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NOLMBW: Chapter 87

In the end, the little fire leopard was placed on the pillow beside Rong Mingshi and Aojia covered him with the same towel as the little ice dragon.

Rong Mingshi yawned and gazed at the sleeping leopard while listening to the snoring of the little ice dragon in the soup pot. He turned over in bed and thought he wouldn’t be sleepy because he had just slept for a long time. He still had many things to talk to Aojia about, such as asking about the leopard’s mother and dragon’s mother. However, he didn’t know why but he was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

He subconsciously touched the little fire leopard on the pillow and fell asleep.

In the bedroom, one large and two small beings were sleeping, each of them making a different snoring sound. Aojia stepped towards the bed and caressed his baby’s hair, kissing the forehead gently before starting the quantum computer to check his physical condition.

Aojia couldn’t help frowning at the information displayed. The person lying on the bed had absolutely enough sleep but his mental state seemed to be getting worse. It was urgent for him to drink energy wine.

The moment Aojia was about to go out to continue studying the energy wine, the person on the bed suddenly moved and became a big snow leopard. The large fluffy mass of fur lay on the bed and thick paws touched searched around the bed.

Aojia’s heart softened as he placed the soup pot from the bedside table into the snow leopard’s thick paws. Then he gently placed the fire leopard wrapped in a towel next to the snow leopard’s big face.

The big and furry face of the snow leopard touched the little fire leopard and he couldn’t help smiling as he felt the little fire leopard’s sporadic bursts of smoke. He moved closer and the little fire leopard inside the towel let out a cry without opening his eyes. He just poked out a small paw from the towel and pressed it against the furry mouth of the snow leopard.

At the same time, Rong Mingshi’s thick paws also touched the soup pot and hugged it. In his confused sleep, Rong Mingshi felt that everything was good, even the slightly cold soup pot.

Aojia’s eyes softened as he witnessed all of this. He touched the big snow leopard’s fluffy head, kissed the round ears and gently walked out of the room, closing the door.

In the middle of the night, Rong Mingshi who was sleeping with the two children suddenly woke up when his ears and chin were scratched. He looked at the person standing in the darkness in a confused manner and twisted his head away from the little fire leopard. He didn’t have a chance to express his doubts when the person by the bed suddenly kissed him on the mouth.

Rong Mingshi immediately raised a hand to push this person away. This person had a family and it was also too casual. The dragon kissing him also had a leopard mother and dragon mother. This was too immoral.

It was just that in his dim vision, he didn’t see his hand but a large paw that was very thick and fluffy. It looked really good and seemed especially great to pinch.

At the same time, he felt the taste of wine in his mouth that was mixed with the scorching breath of the big black dragon. Some strength gathered in his head so that there was a moment of clearness, followed by dizziness and confusion. All the shattered pictures poured into his head, the pictures natural, clear and vivid.

There was the scene where he was rescued from the bird’s nest by the big black dragon. The black dragon took him to a doctor to treat him and took him to a resource star to find the energy stone. There was also the scene where Rong Mingshi carved the cufflinks and the scene where the two of them swore oaths under the ancestral status. Finally, the two of them stood in front of a genetic incubator looking at the two eggs.

All the images faded and left a thought in Rong Mingshi’s head. He was currently a snow leopard while his big black dragon kissed him in human form.

…Although the purpose of this kiss was to transfer a mouthful of energy wine.

His head was a bit dizzy but the clear-eyed Rong Mingshi let out a sound. He carefully jumped out of the bed and rushed towards the person standing beside the bed. The big black dragon was thrown to the ground by him and Rong Mingshi opened his mouth to bite this person’s collar.

Aojia lay on the ground and held the back of his snow leopard, stroking the fluffy before and letting the big snow leopard bite his collar. Then he asked in a voice full of doting and worry. “Baby, does your head hurt?”

The snow leopard shook his head and then slowly raised it. His tongue licked the fur around his mouth before he became an enthusiastic young man. He lay on Aojia’s body, his voice entering Aojia’s ear. “Aoji.”

At the same time, Rong Mingshi approached Aojia’s neck and bite and licked it. Then he caught Aojia’s ear in the same way he held his tail. How could the big black dragon bear this situation? It was just that there were two sleeping children in the room.

Aojia hugged this person and unfolded his dragon wings, flying straight out of the house and landing in the pool outside the villa. The cold water in the pool became steaming hot the moment Aojia fell in. In the cool night, it was so comfortable that the person in his arms relaxed.

Rong Mingshi relaxed his grip on Aojia’s shoulders and fell back comfortably. He kicked his long legs and swam flexibly and beautifully like a fish.

Aojia smiled and followed the swimming snow leopard. He waited for this happy person to swim two laps before blocking the person in the pool. His big hand grabbed Rong Mingshi’s waist and he rested his forehead against the other person’s forehead.

