NOLMBW: Chapter 79

The emperor hadn’t completely relaxed when his close minister rushed in to find him, full of panic. The emperor frowned, “What happened?”

The minister was about to cry. He waited for the emperor to dismiss the guards before speaking with panic. “Your Majesty, this Star Network virus incident is quite strange. It has affected the lives of the people to some extent but the information was soon recovered and there was no real impact. The information that was really damaged is all related to our plan.”

The emperor’s eyes darkened. “What?”

The minister cried out, “The financial information of Monman’s resource planet, the information of entire trading business in the asteroid belt, the contact information of all the researchers, the information records of the previous Oran Carving Business, the arrangement with the Zerg and the information of the mercenaries, they were all lost. I have arranged the technical staff to recover it. They have been busy all night but there are still no signs of recovery!”

The emperor was stunned and checked his computer. Previously, he had focused on the information of the laboratory and hadn’t paid attention to anything else. This check hadn’t mattered. He found that all the call records he deleted were restored but apart from the time, they were all in the form of garbled characters. The panicked emperor wanted to delete them but found that he couldn’t.

“Your Majesty?”

The emperor was covered in sweat. He already understood from the failure of the palace robots yesterday but this was a warning given to him! He couldn’t think of anyone who would do these things apart from the marshal. Since the out of control guard robots had an opportunity but didn’t cause him any physical harm, it must be the marshal’s scruples. This was why the emperor determined it was only a warning.

It had to be mentioned that the emperor was too naive…

How could the military’s intelligence tolerate it after discovering evidence of money laundering, human experiments and even treasonous acts?! This was more disgusting than the leopard’s scum father!

Ruhr considered himself to be the marshal’s intelligence and he was a very bright and patriotic intelligence. His virus son was even more like him and had a sense of justice! Apart from accidentally doing some damage to the marshal’s estate, he had been very obedient or else the entire Star Network would’ve collapsed.

Housekeeper Baba laughed, “Hehehe…”

Ruhr grabbed Housekeeper Baba’s data and led their virus son to the marshal’s manor. “Denounce him and let the people of the empire know what type of scum this emperor is!”

“Today is the wedding of the little leopard and the marshal. It is a day of celebration. Just dare try to do any bad things.”

“Housekeeper Baba is right. Then we will do it after the wedding!”

This night, Aojia had it very hard because the leopard wanted to drink. After staring at the big black dragon calmly walking around the gold warehouse in golden slippers, the little leopard recognized the reality. Sure enough, objects of pure gold were the top attraction for his big black dragon!

It had to be said that the little leopard almost completely lost the focus. The little leopard returned to the dragon’s nest and ate all the food that Aojia had brought.

After dinner, Aojia brought out the wine bottle…

Then the little leopard, who was psychologically prepared… became drunk. The only thing the drunk leopard deeply remembered was he would get married to the big black dragon and have children. It was too exciting when thinking about it! The premise was that he maintain his human form and could become a big snow leopard!

The also psychologically prepared Aojia held the drunk little leopard and walked over to a huge box filled with various energy stones that he had prepared. He didn’t expect the little leopard to only be focused on pulling his clothes. “My stone, Aoji, my stone?”

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head and picked up the transparent energy stone placed in the nest. Rong Mingshi immediately emerged from Aojia’s arms and crouched in the dragon’s nest to concentrate on his own stone.

The carving had been refined by him but there were some places that were still rough. The little leopard moved his paws and started to seriously carve the little leopard leaping towards his prey. The eyes were fixed firmly in front, the two thick front paws were open, the back paws were slightly straight and the thick hairy tail raised behind, stabilizing the leaping posture.

This transparent energy stone was completed with the little leopard’s efforts.

Rong Mingshi put away the leopard paw tools and his bright eyes glanced at the big black dragon standing by the nest. He turned and held the stone within the quilt. After a moment, he extended his arms with a handsome face full of laughter. “Aoji.”

The throat of the person next to the nest moved slightly. “Hmm?”

The man inside the quilt licked his lips and slightly cocked his head. Two round, black-edged furry ears emerged from his fluffy hair. Meanwhile, he spoke in a tone full of seduction, “Shall we breed some children?


The big black dragon’s wings once again burst out as he got into the bed and kissed his baby’s lips. Although his understanding of breeding and the little leopard’s understanding seemed somewhat different. The little leopard was extremely enthusiastic and had endless ideas in his head.

“Aoji, fly with dragon wings!”

“Aoji, I am a dragon knight!”

“Aoji, the wings have to be on fire!”

During this period, the big black dragon did his best to satisfy the little leopard who was so passionate after becoming drunk. Of course, he had to consider that this was the little leopard’s first day. Even if the little leopard drunk a whole bottle of energy wine, Aojia couldn’t eat as much as he wanted. After the fiery-winged dragon knight, Aojia held the leopard tightly and kissed him to appease him.

The restless little leopard settled down and stared with misty eyes. With the last bit of his consciousness, he placed Aojia’s hand on his little belly and muttered, “Aoji… can I lay eggs?”

He was still worried over the problem of giving birth to eggs. Putting aside the thinking of his past life, he didn’t care about the problem of men having children. He preferred a little black dragon and naturally desired to have an egg. A dragon must be hatched from an egg after all.

Aojia was stunned before laughing, his voice smoothly passing to the little leopard. Rong Mingshi looked up with a blank expression. Was there something funny? Aojia kissed the pretty forehead underneath the hair and said, “Baby, male and males don’t breed children with the body but a genetic incubator.”

“…Oh.” The bewildered Rong Mingshi closed his eyes.

The next morning, Aojia naturally woke up first. The man in his arms was sleeping peacefully with slight redness on his face.

At this time, Ruhr brought his family back. Housekeeper Baba directly threw them away to prepare for the wedding and Ruhr could only take his virus son to Aojia’s quantum computer. He passed on all the information obtained from the emperor and honestly reported what they did last night. Of course, most of the time they were playing on the Star Network…

Aojia gazed at the evidence. Just one of them was enough to impeach the emperor. Aojia frowned slightly and turned to look at the person sleeping in the golden guilt. On the way back from the Zerg, he had already thought about going on a trip for their honeymoon…

Thus, Aojia sent a message to Gult. “Gult, today I am holding a wedding on the largest suspended mountain of the capital. Come to witness it.”

Gult, who had woken up early in the morning and was in good spirits, saw this message and felt he was going to have a heart attack! Mother’s eggs, he had accepted the fact that he lost his love without confessing but he still felt envious. This was Master Time! The first person he fell in love with in soul and spirit! He didn’t want to attend the marriage and now he had to witness it?

Gult bluntly refused. “I’m very busy today and have no time!”

It was a pity he couldn’t witness Master Time’s human form.

Aojia gazed at the response full of resistance, raised his hand and sent a picture of an aircraft. Gult gazed at the magnificent aircraft for a long time and hesitated before responding.


Then Aojia knocked on his computer and gave Ruhr instructions. “After the wedding, send the evidence to all invited imperial officials.”

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