VCRMM: Chapter 24 Part 2

Si Sheng stared at the young man below him, trying to get an answer. However, he had too little information. He was just a plaything that Lord God teased whenever remembering about him. Once Lord God lost interest, he was abandoned without any thought. Si Sheng waited in that dark and lonely world for several years. It wasn’t easy to regain the light but he had long lost ‘His’ favor.

Si Sheng’s hands uncontrollably caressed the young man’s neck. He felt hatred and resentment, but he couldn’t restrain his desire. Lord God…

Why wasn’t ‘He’ willing to appear again or even say a word to Si Sheng? Did he do something wrong? He often felt such confusion but he couldn’t think of an answer. Could this new emperor answer him?

Si Sheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously. Before he could move any further, the young man suddenly frowned. Xu Sili groaned uncomfortably before violently using force. Si Sheng was caught off guard and his entire face was buried in this person’s neck. His lips were… kissing the tender skin.

The young man hooked his legs over Si Sheng’s waist and moved his hands from the back of the neck to cradle Si Sheng’s head instead. He rubbed his palms through the blond hair and patted it soothingly.

Then everything quieted down. Si Sheng’s lips still touched the young man’s shoulder and neck. The faint scent of milk lingered at the tip of his nose. He could feel the blood flowing under the young man’s tender skin and the carotid artery that was beating slightly.

Thump thump.

There was the sound of the heart beating. However, in the end, he couldn’t tell who that intense sound belonged to…


Early in the morning, Xu Sili woke up from his sleep. He slept very deeply last night and dreamt of the golden retriever he had raised before disturbing him and making him unable to sleep. Thus, he had to hold the dog in his arms before it settled down.

In his previous life, the dog had died of old age before his accident. Xu Sili was thinking of his childhood playmate when he noticed the strange room. He was lost for a moment before suddenly sobering up.

Fu*k, where was this place?

He turned to sit up. He looked around at the empty, strange palace room and scratched his head in a daze. As he moved, the quilt slipped down his body, revealing his white neck. Simultaneously, the cold attacked and he shivered.

Xu Sili blinked. Huh? Why was he naked? Then he noticed the robe placed at the end of the bed and the communication device that he took off last night neatly placed on top of it.

He still hadn’t figured out the situation but it seemed it wasn’t dangerous. He had encountered consecutive dangers since entering this world so he was a bit scared. It should be that he had fallen asleep last night when taking a bath and was placed in this bedroom?

Xu Sili was thinking this as he got up, moved to the end of the bed and took the robe. Then he found…

Huh? His ligaments didn’t hurt any longer? Xu Sili sat upright and touched the inner side of his leg. Yesterday, there was still some pain but now he didn’t feel it at all. He also noticed that the bruises on his chest had completely disappeared. His skin was white and tender and showed no traces left.

His lips curved slightly and then he became a bit disoriented. In his mind, a scene abruptly flashed—

A man’s palm gently stroking his chest…

“Your Majesty?” A voice from outside interrupted Xu Sili’s thoughts and his mind returned. It was just a flash of a scene and he could no longer grasp it. He thought about it again but couldn’t remember the scene just now.

Forget it. He couldn’t remember.

Xu Sili gave up. The voice outside called out again and he answered. Then he grabbed the robe and put it on. He got down and didn’t find any slippers, so he walked out barefoot.

It turned out that this was where he took a bath last night. Currently, the water had been drained, leaving only some water puddles at the bottom of the pool that sparkled in the sun.

Xu Sili couldn’t help looking at the sky. Of course, he couldn’t see the sky because it was blocked by the ceiling. The sunlight came in through the glass windows. He remembered that in Game of the Gods, there was an oversized open air bath in Si Sheng’s castle. It would be great if he could take a bath there. Last night’s experience was a bit stuffy and it wasn’t particularly airy.

Xu Sili thought about this while walking out of the hall. He breathed in the fresh air outside and couldn’t help stretching lazily. He felt refreshed when he woke up. It was so comfortable.

“Your Majesty, do you want me to take you to wash up?” The maid behind him was called Jenna. She previously served Snow Roland and was an ordinary person. Right now, she bowed her head slightly and asked respectfully.

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded and followed her to wash up. Then he thought of something and asked, “Has Joan already gone to the academy?”

Jenna thought about it and replied, “His Highness is served by Natasha and this servant isn’t very clear. However, I heard that the Elementalist Academy has early classes that require students to arrive by 6 o’clock.”

The Elementalist Academy was a place to train soldiers and they couldn’t tolerate delicate flowers. Students received strict training from an early age. At this point, the academy was doing very well.

Xu Sili glanced at the time. It was already past 7 o’clock and Little Joan must’ve been at the academy for over an hour. It was so hard…

Xu Sili had wanted to have breakfast with him. Well, it looked like today was another lonely day.

