee.

She instinctively looked up and met purple eyes. These eyes weren’t mild and shy like they used to be. The young man looked down at her in a cold and cruel manner, carrying the gaze that belonged to a ruler.

“In addition, the thing that this emperor hates most are people who are shameless and can’t see the situation clearly.” Xu Sili spoke with no expression.

He had given enough respect to the water healer but she destroyed it herself with her posturing. If she had maintained her cold and arrogant attitude, it might have been a bit annoying but at least she still would have had some backbone that would make people look up to her a bit. Now…

Xu Sili watched the woman kneeling in front of him and praying for forgiveness, thinking that personally coming here was really a waste of time.

He ordered with a bit of disgust, “You can go to Mercenary Town or not. This emperor will give you three days. In three days, if the victims of Mercenary Town aren’t healed then the Chris family will be deprived of its earl title and all noble treatment withdrawn!”

“Your Majesty, how can you do this?!”

Niya completely panicked. His Majesty wanted to deprive the Chris family of its noble status. If so, she would become the sinner of the family!

Many of the servants here who served Niya were actually from the Chris family. At this moment, all of them were pale but they didn’t dare speak out. They just lay on the ground, shivering.

Xu Sili smiled in a cold and overbearing manner. He slowly declared, “This country is mine and this entire planet is mine. You are my people and I am your monarch. You said, how can this emperor do this? Or… do you think the emperor should be as weak as the past and let you bully me?!”

Niya’s face became paper white as she touched it to the ground. “Niya dares not!”

She lay on the ground, her body shaking like a sieve. She was obviously a top two star elementalist but in front of this young man, she felt an overwhelming pressure.

She suddenly realized clearly and deeply that the person standing in front of her was a true monarch. He might be young but he had the ultimate power to kill his subjects!

The scarier thing was that he had the sharpest knife in the world—Si Sheng! The patron saint she once admired the most was loyal to the emperor and to Roland’s imperial family! She had no doubt that if she dared to resist, this patron saint would kill her on the spot.

Xu Sili stared at her coldly. In fact, the remarks just now weren’t for Niya alone. He just suddenly became a bit annoyed.

Due to the inherent impression of Snow Roland, these restless people dared to step on his head one by one. Justin was like this, Wen Jishan was like this and so was Niya! It made him feel very upset.

He was the emperor and he told them what to do. Different proposals could be made but the premise was: show him the correct attitude!

I am the ruler, you are the servants. I am the master of this empire and this planet!

Today was punishing an individual to give an example to others. He would give a warning to the nobles who had no respect and lofty eyes.

Don’t blame him for rubbing their faces into the ground if they were shameless. He was the emperor but he was very careful!

Then Niya’s trembling voice was heard again. “Your Majesty, within three days, Niya will heal all the victims of Mercenary Town. Please rest assured! At that time… please keep your promise.”

Niya’s body and voice were trembling. She knew that she should accept it directly and not question it further. However, this was the fate of her entire family. She must get a promise!

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed. “Do you think this emperor will break his promise?”

“Niya dares not!”

“Heh.” Xu Sili scoffed but he didn’t continue to press her. “As long as you are honest and do what I say, the noble status and position of royal water healer will be reserved for you.”

He needed to give a sweet jujube along with the stick. After all, he still needed people to work for him.

“Your task is to heal the wounded, whether they are civilians or nobles. Once you completely heal 10,000 people, you will be restored to your post. If you exceed the quota then this emperor will give you a reward!”

Apart from Mercenary Town, were there no others who were injured in the five major cities? There must be.

These injuries determined the injury rate and would definitely affect his future expansion. It was best to consider it now and be prepared in advance.

Niya listened to the emperor’s words and showed a bitter smile on her face. These were things she originally had but she lost them due to her arrogance. Fortunately, it wasn’t entirely hopeless.

“Thank you, Your Majesty. Niya… understands!” She knelt on the ground and answered in a mournful voice.

Xu Sili nodded. “It’s good if you understand. Leave early for Mercenary Town. It is three days but it will pass in the blink of an eye.”

He reminded her, “Wen Jishan and Justin are there. You can go to them and have them concentrate on the wounded. It will go faster. Finally, don’t try to fool this emperor. You will be on your own.”

Xu Sili stood and said no more. He had the territory panel. If these people really dared to cheat him, he wouldn’t let go of it so gently like today!

He no longer cared about Niya. He turned and headed toward the shadow leopard. Just as he was about to climb up, he heard Si Sheng’s voice.

“Your Majesty, please wait.”

Xu Sili stood still, glancing sideways at Si Sheng who walked up to him. What did this guy want? Surely it wasn’t sudden pity for her, right?

Niya, who was lying on the ground, couldn’t help feeling hope ignite and she looked over with tearful eyes.

Then she saw the patron saint she once admired withdraw his right leg, kneeling down on one knee before the emperor. He looked up at the cold young man without any fear.

Niya was startled. She covered her mouth with disbelief, tears surging in her eyes.

Lord Si Sheng… Lord Si Sheng…

However, her excitement didn’t last long. She saw the god-like handsome and powerful blond man take out a white handkerchief.

