NOLMBW: Chapter 81

The vast majority of the guests at the wedding felt confused and then their eyes towards the marshal’s beastman became extremely hot.

The real Master Time!

As imperial officials, the vast majority of beastmen present were strong and were more at risk of mania. Some were like Foreign Minister Hoss, who had a problem breeding because of the mania. Since the emergence of Master Time on the Star Network, almost everyone sent a dedicated person to watch the online store and wait for the store owner to open an order to grab it at all costs.

However, the store owner was hidden recently and there were fewer works in the store… Now Master Time, who had never been seen before, was suddenly standing in front of them and became the marshal’s partner. All the spectators felt like they had seen the dawn of hope! In any case, the top priority was to have a good relationship with the marshal’s legal partner!

Therefore, all types of gifts, not money, were registered with Housekeeper Baba. There was the latest suspension car, the latest holiday aircraft, the latest 5D game simulator, a holiday villa where 10 moons could be seen, even a holiday planet with the most beautiful cosmic nebula…

Ruhr followed his virus son obediently and the three members of the family crowded in Housekeeper Baba’s simulation body. They sighed over the powerful prestige of the little leopard while pondering on the timing to release the emperor’s behaviour to the empire.

…It wasn’t easy to interrupt the gift giving process.

Of course, there was also a person who was uneasy. This was the emperor. The marshal’s wedding made him deeply aware that he had no sense of existence when he should be the most supreme being of the empire. This was shameful for him.

The proud and conceited emperor never seriously considered that the marshal’s reputation came from guarding the imperial people’s safety in the outskirts. He also ignored the fact that the marshal had recently gone to negotiate with the Zergs along with Foreign Minister Hoss, regardless of his life or death.

The public didn’t know that the Zerg female army led the Zerg females in an uprising to kill the glorious Zerg emperor. This completely subverted the Zerg regime and the Wicken Star Domain was peaceful because of this. However, the imperial officials had heard about it and thanks to this, they secretly supported the marshal.

As for Master Time standing next to the marshal, he gained respect for the use of his superb carving skills to treat mania and the creation of the Masters League.

In contrast, the emperor didn’t do anything worthy of praise apart from enjoying his supreme privilege. There were even imperial officials like Hoss who saw through his essence and felt cold.

The emperor was filled with hatred and gave orders to the mercenaries who he had brought to the capital using his privilege. Perhaps after losing the data of the Beast Nucleus Laboratory, the beastman known as Master Time would be his weapon to balance the marshal’s power and take control of the imperial economy.

The emperor gave orders and a large number of armed forces appeared in the sky over the suspended mountain. This time, the emperor went out and contacted the mercenaries. He even secretly handed over his permissions to the mercenaries, which was tantamount to opening up the entire capital’s protection system.

The mercenaries included the fierce star bandits of all races. After receiving the special command of the emperor, they used a large number of weapons restricted in the capital and several electromagnetic masking bombs to directly paralyze the auxiliary and guard robots. Then they madly attacked the two people on the platform with various ion cannons, gravity bombs and absolute zero-degree bombs.

Aojia instantly turned into a black dragon with gold armour over his body. He opened his dragon wings and wrapped them tightly around his baby. The black dragon opened his mouth and breathed out powerful flames that swept over the attacking mercenaries.

Rong Mingshi was tightly held by the black dragon’s claws and couldn’t see the outside situation. Still, he could see the agitation of the dragon wings under attack. Rong Mingshi’s hands clung tightly to the dragon paws and he bowed his head, his heart sour. “Aoji…”

Aojia’s majestic and calm voice was heard. “Don’t be afraid. It will be fine in a moment.”

“…Are you sure?” Rong Mingshi asked as he held the dragon claws and listened to the various roaring sounds coming from the outside.

Aojia grabbed his baby’s hand while the other claw precisely rubbed through the soft hair. “Yes.”

At this point, outside the dragon wings, Housekeeper Baba and Ruhr quickly reconnected their data with the robots they temporarily lost control of. The guard robots were restarted and the mercenaries were counterattacked.

In addition, the audience at the venue saw the emergence of the mercenaries and after a moment of shock and panic, they felt angry.

The star mercenaries were notorious. They often wandered around the beastmen’s interstellar channels and robbed passing starships, even attacking livable planets. They burned, slaughtered and plundered without any scruples. The military often sent many troops to encircle and suppress them. Now this group of extremely wicked people appeared at the largest suspended mountain in the capital?

It was no wonder that on the wedding invitation, the marshal added the sentence ‘carry weapons’ and opened the weapons permission for them. They thought that the wedding of the marshal was different and they would go to the military training grounds to celebrate or something after the wedding. They didn’t expect the marshal to be prepared for this group and allowed them to carry weapons for self-defense.

In the crowd, Hoss stared at the calm emperor and frowned slightly. To put it bluntly, shouldn’t this evil group be trying to kidnap and attack the emperor instead of bombarding the marshal and Master Time?

It was strange.

Seeing the emergence of military fighters, the mercenaries attacked their marshal and infinitely adored Master Time more fiercely. The spectators became even angrier and equipped their weapons. They hid behind the robots and fired sneak attacks at the mercenaries.

