NOLMBW: Chapter 84

The big black dragon carried him while flying and they gradually left the mountain area and approached the small city the black dragon had mentioned. Once Rong Mingshi saw the tall buildings getting closer, he couldn’t help holding the dragon claws and holding his breath. The black dragon was from a different time and space and might have some errors with the sizes of cities on Earth. Rong Mingshi particularly felt like this when he saw the familiar landmark building that he was no longer familiar with.

If the big black dragon kept flying like this, it was estimated that there would be millions of viewers witnessed the event and the Internet would go crazy about a real 3D show.

Rong Mingshi was worried about being photographed or videotaped and patted the dragon claws, speaking loudly, “Aojia, you will be discovered. Let’s find a place with no people to land.”

The voice of the black dragon was transmitted to him. “The armour has holographic camouflage and we won’t be detected or seen.”

The relieved Rong Mingshi stayed at ease in the dragon claws as he looked down at the city where he lived for many years. His head used to constantly hurt and he almost never went outside. Thus, he had only seen these landmark buildings several times.

Meanwhile, Aojia was flying while inquiring about various information and handling various matters. Once he determined that he couldn’t get in contact with Ruhr and the housekeeper for the moment, he immediately started to understand the planet. He didn’t know how long he would stay on this planet and needed to give his snow leopard and two children a stable living environment.

Breaking through the virtual network of this world was very simple for his quantum computer. Out of principle, Aojia didn’t go directly to the planet’s black market currency system to make money for himself. Instead, he created an identity and sold several mechanical designs.

Aojia might have a military origin but apart from that, he was best at transforming and designing a variety of mech. Thus, it was easy for him to make some mechanical designs according to the world’s technology standards. He used the money to buy a property in the city and set up a company on the Internet with his remaining funds.

After flying over half the city, Rong Mingshi was taken by the black dragon to a newly built villa area, landing in the courtyard of one of the villas. The big black dragon turned back into a human and held Rong Mingshi’s shoulder. “This is the place. We will live here for the time being.”

The time might be rushed but as long as he had money, he could do anything on this planet. Everything in the house was brand new and he configured some home appliances to replace the incubator.

Rong Mingshi followed Aojia into the house and remembered one thing. The big black dragon said that the dinosaur eggs could be hatched. Therefore, he took off the backpack and looked at the two eggs inside. “Where should these eggs be placed? What type of hatching conditions should be created?”

Aojia reached for the backpack and stated, “Follow me.”

Rong Mingshi followed Aojia into the… kitchen? It had only been an hour or so since he ate and Rong Mingshi didn’t think this was to find food. He had a bad feeling as he saw that this black dragon really opened the freezer and placed the cold white egg into the empty freezer before skillfully adjusting the temperature of the freezer…

“Are you sure the egg won’t be frozen?”

Rong Mingshi gazed through the transparent window of the freezer at the lonely white egg inside. Aojia closed the freezer door and replied, “Rest assured, the temperature isn’t low enough but it won’t affect the final hatching of the egg. It will just extend the incubation time.”


Eighteen degrees below zero wasn’t low enough? An ordinary egg would be frozen into a stone!

Rong Mingshi was feeling worried and wondering if he should take out the egg when Aojia opened the large embedded oven next to it and placed the hot black egg inside. Then the oven was turned on and the temperature adjusted to 200 degrees.

Rong Mingshi reached out to grab Aojia’s arm anxiously. “It will be baked!”

Aojia’s arm was caught and he turned his head to smile at the person holding his arm, joking, “Do you want to eat a baked egg?”

The first time the two of them met on the desolate planet, the little leopard was obsessed with the roasted bird’s egg.

“I don’t, don’t speak nonsense… even if I do, I won’t eat dinosaur eggs!” Rong Mingshi stared at the egg through the oven’s transparent window and felt more complicated. “Are you sure this egg won’t be cooked?”

“It’s fine.”

Rong Mingshi turned to look at the white egg inside the freezer and then the black egg in the oven. The more he saw, the more uncomfortable he felt in his heart.

…He had clearly just met the eggs. Why did he feel so sad?

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