NOLMBW: Chapter 71

Meanwhile, the Monman Company that took over the Oran Carving Business discovered that the Masters League Carving Business had the name of the Star Network’s store owner master and rose rapidly. The momentum was so great that they couldn’t be suppressed through any secret means. Apart from the orders that the Monman Company received through special means, a large number of popular orders flowed to the Masters League.

The Monman Company decided to have some of the carvers bought by them secretly join the Masters League in order to get some commercial information as well as the guidance of the famous Master Time to improve their skills. They could also do some damage and ruin the reputation of the Masters League.

Unfortunately, they found that without exception, all the carvers bought by them were screened out in the first round of review and couldn’t enter.

The screened carvers, who were backed by the Monman Company’s financial support and encouragement, gathered at the headquarters of the Masters League to make a scene. For a time, whether offline or online, they made all sorts of remarks against the Masters League.

They said that the Masters League was arrogant and low-minded, insulting the carvers who received the empire’s orthodox certification. The Masters League only recruited trainee carvers and used the name of Master Time. In fact, there were few empire certified carvers apart from the 18 masters. They were simply deceiving the imperial beastmen.

However, this matter was only noisy for an hour before they were scolded by the beastmen in Rong Mingshi’s online store. After several occasions where the store master was slandered, almost all the beastmen in the buyers exchange area were fighting hard and they smashed the carvers.

More importantly, the history and works of these noisy and fierce carvers were exposed on the entire Star Network. For a while, the imperial centre for public opinion exploded.

-It is these so-called carving masters who are really insulting the empire’s orthodox carving.

-These carvers should really have their qualifications revoked. Their works are too perfunctory.

-Why don’t you look at your own works? They aren’t even as good as trainee carvers. Can you prove that you didn’t get your masters certification through very special means?

-Is the empire’s carver certification system decaying?

The Monman Company saw that things weren’t going well and had to give up. They tried to woo the empire’s largest energy stone supplier to sever the supply of stones to the Masters League, only to discover that the Masters League had already formed an agreement with the resource company. An alliance agreement was reached and they had the priority of obtaining the resource company’s right of delivery. Perhaps if the Monman Company didn’t have a resource company of a slightly smaller size, their supply might’ve been directly cut off.

For a while, the Monman Company had all its advantages suppressed and had to settle down to concentrate on their existing business. They had just completed their basic reorganization when they found that a large number of military orders undertaken by the Oran Carving Business was overdue.

The Monman Company’s chief executive contacted the military department responsible for the military’s energy stone carving only to find that they had signed it to someone else. General Monman was stunned silly. He knew the person behind him. Wasn’t this order supposed to naturally come to him?

It was a matter of great importance and naturally reached the emperor. The emperor, who was looking forward to the peace talks, heard the news and couldn’t hold back his anger. After a moment of calm, he connected to the deputy commander who was in charge of military affairs after the marshal left.

The emperor’s enquiry into this matter was very peaceful. The marshal wasn’t at home and he was asking casually, just in case. The deputy commander respectfully replied, “Your Majesty, the military urgently needs this order and it was naturally handed to the most powerful carver.”

The emperor frowned. “The carvers of the Masters League are few less powerful than the carvers of the Monman Company.

“It is as Your Majesty says.”

“In that case, why wasn’t the order renewed with the Monman Company?”

“Your Majesty, it is Master Time who is taking over the order. This is the energy stone carving data of the carvings the master is currently providing to the military department. In every way, he is the best choice for the imperial soldiers.”

The imperial emperor frowned as he watched the information transmitted by the deputy commander. He had to admit that it was better for the famous Master Time to take over the order. Unfortunately, he had sent people to check this master and there was no specific news until now. The emperor couldn’t help thinking about the laboratory that was delayed by Duke Oran’s arrest. If he wanted to keep the military in check, he had to start the laboratory again.

The emperor gazed at the person opposite him and smiled lightly. “In the marshal’s absence, you are working hard.”

The deputy commander smiled modestly with a fox’s face.


While all the forces were busy, the little leopard finally woke up.

Once he woke up, he lay confused in bed for a while. The memories of what happened while drinking were still very vague. He had to stretch out his paws as he got out of bed and walked out the room.

The little leopard walked to the stairway and saw the desk in the centre of the living room. The desk contained dozens of carvings that were obviously his and in a half circle around the table were the masters struggling to carve energy stones.

The little leopard, “…”

He was a bit embarrassed but he had to admit that he was very efficient when drunk. Rong Mingshi walked down the stairs, watched the busy masters and spoke sincerely, “Everyone has worked hard.”

However, the masters were immersed in the carving and there was no response. Then Rong Mingshi told his housekeeper who had been following him the whole time, ”Housekeeper, make sure that the masters eat and live well.”

Housekeeper Baba nodded and silently arranged for the auxiliary robot to collect the iron gun installed in the living room, while living the power grid projection gun. There was no way. The black dragon wasn’t at home and the safety of the little leopard must be managed by him.

The little leopard still felt a bit guilty so he opened his account, thinking that the proceeds of the order should be divided equally with the masters. Once he opened it, he saw that the balance was mostly gone, making him directly confused.

What strange things had he bought? The little leopard waved his paws and hurriedly opened the transaction record. He found that apart from a small number of purchases, the remaining 18 parts had been assigned to the masters.

Rong Mingshi patted his heart with his thick paws and calmed down. If he kept losing money, how could he buy the stones of the big black dragon?

At this time, the housekeeper whispered, “Master, there is your express package.”

The little leopard calmed down without looking at what he bought. He followed the housekeeper to open the package. Once the golden bag was revealed, the little leopard sat there with his paws pressed against the lock and suddenly wanted to directly return it…

Instead, Housekeeper Baba stretched out his arms and asked, “Textiles can be dry-cleaned. After washing, should they be put in the bedroom?”

He didn’t feel there was anything wrong with the little leopard buying such strange things. The little leopard watched the golden items and his brain filled in the image of his family turning into a dragon and rolling in it. In fact… black and gold were a perfect match!

Thus, the little leopard spoke with great enthusiasm, “Housekeeper, do you know the hidden gold treasure house underground? Place them there.”

Housekeeper Baba left with the set of bedding.

The little leopard gazed at the package remaining on the ground and hesitantly moved forward. He raised his paws and the moment the package opened, Rong Mingshi snapped it closed again. He must be blind!

The little leopard froze for a moment before opening it again. His clear eyes stared at the two pairs of gold slippers that fit his size and Aojia’s size. Which designer came up with the idea of pure gold slippers? Wouldn’t the feet get stuck? Once he was drunk, he had unclear eyes and slippery paws!

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1 year ago

So the emperor is the master mind behind everything??? Like I knew but this just confirmed everything. The Marshall should work fast on dealing with him because there’s a strong feeling he’ll come after the little leopard!!!!
Also can we talk about the little leopard’s drunken acts?!😂😂😂
thank you for the translation 👍🏾

Wang Ying
Wang Ying
11 months ago

He became a none the wiser when he’s drunk and spend all his wealth for his family black dragon lmao 🤣