VCRMM: Chapter 24 Part 1

“Now? Do you want to follow him in?”

The two guards hidden in the shadows saw the young man walk into the palace where the bath was and once again had a quiet exchange.

“What nonsense are you saying? What if something happens when we don’t follow?”

It wasn’t like he was a girl. What was there to hide? In any case, His Majesty couldn’t discover them.

The two shadows once again sneaked forward. They escaped the watch of the guards and managed to get close to the palace. They had just got past the wall and were going to sneak into the palace bath when they encountered an obstacle.

Their aura was completely locked. An invisible force imprisoned them and neither of them could move! An assassin!

Shadow Nine and Eleven were shocked. They were just about to call others over when a pair of black military boots quietly appeared in front of the two shadows. They recognized these boots. Sure enough. They raised their eyes and met a pair of gray-blue eyes. The eyes were majestic and cold, just like his usual self.

“Lord Si Sheng…”

Shadow Nine saw this and wanted to restore his form, only to hear the man coldly order, “Go out. I’m here.”

The low and indifferent voice revealed unquestionable dominance. The two shadow guards didn’t dare to speak. They nodded slightly and gave a salute before returning along their original path. It was twice as fast as when they came. There was the feeling of fleeing in defeat.

Si Sheng watched their figures disappear outside the wall before retracting his gaze. His eyes fell on the palace behind him.

“I greet Your Majesty!” In the palace, Xu Sili finally arrived outside the bath. The maids had already prepared the supplies. The bath was filled with water, releasing heat and steam to dissipate the cold.

Xu Sili inwardly sighed as he was wrapped in warmth. He saw the maids saluting and waved his hand. “Put the things down and go out. I’ll call you if I need you again.”

The clear and gentle voice of the young man was full of careless laziness.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The maids didn’t resist. They put the things next to the bath and politely left. After going out, they smoothly closed the door. It became quiet and only Xu Sili was left in the large room. He looked at the large, empty bath in front of him and slightly curved his lips.

The outer robe was taken off and fell gently to the ground. His footsteps approached the bath and pieces of clothing kept falling. There was so much steam that it concealed the white figure. The tender white feet were taut. As the toes lightly touched the bath water, ripples formed. Then the feet completely entered the water. They lowered step by step until the entire white figure was in the water.

A faint sigh filled the empty room, lingering under the domed roof. Xu Sili leaned against the side of the bath contentedly, eyes slightly squinted as he felt his body covered in warmth. All the fatigue and cold in his body dissipated.

Soaking in a bath was really a great enjoyment of life. He felt his entire body melting into the water and floating.

The heat confused him a bit. Since he was physically exhausted, it brought about a sense of dizziness. Nevertheless, he didn’t care too much. He leaned back lazily against the bathtub, silver hair scattered around him. Half of it was in the water, floating in the hot water.

He fixed his hair and his eyes inadvertently swept across his chest. The white skin still had some red and purple bruises and it was a bit painful. This was left behind from last night when he was trampled on by Si Sheng on the throne.

Xu Sili pursed his lips, eyelids half lowered. His good mood instantly became angry and depressed. This guy’s foot was so heavy and he was really merciless. In addition…

Xu Sili raised his legs again, pressing against the still aching ligaments while scolding Si Sheng repeatedly in his heart.

Just wait. Once I am stronger than him, I will be sure to place these all over his body.

So what about stepping on his face? It didn’t hurt or was itchy at all.

Xu Sili snorted coldly and barely calmed down his mood. He saw the plate of fruits the maid had left next to him so he turned around, lay against the edge of the bath and grabbed a grape, stuffing it in his mouth.

He was too lazy to move. He lay on his stomach while tasting the grapes. It was so comfortable… too comfortable to move…

The young man’s thoughts were leisurely and he gently sang a song. This was his favorite song. It was a lazy tune like a cat bathing in the sun in winter. It was bright, warm and so beautiful…

He didn’t know that somewhere on the beams of the palace building, a figure appeared. The gray-blue eyes watched him indifferently. This lasted until the moment he heard the song. Waves abruptly surged in his eyes like a hurricane sweeping over a calm sea and created layers of waves.

It wasn’t known how much time passed before the palace bath returned to silence. The young man singing the song had stopped. He lay on the edge of the bath with his eyes closed, as if he had fallen asleep. The palace bath was silent and empty, with only the sound of water dripping down from time to time.

The man on the beams also calmed down. He stared at everything below him before flashing and appearing silently beside the bath. He was just about to approach when his ears moved slightly.

