NOLMBW: Chapter 83


Rong Mingshi’s head was dizzy. He sat up and blinked several times before he could see the surrounding environment. It wasn’t the big shadowless lamps and white ceiling that he saw whenever he lost consciousness on the operating table. There were lush trees and some rocks not far away.

Rong Mingshi raised his hand to rub his head before looking down at the clothes covering his body. The coat was very broad. He didn’t know the material but the texture looked good. There was a badge on the clothes but the style was one he hadn’t seen before. He guessed that this outfit might be a military0like design.

Since the clothes weren’t his, there must be other people around. Thus, Rong Mingshi grasped his clothes and used the tree next to him to stand up. It was just that as he moved, his legs touched something round and he was surprised. He opened the coat covering his body and saw two beautiful eggs, one black and one white…

What were these eggs? Why were they so big? Ostrich eggs? Dinosaur eggs? Focus, were these eggs real or fake?

Rong Mingshi was stunned for a moment before reaching out to touch them. He didn’t expect the eggs to feel good. He reached out to pick up the two eggs. The black one was hot while the white one was cold.

Therefore, Rong Mingshi concluded that these eggs were absolutely fake! He hadn’t touched eggs but how could real eggs have a hot or cold temperature?

Rong Mingshi was just turning over the two eggs and wondering if these eggs were a new type of toy when a voice was suddenly heard. “I checked and the time and space wormhole didn’t affect them. They will hatch in a healthy manner, don’t worry.”

Rong Mingshi immediately looked up in the direction of the voice. A tall man had emerged from the rock not far away. His face was cold, his nose high and his eyebrows were like a knife. He jumped from the rock in a calm manner, a pheasant in his hand.

The man strode over as he spoke. He stood in front of Rong Mingshi and crouched slightly, pulling at the clothes about to fall to the ground with the hand not holding the pheasant. He held Rong Mingshi’s shoulder and asked, “Is there any discomfort?”

Previously, Aojia had scanned the body data of his snow leopard. The computer’s analysis showed that the leopard was in good health but the aircraft had accidentally crossed through a time and space wormhole, bringing their family of four to a different time and space. They didn’t have any stored energy wine and Aojia was worried that the little leopard’s beast nucleus would be affected.

Rong Mingshi heard the man’s inquiry and shook his head while holding the two eggs. This person had a strange tone and syllables. It wasn’t the Chinese that Rong MIngshi knew but he… seemed to understand. However, even if he understood, he didn’t know what it meant. What was a space and time wormhole? What did hatching mean?

Rong Mingshi looked down at the two eggs he was holding. Were these two eggs really alive? Rong Mingshi subconsciously bowed his head to one of the eggs and cocked his head to listen.

Aojia saw the movements and his lips curved. ‘Silly leopard, how can there be any sounds when the egg hasn’t hatched yet…’

Rong Mingshi saw this person’s smile and realized that his action seemed a bit stupid…

Just then, Rong Mingshi saw this man blow slightly towards the pheasant that had been quickly handled by him. A firm emerged in the air and surrounded the bare pheasant, baking it. Soon a fragrant smell filled the air.

Rong Mingshi holding the two eggs straightened up, his eyes widening as he looked incredulously at the scene in front of him. Was he blind? Where did the fire come from? How did it burn?

Aojia felt the snow leopard staring at the pheasant and asked, “Are you hungry?”

What did this person say? Hun… hungry? Was fire appearing out of air something normal? However, he sniffed the scented air and Rong Mingshi really felt a bit hungry.

“Wait a minute, it’ll be done soon.”

Aojia precisely controlled the flames to roast the pheasant well. The roasted pheasant exuded a seductive smell. Rong Mingshi subconsciously moved his throat. “Good smell…”

He had just spoken when he stopped. He realized that he seemed to be speaking in the same language as this person? Aojia came over with the roasted pheasant, sat beside Rong Mingshi and tore off a bit of the hot pheasant. The high-temperature roasted pheasant should be as tasty as it smelt.

