SBIP: Chapter 3

A golden ginkgo leaf was bitten in Chi Jun’s mouth as he rolled from under the tree and carefully ran on his fleshy paws in the direction of the house. Gu Yanzheng had taken root here and he had to know the owner of the house. The ginkgo tree was so big that moving it was likely to be a big project in the future. He probably needed to buy the house.

The little lion felt an inexplicable sense of self-confidence and believed that he would be able to change into a person faster than Gu Yanzheng.

After running around the house several times, Chi Jun found that the courtyard was quiet and there was no one present. It was just that the neat flowers and clean corridors clearly showed this wasn’t an abandoned courtyard.

He didn’t see the owner of the house and Chi Jun felt slight regret. He squatted in a corner and rubbed his ears. He was rubbing it when he suddenly froze. The lion’s mouth opened and he let out a rather distressed cry, the golden leaf falling to the ground.

In a hurry, Chi Jun pulled the metal materials from the house and surrounded himself with it. There was a flash and the little lion on the ground disappeared. A man wearing nothing appeared within the metal wall that was more than a metre high… he was almost exposed.

Chi Jun reached out and the metal covering his body barely formed a piece of clothing. In fact, the metal clothes were shiny enough and powerful enough. However, he couldn’t expect it to fit let alone be soft. This required precise control of the metal in order to not be restricted when moving or… to not press roughly against certain parts.

In this case, Chi Jun could only borrow clothes from the house. Chi Jun secretly apologized to the owner while looking around the owner’s wardrobe. He had just opened the door of the cloakroom only to slightly close them again. He paused before slowly opening the door.

There were many clothes in here, many clothes! However, the style was basically the same. Each set was neat with a silver medallion, a silver belt, silver buttons and hats on top of the wardrobe decorated with a silver brim.

He didn’t have many memories left in his head but Chi Jun still knew this was the officer’s clothing of the Star Empire, the rank of major general. Of course, he wasn’t shocked by the identity of the owner but… mother’s eggs, in the last seven years of the apocalypse, there was a shortage of materials and the collection of materials was closely related to necessities. Even if he later became a high-ranking person of Base A, he only got a new air force uniform!

He loved it for a long time. The thing that made him feel resentment was that the military uniform was too big and didn’t fit him well, so it didn’t look good. Finally, he gave the military uniform to Gu Yanzheng. He put it on and his tall figure exuded a temperament that made people want to… cultivate!

Thinking of the time when Gu Yanzheng wore a military uniform and smiled like a fox, Chi Jun was a bit dazed. Um… he didn’t know what was done to reach the position of the empire’s major general but he also wanted to get such a uniform and then grab his big ginkgo.

Now facing the many military uniforms, Chi Jun firmly restrained his own evil hands. It was already very wrong to casually explore a person’s house and take a person’s clothes. It was too much to pick up this major general’s uniform.

In the end, Chi Jun found a less conspicuous casual outfit than the full uniform. Chi Jun removed the metal clothes from his body and threw it aside. He unwrapped the new clothes and placed them on his body. The clothes were very comfortable and the style was quite simple. Chi Jun turned to look into the mirror.

The person in the mirror had an adult appearance. Perhaps it was because he had been imprisoned for too long but the face was unhealthily pale but the eyebrows were sharp and the spirit was good. The face was 80-90% similar to his former self.

Chi Jun finished dressing and walked out of the cloakroom. He looked up as a machine stepped out of the living room and spoke in a simulated voice. “Hello Master, do you need service?”


Chi Jun looked at the round-headed machine that had a delayed appearance and the corners of his mouth twitched. Wasn’t the home owner a major general of the empire? His robot couldn’t even recognize people!

Chi Jun was quite worried about the safety of the major general household. This major general was growing his family’s big ginkgo!

Chi Jun dodged the robot and strode outside the house. He looked at the outside wall and licked his lips. He raised a hand to mobilize his ability and took the metal contained in the ground to mix with the wall, making the wall become covered with fine spikes.

He used the remaining ability to reinforce the major general’s house and refilled the metal he had pulled out. Unfortunately, his ability was limited and he couldn’t add too many defenses to this yard. Chi Jun consumed his energy, touched his dry stomach then reached out to pat the round of the robot that followed him. “Old Iron, do you have food.”

The robot housekeeper, which had only been called his model number by the major general, paused for a while. Then by default, he acquiesced to the new name that his owner gave him. “Master, it will be ready in a moment.”

The robot housekeeper’s intelligence wasn’t high and the major general gave him two highest-level commands.

The first one, that was inactive, was about a person.

The second, activated, was about a lion. If a lion broke into this place, no matter what the lion did, it would be considered safe. No defensive measures could be used and the lion that entered would automatically be set as the second owner.

As for why he came in as a little lion and transformed into a person in the blink of an eye… The robot housekeeper didn’t have the ability to think so he avoided the danger of downtime.

Old Iron slipped away silently and edited the message, passing on what happened here to the major general.

However, the major general was currently running far away and had crossed several galaxies. The unofficial private signal channel would be delayed. Old Iron calculated that it would probably take a long time for the major general to receive the message.

Chi Jun followed behind the robot housekeeper, slightly looking forward to this world’s food as he entered the living room.

The robot housekeeper prepared a simple, nutritious meal. The colour and fragrance were a bit cloudy. Chi Jun, who experienced a shortage of materials, was a bit disappointed but he wasn’t a picky eater and ate without hesitation.

Once he was full, Chi Jun glanced at the robot housekeeper. “Thank you for your hospitality. Once your master is back, tell him that I borrowed his clothes to wear and will give double the compensation.”

“Yes, Master.”


Chi Jun’s gaze was complicated. This stupid machine, he said all these words and didn’t it find something wrong? If the major general was this stupid then he would probably be easy to dupe.

“Master, do you have any other orders?”

“The tree outside, take good care of it and water it more.” Chi Jun raised a finger and pointed out the window.

“Okay, Master.”

“In addition, isn’t this the major general’s house? Keep watch over it and don’t let anyone enter casually.”

“Yes, Master.”

“…Then it’s fine. There’s nothing else.”

He should probably try to remove his big ginkgo as soon as possible. The safety factor here was too low!

Chi Jun didn’t want to wait for the major general to come back. He greeted his family’s ginkgo tree and walked out of the courtyard. He was currently penniless and had no capital, even if he talked to the major general.

Chi Jun strolled along the street. He wasn’t sure if his imprisoned identity was dangerous so he covered his face with metal decorations. The people of this era had all types of dresses and his image wasn’t awkward.

This was the capital of the Star Empire. Under the imperial palace was a bustling city. After the desolation of the end of the world, Chi Jun was deeply emotional when he saw such a bustling city. Everywhere felt quite novel. There were a variety of suspension cars, all types of realistic 3D projection advertisements and the most conspicuous thing was the variety of mechanical beasts.

This thing seemed to be divided into different types. The ones he had previously seen in the imperial palace were obviously attack types. Those running along the streets with people might seem naive or ferocious but they were obviously less aggressive than the imperial palace. They were more like electronic beasts.

After entering some buildings, the pet-like mechanical beasts would be brought back to their cards by their owners. There were many stores selling the animal cards on the street and after watching for a while, Chi Jun walked into one of them. The pavement was very large and the middle was a fairly large enclosed area. Various alloy beast cards were demonstrated in turn. Unlike the mechanical beasts seen in the imperial palace, the texture of these alloy cards were exposed on the surface and the complexity of the texture was much less.

Chi Jun stood there and saw hundreds of animal card demonstrations. The lines on the card were clearly seen and he vaguely understood some of the rules.

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