NOLMBW: Chapter 89

According to the description of the beastmen children from Aojia’s mind and Rong Mingshi’s simple understanding of childcare, the two of them bought many items and had the store clerk give them a dedicated stroller for twins.

The shopping guide sister was very happy to serve the two handsome men. She enthusiastically told them many common sense things about taking care of children. After seeing that the two handsome guys were listening to her seriously, the shopping guide sister was very happy. It was rare for handsome men to take care of their children so cautiously.

She had seen them buying things with their wives and children but she rarely saw men shopping on their own. In particular, the man with extraordinary height and a powerful atmosphere was obviously a military fan but he carried a military backpack with two dolls. The contrast was infinitely cute. The two dolls seemed to be the high-end custom ones. They were lifelike and their eyes moved, allowing a person to see their spirit. If it wasn’t for this man’s momentum, the shopping guide sister really wanted to get a closer look.

During this time, the two children holding the edges of the backpack behaved very well. Apart from the eyes that were moving and watching everything around them, the small claws/paws holding the backpack were extremely stable, not moving at all.

However, as they passed the toys area, the two children in the backpack couldn’t hold back and moved. The little fire leopard mostly moved his ears but the ice dragon fanned his wings and almost flew out of the backpack.

Rong Mingshi’s eyes were quick as he touched the small heads and placed them back inside the backpack. The shopping mall was full of people and there might be monitoring in any corner. If they moved then the children could only be stuffed into the backpack.

The little fire leopard who only moved his ears reluctantly cried out. He felt a bit wronged. Still, Rong Mingshi insisted on pressing down on the backpack as he asked Aojia, “How breathable is the backpack?”

“It is adjustable.” After saying this, Aojia moved to adjust it. Rong Mingshi was able to close the backpack in a reassured manner.

The two small children in the backpack let out wronged whines, blasting fire and ice but this was the latest military backpack and their small attack power didn’t damage it at all. The two naughty children saw that this had little effect and they clawed at the backpack in an angry manner. Some time passed before they became obedient.

The two people pushed the car to check out. Aojia’s quantum computer on his wrist simulated this planet’s mobile phone and the full amount was paid. They explored the area and saw a gold store in the mall.

Aojia raised his eyebrows and pushed the trolley straight towards it. Rong Mingshi gazed at the sign on the counter. A corner of his mouth moved as he pushed a trolley to follow.

Previously, Aojia bought gold ornaments on the Internet but his money was insufficient at first and he only bought a small gold ingot. The texture wasn’t pure enough to pacify the little ice dragon. Now Aojia had enough money on hand.

Rong Mingshi gazed at the various gold ornaments that radiated a golden lustre under the light and he turned to Aojia. “What do you want to buy?”

Rong Mingshi used the beastmen’s language so Aojia replied in kind. “Everything.”

This answer was quite overbearing.

Rong Mingshi, “…”

Aojia explained, “A bed of pure gold helps the growth of dragon beastmen.”

Rong Mingshi realized that he had no experience in this regard. Aojia should be more familiar with it as a big black dragon but Rong Mingshi was worried. “Aojia, do you have enough money?”

If he hadn’t died, the assets that his grandfather left him could be used. Unfortunately, he was already considered deceased. Aojia chuckled. “There is enough. I already understand the business operations here and it is easy to make money.”

Rong Mingshi heard this and decisively walked out. “Don’t buy it from here. We will go to the bank to buy gold bricks.”

The two people left the mall and Aojia used the projection of the quantum computer to disguise him putting the items into his space button. This was the first time suck a life-like thing was placed in the space. Then the two men, who hadn’t bought a vehicle yet, walked to a nearby bank.

They finished shopping and finally left for home. Rong Mingshi opened the backpack to see that the two little ones had fallen asleep inside the backpack. One had a thick tail wrapped around him while the other was holding his bulging belly. The two little ones crowded together, snoring as they slept.

Rong Mingshi reached out and poked the belly of the little ice dragon and the tail of the little fire leopard but they didn’t wake up. He could only sit on the big dragon with the backpack and they flew home.

Once they got up, the two people organized their purchases and they sat by the swimming pool to melt the gold bricks they bought. Aojia made a simple bowl-shaped nest for the little ice dragon. Rong Mingshi felt it was a bit ugly but he hadn’t brought his leopard paw tools. He could only guide Aojia to change the shape of the gold but it took a lot of time and was unsatisfactory.

The two little ones finally woke up and climbed out of the backpack. The little fire leopard crouched there and watched as his dragon father controlled the fire to melt the gold. The little ice dragon’s eyes widened when he saw the golden ball and he flew up, but the temperature of the gold made him stop anxiously in midair.