Rong Mingshi licked his lips and raised his arms to open the clothes covering him. Regardless of whether these eggs were real or false, he carefully placed them on the clothes. This man kindly put his clothes on Rong Mingshi and gave him food. Rong Mingshi couldn’t break the man’s eggs.

Then Rong Mingshi’s eyes followed Aojia’s movements. Aojia smiled and tore off a bit of meat, letting it cool before handing it over. Rong Mingshi naturally bit the meat from the other person’s hand and the taste couldn’t be better. Rong Mingshi chewed and nodded hard, his eyes bright as he praised, “Delicious! You should taste it as well.”

Aojia chuckled and kept tearing off little bits, cooling it down before handing it to Rong Mingshi.

As he at the roast pheasant, Rong Mingshi heard the person continue to use the strange language. “Ruhr and the housekeeper have locked on our position across time and space. It will take some time so we will settle down on this planet for the time being. First, we need to create hatching conditions for the two eggs.”

Rong Mingshi stopped chewing and couldn’t help turning to look at the two eggs on the clothes. An inexplicable feeling filled his heart as he muttered, “Create hatching conditions?”

Aojia explained, “The white one needs a low temperature while the black one needs a high temperature. It is related to their power.”

Power… Did this man have the power to control fire?

Rong Mingshi felt more and more confused. This person had a familiar attitude and trusting voice, as if they were very familiar or even intimate…

Once Aojia handed over the roasted meat again, Rong Mingshi shook his head and refused. “I am full.”

Aojia frowned slightly. “Are you uncomfortable?”

At the same time, he launched the computer’s body detection program and scanned the little leopard’s body. Rong Mingshi saw the projection technology only seen in science fiction films and hesitated for a moment. He asked, “Are you an alien? Did you come through the time and space wormhole? Did you find these dinosaur eggs?”

Every one of the questions poked at Aojia’s heart, causing him to stand there stiffly.

Aojia’s mind was blank for a moment before he held Rong Mingshi’s shoulder, staring into his eyes solemnly. “Hey, you must tell me when you have a headache!”

The first thing for him now wasn’t to let the little leopard recover his memory but to try and make the energy wine to stabilize the beast nucleus that was bigger than ordinary beastmen.

Rong Mingshi nodded as he saw the man’s serious expression and hidden concern.  Somehow, he felt that this person’s expression was strangely moving, causing a special itch in his heart. He had an idea as he reached out to hold this man’s neck, pulling the man closer as he seriously asked, “Can aliens fall in love with Earth people?”

The already married black dragon moved his mouth as he reached out to hug his baby. “Naturally.”

Rong Mingshi heard this man’s response and sighed with relief. “Then alien friend, can you tell me your name?”

Aojia gently touched his forehead. “Aojia.”

Rong Mingshi stared into Aojia’s eyes and smiled slightly. “Now Aojia, let’s hatch the dinosaur eggs.”

Rong Mingshi released his arms and turned to pick up the two eggs. Aojia stared at the little leopard’s back, took a slight breath, picked up the remaining pheasant, quickly ate it and burned the remaining bones. 

Then he pulled out a backpack from the space button and signalled for Rong Mingshi to place the eggs in the backpack. He was ready to carry the backpack when Rong Mingshi grabbed the strap first. “I’ll carry it. Where are we going?”

Aojia helped him put on the backpack and replied, “I found a house in the small city under the mountain. We will go straight there.”

“Okay.“ Rong Mingshi responded and prepared to go down the mountain. 

Aojia raised his eyebrows and instantly transformed into a black dragon, paws carefully holding the person as he waved his wings. “Or I will carry you down while flying.”

Rong Mingshi was surprised by the sudden high altitude only to reach. He gazed up at the evil black dragon and his eyes instantly shone. This dear alien was from a magical world! The big black dragon wearing dark gold armour was too cool and handsome!

Aojia activated the stealth of the armour while thinking about a problem. What was the dinosaur egg his snow leopard mentioned? Was there a dragon beastman on this planet?

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