SBIP: Chapter 4

Chi Jun read hundreds of beast cards and successfully became a strange customer in the eyes of several shopping guide employees in the store. Since the opening of the store, there was no customer that had spent several hours examining these beast cards from start to finish. There was a control panel next to the demonstration area with the type of beast card that general customers were most interested in. It was convenient to see the type of beast card.

Chi Jun didn’t care about the eyes of the people around him. During the time he was at Base A, he was braver after killing the zombies and more popular than Gu Yanzheng. Then once he was out doing tasks, he was eye-catching and having people’s eyes on him didn’t give him any sense of pressure.

Chi Jun yawned, rubbed his tired eyes and took a few steps to the counter. The shopping guide thought he had looked for so long and finally chose a certain beast card, only to hear the person ask, “Excuse me, do you need a part-time worker in your store? Or perhaps a temporary worker?”


A part-time worker? A temporary worker?

Chi Jun looked at the guide’s face and raised his finger to point to the demonstration area. “Doesn’t your store need people to make those type of beast cards?”

The store manager next to the employee heard the words and came over, examining this person carefully. “Are you a card maker or a beast imprinter?”

A card maker was a person who made the high-density alloy cards. Generally, the alloy cards were used to make the beast cards. The more types of metals fused together and the more stable the degrees of compaction, the higher the quality of the drawn beast card.

However, the quality of the alloy card wasn’t absolute. It also depended on the performance of the beast imprinter. The higher the level of the beast imprinter, the more complex the pattern they could burn on the metal so that the mechanical beast formed by the beast card was even more powerful.

It was relatively easy for card makers to make alloy cards with the help of their quantum computer but ultra high-quality alloy cards could only be made by master card makers.

The beast imprinter controlled the burned pattern on the alloy card according to their own ability and the differentiation was more obvious. From a one star to nine star beast imprinter, the beast card differed greatly in effect and application.

For example, the mechanical beast produced by a one star beast imprinter probably only had the basic ability to sell meng. Meanwhile, a mechanical beast portrayed by a nine star beast imprinter could probably protect a city.

Chi Jun thought about it. There weren’t many memories of the mechanical beasts in his head and he could only guess by feeling. It was difficult to make high-density cards considering his current ability was similar to when his ability was just activated. He also didn’t have a quantum computer or special metal materials.

Therefore, Chi Jun told the store manager. “I am a beast imprinter.”

“How many stars?”

“Five stars.” Chi Jun touched the corner of his mouth and talked nonsense. It was just that once he spoke, he immediately attracted the attention of several guides and customers around him.

A store’s beast card was mostly made by beast imprinters four stars or under. Only the best and most defensive beast cards were made by five star beast imprinters. This young person who looked to be 18 years old was already a five star imprinter?

The store manager, who was used to wind and rain, couldn’t help twitching as he looked at the casual man in front of him with complicated eyes. He met a cheater! A five star beast imprinter? He had never seen such a righteous liar!

Seeing the store manager’s expression change and the surprised eyes of several people around him, Chi Jun knew that the level he randomly spoke might be high. Still, don’t blame him for this. Blame Gu Yanzheng!

At the beginning, it was unknown what his giant ginkgo was thinking but he pulled Chi Jun across half a city, killing countless zombies and rushing into a famous five star hotel. Then on the oversized bed of the five star hotel, he made double-sided grilled fish… It was thoroughly cooked.

Just as Chi Jun was wondering whether to change his words, the manager brought out a few blank alloy cards and beast imprinting pen, pushing them in front of Chi Jun. He smiled and said, “Let us see the level of the five star beast imprinter.”

If this was a liar then he would punch the person in the face! Chi Jun stood there thinking. The hundreds of beast cards he had previously seen and the animal patterns embedded in the alloy floors and walls of the imperial palace clearly appeared in his head. He hadn’t quite figured out the rules yet. Still, now he had a few blank alloy cards to practice.

Chi Jun picked up the imprinting pen and casually touched a card. In the eyes of the people watching, he moved the pen in a lively manner. There was a burst of laughter when the first card broke. A few guides started to whisper that it was a pity this handsome man was a swindler.

“Why is he a liar when he is so handsome?”

“He doesn’t have to say that he is a beast imprinter. If he was going to be a shopping guide then he would definitely be very popular with his handsome looks.

“This handsome man might’ve been able to deceive us if he said he was a one star beast imprinter. Why say he is five stars…”

Chi Jun just stood there, watching the cracked alloy card thoughtfully. These beast patterns obviously weren’t simply engravings. There were certain rules in every line and arc, there smooth and complex lines accommodating unequal amounts of energy that couldn’t be more or less.

This power was similar to his metal system but it worked differently. The energy differentiation at each level required more precision. Chi Jun’s current ability might be at the level when it was first activated but his control was tempered by seven years in the apocalypse and it was already been brought to the point of perfection. The deficiency was just a lack of adaptation to this method of use.

“Okay young man, are you going to leave by yourself or do you want me to call the guards?” The store manager asked.

“Boss, don’t worry. A five star beast imprinter also has misses. You have to give people a chance.” A nearby customer suddenly spoke. The excitement hadn’t finished, why rush people away?

This remark caused a burst of laughter. This person was obviously savvy. At first glance, the beast imprinter was a novice and what was there to miss? Chi Jun was undeterred and reached for another card. Once the card broke again, there was a series of boos.

