NOLMBW: Chapter 86

Due to the little leopard hatching, the movie matter was naturally left behind. Rong Mingshi held the soft fire leopard and was full of expectations for the one in the freezer hatching as soon as possible.

The small fire leopard in the palm of his hand was very lively. He probed at the computer and from time to time, he called out. He held his thick paws and looked around the palm, little ears moving back and forth while listening to the movements.

He also bit the fingertip, cocked his head and gnawed curiously with newly created white fangs. After playing a while, he seemed to be tired. He turned in a circle on the palm before yawning. Holding his fluffy tail, he leaned against Rong Mingshi and closed his eyes.

Rong Mingshi’s heart softened as he rubbed the back of the little leopard with his thumb. Just then, Aojia came close to his ears, warm breath pouring in as he spoke in a nice and deep voice. “Baby, the second egg is going to break.”

Rong Mingshi endured the numbness of his body and immediately looked at the freezer. Previously, he missed the situation where the small fire leopard broke out of the shell. He absolutely couldn’t miss this one.

He saw the frosty white egg in the freezer sway. There was a faint creaking sound before a crack appeared from the top of the bottom of the white eggshell. He just heard this sound when the top of the eggshell was broken and the black dragon’s head smashed out. There was a half eggshell on top of its head as the golden vertical eyes looked at the outside.

A short time later, the little black dragon opened its wings and used the dragon claws to break open the eggshell restricting its body. This was a miniature version of the big black dragon. It was just that there was some frost on this body.

The little black dragon lay there and then used two blows to remove the frost hanging off it. This revealed beautiful and delicate black scales. It stared at the two men outside the glass window of the freeze and flapped its dragon wings while giving a low roar. In the -18 degrees freezer, a small frost was breathed out. It hit the glass window of the freezer and formed a beautiful ice flower, not far from a broken glass window.

However, it was still very mighty and domineering. After the roar, the little black dragon fanned its wings and tried to fly up but its strength was obviously insufficient after hatching. The little dragon wings couldn’t move its body.

The little black dragon cocked his head and stepped on the eggshell to go forward. He tried to get close to the two people outside but didn’t expect to be tripped by the raised eggshell. It fell down with the small dragon wings and dragon tail.

Rong Mingshi couldn’t hold back and smiled gently. It was just that he was holding the small leopard in his hand and couldn’t free a hand to open the freezer door. He could only glance at Aojia.

Aojia rubbed Rong Mingshi’s head before opening the glass door of the freezer and reached inside for the dragon struggling to climb up. The little black dragon was caught by the wings and struggled in mid-air, his fat tummy exposed and he looked a bit pitiful.

Rong Mingshi’s mouth twitched. Compared to the treatment of the small fire leopard, this little black dragon didn’t seem to be Aojia’s biological child.

Biological child. These words circled around in Rong Mingshi’s head. He seriously watched the little black dragon being held by the wings, recalled the appearance of the big black dragon and vaguely realized something.

This big black dragon already had children. Then who were the dragon’s mother and leopard’s mother?

Rong Mingshi had a sense of guilt.

Aojia was inexplicably condemned by Rong Mingshi, saw the little black dragon in his hand and immediately grasped the reason for this look. Aojia was a bit stunned but before he could talk, the little black dragon opened his mouth and sprayed out an icy breath as he struggled to pull out his dragon wings.

Aojia placed the little black dragon back in the freezer and released his hand from the wings. The little black dragon stood there shaking the dragon wings. It wobbled and swayed until it fell on the wrist of the hand Rong Mingshi used to hold the little leopard.

Like the little fire leopard, the little ice dragon came out of the -18 degrees freezer but his touch was cool, not cold. The pair of golden dragon eyes gazed affectionately at Rong Mingshi before bowing his head to touch the wrist.

At this time, the little fire leopard in Rong Mingshi’s hand woke up. He opened his eyes and saw the little ice dragon up close. The little fire leopard was shocked and coughed, breathing out some smoke. He was dreaming with his mother.

The ice dragon raised his wings and clumsily blocked. Then he bowed his head close to the little leopard, raised his claws and patted the little leopard’s furry head. It unexpectedly had the meaning of the younger brother comforting the older brother.

The little leopard cried out and pushed away the dragon claws. Then he clumsily raised his paws to pat the head that had been touched. The little leopard stared with fierce eyes and opened his mouth, once again breathing out smoke towards the little black dragon. 

