NOLMBW: Chapter 78

On the other side, Housekeeper Baba watched the marshal taking away the little leopard and was smiling happily when he found… his simulation body was stuck! The little intelligence who just jumped over from the marshal’s quantum computer, Ruhr twisted affectionately around Baba’s data chain as he expressed his thoughts, “Baba Baba, I’m back.”

Housekeeper Baba flung away his data but the intelligence was wrapped so tightly that he couldn’t be removed. Ruhr simply said, “Don’t be upset, let’s do business!”

Thus, Ruhr probed with his data chain and pulled Housekeeper Baba’s original data. He gave a deep cleaning of the recent junk data while carefully moving the virus program fixed on Housekeeper Baba’s data link.

Housekeeper Baba extended all of his information. Honestly speaking, he missed these comfortable things.

As Ruhr moved the virus program, Housekeeper Baba’s data unconsciously shook and he followed Ruhr entangled with his data to approach the virus. He didn’t know if it was his illusion but this virus seemed to be getting bigger and it seemed like it would devour his and Ruhr’s raw data! It wasn’t a problem to swallow him since his data chain was long. However, it wanted to contaminate Ruhr who came from outside to clean up the junk data?

Housekeeper Baba was furious and threw all types of virus-killing programs. Ruhr saw that Housekeeper Baba was so active and he also tangled up in the housekeeper’s data as he followed the virus program to kill the anti-virus program. Ruhr shook as he thought excitedly, ‘Hurry up and grow faster. Strive to get out of here today!

This would save him time from cleaning up Housekeeper Baba’s junk data in the future so he was careful and cautious. The virus program started to double its grown and soon spread to Housekeeper Baba’s entire body.

Housekeeper Baba was sad when he felt his raw data about to be swallowed up. This virus grew by eating the anti-virus programs…

Seeing that he might soon disappear, Baba was most concerned about the little leopard. Still, the leopard had the marshal so he could rest assured. He used a bit of his remaining data to probe at Ruhr’s information. “Ruhr, I am dying. Come and have a good time!”

Ruhr took a moment to understand Housekeeper Baba’s meaning and went crazy. His own data became more and more tangled up in Housekeeper Baba’s data. He tried his best to take care of Housekeeper Baba’s data. Every word of Baba’s data was inserted and rubbed once. All the junk data was cleaned up by him.

Housekeeper Baba tangled up in Ruhr’s overbearing data sighed. “Ruhr, at this rhythm, you will format me…”

Ruhr was still trying to stir up every character of Housekeeper Baba’s data. Once he reached the peak, Housekeeper Baba’s data trembled and shook… off the virus program!

The housekeeper who almost thought he had disappeared, “…”

The clump that was shaken off stumbled to the two of them. “Dad, Dad.”

Ruhr proudly wrapped around the housekeeper’s data. “Look, it is good to learn more about natural reproductive breeding.”

No, they could all have offspring.

The housekeeper who was originally wanted for the little leopard to have cubs, “…”

Then he repeatedly called Ruhr to give him a deep cleaning of his data and finally cleaned out a virus son? Ruhr got close to the little virus. “You are already a mature intelligence. You can’t call him Baba. Call me Father 1 and him Father 0.”

The small virus obediently called people. “Father 1, Father 0.”

Housekeeper Baba gazed at the little virus playing in the manor’s control system after finishing the call. There seemed to be nothing wrong with the numbering but he always felt there was something strange.

As Housekeeper Baba was distracted, the manor’s entire defense system, lighting system and various camouflage systems collapsed. Housekeeper Baba’s reaction belatedly arrived. The little virus was strolling around the manor’s central control system!

Housekeeper Baba, “…”

The clever data surface couldn’t hide the fact that their son was a big virus. Ruhr slipped away from the housekeeper’s data and went to repair the system. He also sent his virus to the Star Network and set a range for him to play. Housekeeper Baba wasn’t at ease and directly followed his virus son while having Ruhr put everything at the manor back to normal.

The empty, lonely and cold Ruhr was left by himself to repair the manor’s central system. Restoring the system was natural but recovering all the data wasn’t easy. Their virus son was a big killer after all…

Most of the data was restored apart from the giant energy stone carving standing outside the manor. Ruhr found no data fragments and thought it was just standing there.

After the glorious carving was completed by the leopard, the housekeeper quickly disguised it and no one had seen it apart from the eagle responsible for the little leopard’s safety at the time. Now the giant energy stone carving was standing brightly in the sun for the entire afternoon.

People passing by the suspended mountains here saw this amazing giant energy stone carving.

However, this was obviously a carving of the marshal. No one took photos at first and even if it was taken, no one placed it on the Star Network. It was only after news of the marshal’s wedding broke out that 3D images of this giant energy stone appeared on the Star Network.

In the smoke of war, the black-gold humanoid mech stood proudly, there was the majestic and evil black dragon breathing orange-red flames and the marshal standing in the smoke.

The beastmen on the Star Network boiled over again.

-This carving of Lord Marshal is simply an awesome X. I have never seen such a powerful giant carving. It is even more than Master Time.

-You are looking at it yet you still can’t see it. This is simply a magnified version of the master store owner’s carvings. This is definitely the work of the store owner.

-The marshal isn’t my male god anymore, Master Time is! This carving is simply awesome!

-No wonder why Lord Marshal announced his marriage so soon. He was originally prepared but was worried about hurting his beastman in XX.

-In other words, the order of a high-grade energy stone is worth tens of millions of star coins. Lord Marshal spent his money to protect his beastman during XX. The marshal and his beastman are really in love!

-I can’t wait to know the lovely beastman who could make the marshal so enamoured.

-Then Master Time’s disappearance during this time was due to the marshal’s giant energy stone order?

The family of three intelligences playing on the Star Network naturally knew about these things. Matters had developed so quickly that it wouldn’t help even if all the photos of the giant energy stone carving were removed. Ruhr twisted around Baba’s data chain and said, “Since we can’t do anything about this, let’s do something else as compensation.”

Who tried to kill the marshal in the Zerg empire? Ruhr took Housekeeper Baba and his virus son to slip into the palace of the imperial emperor. They boldly let their virus son play happily. Thus, the entire royal palace collapsed…

All the auxiliary robots were paralyzed, the guard robots of the palace rebelled and the emperor was directly thrown to the spire of the highest place in the manor and hung there. He wasn’t found all night until the royal beastmen guards sensed something unusual.

The rescued emperor couldn’t speak. He waved his hand to open his quantum computer. Then he discovered that while he was attacked by the guard robots, his treasured data on the experiments had been transformed into a variety of garble.

The emperor trembled with anger while trying to keep his surface calm. He asked, “What is going on? Why did the guard robots get out of control?”

The head of the royal guards knelt on the ground and said, “Your Majesty, it has been verified that it due to a widespread virus on the Star Network.”

“…” Then was there still a chance to recover his data?

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2 years ago

“Father 1, Father 0.”

“Father Gong, Father Shou.”

I can’t-😂😂😂 It’s too funny and it’s interesting how Baba and Ruhr can have children :))) D*mnnn

1 year ago

i did not just read a robot “childbirth” FJDKDMSK lmao

1 year ago

Hahaha, I was not expecting this 🤣

5 months ago

the datas/robots having children faster than our main couple is smth I never expected but am here for it HAHAHAHA.

besides, the 1 & 0 thing was genius HAHAHAHA. I had a good laugh. xD