NOLMBW: Chapter 76

The marshal had just walked out of the Zerg palace when he heard the words of his snow leopard. From his feet, dragon scales appeared at a speed visible to the naked eye and spread across the skin. Meanwhile, burning flames rose as the dragon wings that had been suppressed emerged….

This situation caused Hoss to the side to jump. He suddenly transformed into a tiger as he stared at the marshal nervously. He had just witnessed the marshal’s attack power and if there was an outbreak of mania, he was afraid that the entire Zerg palace would be destroyed.

In fact, Hoss was currently anxious in his heart. The marshal had calmly entered Zerg territory without any fear because he brought along some subordinates. If the marshal hadn’t planned ahead, they might’ve died under the siege of the female Zerg army.

Just as they were successful, they heard about the emperor’s secret activities from the female Zerg army leader. If Hoss was the marshal who found out that the emperor sacrificed hundreds of millions of people to be fertility machines of the enemy country just to trap himself among the Zerg, he would also be anxious.

Hoss cried out to the marshal who was about to burst into flames, reminding the marshal to wake up and restrain himself.

…Hoss wanted to go back and hold his cub.

Meanwhile, the black dragon carving in Aojia’s armband was providing him with sufficient pacification power, so that he didn’t become too emotional and burst into mania. His golden eyes constantly zoomed in as he stared into the eyes of his little leopard, responding in a firm and solemn voice. “Okay.”

Whether it was an engagement or proposal, it should’ve been done by him. However, time and time again, his family’s snow leopard offered it… nothing was more important than the snow leopard in his family. Nothing was more important than going back to marry his snow leopard.

On the other side, the little leopard had just heard Aojia’s words when the call was disconnected! At the same time, the image displayed in front of him disappeared and the shocked little leopard stared at the housekeeper with panic.

Housekeeper Baba patted him on the head to comfort him. “I’ll ask.”

No matter how much Housekeeper Baba tried to contact the distant Ruhr, he didn’t respond at all. This caused Housekeeper Baba to angrily scold, “You damn little intelligence, why drop the chain when you are needed! Manage yourself!”

Finally, Ruhr’s data chain grabbed the data chain of Housekeeper Baba. It intermittently shook while strongly transferring information, “Baba Baba, I am useful. I am giving you a contact signal in the warp speed state. Don’t give a false perception to the virus in your data chain.”

The warp speed state… was this coming back? How urgent was the black dragon feeling? In addition, what did this have to do with his virus program?

“What does the virus have to do with this? Don’t talk nonsense! The marshal? The signal?”

“The marshal borrowed my data chain to re-adjust the power of the starship, causing the call to be disconnected. The marshal is currently on the way back while raising the speed of the starship. I can barely connect to his quantum computer… Tell the little leopard not to worry and wait to get married. Baba, I can’t hold it anymore. I’ll break off first…”

Housekeeper Baba faithfully passed on Ruhr’s words to the little leopard. Hearing these words, the little leopard crouched on the table and gazed at the dozens of little black dragons, feeling at ease… he would be married?

Meanwhile, in the starship control room of the mission starship, Hoss and the beastmen warriors tightly grasped their seat belts, all eyes fixed on the marshal at the control position of the starship.

Hoss’ heart was in his throat. He had been the foreign minister for several years and there were few things in the world he hadn’t seen. He had seen suspension vehicles, fighter aircrafts and fighter jets but he had never seen such a starship!

It was a starship with such a fast speed! It was more thrilling than seeing the marshal wreak havoc in his manic state. At this seventh grade speed state, the outer star fields were twisted into streamlines…

Don’t talk about ambushing, even if the route was known and a warship was arranged along the way, it had to be able to reach this speed first! A second grade speed was already the speed of light. A general warship with top level assembly could reach fifth grade speed. Unexpectedly, the marshal’s starship could reach the seventh grade speed.

Sure enough, a conspiracy was nothing in the face of absolute power and technology.

As for the undercover assassination that the little leopard was so worried about, putting aside the beast warriors who felt worship and awe towards the marshal, the beastmen arranged by the emperor must have the strength to over the marshal, the strongest beastman of the empire.

