NOLMBW: Chapter 73

Not only that, a low-pitched voice came from the 3D photo and rang in Aojia’s eyes, like the little leopard let out a confused whisper before falling asleep. “Aoji, do you want…”

What was he thinking?

‘Do you want me? Or do you want it?’

The little leopard muttered this half sentence after taking the photo and then fell asleep on the golden pillow. The contents recorded by the little leopard was the same. It was only half a sentence but this half sentence combined with the person lying in the golden dragon’s nest was comparable to the explosion of a super neutron star.

Originally he promised to do well and accompany the drunk little leopard every time. However, he only accompanied the little leopard for two days and now he let the little leopard drink alone. After drinking, the little leopard was so charming in the pure gold dragon’s nest that it simply poked at the heart of the big black dragon. Huge, flaming dragon wings emerged from the back of the marshal, who had been listening to the Zerg leader’s proposal for the peace talks at the state banquet. The marshal stared into the eyes of the snow leopard and burned even hotter.

The grand marshal wished that he could tear open the space and directly return to his dragon’s nest to lay his hands on the delicious human-shaped snow leopard buried in gold.

The hot flames on the dragon wings rose in the banquet hall and for a moment, the entire banquet hall was silent. All eyes were on the beastmen empire’s marshal sitting opposite the Zerg emperor and the dragon wings burning with orange-red flames behind him.

The Zerg’s power centre had also heard about imperial beastmen. Under normal circumstances, the beastman’s transformation had no intermediate state. They were either human shaped or beast shaped. The human form only gained some beast characteristics in two extreme cases. It was when the mania was uncontrolled or the beastman was in estrus.

All the empire’s beastmen saw the situation and were in a hurry. If the marshal was experiencing mania then he would destroy the state banquet and the peace talks. However, what damn conditions would these Zerg have to offer? It was no big deal to break up the peace talks. But if it was the latter… 

Some of them wondered if the marshal was looking at the Zerg emperor opposite him? Foreign Minister Hoss didn’t know the reason for the sudden reaction but he was absolutely certain that it had nothing to do with the insects. Based on Aojia’s degree of attachment to his engagement cufflinks, this wouldn’t happen unless the unmarried beastman in his family sent a full-fledged photo!

Hoss gazed at Aojia’s empty eyes. Um… did he guess correctly? Was Aojia’s unmarried beastman that energetic?

At this time, the Zerg emperor proudly raised his chin, the perfect and refined face filled with a touch of disdain and arrogance. In his eyes, all beastmen were equivalent to female Zergs. It was natural for Aojia to kneel before him.

He only exuded a bit of the male Zerg x-element and the so-called beastmen empire’s beast of war exposed his beast characteristics. The Zerg emperor probably just had to hook his finger and the marshal would enter his harem. Thus, the Zerg emperor looked more arrogantly at the person opposite him and asked, “Marshal, does this mean you agree to the terms of the peace talks?”

Aojia’s pupils shrank slightly as he gazed at the insect opposite him. The dragon wings instantly retracted when his gaze sifted. The hot flames in the air dissipated as if the scene that just occurred was a hallucination.

Aojia knocked on his computer and warned the intelligence that had entered. It didn’t matter if it was Ruhr or the housekeeper who came over. Then Aojia stated, “Zerg emperor, please repeat what you just said. I was talking to my unmarried beastman and didn’t hear it.”

Hearing this, Foreign Minister Hoss raised his eyebrows for the first time. At a state banquet surrounded by enemy guards, the marshal dared have the emperor of the enemy nation repeat what he had just said.


The beastmen entourage in the banquet hall suddenly sighed with relief. How could their wise and mighty marshal be moved by the enemy Zerg. At the same time, they deeply appreciated the unmarried beastman who was strictly protected by the marshal so that even the emperor didn’t know his identity. He was good enough to make the marshal so devoted that the marshal wasn’t moved by the enemy insects, but…

‘Marshal, please pay attention to the occasion when talking to your family’s unmarried beast! We were almost scared into our juvenile forms!’

It didn’t matter if the peace talks didn’t succeed. They weren’t afraid to fight! They had the determination to fight the moment they stepped into the Zerg emperor’s territory. However, they would be desperate if they lost their marshal here!

The moment the Zerg emperor heard these words, his eyelids jumped and his expression cracked for a moment. Then the marshal’s momentary beast-shaped characterization was due to his unmarried beastman? On top of that, he actually spoke to his unmarried beastman at the state banquet where the noble Zerg emperor was talking? Clearly all beastmen communications had been blocked? How did he get in contact?

The Zerg emperor took a breath. He was proud and would never repeat his words a second time. He only slightly raised his hand and asked a female Zerg standing by to repeat what he had said.

