NOLMBW: Chapter 82

After the wedding of the marshal, the empire’s Constitutional Court quickly established a special prosecution team to conduct a public prosecution trial for the emperor’s impeachment case.

Two days later, the special prosecution team submitted their final findings and indicted the emperor on 12 counts.

The afternoon of the same day, 11 joint presiding judges of the empire’s Constitutional Court gave the final verdict on the emperor abusing his power, disclosing state secrets, cooperating with mercenaries to infringe on imperial land, illegally engaging in human experiments and collaborating with foreign institutions to infringe on the integrity of the empire, etc. The emperor was impeached, his royal privilege revoked and the emperor sentenced to death.

After the emperor’s impeachment, Congress re-adjusted the constitutional system, abolishing the monarchy and establishing a presidential republic. Then throughout the beastmen democratic republic, an election was held to elect the president.

As the election was progressing, Aojia took his little leopard to the suspended mountain where his lion master was located. After worshipping Aojia’s parents, Aojia handed over all military affairs and took the little leopard on a honeymoon.

In the absence of the marshal, the beastmen of the republic voted for the president. After the final confirmation by Congress, Marshal Black Dragon became the first president of the beastmen republic and took over the nation’s power. He was also the highest commander of the military. By the time the speaker of the beastmen republic reported the result of the election to Aojia, he had already boarded the aircraft with his snow leopard and a complete set of genetic breeding systems.

The marshal, who wasn’t involved in the reconstruction of the nation’s system, looked at the result of the election which he had won with a super high amount of votes and frowned.

…In the future, he probably didn’t have time to accompany his baby to play. The marshal looked at the president’s duties and then discovered something about the vice president. As a result, Aojia called the speaker of the National Assembly. “Mr Speaker, I have a question that I need confirmed.”

The speaker immediately replied, “Lord Marshal, please say it.”

“There seems to be a new bill passed by Congress where if the president can’t perform his presidential duties for some reason, the vice president can temporarily act as president.”

“Yes, Lord Marshal.”

Aojia slightly raised his eyebrows. “Then I’ll give it to you first.”

He cut off the call before the speaker could respond.

The vice president and speaker of the assembly who inexplicably received the burden of the country, “…”

The vice president’s friend, Hoss told him, “Carter, you have to think about it. At present, the marshal has settled the war with the Zerg and the former emperor has been dealt with. The new governing system has been established and the Masters League Carving Business is on the right track. Things are on the right track and the people are stable and celebrating. So what if the president and his first husband goes on a honeymoon? The president probably wants to use this period of close contact to have babies. You should work hard.”

The vice president, “…”

This was true but the president should at least take the oath first!

After the announcement of the voting results, the beastmen on the Star Network celebrated. In Rong Mingshi’s online store, the buyers were happy but had a trace of regret.

-Let’s warmly celebrate the master store owner, the First Gentleman!

-The president will surely bring the First Gentleman with him when he is sworn in. I’m looking forward to seeing the handsome and cute store owner again!

-It is a pity that the president went on a honeymoon with his family first and it is unknown when he will be sworn in.

-Um… will the store owner become very busy in the future? Surely this online store wouldn’t go out of business?

-Hey… don’t say it! Don’t say it!

Just then, a notice from the store owner suddenly popped up in the interface of the exchange area.

“Dear buyers, the store owner and his beastman have successfully carried out genetic breeding and the babies have been safely transferred to the incubator. In order to celebrate this great blessing and to pray for the store owner’s family, the store owner will select 100 lucky buyers to receive a free carving for their young beasts. Thank you!”

This announcement came out and all online buyers trembled excitedly. The content was too exciting! The draw was a secondary reason. It was because Mr President and Master Time were really having babies!

After the excitement, all the online buyers of the store, regardless of whether they had babies or not, rushed to the draw. They might not have babies now but there will definitely be some in the future. They would reserve the quota!

In just a few seconds, 100 lucky buyers were drawn. Soon, 3D images of all types of young animals emerged one after another. Hairy, rolling beasts, yellow ducklings, snow-white soft polar bears, soft and lovely bunnies, stupid and silly small wild boards…

All types of young animals filled the buyers exchange area. Those who could talk bless the store owner and president. Those who couldn’t talk screamed in their beast form to express their blessings.

Under the 3D images of the babies, all the beastmen were extremely excited.

-I knew the master store owner wouldn’t forget us. Bless the store owner’s babies!

-Wishing the store owner and Mr President’s family to be healthy and strong!

-Master store owner, I love you! I especially want to see your children! Kneeling down and begging the store owner to reveal it!

Once Rong Mingshi made the announcement in his store, he looked at the cute animals appearing in the buyers exchange area and smiled. He hugged the neck of his big black dragon and placed the 3D images in front of Aojia. “Aojia, look how cute they are! Our children will be even cuter!”

Aojia smiled and rubbed his head. “Yes, they will be even cuter.”

Rong Mingshi smiled happily and turned to look at the incubator next to him. After one night of liquid collection, his genes had merged successfully with Aojia’s genes. The genetic analysis deemed these children were suitable for egg production and at this time, two beautiful eggs formed in the incubator, one black and one white!

…He just felt a bit of regret that the eggshells couldn’t be gold.

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