NOLMBW: Chapter 9

The original stone field consisted of rough stone cut out from the vein by intelligent mining machines. There were energy stone screening machines and cutting machines in the open environment. There were energy stones of various shapes and sizes. Some were more than 10 metres while others were very small and only the size of a fist. They were scattered in a disorderly manner.

In general, energy stones were mostly cut to a size that could be carried around but some beastmen placed a taller energy stone statue in their home for more safety. The larger the energy stone, the more likely they were to be mixed with other materials. Thus, the high quality statues could only be made from middle to low-grade energy stones.

In addition, Aojia’s resource group would also export some uncut stones to the gambling stone market. The current machinery and equipment could scan the existence of energy stones in the original stone but they couldn’t accurately determine the grade of the energy stone inside.

There were no people at this rough field. Many of the processes here were directly handled by intelligent robots.

Abel stopped all the machines here and drove the suspension car as he led their commanding officer through the pile of stones. The doctor was the busiest as he scanned all the passing stones while Abel drove the suspension car. Thus, he was constantly staring at the miniature scanner.

Time passed and Aojia held the little leopard’s thick paws. He pressed down and the barbs inside came out before they were recovered. The little leopard was happy with his energy stone and unexpectedly didn’t feel it was wrong for this person to play with his paws.

The driving Abel’s hands shook and he almost hit a huge stone next to the car. Fortunately, this suspension car had an intelligent correction system or he would look very ugly in front of the commanding officer.

…Their commanding officer was teasing (flirting) with the little leopard again!

At this time, the scanner had swept through countless rough stones and the doctor was almost doubting life when he suddenly screamed, “Abel, stop!”

Abel was stunned and slammed on the brakes. His reaction was too excited and the parking key of the suspension car directly smashed into a pit. Abel reached out, covered up his embarrassment and asked, “Did you find it?”

The doctor nodded and looked carefully for the stone that reacted on the scanner. He pointed, “That one.”

The little leopard stood up on Aojia’s arm and looked through the window.

Um… it was standard grey granite that was used to carve stone lions, the type of stone lions that were generally loved at the entrance of some hotel clubs. Yet this stone seemed weather-beaten and there were traces of erosion.

Abel’s face was dark as he turned to the doctor. “Are you sure it is this piece? The stone might be in the most central mining area but after testing, there is no reaction. The inside either doesn’t have an energy stone or the energy stone is fragmented to an almost invisible degree. That’s why it has been thrown here for a long time.”

Aojia stared down at the little leopard looking at the stone outside. The doctor coughed and felt a bit uncertain. He handed the miniature scanner to Aojia and said, “Sir, there is a small reaction in the stone.”

The reaction was minimal and if he hadn’t been staring at it all the time then he would’ve almost missed it. Aojia look at the scanner and saw the small value beating quietly, causing Aojia to unconsciously smile. As long as there was a reaction, it proved there was still an energy stone suitable for the little leopard. Even if the energy stone in his rock was very small, as long as there was a sample, it would be specifically noted for future mining of the vein.

Abel had stopped the suspension machine while preparing the cutting machine. The little leopard jumped down from Aojia’s arm and circled the huge grey stone. The doctor said there was a reaction but he didn’t feel anything.

Once the cutting machine was in place, Aojia beckoned to the little leopard and the leopard briskly walked over to his side. Aojia slightly bent down and hugged the little leopard with one hand.

The master Abel called to this area saw that he was going to cut the waste stone that had been thrown here for a long time. He didn’t say much and directly started the equipment. However, there was some trouble when the master started to work. He looked at Abel with a difficult expression. In general, the original stone cutting of energy stones required a preliminary scan. The cutting point was fixed according to the data and the energy stone separated. Yet the waste rock in front of them didn’t show a reaction. How should they cut it?

Abel rubbed his nose and told them, “Master, you can do it little by little.”

It was so hard to find the right energy stone and perhaps it was tiny. It wasn’t good to split it into two halves. The master nodded, started the polishing program on the equipment and began to rub the stone. The few metres high stone turned into dust little by little. The areas ground down formed a pile on one side and soon there was only a one metre square unpolished place left but no energy stone appeared.

The doctor secretly sighed. It seemed the path of using the energy stone to appease the leopard’s mania wouldn’t work. It would be better to study the body of the little leopard.

Abel called another suspension car to stand by. In his opinion, their commanding officer liked the little leopard so much. If this didn’t work, they might really have to go to the mine.

At this moment, Aojia suddenly reached out and pressed the device controller under the master’s hand, stopping the grinding machine. The leopard who had been shrinking back at the sound of the grinder suddenly raised his head and stared with wide eyes. Was it found?

Aojia nodded and firmly carried the little leopard by his front paws to the grinding machine. Then the little leopard saw a small piece of transparent stone stuck in the granite, like a cool spring emerging from the stone. It was transparent and beautiful and felt like it would flow out from a small poke.

The doctor and Abel felt a severe chill and also looked below the grinder. The transparent stone that was a cold spring looked the size of a thumb and was something they had never seen before. In the present, the energy stones used by the beastmen were colourful and opaque.

Aojia motioned to the master to continue. The master carefully controlled the grinder to clean up the other clutter around the transparent stone, slowly peeling out the transparent stone in an intact manner.

Aojia picked up the transparent energy stone that was only the size of a thumb. This stone was different from the warm energy of his usual energy stone. It was cool but not cold. Although it was very small, it was pure and had no impurities inside.

Abel looked at it and suddenly opened his quantum computer. He projected a theoretical report in front of them, explaining, “Sir, this stone is the most advanced energy stone in theory.”

Abel excitedly stared at the stone. He didn’t think the waste rock they threw here for so long in the wind and rain actually contained such a top-grade stone. The little leopard who was always been teased by their commanding chief wasn’t average… did he suddenly find something extraordinary?

Aojia nodded. He didn’t care about the rating of this stone. The focus was that it was suitable for the little leopard. He glanced at the doctor who immediately brought the scanner over. Then the micro-information became the same data as a normal beastman.

“Sir, this should be it.”

It wasn’t easy but it was finally found. The doctor was very relieved. After being excited, Abel felt a bit worried and spoke cautiously, “Sir, this stone might not work.”

Aojia’s eyes narrowed. Under the pressure of his boss, Abel pointed to the theoretical report on the transparent energy stone and explained helplessly, “This stone is the hardest to perceive and no carver can active the power in this energy stone.”

An energy stone that couldn’t be carved into an animal shape was no use for a beastman’s mania. It was theoretically possible for a carver who could activate more than 50% of a high-grade energy stone to activate the transparent energy stone. However, as everyone knew, the current master-level carvers could only active 20% of high-grade energy stones. 50% was still unimaginable.

The little leopard still didn’t understand everything about the energy stone but he knew Abel’s meaning and patted Aojia’s arm in a comforting manner.

It was okay, there was always hope.

Don’t think that Aojia wasn’t taking it seriously. He looked down at the little leopard, rubbed the leopard’s head and placed the stone into his pocket without any regret. Then he took the little leopard into the suspension car.

A normal master carver might not be capable of it but he still had one master carver. Aojia wasn’t worried about this so-called top-grade energy stone carving problem.

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