NOLMBW: Chapter 72

At night, the housekeeper arranged for all the masters to live in the manor and also packaged the finished products to be sent to the military.

An hour later, the fox who had been chatting with the imperial emperor for a long time returned to the command centre and received the encrypted package. The deputy commander trembled and immediately summoned people to come and inspect the goods.

Once the beast carvings of the first-line warriors appeared in front of everyone, the Information Department held their breaths. This was too much for them.

As the information gathering soldiers of the command centre, they had participated in every wear with the Zerg. Sometimes the death of a first-line fighter was a point of data for the command centre, but every one of them clearly knew that these points of data defended the people of the empire with their lives. They were more aware than anyone that the beastmen’s mania was responsible for a large proportion of these casualties. These beast shaped carvings by the store owner would give the first-line fighters a layer of protection.

The deputy commander cleared his throat, “Okay, stop standing around and quickly measure the hidden energy properties of all the beast shaped carvings.”

As everyone was busy, the deputy commander encrypted the list of first-line fighters who received their carved energy stones to the marshal who had gone to the Zerg Star. At the same time, he arranged for those fighters to quickly receive their energy stones and be prepared to sneak onto the Zerg Star at any time.

The marshal might have a careful plan for those who were secretly plotting but the warriors with the store owner’s carvings would have a stronger resistance. Switching to their soldiers would increase the security of the marshal and the foreign minister.

At this time, the marshal was sitting in the control room of the starship while playing with the cufflinks that the little leopard gave him. Apart from the high-grade energy stone carving in his armband, he didn’t carry any little black dragons with him at this time. So far, the carved snow leopards were too limited and the snow leopard breaking out of the shell had already been given to Ms Bowei’s carving.

Foreign Minister Hoss sitting next to him saw his movements and smiled. “Marshal, are you missing your family’s unmarried beast?”

Aojia nodded. The emperor’s order was so sudden that he didn’t get to say goodbye to the little leopard.

Hoss sighed, “I also miss my wife when I go out. She just had a baby but I can’t stay with her. I owe her a lot.”

Aojia raised an eyebrow. “A baby?”

Hoss laughed proudly. “Yes, for more than 10 years, the genetic breeding attempts have failed for various reasons. Fortunately, we recently ordered a high-grade energy stone carving from the Star Network which has satisfied our long-term desires.”


Hoss smiled and pulled out the orange tiger-shaped energy stone from his armband and spoke, just as he encouraged several friends previously. “Marshal, you see, the store owner’s work is definitely the best in the empire. Would you like to order one?”

Aojia looked down at the tiger-shaped energy stone obviously carved by his snow leopard in Hoss’ hand. “…”

Hoss spoke to himself, “The store owner recently has done many works. He just grabbed 18 low-grade energy stones in one breath…”

The big black dragon who knew that his little leopard had received an order of tens of thousands of stones from the military, “…”

It was relatively bleak. He had no carving of a little leopard in his hand.

Hoss saw that the marshal seemed to have no interest in the respected store owner and couldn’t believe it. “You still don’t believe me? Don’t leave it too late for when you marry your beastman in the future. You are too strong and any intimate actions could cause great danger.”

The corners of Aojia’s mouth moved slightly as he straightened his cufflinks. “I believe it.”

“Then go back and grab some orders. The owner’s business is very hot.”

Aojia nodded.

“I really thought His Majesty would have you marry Duke Oran’s daughter. I didn’t expect you to directly announce your engagement on the Star Network. It was quite unexpected.”

After the chat, Hoss patted him on the shoulder before getting up to go to bed. The energetic black dragon continued to play with the cufflinks. He didn’t know if the little leopard was sleeping…

Meanwhile, the manor was completely quiet. However, the little leopard had just slept for a long time and wasn’t sleepy. He held a little black dragon in his arms and rolled around on the bed a few times. He couldn’t sleep so he jumped out of bed and ran to the underground gold warehouse, drilling into the dragon nest covered with gold bedding.

The colour was a bit exaggerated but the texture of these nest supplies was very good. The little leopard held a big golden pillow and closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep.

The next day, the little leopard was fully prepared before drinking. In order to prevent his drunk self from spending money in strange places, he first used all his money to buy a variety of black energy stones. He also bought two pure high-grade energy stones.

It wasn’t until his account was running low that Rong Mingshi was relieved and had the housekeeper send over the energy wine. The masters were also well-prepared and waited for the little leopard’s big outburst after drinking.

The little leopard didn’t expect that the energy stones he bought would soon arrive.

As the general manager of the resource star, Abel was well aware of the carving business operating at this time and knew the account of the owner of the carving business. The orders of the little leopard were as high priority as the marshal and he naturally delivered the leopard’s bought stones first.

The little leopard was struggling to carve with bright eyes when he heard the housekeeper state that the express package had arrived. He raised his paws from the energy stone he was just carving and drove his spherical seat to open the package.

There was a large number of dark stones with black as the dominant colour and the little leopard decisively rushed onto the road of carving the little black dragons. It was impossible for him to turn back.

The group of masters watched the little black dragons appear one after another on the high definition 3D screen, “…”

Well, the exquisite carving skills meant it didn’t matter what was carved. Focus on the details! Moreover, the little leopard master could carve the little black dragons in various forms without duplication.

By the time the drunk little leopard finally consumed most of his strength, the desk was lined with a variety of little black dragons with pure gold decorations. The little leopard finally realized he had gone astray and picked up other energy stones to begin working on the order.

The drunk leopard clearly divided the stones bought for his big black dragon and those for the soldiers…

After carving over a dozen energy stones, the drunk little leopard waved his paws at the masters and drove his spherical seat in a confused manner underground. He held the big gold slippers and hid in the dragon’s nest.

The blurred eyes gazed at the golden dragon’s nest. Then he pulled out the transparent energy stone, bit it in his mouth and jumped into the golden quilt of the dragon’s nest.

After becoming human, Rong Mingshi held the stone, wrapped himself in the golden quilt, raised his wrist to start his quantum computer and took a 3D high definition photo for his big black dragon. Before sleeping, the young man in his prime wondered if the distant black dragon would receive it.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the marshal wouldn’t receive it. However, there was Housekeeper Baba at home and he couldn’t stand to see the little leopard’s yearning feelings turn into illness. He took the photo and went to Ruhr.

Ruhr personally took the photo to find the marshal. Before leaving, he took the information of Housekeeper Baba and cleaned up the garbage in depth. He also quietly added some of his permissions to Housekeeper Baba.

Ruhr leapt through various aircrafts, avoided numerous Zerg firewalls and finally reached the marshal’s quantum computer. Then without warning, the 3D photo was displayed in front of the marshal. Of course, the clever Ruhr only let this image appear in the marshal’s vision.

During the Zerg’s state banquet, the black dragon saw his snow leopard up close. The leopard had blurry eyes, was wrapped in a golden quilt and lay in the golden dragon’s nest…

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7 months ago

Isn’t this equal to when the wifey take spicy pict then sending it to their hubby who’s at work? So sweet 🤣🤣