NOLMBW: Chapter 70

The 18 masters came to the door with their luggage and the leopard had already instructed the housekeeper to set up a temporary classroom in the living room.

The living room contained the desk that was originally in the second floor study room. There were 18 sets of desks and chairs in front of it and a 3D display screen that would show the leopard’s carving process at super-fine angles.

Meanwhile, the little leopard who already drank the wine was wearing his leopard paw tools and smoothly and swiftly carving a chipmunk with walnuts stuffed in his mouth.

The chipmunk had orange-grey and brown mixed fur, a fluffy tail, swollen cheeks, bright little black eyes and the two claws in front of the chipmunk were holding a big walnut. It had its head cocked as it tried to gnaw at the walnut, the hairs of the body filled with excitement and a trace of confusion…

Just as the masters entered the house, the little leopard finished the chipmunk carving. He raised his paw to push the newly completed carving to one side and grabbed another stone. This was when the masters discovered three or four carvings placed on the table next to the little leopard master.

The regretful masters immediately dropped their luggage and rushed to grab seats. They sat down and saw a comfortable number of low-grade energy stones stacked next to the comfortable seat. The masters felt that the little leopard was too thoughtful as a master. He even prepared the practice materials.

At the same time, the little leopard was different from the past. His unusually bright eyes were staring at the stone that he just grabbed. Then he used his paws to open his computer’s interface in front of him. He pulled at the countless images of beast shapes and picked out a hedgehog. He zoomed in and out to observe the details before lifting his paws to the stone and starting the tools.

The more than a dozen masters carefully started at the carving of the leopard master. Then the 18 pairs of eyes watched as the little leopard master quickly carved out an angry… little black dragon?

This was a little black dragon with small dragon wings, looking down at his own nest. There were a few gold coins scattered in the nest and the dragon claws used its toes to count the gold coins.

However, the number of gold coins wasn’t enough. After all, the golden part of this mixed low-grade energy stone was too small. Thus the little black dragon’s pupils shrank and mouth thinned as the dragon tail behind it moved angrily. This was obviously… the dragon was unhappy that there were too few gold coins and was going to explode! The perfection of this entire carving was simply the best. If someone tried to take away a gold coin then this little black dragon would violently smash them to death!

By the way… what about the hedgehog? How did it suddenly become a little black dragon? Moreover, the little black dragon was obviously treated differently from the previously carved chipmunk.

The little leopard master hugged the little black dragon with his paws and placed it to the side, patting it on the head to appease it. Then he turned and jumped off the table. His posture was a bit unstable but he was very fast as he rushed into the indoor elevator and descended.

The little leopard soon came back. He stepped on the stool and climbed onto the table, pouring some real gold coins from his space into the little black dragon’s nest.




The expression of the little black dragon hadn’t changed but the masters inexplicably felt some satisfaction from the expression.

At the same time, the masters thought about the various dragon carvings that filled the living room from last time. Their faces were calm but their actual heart was sad! The little leopard master absolutely had a deep love for the big black dragon.

If the marshal knew that they secretly entered the door after he left, they would have to go to the 180 stores. The position of the little leopard master was decisive and he wouldn’t defy the will of the marshal.

The masters glanced at the little black dragon standing guard over his gold coins. Since they were doomed to go to all the stores, they should firmly stay here for three days!

Once the little leopard set aside the little black dragon, his thick tail moved and he took another low-grade energy stone from the side, quickly and decisively sketching out the shape of the hedgehog. After this, the little leopard carved a large number of low-grade energy stones. There were all types of beast shapes and every one of them had technical skills that could be considered the best.

The masters each developed their own understanding. The masters had been involved in the carving industry for many years. They weren’t lacking carving technique. For them, the carving skills that had formed in their own style wasn’t so easy to change. The thing they lacked was a new understanding of low-grade energy stones.

A carver didn’t simply re-enact the beast shape onto the energy stone but used the colour of the energy stone itself to fully express the beast-like charm. It could be said that even if the form had a slight difference, as long as the charm was enough, it was possible to reintegrate the energy from the cut off stone parts back into the work.

The little black dragon on the table was an example. The masters knew that even if the marshal was a chubby dragon when he was a child, his dragon wings were bigger and he wasn’t as cute. As for the charm… there wasn’t only one or two dragon-shaped beastmen who liked gold. The marshal didn’t currently show this hobby but perhaps the little leopard had found some clues.

The past carvings of the masters had such cases but the power that was reintegrated was limited. At this time, they were shown a new world created by the little leopard master! This was a very simple thing to say but not as easy to do. It required the masters to pay attention to every stone, not feel disdain because of the inferiority of the stone.

Moreover, they faintly felt that they should have the Carvers Association redefine the test rules for carvings. The ratio of activating the energy stone was no longer fully reflected in this work of the little leopard master. It should be determined by the sum of the forces actually activated by the carving. They always felt that once this rule came out, it would subvert the entire energy stone market and the carving market…

The little leopard spent almost all his energy and found it hard to keep his eyes open, but he didn’t fall asleep. He might be drunk but he remembered the purpose for calling these people over. He raised his paws to the housekeeper and asked the housekeeper to explain the things he previously said.

Thus, Housekeeper Baba gazed at the masters and spoke with a polite smile. “The master told me that today’s homework is to carve all the stones next to your desk.”

The housekeeper then passed on the beast images to the masters. Once the housekeeper finished, Rong Mingshi’s thick paws rubbed his face, his eyes a bit cloudy and his tongue felt a bit larger. “This is part of the military order I accepted so we will all have dividends…”

Then the leopard entered his account and divided the huge number of star coins paid to him by the military department into 19 sections, distributing 19 sections to the masters. The huge number of star coins might be divided into 19 but each amount was large enough.

The group of masters who had never been moved by money were silent.

In fact, they were people who lived for most of their lives with a family to feed. Who didn’t want to make money? However, they were proud and didn’t want to be in the same league as the Oran Carving Business. There might be many dividends from the college but this money was used for research and there was very little private use. The little leopard master not only taught them skills but also sent them a huge sum of money. The mood of the masters was simply indescribable.

The little leopard on the table opened his mouth, revealing white and sharp leopard’s teeth. He declared very arrogantly, “If you follow your master then you will gain a huge amount of money! If you want to buy something for your beastman, you will only buy good things. You absolutely don’t have to worry about not having enough money!”

All the master beastmen whose sons already had children, “…”

“Oh yes, this is a military order that should be kept confidential. Otherwise…” The little leopard grabbed his head with his thick paws and thought about it before continuing, “Otherwise, I will let my big black dragon find you to settle accounts.”

The masters thought about the big black dragon and were tight-lipped, “..”

The little leopard was completely confused when he finished speaking. He slid down from the table and wobbled to the second floor. While walking, he muttered, “You work hard, I’m going to sleep with my beast…”

After climbing a step, the little leopard realized the big black dragon wasn’t at home…

The little leopard was stunned silly for a moment. Then he bowed his head to open the Star Network and bought countless bedding. For example, a large gold mattress, a large golden pillow, golden pillowcases, a soft golden quilt, large gold sheets…

It didn’t seem enough so the little leopard bought two pairs of pure gold slippers!

The masters who hadn’t started carving yet saw this scene and their expressions were strange. This taste didn’t seem like the little leopard. Then.. the Marshal Black Dragon really liked to hoard gold!

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2 years ago

Can’t wait for the emperor to get what’s coming to him😤

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