NOLMBW: Chapter 75

Rong Mingshi continued with the military’s order while feeling deep concern about the huge amount of star coins. His speed might not be as fast as when he was drunk but the effect was the same. It was just that the leopard’s upright and honest appearance made the masters feel worried and they expressed the doubts in their hearts.

“Leopard master, you aren’t drinking today?”

The little leopard responded without raising his head. “I won’t drink. I’ll wait for Aojia to come back before drinking.”

If Aojia was staring then he wouldn’t spend all his savings. The masters heard the marshal’s name and transformed their burning gaze from the leopard tools to the leopard’s furry head, asking calmly, “Is the marshal coming back?”

The little leopard continued to carve the kingfisher under his paws and nodded. “Yes.”

In fact, the kingfisher was difficult to carve and it was comparable to the previous peacock. The feathers were as beautiful and gorgeous as the peacock. The feathers on its back and face were blue and shiny while the feathers on its abdomen were like red chestnuts. The layers were distinct and each feather had its own different shade.

Rong Mingshi carved the kingfisher in the middle of predation. The unfolding wings were covered with water droplets like the kingfisher was flying over water and the bird’s blue feathers were dazzling and colourful. The long red beak of the bird carried a green shrimp that had just been caught from the water. It was delicate and vivid.

The masters were once again convinced by the leopard’s skill. After a moment of trance, they gritted their teeth and packed up their things. Since the black dragon was coming back, they naturally couldn’t live in this place. Based on what they had seen in the past two days, it was completely unreliable to rely on the protection of the little leopard master. It was better to escape from here themselves!

The little leopard immersed in the carving finished it and raised his head to find that the surrounding circle of people was gone…

The quantum computer around his paw flickered and after opening it, he received a series of messages.

-Little leopard master, this apprentice has to say goodbye in advance!

-We brought back the orders of the military to complete, don’t worry.

-Little leopard master, for the next few days, we will be disconnected from any outside communications.

-Remember to record the 3d high definition videos and send them to the Masters League. We will seriously study hard!

The little leopard who planned to discuss the kingfisher with his apprentices, “…”

At this time, Ruhr was witnessing a change with the Zerg and excitedly invited the housekeeper. “Baba Baba, do you want to watch the rise of the female Zerg army and study the natural life of reproduction consciousness in the pursuit of future generations?”

This was clearly long-distance harassment yet he spoke so eloquently. This little damn intelligence, how much historical data did he have?

Housekeeper Baba gazed at the little leopard carving and decisively rebuffed him. “No interest!”

“Baba, last time I did a thorough cleansing of your garbage data and found a virus program in the depths of your original data chain.”

Housekeeper Baba immediately checked himself and found there was an unknown program attached to his original data as well as the dead locks. “Did you release it?”

“I didn’t do it alone. Baba, this virus program can only be separated from your data and my data after it is grown up.”


“Thus, Baba and I should study it together?”


As a result, Ruhr opened the data connection and linked with Housekeeper Baba’s data chain from a long distance. At this time, all the information he collected through the marshal’s quantum computer was immediately shared with Housekeeper Baba.

Meanwhile, the wise marshal and the first diplomat of the empire were surrounded by a group of handsome female Zergs. They were led by a tall and handsome female with a cold face and deep eyes. She stepped forward in military boots towards the direction of the marshal, standing in front of the marshal. “I’m sorry Marshal Aojia. This is the order of the emperor and I must carry it out.”

The moment she finished saying this, the female soldier raised her hand slightly and the female soldiers behind her immediately started their weapons…

Housekeeper Baba saw the situation and his data chain jumped, showing the scene on the HD screen around the little leopard. The sudden sound of the weapons scared the little leopard and caused his paws to shake. He threw away the kingfisher held in his paws as he bit his tail and turned around.

On the huge 3D high definition display screen, Rong Mingshi saw the moment his Aoji turned into a giant black dragon and a set of dark gold armour covered his entire dragon body. Orange-red hot dragon flames emerged from the dragon’s mouth, burning everything around it.

The little leopard stared at the battle scene with the thick tail in his mouth.

Other beastmen also transformed and fought against the Zerg warriors. The beastmen had much higher combat power than the Zerg but they were in Zerg territory. The number of female Zerg soldiers was huge and the crowds of people dressed in black surrounded Aojia in a densely packed manner, attacks flashing and roaring.

The situation caused Rong Mingshi to be surprised and sharp barbs emerged from his paws to slam against the table. He previously learnt from the military information cracked by the housekeeper that this peace talk wasn’t without danger.

Just as the scene was becoming chaotic, a sharp buzzing sound was heard. All the female soldiers suddenly seemed to have a heart disease triggered as they held their chests and half knelt down, blue liquid overflowing from their lips.

Rong Mingshi watched the black dragon transform back into a human and walk out of the smoke in perfect condition, looking up at the Zerg emperor captured by beastmen.

The angry and frightened Zerg emperor wasn’t staring at Aojia angrily. Instead, he was gritting his teeth at those kneeling on the ground as he cried out, “You wastes! Didn’t you say that you could control all beastmen? You are wastes who can’t even protect the emperor!”

