NOLMBW: Chapter 85

After properly (?) arranging the two eggs, Aojia looked at the person moving around the freezer and oven and turned to the living room. He picked up the sofa and placed it in the large kitchen. Then he reached out and pulled the constantly turning snow leopard down onto the sofa.

Rong Mingshi leaned against the soft sofa but didn’t relax at all. He continued to observe the two eggs. Patience and worry were really tiring. After five minutes, Rong Mingshi finally couldn’t sit still…

The surface inside the freezer looked frosted! The oven also looked black and red! He grabbed the arm of the black dragon using the quantum computer and asked extremely solemnly, “Aojia, do you have a scientific basis for hatching the eggs like this?”

Aojia was quickly obtaining more information from the planet’s virtual network and had a thought.

Originally in the beastmen world, he had some doubts about the little leopard’s amazing carving skills. After all, the little leopard’s life record stored in the housekeeper showed he didn’t practice any carving. There were also the little leopard’s words about an alien and proclaiming himself as a person of this planet.

An idea entered Aojia’s head. Perhaps his snow leopard had really come home…

Then he heard the subconscious fear that the snow leopard displayed in his voice for their eggs and Aojia immediately pulled back his thoughts. He reached out to hold his baby’s hand, pulled him up from the sofa and walked over to see the two eggs.

Aojia pulled up the data of his computer and said, “The alternative hatching equipment is working well. We will soon be able to check the vital information.”

Rong Mingshi glanced at the freezer and oven that were called alternative hatching equipment and… continued to feel itchy as he waited. Some time passed before Aojia’s voice was heard. “There it is.”

Rong Mingshi immediately turned to look at Aojia’s quantum computer. “Where?”

Aojia pointed to the two lines shown on the interface of the computer. Rong Mingshi saw the two lively lines jumping happily and in an active manner before sighing with relief and smiling. He returned to the sofa again, taking off his shoes and sitting cross-legged on it.

…He would stay right here to watch the two eggs hatch!

There was a smile in Aojia’s eyes as he sat on the sofa and continued to learn about this planet. He also purchased some materials that seemed suitable for brewing energy wine as well as various wines of the world.

Not much later, Aojia felt the person sitting cross-legged on the sofa slightly sink down. He immediately reached out to hold the person and found that his baby had closed his eyes and fallen asleep.

Aojia used the quantum computer to check again. After confirming that this person was only slightly mentally tired, Aojia leaned over and gently hugged the person.

The person in his arms whispered, “Aoji…”

Aojia’s movements slightly froze before he looked down at Rong Mingshi’s clean face and gently kissed his hair. He responded in a low voice, “I am here.”

The sleeping man subconsciously leaned against Aojia’s chest. Aojia held him firmly and carried him to the bedroom, placing him on the bed, taking off his clothes and covering him in a quilt. Aojia really wanted to sleep with his baby but it was imperative to brew the energy wine. Thus, after standing by the bed for a while, Aojia quietly exited the room.

Rong Mingshi slept heavily and it was already late when he woke him. He stumbled and got up from the bed. For a moment, he dreamt that an evil and majestic black dragon carried him while flying over half of B City. He saw two strange eggs that needed to be hatched in the freezer and oven!

At these thoughts, Rong Mingshi suddenly woke up. He got out of bed, put on clothes, the soft slippers placed by the bed and hurriedly went to see the two eggs.

He had just gone out the door when he was hit by a heavy alcoholic scene. He stepped backward and was in a trance for a moment. Then he subconsciously took a deep breath and numerous images jumped out in his mind before finally settling on the black dragon in black clothes, swearing in an old and difficult language, all serious and solemn like it was a wedding oath.

Rong Mingshi was X.

…He seemed to have forgotten something extremely important!

At this time, Aojia heard movements in the bedroom and stepped forward. “Rong Rong?”

The tall and handsome man suddenly coincided with the person in the image he had just seen. Rong Mingshi’s senses slowly returned and he subconsciously asked, “Shall we go see a movie at night?”

Aojia rubbed his hair. “Okay, we’ll go after dinner.”

Rong Mingshi was stunned by his head being rubbed and went to the kitchen in a dizzy manner. Then he saw a plate of golden scrambled eggs on the table! Rong Mingshi’s nerves were poked and he immediately rushed to the freezer. After determining the white frosted egg was in good condition, he turned to gaze at the oven. The egg had changed from black to fiery red, like ignited charcoal.

He made sure the scrambled eggs on the table weren’t these two eggs and then turned to see Aojia’s smiling face. Rong Mingshi suddenly became angry. “I won’t eat eggs in the future!”


Cooking while controlling the fire was very simple for Aojia. He did everything just right and the taste was super delicious. Rong Mingshi’s mouth was fragrant while eating. He was eating very well when Aojia suddenly stopped and gazed in the direction of the oven.

Rong Mingshi, who was eating cooked ribs, subconsciously followed the man’s gaze. He saw a small paw holding the oven door, a pair of pitiful eyes in the small head looking at them through the high temperature glass door of the oven.

The moment he discovered their gaze, the little guy in the oven opened his mouth and made a childish sound. “Jiao, jiao…”

Rong Mingshi’s chopsticks holding the piece of ribs suddenly fell on the plate. This sound was familiar! No… wasn’t this a dinosaur egg? How could a cat hatch from inside it?

At this time, Aojia stood up and opened the door of the oven. The fist-sized leopard inside the 200 degrees oven stared at him for a moment before swaying and climbing onto Aojia’s palm. Aojia opened his computer and examined the little leopard who hatched first. It was a bit small but it was definitely a healthy little leopard.

Aojia placed the little thing in front of his beastman and said, “His body is very healthy. You can come and hold him.”

Rong Mingshi looked down at the little leopard and then Aojia’s serious expression.

…Hold? Was Aojia serious? It was just that the little leopard in Aojia’s palm was very good and obedient. He opened watery blue eyes and stretched out little paws to Rong Mingshi, opening his mouth to give a soft cry.

For a time, Rong Mingshi felt his heart was going to be overturned! He quickly threw away his chopsticks and spread his palm next to Aojia’s palm. The little leopard moved from Aojia’s palm to his palm. He had just come out of the 200 degrees oven but the little leopard wasn’t hot. He was warm and perhaps it was due to the baking of the oven but the fur of this little leopard was extremely fluffy and soft.

Rong Mingshi cautiously held this little leopard and asked nervously, “Aojia, what will he eat? Should we prepare milk powder?”

Aojia patted him on the shoulder and comforted him to relax him. “He might just be born but he is very strong. You don’t have to be so careful.”

Rong Mingshi held the little leopard and couldn’t help questioning the big black dragon’s words. This little leopard was so small and his paws were soft. How was he strong?

Aojia lost his smile and turned to grab a small dish. He placed some meat inside and poured some milk. Rong Mingshi carefully held the little leopard next to the small dish held by Aojia. He watched as the little leopard buried his head into the dish. Once the meat and milk were consumed, the little leopard lay on Rong MIngshi’s palm in a satisfied manner, letting out a plume of smoke from his mouth.

Rong Mingshi who witnessed the situation, “…”

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