Knock knock.

Outside the palace bath, a maid held clothes and knocked on the door. “Your Majesty, you can’t soak for too long or you will faint. Let us come in and help you change clothes.”

“Your Majesty? Your Majesty?”

No response was heard for a long time. The maids exchanged looks. Then one knocked on the door again and listened carefully. Previously, she could vaguely hear singing. Now it was quiet and there wasn’t even the slightest sound.

“His Majesty won’t be in trouble, right?”

The maids looked at each other before one of them with a significantly higher level gritted her teeth. She planned to push open the door directly. His Majesty was kind. Even if they collided with each other, he probably wouldn’t treat her too badly. However, if something was wrong with His Majesty then it wouldn’t be as simple as being punished.

Just as she was about to push open the door, she suddenly heard a cry. What was going on? She followed the sound and found that a blond-haired man in a military uniform had appeared on the promenade at an unknown time.

“Lord Si Sheng!” She also exclaimed before saluting with the other maids.

Si Sheng would live in the palace from today to protect His Majesty’s safety—this matter had spread throughout the palace in just one day. Seeing him at this moment, the maids and guards didn’t doubt his presence. They looked at him with admiration and worship.

Si Sheng came to the door of the palace bath without incident. He heard the maids tell him about the current situation and nodded casually. Then he glanced at the clothes they were holding and told them softly, “I’ll go in. It isn’t convenient for you.”

“Yes, Lord Si Sheng.” A maid held up the tray in her hand. Once he took it, she stepped back respectfully.

Si Sheng pushed open the door. He walked in and the door behind him slowly closed, shutting out the maids’ eager gazes. He hung the clothes in his hands on the hanger and came to the bath again, looking at the young man who was asleep on the edge of the bath. He watched quietly for a moment before taking off his military jacket and boots. Then he stepped into the bath and approached the slender figure.

This time, no one interfered with him. There was the sound of water flowing as he approached the young man. He held the slim arms and carefully pulled so the young man was leaning against his arms.

Gray-blue eyes stared at the young man deeply. Even now, the young man had his eyes closed. His white face was flushed and his originally ivory complexion was steamed pink. The young man who usually faced him with cold eyes was currently unguarded and lying quietly in his arms, well-behaved and docile.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and didn’t continue to delay in the water. He bent down slightly, placed his arms under the young man’s legs and lifted him up sideways. The sloshing of the water became even louder. With this background noise, the man walked out of the bath and pulled a bathrobe off the shelf to wrap around the young man’s body, covering the alluring scenery.

The confused Xu Sili felt that something was wrong. He wanted to open his eyes but he was too sleepy. He was tired and wanted to sleep…

He was exhausted due to excessive use of the Star Network. Although he had slept, he hadn’t fully recovered. Later, he tested Si Sheng’s sword skill and over consumed his physical strength. Now he was asleep and didn’t want to wake up at all.

In the end, he let himself go. He even dreamed that he was back in bed. He stretched out his arms, took a ‘pillow’ into them and comfortably rubbed against it.

Si Sheng’s movements paused. At this moment, he had come to the side hall with the little emperor in his arms. A bed was set up here. If a person didn’t want to go back to their bedroom after taking a bath, they could rest here.

The moment he put the young man on the bed, the young man suddenly stretched out his arms to hold Si Sheng’s shoulders and rub against his cheek affectionately. The young man’s eyes were narrowed slightly like a cat stealing fish.

Si Sheng’s body slightly stiffened and the ears under the blond hair turned red. A long time passed before he slowly relaxed. He placed his hand on top of the young man’s hair hesitantly before frowning slightly when he touched the wet hair. It wasn’t known what movements he did but his hand caressed the young man’s silver hair. Then he removed it and a small water ball hung in his palm.

Meanwhile, the young man’s hair had become dry and fluffy. He pinched the palm of his hand and the water ball splashed around, turning into the invisible water elements and dissipating in the air.

After finishing all of this, Si Sheng’s eyes once again fell on Xu Sili’s face. He reached out and gently stroked the cheek with his fingers. The abnormal blush on the young man’s face had faded away and changed back to his original white complexion.

“You are ‘him’, aren’t you?”

Si Sheng gazed at the young man, his voice low and hoarse. It was like a traveler who had walked for a long time in the desert and was feeling despair when he saw the oasis. However, he was afraid it was just a mirage.

“Or…” The man’s voice abruptly became gloomy and his eyes filled with the pent up desire to destroy everything. “Did he also sing that song for you? He also… taught you?”

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I Guess
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