SBIP: Chapter 5

At this time, Major General Yan in a distant galaxy was having the first friendly talks with the diplomats of the beastmen empire, finally agreeing to make the first meeting on a certain planet in the beastmen empire.

The establishment of the diplomatic relations went very smoothly, causing several of the staff in the control room to feel relieved. Their commanding officer seemed to attach great importance to the establishment of diplomatic relations so they took it seriously.

They didn’t expect to see their major general suddenly frown. Their commanding officer had always been cold-faced with no expression. However, they had been with their boss for a long time and had the ability to observe micro-expressions. Therefore, their boss’ frowning eyes made everyone feel some doubts. The call had clearly sounded perfectly normal…

Judging by what they knew of the beastmen empire, the technological advancement was almost on the same level as them. If there was a conflict, it spanned several galaxies and they would have no backup. The several staff members quietly waited for their commanding officer to issue any defense instructions.

The chief of staff moved forward. “Sir?”

Major General Yan spoke in a quiet voice, “Set off for the planet designated by the beastmen diplomats. Be ready to sign bilateral agreements.”

The group suddenly relaxed. After giving the order, Major General Yan strode out of the control cabin and headed for his own lounge. The first thing he did when entering his room was to take off his hat and stare at his hair in the mirror, frowning slightly.

The ginkgo tree’s leaves would fall in autumn. This was natural and there was no problem. However, if he was attacked then the fallen leaves would be like hair and there was slight pain. Just now, his entire scalp was in pain! It was an indication that the ginkgo tree had lost all its leaves!

His family’s violent lion found the tree of golden leaves during the autumn season the rarest and was particularly enthusiastic. He loved nothing but playing with the golden leaves. On the other hand, once all the golden leaves fell, the violent lion would sigh when he saw the bare branches and his frequency of petting the tree would drop. Fortunately, the fallen leaves didn’t cause hair loss or else…

Even so, he had developed a habit over the years. Once the leaves were golden, he would subconsciously reduce the use of them as blade attacks to try and extend the time they hung on the tree. Now what type of attack provoked such a counterattack by his companion? He didn’t feel any sense of crisis from it.

Major General Yan put his hand on his military cap and straightened it. No matter what happened over there, his first priority was to establish diplomatic relations with the beastmen empire so he could find the lion.

In order to avoid finding his family’s lion as a bare ginkgo tree, Gu Yanzheng mobilized all the wood abilities in his body and urged the ginkgo tree to sprout again as soon as possible.


On the other side, the little lion’s crying stopped and he staggered to the side of the ginkgo tree. Chi Jun shook the lion paws soaked with tears and pulled two thick gold ginkgo leaves on the ground. He looked again at the bare ginkgo tree.

Mother’s eggs, there was still a feeling of distress! His emotions continued to be low and there was a vague sense of frustration…

It felt as though his depression had been magnified several times. This was simply inexplicable! He had experienced the apocalypse and this wasn’t the first time he saw Gu Yanzheng’s big ginkgo become bald. Even if Gu Yanzheng’s condition was worrying, he wouldn’t produce the idea of being world-weary to die!

He had already died once. The little lion stared at the ground, amber beast eyes flashing with frustration, perseverance and stubbornness. Then in his vague vision, he saw shallow green appearing on the bald ginkgo. It was little by little and not very conspicuous, but it was full of hope.

Chi Jun’s frustration was swept away and he sprang up, pouncing at the big ginkgo. He climbed up the tree, head moving close to observe the little green shoots that just emerged. For a time, the little lion was refreshed and it seemed like his loss of control was an illusion.

Chi Jun crouched on the tree and stared at the small buds on the tree. He solemnly declared, “Yan Zhengzheng, I felt that I might have self-explosion post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Previously in Base A, many people had post-traumatic stress disorder. After all, they experienced a sudden apocalypse. They watched their loved ones open their bloody mouths to bite all living things, including people. Even if they survived, it was necessary to kill zombies every day and live on the edge of life and death. This wasn’t acceptable to everyone and it was why Base A had a specially organized team of psychologists. The most famous psychologist of Base A was Gu Yanzheng.

Gu Yanzheng hadn’t learned psychology but he had high strength and a strong healing ability. After becoming a tree, he had the same temperament as a money tree.

Chi Jun touched a small branch with his nose and said, “You have to wake up quickly. Otherwise, I will be a waste lion one day.”

In this state, it was estimated that he couldn’t find another psychologist. If he became angry then he would tear apart the human psychologist.

Meanwhile, the robot housekeeper of the major general was having a rare moment of data entanglement. It was dinner time. However, the second master of the family was now a lion…

The robot housekeeper moved to the ginkgo tree in the backyard and flew in the air, close to the little lion hanging above. “Master, it’s time to eat.”

Chi Jun silently looked down and saw his paws. He was now a little lion. Old Iron also called him master. Was it set to treat all living things in the house as the master? Unknown major general, your robot housekeeper was too unreliable!

Chi Jun sighed and looked at the house that was somewhat broken after the metal he poured away. He asked with a bit of a guilty conscience, “Old Iron, when will your major general come back?”

He had consumed his power and needed time to recover. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to repair the house. Old Iron replied dutifully, “There is still one month before the expected return.”

The setting of the major general meant the second master of the family had the same rights as the major general.


Old Iron was very honest. Chi Jun reached out to pat his round head. Chi Jun intended to stay here for the time being. He would pay rent to the major general later! Chi Jun slid down the tree and went to the living room with the robot housekeeper. Then Old Iron came out with a plate of raw beef slices. They were cut skillfully, thin and neat and slightly bloody. Chi Jun opened his mouth and resolutely decided…

“Is there an oven? Put it in and cook it.”

After eating roast beef, Chi Jun yawned and slept on the sofa of the living room. The robot housekeeper grabbed a thin quilt and covered the soft little lion. The little lion, who was snoring while sleeping, moved and a long, white leg emerged from under the blanket.

Old Iron, “…”

It was none of his business. He silently slipped away.

The next morning, Chi Jun borrowed another set of clothes. He piled all the cash he had earned behind the sofa and prepared to leave it for the major general landlord. In the soft morning light, Chi Jun sat on the branches of the big ginkgo, his legs swaying as he closed his eyes and held a blank alloy card in his hand.

He didn’t intend to create a new beast card but to upgrade and improve the hedgehog card made yesterday. The beast card had the skill to split into multiple bodies and suddenly burst out but the effect was far from Chi Jun’s expectations. The number of bodies and spikes was insufficient. The effect of the bursting was okay but there was room for strengthening.

Meanwhile. the major general arrived at a planet of the beastmen empire and saw a lion beastmen. He was frustrated after learning the beastmen empire had millions of beastmen and ignored the small pressure on his thighs.

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