“Marshal, our distinguished Zerg emperor just said that since the beastmen emperor has the intention of peace talks, us Zerg will also advocate peace. We naturally don’t want to continue fighting but since there is a truce, it is natural to have conditions. The Wicken war border area will be owned by the Zerg and all races on those stars, regardless of whether they are Zerg, beastmen or mixed-race, we have the right to recover them by force once they flee.”

The Zerg had a strict hierarchy. The Zerg males were superior, the females didn’t have any social status and everyone followed the emperor.

However, for centuries, the male Zerg’s bodies had weakened and the number of males had declined sharply. In the past century, the Zerg had discovered that mating with beastmen could produce mixed-race males. The probability was very low but it was better than letting the number of males continue to decrease.

It was just that the mixed-race Zergs weren’t accepted by the Zerg and had a lower status than the females. Moreover, the beastmen and Zerg worldview had always been different and the Zerg procured beastmen by snatching them. Therefore, the conditions of the Zerg emperor obviously showed that the Zerg still wanted to use the beastmen and mixed-raced as breeders…

Aojia’s mouth thinned. “In that case, we will go to war.”



The moment Aojia’s words came out, the entire banquet hall fell silent again. Wasn’t this peace talks? Why did it fall apart before even talking? Aojia gazed calmly at the Zerg emperor opposite him. “Is the Zerg emperor still unclear about the reasons why we are constantly fighting with the Zerg?”

The Zerg emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I wish to hear it in detail.”

To the side, Hoss shrugged. The Zerg emperor this time really wasn’t good. He was really stupid!

Hoss cleared his throat and spoke. “Your Majesty the Zerg emperor, it is naturally freedom. Whether they are beastmen or mixed-race beastmen, they are independent individuals, not people to breed! They are our kind and we naturally can’t let them be abused.”

The male prince sitting next to the Zerg emperor said, “It is their privilege to breed with the descendant of the noble Zerg. Why is it abuse?”

Hoss heard this and his mouth twitched. Then why exactly did the emperor have them come for peace talks? Could they talk with this type of thinking? Was it just to see how serious and cancerous the Zerg emperor’s leadership was? Or was the emperor, for the sake of so-called peace, willing to let hundreds of millions of beastmen and mixed-race people in the Wicken Star domain become parasites of the Zerg?

There was also the marshal. Why did the emperor agree to let him come here? Was it to help the females present who were unable to overthrow the male rulers? Um… um? The foreign minister of the empire thought this and couldn’t help glancing at the marshal sitting next to him. Mother’s egg, something so exciting?

The Zerg prince continued, “In addition, these are just cognitive biases. The education of the Zerg can correct the ideas of all races in the Wicken Star Field.”

What the hell was this foolish policy? Hoss chose to remain silent. These Zerg had the cognitive bias of several hundred light years.

The Zerg emperor saw that both of them were no longer speaking and said, “Marshal, you should know that the Zerg army is huge and the beastmen have the incurable mania defect. Have you ever thought about what would happen if one day, your so-called energy stone resources are exhausted or the resources stars are captured by us? Marshal, do you want the entire beastmen empire to be gradually eroded or to give us the entire Wicken domain. Please consider it.”

Aojia’s eyebrows slightly raised. “The Zerg emperor seems to have forgotten that hybrid males also have the beastmen gene.”

Hoss gently tapped the table. “The beastmen’s mania is carried in the gens and can’t be removed. Once the mania breaks out, the destructive power is quite big. Speaking of which, I have never heard of Zerg carvers.”

The Zerg emperor’s expression slightly changed when he heard this and he suddenly raised a hand to let the show of the state banquet begin, temporarily ending this round of negotiations.

Once the state banquet ended and Aojia returned to the aircraft, he tapped on his quantum computer. “Come out.”

Ruhr popped out of the quantum computer and couldn’t wait to connect to the housekeeper who had opened part of the permissions. “Baba Baba, wake up! Online chat!”

Housekeeper Baba, “..Get out of here!”

Even so, Housekeeper Baba diligently showed the image of the golden treasure room underground to the black dragon. He would show the black dragon how cute the little leopard was and let him come back early. But… the young man who caused a fire at the state banquet had disappeared and only one drunk leopard with white fur and black markings slept in the golden dragon’s nest.

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2 years ago

ofc the emperor is the zerg’s connection to carvers, cant wait for him to be exposed. he’s either a zerg himself or he’s a mix-breed.

7 months ago

Ugh,this exactly how people who like the patriarchy system and people who believe freedom of choice is important talk. Even more identical how they care so much about reproduction not even considering the party that going to be pregnant,but disgusted or even think it’s ridiculous to care about others choices 😒