NOLMBW: Chapter 77

Rong Mingshi was just observing the golden egg hiding under the golden quilt when there was a slight sound of footsteps. Then there was the familiar burning breath rushing forward. Rong Mingshi raised his head with a silly expression, carving still in his paws. At this moment, he saw the big black dragon’s deep gaze.

The little leopard, who thought he would be worrying for three to five days, blinked and almost thought he was seeing an illusion. Wasn’t Aojia just in danger? Why did he suddenly appear in front of the little leopard? Even flying wouldn’t be so fast…

Aojia’s scorching breath rapidly approached and his fingers gently raised the little leopard’s furry chin. “Rong Rong, where is the stone?”

The little leopard was dazed by Aojia’s burning breath and became dizzy. His eyes were confused and he cocked his head, not responding to Aojia’s question. At this time, Housekeeper Baba reacted quickly. He appeared while holding the transparent snow leopard that had always been thrown randomly by the little leopard on the bedside or the back of the spherical seat. “Marshal, here it is.”

Aojia reached for the stone in the housekeeper’s hand while raising the little leopard with his other hand. He unfolded the dragon wings and directly flew from the living room to the elevator leading underground.

The little leopard who was still holding a carving in his paws, “…”

He was a bit confused but what was this inexplicable excitement?

Aojia tightly held the little leopard and entered his gold warehouse. The eye-catching scene was exactly the same as what he saw in the 3D high definition photo. The dragon nest made of gold coins was neatly covered with golden bedding that was bright and sunny, letting the big black dragon feel a strange charm.

Aojia placed the little leopard in the golden dragon’s nest and exhaled a burning breath. He was about to insert the transparent energy stone carving into the hand of the little leopard when he found that the little leopard was still holding a golden carving.

The big black dragon paused slightly. He knelt down beside the golden dragon’s nest and reached out to take the carving from the little leopard’s paws. It was a family of three underneath the quilt. The warm carved scene rushed into Aojia’s eyes and almost blew away his sense of reason. The dragon wings behind him became hotter.

The little leopard’s face was also hot as his thick paws grabbed the carving in Aojia’s hand. “Aojia, this is a prayer! You probably haven’t heard of it but it is lucky to break a golden egg and golden flowers will splash all over the place…”

Rong Mingshi saw Aojia’s smiling eyes become deeper and his curved lips became higher. For a moment, Rong Mingshi was stunned and his paws no longer rushed to grab the carving. Instead, he pressed them on the back of Aojia’s hand and stared at the person in front of him.

Aojia wearing the black and gold military uniform was so cool. There was a passionate gaze and his face was half-covered by the military hat. There was also a strange abstinence and sexy charm when smiling.

Rong Mingshi was absentmindedly licking the fur around his mouth when his thick paws fell on the transparent stone held in Aojia’s hand. The cool and refreshing stone touched his paw and strength spread all over his body. His hands touched Aojia’s warm palm and before he could withdraw it, his hand was firmly grasped.

Fruitful… it was fruitful!

Rong Mingshi became aware of his transformation and his back hand grabbed the quilt in the dragon’s nest and shook it, covering himself from Aojia under the quilt.

However, in the darkness, the sight of the big black dragon was completely unobstructed. For the first time, he indulged himself in looking at his snow leopard’s body up and down. The fiery gaze swept over the handsome and clean face, the long and beautiful neck and collarbone, the arms lifting the quilt, the smooth waistline, the slender thighs and the delicate ankles… the golden quilt had a shocking impact. 

The big black dragon’s throat moved. He seemed to hear his heartbeat like the roar of the battlefield as the blood in his body stirred. His gaze shifted to the face of his snow leopard and he saw two round ears emerging from the soft black hair. Suddenly, a heat wave burst out in the dragon and he reached out to touch.

His family’s snow leopard was in estrus. The time was right and there was incomparable satisfaction…

In the darkness, Rong Mingshi blinked. He couldn’t see anything but there was the smell of the dragon flames burning in between breaths. Rong Mingshi was slightly worried. Would the quilt be burnt?

He was just thinking in his thoughts when something touched the top of his head. The hand that followed seemed to hold him in place, causing him to regain his spirit. He released his hand from the quilt and hugged Aojia’s shoulders.

The cloth of the military uniform fit the body. Rong Mingshi opened his mouth angrily and bit the shoulder. In the previous image of Aojia fighting, he found that all beastmen warriors had special configuration. Whether they changed from human to beast or from beast to human, they would be dressed instantly in the special clothes. So… when could he get the same clothing?

Meanwhile, Aojia reached out to the head of the snow leopard, his low voice entering the leopard’s ears. “Rong Rong, shall we try once?”

