VCRMM: Chapter 23 Part 2

The little boy stared at him coldly with a pair of purple eyes. He held the wooden sword and was about to attack. Then he saw Xu Sili’s face clearly and couldn’t help freezing in place.

“Imperial… Brother?” He stared up at Xu Sili, his cold face becoming dull and silly in an instant.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected the boy to be so reckless. Joan rushed over the moment he heard movement and seemed to want to fight with him. He looked down at the little boy and his face became gloomy. “What are you doing?”

“I…” Joan glanced at the wooden sword in his hand and hurriedly placed it behind him. A trace of panic flashed in the boy’s purple eyes but he soon tensed up his small face again.

“That is what I should ask.” He raised his eyes and stared directly at Xu Sili. He even became a bit angry. “It is late. Why is the emperor here? Didn’t you just encounter an assassin last night? What about Li Zhecheng? Why did he let you run around?”

He was full of spirit even at a young age. For a moment, Xu Sili was baffled. However, he felt the concern in the child’s words. These ties between relatives suddenly cleared up his mood, which had been somewhat dull.

“I came to see you,” he answered in a soft tone.

“See me…” At first, Joan was still aggressive. Then as he kept talking, he weakened and it changed to a doubtful voice. “S… see me?”

He stared at Xu Sili in a daze.

“Yes. Who knew you would suddenly rush out and want to hit me?” Xu Sili walked over and rubbed the boy’s head. “Did you take me as an assassin?”

Speaking of which, his voice abruptly became strict.

“What if it was really an assassin? What are you going to do with a wooden sword?”

The boy was dazed. He opened his mouth in an attempt to justify himself but no sound came out. The originally white ears slowly turned red. He lowered his head, allowing Xu Sili to rub his hair.

“I saw you were quite smart. You know that you need to practice fighting. Then how did you suddenly become dumb?” Xu Sili felt resentment for this person failing to meet expectations. “Next time you discover something isn’t right, run quickly or call someone over to fight, you know?”

“I know, Imperial Brother.” The little boy bowed and responded submissively.

Xu Sili was taken aback at not hearing the rebuttal he expected. Then the corners of his lips curved slightly. This kid was really good.

“If you know then don’t worry me,” he whispered. “You and I are the only ones left. What should I do if something happens to you?”

The little boy raised his head, wide purple eyes staring at Xu Sili. He seemed a bit disbelieving and excited.

Xu Sili rubbed his head again. The child’s hair was soft and thin. It felt good to touch. He didn’t say any more scolding words. He turned around, went through the side door and entered into Joan’s little yard. Now that he was discovered, he would take a look around. Joan looked at his brother’s back and happiness appeared in his eyes. He quickly reacted and hurried forward while holding the sword.

Not far away, the two shadows communicated again.

“Didn’t you say… the brothers have a bad relationship?” Shadow Eleven was suspicious. “Why does it look so good?”

“How do I know? In the rumors, their relationship was really bad…” Shadow Nine was a bit depressed.

“Oh, seeing is believing. You shouldn’t keep listening to gossip. Hearing too much affects your judgment.”

“I know.” Shadow Nine’s voice was a bit dull. “Should we go in? Or just protect from out here?”

“Protect from outside. In any case, there are people around His Majesty.”


The two shadows moved silently, always alert.

Xu Sili walked in the yard and saw the favorability tag hovering in the corner. Seeing that it was respect, he didn’t waste his magic. He pretended not to see it and walked around the yard. Finally, he came to the wooden man and examined it carefully.

He hadn’t seen it clearly from outside. Now that he was closer, he found that this wooden man had long been scarred. The countless old and new scars showed how hard the owner had been training.

“Imperial Brother…” Joan came up behind him and glanced at him hesitantly, a bit of expectation in his eyes.

Xu Sili turned and smiled at him. “Little Joan is amazing.”

Seeing the smile on his face, the boy blushed slightly before quickly shaking his head. “I am too weak. I still have a long way to go! Imperial Brother, I saw your broadcast. You were at the mercenary town today…”

“Did you actually watch it?” Xu Sili raised his eyes slightly as he recalled the scene in the mercenary town today. It was still exciting to remember it. “It is true that we still have a long way to go. If it wasn’t for Si Sheng arriving in time, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have ended well. Even if it was seriously injured, the three star beast was still so strong.”

Joan pursed his lips as he looked at his brother. In fact, what he wanted to say was that his brother was very brave today. He also wanted to say that when he grew up, he would protect his brother like the marshal. However, he couldn’t say it. His brother didn’t seem to like him…

“Just take it slow. You are still young and you have a long time to train in the future. Don’t be in a hurry.”

Xu Sili shook his head and didn’t continue this topic. His eyes moved slightly as he became interested in the sword in the boy’s hand. Joan saw it and offered him the wooden sword.

Xu Sili didn’t refuse. The wooden sword looked light and floaty. He hadn’t expected it to be quite heavy. He used Insight to see that it was made of special materials and was very heavy. Little Joan was so small yet he could lift this sword with a lot of weight. It seemed he had always been training hard.