Rong Mingshi raised his hand to touch the face of his big black dragon. In the middle of the night, water droplets fell along his arm and made a slight noise. Under the water, their bodies were joined together intimately.

Dragon wings emerged from Aojia’s back and spread on the surface of the water, reflecting an orange-red light. The parts immersed in the water were more brilliant. Rong Mingshi, who was holding Aojia’s shoulder, reached out to touch the strong, fiery wings. There were flames on the surface of the dragon wings but it didn’t burn him at all. Every touch of his hands made the person holding him more vigorous.

He didn’t know when his ears had come out but they were rubbed by Aojia’s big hands. It wasn’t until the two men reached the peak at the same time that the dragon wings retracted slightly, the fire gradually subsided and the sunlight slowly sprinkled over them.

Rong Mingshi lay lazily on Aojia’s shoulder and said, “We have to go and see if the two little ones are awake.”

He had previously thought of his sons as dinosaur eggs. Still, he absolutely wouldn’t admit that he was the dragon’s mother and leopard’s mother. He was the dragon’s father and leopard’s father.

Rong Mingshi had just spoken when there was a sound as something fell into the water. There was the sound of water splashing as Aojia’s lips curved and he turned to look at the little ice dragon moving in the water. “It seems they’re awake.”

Rong Mingshi’s mouth twitched and he quickly reached out his hand. The other person grabbed the clothes thrown beside the poll and tied a knot around his baby’s waist. Then the little dragon in Rong Mingshi’s palms coughed and let out an aggrieved call. He liked water but he hated hot water.

The coughing ice dragon opened his small wings, waved his dragon tail and opened his mouth, spraying a mouthful of ice towards the surface of the water. The heat and cold touched each outer and the steam around the swimming pool became more obvious. It was almost like fog. This was even more annoying.

The ice dragon lay in Rong Mingshi’s hand and screamed at the water. Meanwhile, Aojia became a black dragon and flew up, grabbing the little leopard that was crying out from beside the upstairs bedroom window and placing him on the edge of the pool.

The little fire leopard landed on the ground and his thick paws patted the black dragon’s big claws. He bowed his head, stepping forward on soft limbs and shaking his tail as he stared at his mother in the swimming pool.

Rong Mingshi, who was holding the little ice dragon, wanted to smash the big black dragon’s head. These were their children. How was the treatment so different? Then Rong Mingshi used his other empty hand to pick up the little leopard running to him.

Aojia didn’t become human but moved his big dragon body to lie on the edge of the pool. He used his dragon wings to pick up the person in the water, catching the three treasures inside. Rong Mingshi sat on the dragon wing. He held two small ones in his hands while leaning against the large one behind him, causing his heart to be extremely satisfied.

At this time, the little ice dragon once again raised his tail, opened his wings and opened his mouth to breathe ice at the water’s surface. The little ice dragon’s unparalleled effort meant the duration of this breath was really long. The temperature of the pool continued to decrease and the other end of the pool started to freeze.

The big black dragon on the land raised his wings and wrapped them more tightly around the person in the pool. Then his mouth opened slightly and flames emerged. The temperature of the swimming pool was maintained while the heat of the flame was controlled to stop it from spreading to the place that the little ice dragon was working hard to freeze.

The little ice dragon finally couldn’t hold on any longer and stopped, almost falling down. This time, the black dragon instantly raised his tail and held the little ice dragon so that his poor dizzy son wouldn’t fall into the water again.

The efforts of the ice dragon and the control of the big black dragon meant the pool became half hot water and half ice.

The little fire leopard on the palm of Rong Mingshi’s hand screamed and used its small paws to climb up the dragon wings in a clumsy manner. He stared with blue leopard eyes at the smooth ice surface. After staring for a while, he slid along the wide dragon wings and went straight to the opposite icy side. The small fire leopard ran on the ice with his small paws, directly leaving a long string of plum-shaped small footprints on the surface of the ice.

The big black dragon on the land slightly raised his head and suddenly reached out a huge dragon claw, pressing it down. Then a huge claw print was melted on the ice. The little fire leopard gazed at the huge dragon claw pit, opened his mouth and then glanced at his father who left such a big footprint.

In the palm of Rong Mingshi’s hand, the little ice dragon who just let out the icy breath had almost fainted. Then he saw the ice surface destroyed by a series of small footprints and a big footprint and his golden eyes blinked. He whined and tears almost fell.

Rong Mingshi witnessed all of this and his mouth twitched. He kicked the dragon wing and held his poor little son with both hands.


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Wang Ying
Wang Ying
1 year ago

aojia.. please don’t bully your son.. 😅

this fluffy scene was so adorable 😍