Rong Mingshi released the shoulder band he was biting and raised his head. He released the quilt slightly, half the golden quilt soon covering his face. He had two round ears and slightly blurry eyes as he stared at Aojia. “Okay.”

The big black dragon enduring for a long time held his snow leopard and kissed him. Their breaths mingled with their lips and tongues as Aojia’s low voice was heard. “Rong Rong, I love you.”

The tremor of his breath, the reverberation from the depths of his throat and the most affectionate tone caused deep emotion to fill Rong Mingshi’sheart. He tightened his arms as he held the big black dragon who belonged to him.

This time, the power of the transformation was amazing. The big black dragon finished eating once but Rong Mingshi still hadn’t changed back.

Aojia kissed Rong Mingshi’s sweaty hair and played with the carving of the family of three besides the dragon’s nest. He patted the golden quilt on top of Rong Mingshi’s body with one hand and spoke in a gentle voice, “ Go to sleep. Once we wake up, we will go and get the license. Tomorrow, let the housekeeper arrange the wedding.”

Rong Mingshi’s eyes brightened as he leaned against Aojia’s chest.

“You don’t want to sleep?”

The little leopard with furry ears nodded as he gazed at the man holding him. His waist was a bit sore but… the feeling of joining with the person he liked couldn’t be better. Rong Mingshi tightly grasped the transparent energy stone in his hair and licked his lips. “Aoji, I think it is okay to do it again.”

He wasn’t dissatisfied, he was young and vigorous! In addition, he was sure that Aojia was as well! Aojia’s eyes deepened and he bowed his head without hesitation. The self-confessed passionate young man went through another fierce round before sleeping with satisfaction against someone’s chest. Before going to sleep, Rong Mingshi thought vaguely that in order to live a happy life in the future, he must concentrate all his energy on carving his energy stone first!

Aojia held his beloved humanoid snow leopard and opened his quantum computer. He published the news of his wedding on the Star Network and submitted the marriage leave application to the emperor and the military.

The beastmen who saw this message on the Star Network were shocked. It had been two months since the marshal released the cufflinks along with the announcement of his engagement but he was getting married in the blink of an eye… At this time, Rong Mingshi’s store was waiting for the store owner to open the custom orders and the bored buyers also talked about this wedding.

-Unfortunately, the marshal has never let his family’s beastman appear. I don’t know if he will show up for tomorrow’s wedding.

-The empire has lost a single super male god. Fortunately, we still have the super Master Time.

-Yes, we are all sad. If only we could get a glimpse of the master store owner.

-But… Master Time is hidden deeper than the marshal’s beastman!

-There is a chance. All buyers who grabbed the orders should have a chance!

-Hahahaha, hohohoho…

-Is Big Brother Golden Python crazy?

-Has the golden python already caught the master store owner?

The golden python saw the messages and his mouth twitched, but he just sighed. They didn’t know it but the master store owner was the beastman for tomorrow’s wedding…

Rong Mingshi woke up in the bright sunlight and he was shaken for a moment. He always felt that something wasn’t quite right. The quilt seemed to be smaller. Rong Mingshi raised his paws and saw a big, thick leopard paw! It was super big, a few times bigger than his previous leopard paws!

Rong Mingshi was stunned as he saw a big snow leopard in the reflection of the various gold ornaments around him! The snow leopard crouched there and gazed at himself. He was harder and thicker than before. His fur was fluffier and his tail was thicker. His leopard paws were also more powerful! In order to show his excitement, the snow leopard opened his mouth and howled, “Meow, meow!”

The snow leopard who was excited for five seconds, “…”

He clearly wanted to growl! Why did his voice turn from a yellow chicken to a big cat when he grew up? He wasn’t fierce at all.

At this time, Aojia went to get the little leopard to eat when he saw the big snow leopard sitting there. Without waiting for him to speak, the big snow leopard rushed towards him. The movement was very quick and agile. It was just… the snow leopard flying at him suddenly became smaller. The claws grabbed onto Aojia’s arm and hung there. The little leopard still had a fierce expression on his face as sharp teeth bit the sleeve.

The little leopard who suddenly felt smaller, “…”

His body growing up was unstable and he was even angrier. The little leopard climbed up Aojia’s arm in frustration and was nestling there when his eyes fell on the pure gold slippers on his big black dragon’s feet. The big black dragon was unaffected as he calmly wore pure gold slippers as he walked into the dragon’s nest.

…Except that the sound was a little louder when the shoes fell on the golden carpet.

The little leopard raised his eyes and asked Aojia, “Aojia, do the shoes fit?”

 Aojia put down the food and rubbed the little leopard’s head. “Yes, I really like it.”


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