Xu Sili played with the wooden sword and had a sudden whim. He remembered the sword skill that Si Sheng had used during the day. A sword that directly cut the interstellar beast in half! He licked his lips, looked through Si Sheng’s skill panel and soon found it.

[Sword of Imprisonment]

[Description: A must kill skill. Once the swordsmanship is launched, the enemy will be imprisoned in place for 3 seconds. During the imprisonment, all defenses will be invalid.

At the same time, you will cut with the sword. After this, you will temporarily be unable to use swordsmanship for 1 minute.

Skill level: Lv 10 (full level)

Required physical strength to use: 100

Attribute: Lightning]

Xu Sili saw the skill description and couldn’t help feeling realization. No wonder! This was why the beast suddenly seemed still. It was cut in half before falling to the ground, followed by the bleeding. It turned out to be imprisonment.

This was a warrior skill. He needed to pay 100 physical strength to use it. If he encountered the enemy, he wouldn’t be able to show any resistance after using this move. However, he was currently in the palace and there were guards secretly protecting him. Or… should he try it?

Xu Sili frowned and thought about it. This was a must kill skill. He wouldn’t use it until he had to but he also needed to practice it and know it. He glanced at the young boy next to him and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Little Joan, can I borrow your wooden sword for use?”

Joan nodded. “Imperial Brother, just use it.”

Then he saw the emperor’s slightly curved lips and extremely warm smile. Then the emperor examined the yard and walked to a big stone in the corner.

Joan saw him take a posture and hurriedly suggested, “Imperial Brother, just cut the wooden man.”

“No, I’m afraid of breaking your wooden man.”

He wouldn’t be able to pay for it if he broke it.

Joan frowned. “This wooden man is very hard! It is harder than stone.”

“Yes, I know.”

Xu Sili nodded but his eyes were fixed on the big stone in front of him. This was Si Sheng’s swordsmanship. The power could be expected and he didn’t want any accidents to happen. Joan wanted to come over but Xu Sili stopped him.

“Just stand there and don’t come over.”

Joan had to be obedient. He frowned and watched his brother suspiciously. What did his brother want to do?

Xu Sili took a deep breath and his eyes fell on the skill panel. His brain moved and he thought that he wanted to use it. In just a second, he felt a powerful energy filling his body. It was like his body was occupied by another powerful soul. This strength… it was Si Sheng!

Xu Sili felt that at this moment, he had become Si Sheng or that Si Sheng had controlled his body. It was a mysterious and strange feeling.

Focus filled his eyes. He followed this feeling and his eyes locked firmly on the big stone in front of him. Then… Sword of Imprisonment!

The invisible energy locked around the rock and even the blades of grass growing on it were still. Then it was cut by a sword. There was no sound and no huge movement. In the silence, a straight line appeared on the stone.

The wind blew gently. The stone that was half the height of a human was silently divided into two parts. The cut surface was flat and as smooth as a mirror. It was quiet, completely quiet.

Xu Sili stared blankly at the big stone cut in half in front of him. It was difficult to imagine this was the result of his use of a wooden sword. Then the feeling of being possessed disappeared. A great sense of emptiness and detachment spread all over his body, making him almost unable to stand firmly.

[Ding~ Sword of Imprisonment Lv 10 has been successfully triggered. Physical strength -100.]

Xu Sili’s legs softened. It felt like he had run 1,500 meters in a second. Nevertheless, the results of the experiment were encouraging. Si Sheng’s skills were too good to use! This Sword of Imprisonment was so handsome!

Joan’s mouth dropped open as he stared at the big stone in the distance. Although the wooden sword was harder than stone, cutting the stone in half like this… was it something ordinary people could do? In any case, he couldn’t do it. It was impossible for him.

Xu Sili supported his body and walked forward in a good mood. Then he returned the wooden sword to the child. He didn’t explain what happened just now. He just smiled and asked, “Joan, would you like to take a bath with me?”

Joan shook his head mechanically. “I…I want to go back and sleep now.”

Then under Xu Sili’s watchful eyes, he turned and ran to his bedroom. After seeing Xu Sili leave through the window, he withdrew his gaze and sat on the ground while remembering the powerful swordsmanship just now.


He didn’t know how much time passed before his cat was heard. A white figure came to Joan’s side and licked his face. He suddenly pouted as he took the white cat into his arms and whimpered, “Snowball, I can’t protect my imperial brother. Woo, he has become so strong.”

The boy huddled in the shadows, his mentality completely collapsed. Fortunately, there was the cat to quietly accompany him.

The cause of all this, Xu Sili, was completely unaware. He saw the child run away and had some doubts, but he didn’t chase. He felt the cold wind at night and couldn’t help shivering.  Then he remembered the reason for coming out at night.

Taking a bath!

Xu Sili turned around and dragged his feet that were heavy due to physical exhaustion to move in the direction of the big bath. Neither he nor his two shadow guards noticed the figure that stopped on the wall before flashing away.

The author has something to say:

Joan: Brother, am I your only younger brother?

Xu Sili: Yes.

Xiao Wu: Brother, what about me?

Xu Sili: ……

Si Sheng: ? Suddenly has the feeling of something being stolen from his home.

Proofreader: Purichan

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I Guess
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