Then he lowered his noble hand and used the square fabric to gently wipe at the tip of the emperor’s right shoe. His movements were gentle and pious, as if he was treating the gentlest treasure.

Niya stared at this scene blankly. Then she lowered her head and her gaze fell on her knees. Just…

His Majesty seemed to have kicked her with his right foot…

Xu Sili looked down at the top of this man’s head with a slight frown, his expression a bit complicated.

He had also thought Si Sheng was going to intercede for Niya. He never expected… it was to actually clean his shoes? Were his shoes dirty?

He was very confused but—

“If Lord God appears before my humble self, please allow this humble one to crawl at your feet, kiss the tip of your shoes and offer you unswerving loyalty until death.”

The hot and pious voice rang in his mind, making Xu Sili a bit dazed. He just watched as this man gently wiped the dust from the toe of his shoe. Then Si Sheng turned over his hand and slightly held up the handkerchief.

As Xu Sili looked puzzled, a ball of flames rose. In the blink of an eye, the handkerchief was burned to ashes and scattered by the wind.

Xu Sili, “……”

After finishing all of this, Si Sheng gazed up at him and smiled gently. “Your Majesty, now it is fine.”

The deep voice was gentle and pleasant but Xu Sili felt… it was terrible! However, this eerie feeling disappeared in a flash. He shook his head and frowned when he saw Si Sheng still kneeling on the ground.

Si Sheng stared up at the young man, blazing and repressed madness hidden deep in the gray-blue eyes. This was his Lord God…

His belief, the existence he had longed for over so much time! There had never been a moment when Si Sheng’s heart beat as fiercely as it did now.

Lord God stood before him. Lord God’s eyes were on him and all attention was drawn to him.

The various events of the past few days appeared before his eyes. Si Sheng’s heart trembled violently and he was almost unable to maintain his surface calm.

He had held Lord God’s feet, kissed his collarbone and even embraced him…

Was this what he deserved to have? Perhaps it was just his imagination, his dream.

Si Sheng gazed deeply at the young man in front of him. There was something in his heart that had been suppressed for a long time and now it suddenly started to move.

Lord God was now… very weak. Maybe… he could…

“Get up.” Just as the dark thoughts were going to engulf him, the young man’s gentle voice was heard. At the same time, a white and slender hand stretched out to him.

All the dark pictures fell far away. In Si Sheng’s eyes, there was only the white palm left and…

The owner of the palm.

The young man stood in the sunshine, looking down at him while frowning slightly with impatience.

Si Sheng stared in a daze for a long time before putting his hand on this palm. The moment their skin touched, the smooth and slender feel caused his heart to tremble again. He resisted the strangeness and stood up with almost no help.

Xu Sili glanced at this man and then his right knee before frowning even deeper. Due to kneeling on the ground, the snow-white military pants were stained gray and it was particularly eye-catching.

He pursed his lips, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and placed it in Si Sheng’s hand, ordering unhappily, “Wipe it.”

Then he ignored this person and climbed onto the back of the shadow leopard lying on the ground.

Si Sheng just stood there and didn’t move. He was staring at the handkerchief in his hand. The snow-white silk was embroidered with gold thread and was much like the one he just used.

In other words… it was originally his. It was the one the young man took away when he helped wipe the milk…

This discovery made Si Sheng smile slightly. He carefully folded the handkerchief and tucked it away close to his heart. As for the gray dust on his knees, he just glanced down. Mental strength energy swept over it and the dusty stains dissipated into invisible earthy yellow light.

He retracted his gaze and met the eyes of the shadow leopard. The green beast pupils shrank slightly. The shadow leopard continued to lie down obediently like a real cat.

Too frightening! He was connected with his master due to the contract so he was aware of how dangerous his master had been just now.

He might not know his master’s specific thoughts but he had been scared to death! Now it was fine again but he couldn’t forget the feeling of palpitations just now.

Si Sheng glanced at the shadow leopard and didn’t say anything. He just put one hand on the leopard and flipped over to land behind Xu Sili.

The body temperature of the young man filled his arms and his heart trembled again. Yet on the surface, no one could see anything. He was still the cold and indifferent marshal.

This included Xu Sili. He felt that Si Sheng was hugging him a bit tightly but he didn’t care. After all, he still wanted to fly up to the sky and it was safer to be held tightly.

“Let’s go to the Elementalist Academy,” he whispered.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The man’s voice rang in his ears, low and deep. It was close enough to almost touch his earlobes. Xu Sili frowned and avoided it.

Si Sheng didn’t care too much and gave an order to the shadow leopard in his heart. The shadow leopard followed his command, spreading out the pair of shadow wings and flying into the blue sky.

Below, Niya looked at the dark spot in the sky and smiled soullessly.

“My lady…” Someone came to help her.

Niya shook her head. She stood up in a trembling manner, wiped away the tears from her face and told the servants, “Pack my things and get the shuttle ready. We are… going to Mercenary Town.”

For the future of her family, in order to not be a sinner, she could only fight!

This… was the price of arrogance.

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