The starship suddenly broke out of the warp state and the group of warriors, including Hoss, were almost stunned because of the sudden change in space. The black dragon opened the door of the starship and got up from the control position. In front of the soldiers, he carefully arranged the collar and hat of his military uniform and descended from the control seat. “Hoss, I’ll hand everything else over to you.”

Hoss was dazed as the marshal opened the door of the starship and drove out in a suspension vehicle. In the distance, the most famous and highest suspended mountain of the capital could be seen from the door of the starship… the capital? This was originally a one day voyage yet the marshal finished it in only two hours?

Was he in a hurry to get married? Was he in a hurry to have a baby?

Hoss thought of the marshal sorting his clothes and inexplicably recalled when he first proposed to his wife. The foreign minister who finally adapted and was no longer dizzy, “…”

During the time when the starship driven by Aojia arrived at the capital’s terminal, the emperor received a report from an official. The emperor, who was considering rebuilding the laboratory, almost thought  he had misheard, “They have already returned?”

Shouldn’t the entire mission group be wiped out by the Zerg emperor? He was well aware of the Zerg’s obsession with the Wicken Star Field and the transfer of the entire Wicken Star Field should be enough to tempt the emperor. Or did he only take care of the marshal?

The official said, “Your Majesty, they have arrived at the capital and the first foreign minister, Hoss has immediately come to give a report.”

The emperor frowned slightly. He felt that the arrival of the starship was too sudden. Not only did the emperor send no messages, there wasn’t even a whistle from the ships he set up on the route. However, since it was Hoss who came over, it seemed that the Zerg emperor had still implemented the agreement.

The emperor calmed down and continued to think about the laboratory while waiting for Hoss to report. He even thought about how to arrange the military service. A few minutes passed before Hoss came along with two mission secretaries.

The emperor didn’t see the marshal and was more reassured. He showed a puzzled expression “What about the marshal? Why don’t I see him?”

The calm Hoss already knew the truth and reported in a slow and heavy manner. “Your Majesty, during the peace talks with the Zerg, the marshal…”

Killed? Good, very good! The emperor started to laugh in his heart.

“…Went home first.” The second part of Hoss’ sentence slowly followed.

The emperor’s face stiffened and he repeated with disbelief, “He went home?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. When the peace talks failed, the marshal’s mania suddenly broke out. There happens to be a giant energy stone carving at home so he could only go home first, so as to not cause harm to the emperor.”

Hoss spoke nonsense. Of course, there was something he was right about. Aojia did have a giant energy stone carving at home.

The emperor’s face twitched. “The marshal did the right thing. What happened with the peace talks? Why did it fail?”

“Your Majesty, the Zerg suddenly experienced a civil war. It isn’t good for us beastmen to intervene in the internal struggle of the Zerg and could only return.”

Hearing this, the emperor almost coughed up blood. The marshal was really lucky to even encounter the Zerg civil war!


In these two hours, the anxious leopard had no place to put his paws. In the end, he turned to a white, gold and black mixed energy stone and started carving it to calm himself down.

This stone was special. The golden part covered the surface and the knife attached to Rong Mingshi’s paw subconsciously outlined the form of a golden quilt. Once this was carved, Rong Mingshi’s state gradually stabilized. His carving knife crossed the golden part and found two bulging parts. One bulging part was round while the other had two long corners.

Then from the other end of the golden quilt, i.e. the side of the stone, Rong Mingshi hollowed it out bit by bit, carving a little black dragon with small dragon wings supporting the golden quilt, as well as a little snow leopard with its head emerging from the golden quilt.

The tail of the little black dragon wrapped around the back and the bulging dragon claws were slightly raised to touch the thick paws of the little leopard. The little leopard’s thick paws carefully touched. The eyes of the little leopard were round and the furry mouth slightly split apart, as if it was smiling happily at something the little black dragon was showing it.

Inside the slightly spread apart paws of the little leopard was a bright, golden… egg!

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