The moment the Zerg emperor spoke these words, more blue blood emerged from the mouths of the female leader. Her face was grey and her entire body swayed. If she hadn’t reached out to the ground in time then she would’ve fallen over.

The other kneeling soldiers clenched their fists and couldn’t help pleading, “Your Majesty, please show mercy. The leader will die!”

There was an implanted controller in the bodies of every female soldier. Not only could they be controlled by the Zerg emperor, the other male Zergs could easily control them. Their life or death was just a matter of the males’ whims. Unexpectedly, the Zerg emperor didn’t spare the leader of the army but instead released a sharper buzzing sound. The female leader of the army coughed out a mouthful of blue blood and fell to the ground.

Aojia’s sharp gaze was directed at the Zerg emperor. The weapon of the beastman warrior holding the Zerg emperor moved and the face of the Zerg emperor twitched. The punishment of the female army leader was stopped.

A beastman warrior around Aojia strode over and raised his hand. He pulled up the female army leader and placed her against the broken wall of a ruined building. Aojia stepped up the female army leader and asked, “What commands were you carrying out for the Zerg emperor?”

The female leader with a blue-grey face didn’t answer Aojia’s question and instead asked, “Can you release my emperor? You are now in the Zerg empire and far away from the beastmen empire. There are so many warriors in my family that you can’t escape alive. If you let my emperor go then perhaps you might get some opportunities.”

Aojia crouched down and stared into the female leader’s eyes. “What are you saying when you are captured by my soldiers?”

The female leader’s hands clenched slightly before she turned away. “I won’t interfere with His Majesty’s affairs.”

A mocking smile appeared on Aojia’s face. “You won’t interfere? Your noble Zerg emperor humiliated a female soldier in public along with a few male lords. It was the former female soldier who fought with you on the battlefield, your sister Kanal.”

The female leader’s chin trembled and she closed his eyes. “…All female soldiers belong to His Majesty. The things His Majesty wants to do, we should…”

“He deserves to be deprived of his pride and have his dignity humiliated.” Aojia stood up and no longer looked at the female leader. Instead, he went to the Zerg emperor and raised a hand to the emperor’s neck.

The Zerg emperor stiffly raised his chin. “You… what are you going to do?”

Aojia grabbed the controller for the female Zerg hanging around the neck and threw it at the feet of the female leader. “You can continue to live humbly or pick up your dignity and fight. The leader can decide.”

The Zerg emperor struggled. “Wastes, rebellion is a crime punishable by death! All female soldiers will be buried!”

The beastman warrior next to him couldn’t bear it anymore. He raised a hand to the back of the emperor’s neck and stunned the emperor.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister who had become a tiger in the melee, returned to human form and walked to the female leader. He sighed and said, “Chief, before making a decision, first remember how many leaders have there been in the past few years. Forget that, how many innocent Zerg females have died in the hands of the male lords? You must be clearer about this than me. You are used by a group of ignorant male lords for natural reproduction. You fight desperately with our beastmen to plunder other races and give birth to your male masters. I really want to scratch my head out of confusion. You are a soldier and a woman, why must you live so lowly? Have you ever thought about genetic breeding? Female and females can also have children together! We will give the technology for free!”

Aojia slightly frowned and reached out a hand to pull Hoss away. He gestured to all the soldiers. “Let’s leave.”

If they said anything else, the Zerg would suspect that they deliberately provoked a civil war. At this time, the female leader supported her chest and reached for the controller on the ground before whispering, “My emperor has already reached a peace agreement with your emperor. The beastman emperor sold the entire Wicken domain on the condition to trap the marshal here and kill you. Marshal, your emperor doesn’t want you to return.”

Hearing this, Hoss reached out and grabbed the weapon in Aojia’s hand. “Marshal, there is trust between you and His Majesty. Don’t be fooled.”

Aojia glanced at him with a deep and unknown expression. Hoss groaned in his heart, removed his hand and didn’t speak anymore. The peace talks might really be a cover…

Once the little leopard heard this, he didn’t feel well. He saw the female army leader pick up the controller from the ground and thought the matter was over, there was no more danger. He didn’t expect to hear such a sentence. On the way back, would be Aojia be surrounded by the emperor’s trap? Would there be undercover beastmen around him? Would Aojia be assassinated on the way back?

The little leopard hurriedly looked at the housekeeper. “Can I talk to Aojia? Can I contact him from here?”

The housekeeper immediately threatened Ruhr. The threatened Ruhr connected the little leopard to the marshal’s quantum computer. The 3D image of the little leopard appeared in front of Aojia. Rong Mingshi stretched out his paws and approached with serious eyes. “Aojia, once you come back, we will get married. I want to raise your children!”

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1 year ago

this is how u motivate ur husband to do his best

Wang Ying
Wang Ying
8 months ago

the idiot emperor would die sooner rather than later with his low level IQ.. sigh.. I’m worried about their future of this galaxy..

and that Rhur.. is it courting housekeeper baba in round about way? 😅

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1 month ago

Hoss is really REALLY done with how female zergs think,he just going to give the technology for free😭🤣😭🤣

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