However, the primary goal of the mercenaries wasn’t the suspended mountain but the entire capital planet. Without the protection barrier, a dozen mercenary aircrafts rushed in unscrupulously.

However, once the mercenaries started to arrogantly attack the ground, the deputy commander who received the marshal’s secret order dispatched an entire army of troops and the mercenary aircrafts were blown to pieces before being able to fire.

The attacks of the star mercenaries subsided.

Aojia opened his dragon wings and hugged his baby as he slowly descended from the sky. After landing, Aojia restored his human form and Rong Mingshi hugged the big black dragon’s neck. “How are your dragon wings?”

Aojia gently patted his back and kissed his ears. “They’re fine.”

The little leopard nodded but his arms were still tightly holding Aojia’s neck. Aojia bowed his head and kissed this person’s hair. Then he gazed in an inquiring manner at the deputy commander. The deputy commander immediately reported, “Marshal, all mercenary aircrafts have been destroyed and no civilians have been injured.”

Then Ruhr squeezed into the housekeeper’s body said, “Reporting to marshal, none of the guests were injured.”

Housekeeper Baba, ‘…This is my body!’

Meanwhile, the Star Network saw the thrilling battle and didn’t know how to react for a long time. Just as everyone was about to unleash a violent blitz on the attacking mercenaries, Ruhr squeezed Baba’s data link in the housekeeper’s simulation body.”Baba Baba, shall we start?”

Housekeeper Baba’s data chain quivered. “Come on!”

Then the voice of the beastmen emperor talking to the Zerg emperor was heard. At the same time, all the other evidence they got from their virus son were released into the quantum computers of the imperial officials.

The entire post-battle wedding venue froze as all officials were shocked by the contents of the conversation. It turned out that this was the true purpose behind sending their marshal to the Zerg peace talks. In order to take care of the marshal, their emperor sacrificed an entire star domain? Not only that, they saw the process of the emperor operating human experiments and using the asteroid belt to launder money to raise the star mercenaries!

Everyone’s angry eyes locked on the pale-faced emperor. On the Star Network, the beastmen watching the live broadcast blew up.

-Is this the emperor who is above all of us? What is this all about?

-He actually saw the marshal as a nail in the eye? Does he know how many battles the marshal participated in? Hundreds of the marshal’s mechs have been on the battlefield!

-Hold on, what should we do with him? Shouldn’t the emperor be punished like ordinary people? How many people have the star mercenaries killed and how many planets have they plundered?

-I feel incomparable fear. If the emperor was successful and our marshal really died because of the Zerg, wouldn’t our beastmen empire be finished?

-Supporting the marshal to handle the emperor and ascend to the throne!


At the wedding venue, Foreign Minister Hoss opened his mouth. “In fact, I hadn’t believed it when the Zerg attacked and the Zerg female army leader stated this fact. Your Majesty, why did you do this?”

The emperor saw everyone’s condemnation and slowly stood up. “Why? I’m the emperor but I’m only a decoration, a symbol. I need the cabinet to rule and the military isn’t controlled by me at all.”

After the mercenaries used the electromagnetic masking bombs, Gult’s facial disguise was completely removed. He emerged from the crowd and looked at his father, speaking slowly, “It is because the monarchy shouldn’t have existed from a long time ago. Like rotten meat, it should’ve been dug out.”

The emperor looked at the person in front of him and his face twitched. “…Ult.”

After hearing the name, all the beastmen couldn’t help looking at Ult who had a similar name to Emperor Alt. This golden body was very familiar. Then they remembered that it was the wine merchant Gult who just witnessed the marshal’s wedding! For a moment, all the officials and people watching the live broadcast were at a loss.

-This person really can’t be seen! What is with the prince’s aesthetic?

-The royal family has withered. The eldest prince unexpectedly died and the second prince disappeared…

-Regardless of the royal family’s gossip, I agree with the words of the second prince!

Ult continued, “What did you do for military power? Why didn’t you stop before this? My older brother preferred to go to the military and refused to admit his royal identity because of the countless dirty things you did. You wanted supremacy and didn’t think about how to convince the public and make people admire you. Instead, you robbed and killed countless innocent people. Such an emperor and such a monarchy system should be removed.”

“Ult, I am the emperor and your father!”

The emperor moved but was caught by the head of the imperial guards, who raised his weapon.

Ult silently stared at the emperor before turning to leave. He saw Aojia and smiled bitterly. “Sorry, I know about some of what he did. My brother told me some of it but I never followed up. Perhaps if I had investigated earlier and came up with evidence, he wouldn’t have done so many sinful things.”

Aojia gazed at him in silence. Sometimes, ignoring things and not reporting them was also a type of harm. He couldn’t represent the ordinary people who died because of the emperor and Ult who said nothing.

Ult said, “I will donate all the assets in my name. Aojia, goodbye. Master, goodbye.”

The little leopard stood on Aojia’s shoulders and stared at Gult’s back. Then he raised his head slightly to glance at Aojia.

Aojia sighed and hugged his snow leopard. “I originally intended to let him by emperor. His proposal about abolishing the monarchy was beyond my expectations.”

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