Xu Sili pursed his lips slightly as he sat in the empty dining room and looked at the long table with white tablecloths that could accommodate dozens of people. Then he ate the not-so delicious breakfast. He decided to eat a few mouthfuls and end it quickly.

Xu Sili took a bite of white bread before picking up the only thing that suited his taste buds, the milk, and took a sip. He thought of something and asked Jenna next to him, “By the way, did I fall asleep when I took a bath last night?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili was a bit embarrassed. “It was really hard on you.”

“Your Majesty, it is an honor to serve you. And…” Jenna hesitated before continuing. “Last night, you were carried out by Lord Si Sheng.”

She remembered that when the marshal came out, he was wet and it seemed like he had been in the water.

“Cough—cough cough cough—” Xu Sili wasn’t prepared and accidentally choked. He suddenly coughed violently.

What the hell? Si Sheng carried him out? He wasn’t wearing clothes! Fu*k, why was it that guy?

Xu Sili’s heart was messed up. The more he thought about it, the more he coughed. His face was red from coughing and tears were coming out of his eyes. Jenna saw this and hurriedly came forward to gently pat him on the back, helping him.

She had only patted his back twice when she suddenly stiffened. An inexplicable feeling made Jenna stop. She turned her head stiffly and saw a figure at the door, gray-blue eyes watching her. Or to be precise, the young emperor beside her.

“Lord Si Sheng.” Jenna hesitantly put away her hand and retreated to the side respectfully.

Xu Sili had managed to smooth out his breathing. Now he heard these words and couldn’t help looking in the direction of Jenna’s salute. He saw the familiar figure standing there. He stared at Si Sheng with a bit of annoyance. Only this time, the man avoided his gaze. His eyes shifted to the side. Then he slightly lowered his eyelashes and he saluted Xu Sili. “Your Majesty, good morning.”

He looked respectful, graceful and gentle. There were no signs of madness or violence.

Xu Sili pursed his lips, not wanting to pay attention to this person. He lowered his eyes, picked up the white bread again and ate it slowly. Who would’ve thought that the chair next to him would move? The tall man sat on his right hand side and had such a strong sense of existence that Xu Sili found it hard to ignore him.

Xu Sili glanced sideways unhappily. “What are you doing sitting here?”

“I am accompanying Your Majesty to eat.” Si Sheng didn’t look at him while answering casually.

“I don’t want to eat with you.” Xu Sili snorted coldly.

“However, I want to.” The man’s calm words made Xu Sili feel startled. He stared at Si Sheng like this was the first time they were meeting. Si Sheng finally met his gaze. The gray-blue eyes were deep and charming and at this moment, they were slightly curved as he smiled.

“Can I? Your Majesty.” He requested softly.

Xu Sili saw the light smile on this person’s face and pinched his fingers slightly. There was some quiet in the palace. The two people stared at each other for a long time. Finally, Xu Sili picked up his slightly cool milk and drank it as a disguise. “Eat if you want. Don’t talk to me!”

Si Sheng nodded while still smiling. Then he glanced at Jenna. “I have to trouble you.”

Jenna was secretly watching the emperor and the marshal in a daze. Once she heard Si Sheng’s words, she bowed quickly. “Yes, Lord Si Sheng. Please wait a moment.”

It didn’t take long for her to set the tableware for Si Sheng. Then she inquired, “Lord Si Sheng, do you want milk or coffee?”

Si Sheng glanced at the little emperor who was drinking milk and his lips slightly curved. “Milk.”

“Yes, Lord Si Sheng.”

Jenna noticed his gaze and blinked. She didn’t dare say anything and skillfully filled a glass with milk for him. Si Sheng picked up the milk and took a sip. It was a bit sweet. It was…

The smell of milk on the little emperor.

He lowered his eyes and ate breakfast silently. The meal was very quiet. Although Si Sheng was obedient and didn’t talk to him, Xu Sili was still a bit restless. This guy had a great sense of presence.

Xu Sili didn’t know the reason. He was going to hastily finish breakfast but he ended up eating everything in a daze. He even felt a bit bloated. After drinking the last mouthful of milk, Xu Sili put down the glass and was ready to slip away.

Too weird! The current atmosphere made him feel very strange. It was better to withdraw as soon as possible to see how the songs he placed on the Star Network last night did. Then he would find Xiao Wu to talk about the outside world.

“Take it slowly.” He wanted to run away but was stopped by Si Sheng. The man’s gray-blue eyes were staring at him. First, there was surprise and then a smile flashed.

For some reason, Xu Sili felt that this smile was more sincere than the previous one. Under his puzzled gaze, the man took out a handkerchief and handed it to him. Xu Sili blinked, not understanding what this person was doing.

Si Sheng looked a bit helpless. He sighed softly, reached out to hold Xu Sili’s arm and pulled him over. In Xu Sili’s eyes, he raised his handkerchief and carefully wiped the milk foam above the young man’s mouth…

Proofreader: Purichan

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