NOLMBW: Chapter 69

The little leopard saw a large amount of money suddenly enter his account. “…”

The thick paws subconsciously raised and touched his head. Within a day, he changed from having an ordinary amount of money to being poor. Then the poor egg instantly turned super rich. This was a roller coaster experience and his small heart had to skip a beat!

Once the military expenditure was allocated, the deputy commander gave the store owner the beast form and juvenile beast form images of all the front-line fighters who passed the review. If possible, the deputy commander wanted to hand over the entire army filled with millions of front-line players for the store owner to carve but this was unrealistic. At present, it could only be arranged according to the proportion of casualties from the past battlefields.

The little leopard gazed at the encrypted order sent by the military and his entire body shook. The images of tens of thousands of beastmen suddenly appeared on his computer. The little leopard was fortunate enough to see almost all the animal species in the sea, land and air. It was true that it was good to have long insight but… this was the rhythm of exhausting him to death.

Rong Mingshi couldn’t help looking down at his thick paws. These thick paws would probably be busy the rest of his life on this order alone! Thus, Rong Mingshi responded politely, “This order is really huge, can I ask someone to help me?”

The deputy commander saw the store owner’s reply and was a bit excited. In the current unfavourable military situation, there was finally good news! The deputy commander was naturally aware that it was impossible for the store owner to complete such a large quantity order. It was definitely better if the store owner could ask for help.

Therefore, the deputy commander responded, “As long as the store owner is certain that the other carving masters can hide the overflowing energy and the energy activation rate of the low-grade energy stone is more than 90% then it can be decided by the store owner!”

These were the basic requirements of the order and Rong Mingshi could understand. “Then once the finished product comes out, I will send them to you for testing.”

“Yes, it is hard on you.”

This was the end of the discussion on the military order. Rong Mingshi shut off the call, cleared his throat and connected to Aojia’s communicator, ready to speak to Aojia. It was rare for Aojia to not accept his request and for the first time, Aojia directly rejected it.

The stunned little leopard raised his paws and called again. He didn’t expect Aojia to refuse to answer…

Rong Mingshi looked down at the military’s order and then the interface that refused to accept his call. Suddenly, there was an unpredictable feeling in his heart…

At this time, the housekeeper opened the door and spoke with a serious expression, “Master, you haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

The little leopard had to jump off the table and go to the dining room with the housekeeper. He ate the food without tasting anything. The meal finished and Rong Mingshi sat on the sofa in the living room. He was in a bad mood as he pulled out a little black dragon carving and his thick paws beat against the little black dragon’s round belly.

It wasn’t until the second half of the morning that a call request from Aojia appeared on the interface in front of him. Rong Mingshi’s thick paws slammed against the interface and he opened it. The 3D image of Aojia appeared in the living room. Rong Mingshi raised his head and saw the big black dragon changing clothes. He asked, “Aojia, is there something wrong?”

The image of Aojia changed as he moved close to the little leopard and stared into the little leopard’s eyes. “There is a temporary emergency and I couldn’t answer your call. I might not be able to come back for a few days.”

“How many days?” The little leopard asked in a daze.

Aojia replied, “I promise to be very fast.”

Rong Mingshi reacted by standing up from the sofa and asking with a burning expression, “Is this related to the military’s sudden order to me? Is this a military secret? Can I ask?”

“You accepted the military’s order?” Aojia didn’t answer directly and asked the little leopard instead.

Rong Mingshi nodded. “The order is a bit big but I will find the masters to help.”

“Okay, don’t be too stressed and do what you can.”

“Yes, is this… are you going to war?” Rong Mingshi moved his paws and expressed the unpredictable feeling in his heart.

In the image, Aojia slightly smiled as he answered, “It isn’t war, it is peace talks.”

The peace talks sounded like a good thing, ending the war and making people’s lives safe. However, the little leopard had thoroughly studied his big black dragon and clearly saw that Aojia’s eyes were a bit deep when he mentioned the peace talks. There must be something! The little leopard’s mood was raised at once.

Meanwhile, outside Aojia’s room, the foreign minister of the empire Hoss knocked on the door. “Marshal, it is time.”

Aojia slightly nodded at him and continued to speak to the little leopard. “Continue to drink the energy wine. I will arrange for the housekeeper to take care of you and the doctor will keep paying attention to your physical condition.”