Rong Mingshi gazed at his little son who was spinning in the air and said, “It is a bed for you to sleep in. What do you like?”

The ice dragon flew over the pool and breathed vigorously on the water. His tail stretched over his head and his earnest persistence was very cute. Then in the pool, an egg-shaped ice sculpture made by the dragon’s breath could be seen. Aojia slightly raised his eyebrows as he deeply understood the meaning of his youngest son. He turned the ball of gold into a solid egg while a hollow interior, as well as a round door that opened outwards.

Rong Mingshi looked at the real gold egg and suppressed a smile. The aesthetic might be a bit strange but at least he now knew that his young son had a gift for carving. The little ice dragon flew around the golden egg nest and couldn’t be happier.

The little fire leopard looked up at the ice dragon and couldn’t understand their excitement. What was this golden egg bed? It was much better to sleep with his leopard father.

Rong Mingshi and Aojia raised the two small ones on Earth in a smooth manner. On the other hand, the beastmen republic was a mess. The president had disappeared before he was sworn in. Even more tragically, Master Time Rong Mingshi, the man who was at the top of the beastmen carving industry, had also disappeared.

It was a disaster for the entire beastmen republic. The speaker of Parliament, who was also the vice president, was almost pulling out his own hair. “How could they be missing? The aircraft is intact and the communication system is in good condition. How could you say that the president and the First Gentleman has disappeared?”

“Reporting to Mr Vice President, the two newly bred eggs from Mr President’s family are also missing. Guard Calant has applied for the military’s reconnaissance team to go and find their whereabouts. The military department has agreed and now you need to sign it.

The vice president rubbed his sore temple and quickly signed it with his key, attaching a command, “Be sure to find their whereabouts at all cost.”

Fortunately, the entire republic knew that the president and First Gentleman had just married and secretly went on a honeymoon. Otherwise, if they knew the two people were missing then the stabilized democratic republic would become a mess. The vice president felt a chill as he thought this. He didn’t want his temporary presidency to become permanent.

Thanks to the signature of the deputy commander of the military and the temporary president, Calant called half the reconnaissance soldiers to search all the stars on the interplanetary routes that the aircraft had passed through before the president disappeared.

Ruhr, Housekeeper Baba and their virus son were doing everything they could to lock onto the marshal’s quantum computer. Fortunately, the marshal’s quantum computer was specifically made by the military. After many hardships, Ruhr finally grasped the extremely small fluctuations and locked onto the position of the marshal through the space-time wormhole.

It was just that Ruhr and Housekeeper Baba agreed to temporarily hide the information and work to bring the people back. It was just that travelling through the space-time wormhole was accidental. They locked onto the position of the marshal and ultimately decided to send their son through this space-time wormhole.

Ruhr spoke calmly, “Rest assured, the little virus is very good.”

Ruhr was right. Their virus son was very powerful and would be able to calculate the position of the space-time wormhole. As long as a link was established on both sides, the people could be brought back.

However, the essence was still their son. Housekeeper Baba gazed at the space-time wormhole and was deeply worried.

Due to the unstable distortion of the time-space wormhole, two months had passed on Earth by the time the virus entered through the wormhole. In two months, the little ice dragon and little fire leopard had grown a lot. They could already run and fly wildly around the yard.

Fortunately, for the safety of their sons, Aojia chose a relatively secluded place. The surrounding villas were far away and he set up a holographic projection so that passersby wouldn’t see the amazing scenes.

However, all types of things in the yard were smashed, whether they were frozen by the ice dragon or burnt by the fire leopard. Whenever the two mixed together, it directly exploded as sparks splashed and frost flew away. It was especially gorgeous and spectacular so the sound wasn’t small.

The sudden sound of the explosions caused the security of the villa area to report to the police that there was a terrorist attack here. Fortunately, Aojia’s computer disguised it as a burst car tire and he managed to conceal it.

After the event, the two little ones had all their gold ornaments confiscated, including the golden egg personally made by the dragon father. The other one was directly deprived of the right to sleep with his leopard father. The two small ones were even ordered to become children by the leopard father and couldn’t become beasts without permission.

In the end, it was the two adults who finally compromised because it was too hard to take care of the human children. They couldn’t hire nannies and could only do it themselves. After a long day, the dragon father and leopard father finally gave up. The little leopard and little dragon who could take care of themselves were more relaxing.

The two people lay under the stars while watching the little ones float in the water. The water in the swimming pool became thick ice and a boiling soup pot. The surrounding environment was cold, causing steam to appear from the pool.

Meanwhile, the small virus arrived alone through the space-time wormhole and entered the world’s supercomputer. Ruhr was right. This small virus was very good and didn’t do anything bad. He just couldn’t help swallowing all the junk data in this supercomputer.

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