Chi Jun blinked and picked up the last card. This time, the pen in his hand moved very slowly. The brush method was raw but the pattern outlined was surprisingly smooth and gentle. He gently breathed with his metal ability as he invaded the alloy card little by little. As if following a certain rhythm, the silk threat was integrated with the alloy card.

Once the last line was completed, Chi Jun put the imprinting pen away with satisfaction and the exquisitely beautiful beast card was completed. The onlookers were silent for a moment before someone cried out, “Show it!”

Chi Jun gently struck the card, raised his hand and placed the beast card into the demonstration area. The activated alloy card instantly scattered like water flowing. Once it fell to the ground, a large alloy hedgehog appeared.

The hedgehog’s spines were covered with metal spikes. The small eyes were looking around as the short legs quickly moved and turned in the enclosed area.

“Oh, this is a mechanical pet. Many one star beast imprinters can make this.”

“But it’s so cute and small!”

The words had just fallen when the little hedgehog probing around suddenly stopped. The metal spikes on its body suddenly violently rushed out. Once they hit the barrier of the enclosed area, they exploded.

“…Also… also the level of a two star beast imprinter.”

“It’s so cute and powerful!”

At this time, the small hedgehog that shot a few metal spikes swayed. Its body seemed to swell several times and then it turned into several hedgehogs of the same size with short legs that sneaked into the enclosed area.



The crowd was silent for a moment. This was a low level card and it was a two star beast pattern. Yet the division into several bodies was really something a five star beast imprinter could do. To some extent, this person was also a five star beast imprinter.

The store manager was also stunned. He really didn’t understand why the low level beast card could accommodate a five star beast imprinter’s talent to divide the components of the materials.

Chi Jun knocked on the console of the demonstration area and the several small hedgehogs merged and turned into a beast card. The onlookers continued to remain silent.



“Little handsome guy, I will buy this card from you!”

Chi Jun raised his eyebrows when the man asked him, not the storekeeper. Thus, he turned to the store manager. “Can I sell this card?”

The store manager’s expression twisted as he nodded. The original ownership of ordinary blank cards couldn’t limit the words of five or more stars beast imprinters. After all, compared to the value of the beast card, the value of the ordinary blank card was too low. This beast card was already owned by Chi Jun when completed.

Chi Jun happily turned to look at the buyer. “Friend, can you pay in cash?”



This master was really different. Did he forget to bring a quantum computer when he went out? It took a lot of effort to get the cash and the transaction was completed. Chi Jun eagerly carried the cash. Finally, the crowd dispersed and the store manager smiled at Chi Jun. “Master, can your works be sold in this small store in the future? We only charge the floor commission!”

“Can you provide the blank cards?”


From a certain point of view, his question was very unusual and the store manager took a moment to respond. Ordinary blank alloy cards were mass-produced and the price was very cheap. Then Chi Jun bought some blank alloy cards and imprinting pens and left.

Passing the vending machine, Chi Jun looked at the bottles of water inside, paused and strode over. The top was playing a palm-sized 3D advertisement showing that the mineral water came from a clean water planet. Chi Jun felt this water was very good. In the seven years of the apocalypse, the water they drank needed special purification and there was no natural mineral water.

Chi Jun held two bottles of water and turned back to the major general’s house. This time, he didn’t go over the wall but solemnly pressed the doorbell. He was wondering how to greet the major general when the door opened and Chi Jun heard the familiar voice of the robot housekeeper. “Master, welcome back.”


Chi Jun’s mood was complicated as he gazed at the round head of the robot housekeeper. It was lucky he didn’t have any nefarious thoughts or it was unknown how many times the major general of the empire would’ve died. He checked with the housekeeper that the homeowner hadn’t returned yet and Chi Jun took water to the backyard.

He poured all the water under the tree and watched as the water was gradually absorbed by the soil. He fantasized about the scene where the roots of the ginkgo tree happily absorbed water. After waiting a long time, Chi Jun licked his lips and reached out to hug the trunk of the big ginkgo. Chi Jun leaned against the tree and whispered, “Gu Yanzheng, is the water  delicious?”

The ginkgo tree still didn’t respond. Chi Jun leaned against the tree and looked up at the shadowed canopy in the night. If Gu Yanzheng didn’t wake up…

The anxious mood that came like a storm was hard to suppress. Chi Jun reached out and grabbed his clothes. His eyes were red and a faint lion’s roar emerged from his mouth. Then his jacket was torn by a thick lion’s paw and the rest burst in an instant. A lion suddenly appeared, fell to the ground and let out an angry roar.

Chi Jun’s head was chaotic and his violent mood was difficult to control. He wanted to vent. His ability rose by several times and instantly controlled all the surrounding metals, bringing them together to form a huge metal ball. It compressed, stretched and then tangled together, finally exploded into countless needles.

The moment the countless needles exploded, the ginkgo tree shook. Golden leaves broke away from the branches like blades and shot out, cutting at the needles of the lion and making them fall to the ground.

The big lion consumed all his energy and lay on the ground. His two beast eyes stared at the big ginkgo that reacted. His mouth opened and he whined twice, a wronged sound emerging. His wronged mood went out of control and swept through his body.

The big lion became a little lion as he lay on the ground and cried. Deep down, Chi Jun really didn’t want to cry. What did he have to cry about? It was good that Gu Yanzheng showed a reaction!

However, because of him, the big ginkgo became bald ahead of time…

This thought caused tears to fall. The little lion stretched out his paws and wiped his tears. He felt confused in the depths of his depression. What was going on with the ups and downs in his mood?

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