The little leopard nodded as Aojia rubbed his head in the air and turned off the call. Rong Mingshi sat on the sofa for a while before he bit his thick tail and hurriedly opened the Star Network. Sure enough, the Star Network was full of news about the peace talks. Most of the beastmen of the empire seemed to be talking about things related to the Zerg peace talks.

It was only at this time that Rong Mingshi knew the invasion of the Zergs hadn’t stopped for many years. As a race that advocated reproduction, the Zerg would sometimes despicably plunder the beastmen living on the remote stars as parasites to breed offspring.

Three years ago, Aojia officially became the imperial marshal and led the imperial army to break the Zerg army. The Zerg army was settled and although the war ended, the small battles hadn’t stopped.

Recently, the Zerg ruler changed and peace talks were placed on the agenda. According to the speech from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the imperial marshal Aojia and the foreign minister Hoss had been personally designated by the emperor and would soon be sent to the Zerg’s main star to hold peace talks with the Zerg master.

Seeing this news, the little leopard couldn’t suppress his urge to bite. There was some pain from his tail as he stared at the news on the Star Network with a pale face. 

What type of person was the emperor? Was there a hole in his head? The empire was the victors then why send the marshal who could defeat the enemy to the enemy’s doorsteps? Was this a conspiracy? What if Aojia was left as a hostage? What if he was injured or killed?

Rong Mingshi was so angry that he screamed aggressively on the sofa.

Housekeeper Baba silently appeared opposite him, an inscrutable smile on the simulation body’s face. He leaned close to the little leopard and asked, “Master, do you want to know about it? The internal news about the peace talks?”

Rong Mingshi stopped turning in a circle and stared at the housekeeper. The housekeeper happily sat next to the little leopard and the internal news from Ruhr was displayed in front of the little leopard. The little leopard looked shocked as he turned his head and asked seriously, “Is this reliable?”

Housekeeper Baba rubbed the little leopard’s head. “It is reliable!”

It took him a lot of effort to sneak this out from Ruhr’s body!

The little leopard’s spirit shook and his paws hit the back of the sofa. “Since this is the case, I will also act!”

The little leopard commanded the housekeeper to bring the energy wine sent by the small sun Gult. Then he contacted Principal Stewart. Principal Stewart smiled as he looked at Student Rong opposite him. “Student Rong, is there something?’

“Hello, please give me the contact information of the 18 masters.”

Principal Stewart felt envy and hatred as he handed it over to Student Rong. He knew that after the 18 masters returned from the marshal’s house, they all went crazy in the college’s training room for a night. Their carving skills leaped forward and on the next day, they were still spirited enough to go to their new carving stores.

Principal Stewart vaguely felt that the day when he could retire was just around the corner. Maybe one day, Student Rong would have these old guys take over the college! Principal Stewart thought this and felt better.

Rong Mingshi had the contact information of the masters and called his 18 master apprentices. Meanwhile, Abel had almost completely arranged the situation. The 18 masters were tossed by him and gathered a lot of carvers using their name, taking in a lot of orders.

Therefore, the masters that Rong Mingshi saw all had hollowed faces…

Um… wasn’t the average age of his apprentices a bit older? Should he really do this? The little leopard hesitated as he cleared his throat and asked, “I’m going to start a class. Who has the energy to come over and observe?”

Almost instantaneously, all the masters shook their spirits and their eyes lit up, like hungry people seeing meat!

One person responded, “There is energy, we definitely have energy.”

However, one of the masters spoke regretfully, “Little leopard master, we were warned by the marshal. If we take half a step into the manor then we will have to run all 180 stores.”

Rong Mingshi moved his paws. “Rest assured, he went out and won’t be back for a few days. I will tell the housekeeper to let you in. Pack your things and stay here for a few days.”




The little leopard master was so bold that they couldn’t react for a moment.

Rong MIngshi cocked his head. “Don’t you want to go to class?”

“How can that be? Just wait, we will pack up immediately!”

“The little leopard  master has the style of a master!”

“This old man can’t wait!”

Rong Mingshi turned off the call with them and patted the energy wine sent by the housekeeper with his paws. He felt that his efficiency after being drunk was very high. Once he woke up, there would be more pies falling from the sky!

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