The little black dragon used his wings to drive the smoke away, stretched out his claws and patted the head of the little fire leopard again. The little fire leopard screamed a few times and after seeing that he couldn’t get rid of this person, he simply hugged the palm and stretched out on it. Then he turned to gaze at the one lying on his mother’s waist.

The little black dragon cocked his head, opened his dragon wings and fell down, his body covering Rong Mingshi’s arm like a black plaster. The little fire leopard was relieved. He stretched out a small paw to pat the black dragon’s nose. Then he blinked twice and fell asleep again.

The two brothers took possession of Rong Mingshi’s hand and wrist, who sighed with relief. The two brothers could breathe out fire and ice, it was best if they lived in harmony. Was this a mother’s mentality?

Rong Mingshi didn’t have time to think anymore as next to him, Aojia held his shoulder and directed him to sit at the table. Then Aojia once again grabbed some minced meat and some milk, handing it to the ice dragon around Rong Mingshi’s wrist.

The ice dragon lying on Rong Mingshi’s wrist turned his head, snorting out white air from his nostrils. Rong Mingshi couldn’t hold back and laughed.

Aojia told him, “Otherwise, you feed him.”

Rong Mingshi nodded and spread out his palm. Aojia gently removed the sleeping little leopard and picked him up. Rong Mingshi once again witnessed Aojia’s different treatment of the two children and couldn’t help saying, “Aojia, do you know what is most taboo about raising children, especially twins?”


Rong Mingshi told him seriously, “Be careful that the little dragon doesn’t want to see you anymore. Later he won’t look after you when you retire.”

Aojia smiled. “You’re right.”

Having said that, Aojia reached out and poked the little dragon’s head. “Get up and eat.”

The little dragon didn’t care about it and blew out another cold breath. Aojia raised his eyebrows and a small gold ingot appeared out of nowhere. The little ice dragon plastered around Rong Mingshi’s wrist raised his head and held out dragon claws to hug the gold ingot.

This scene was filled with joy and Rong Mingshi found it almost impossible not to smile as he held the small dish. Was it born with the black dragon’s hobby of hoarding gold?

The little dragon had the small gold ingot and was obedient. He consciously moved from Rong Mingshi’s wrist and ate on his own. The little dragon had enough to eat and drink and also yawned. He held his gold ingot and fell asleep on Rong Mingshi’s hand.

Rong Mingshi gently touched the little dragon’s black scales and whispered to Aojia, “Where are they going to sleep?”

Aojia placed the little leopard in Rong Mingshi’s hand again. Rong Mingshi watched as he took out a ceramic soup pot from the cupboard, opened the freezer and took out a box of ice from inside. He poured the ice into the pot, took a towel and folded it twice, placed it in the pot and finally put the pot on the table. The little ice dragon that had fallen asleep was placed inside.

Rong Mingshi saw the little ice dragon turn over comfortably in the pot, his dragon wings open and dragon tail moving in a circle around him, revealing a bulging small belly.

Rong Mingshi was silent for a moment. Did aliens hatch and raise children so roughly? A soup pot with a towel and ice cubs solved the problem.

Aojia spoke while covering the soup pot, “It isn’t early. I’ll make him a nest of pure gold tomorrow.”

Rong Mingshi was wrong. This child wasn’t raised roughly at all. Rong Mingshi could imagine the little dragon’s eyes lighting up at the situation.

“Then what about this one?”

There was no charcoal or hot iron pot. Did they have to order some iron from the steelworks tomorrow?

Aojia raised the soup pot. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Rong Mingshi curiously followed to the bedroom. He watched Aojia place the pot containing the little dragon onto the bedside table and then rearranged the bed Rong Mingshi had previously slept in. “Let’s sleep.”

The energy wine was an urgent task and Aojia also needed to find materials to replace the energy stones. He and Rong Mingshi had energy stone carvings and didn’t need to worry about mania but it wasn’t good for the two children if they stayed here for too long. In the case of mania, it was estimated that their destructive power wouldn’t be small.

Rong Mingshi was puzzled for a moment. Aojia glanced at the little leopard sleeping in Rong Mingshi’s hand and stated, “Put him on the pillow and sleep.”

Rong Mingshi suddenly felt that this big black dragon was eccentric to the little ice dragon. He would make the little ice dragon a pure gold nest to sleep in while the fire leopard only had the pitiful pillow to sleep on?

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