NOLMBW: Chapter 68

Once he fell asleep at night, Rong Mingshi dreamt of using his thick paws to open the smart lock and the inscrutable expression of the big black dragon next to him. The dreaming leopard snorted. In the end, did his black dragon like gold or not? It didn’t matter if he spent all his money but it would be a big loss if he bought something the big black dragon didn’t like.

The little leopard was completely unsettled by the dream. A paw touched Aojia’s shoulders as he opened his eyes and stared at the person in front of him. He asked in a serious tone, “Aoji, I want to ask you something and you must tell the truth. Do you like the gold coins I bought?”

The big black dragon who was suddenly awakened by the leopard’s claws, “…”

The little leopard pulled at his clothes. “If you don’t like it then I’ll give it back tomorrow or find a way to sell it. Perhaps the person dressed like a sun yesterday will like them.”

Aojia’s eyelids twitched and he pressed the little leopard against his chest. “Don’t sell them. I like them very much. Go to sleep.”

“Aoji, your words sound very perfunctory…”

Aojia flicked his ears. “You know that I like everything you send me.”

The little leopard, “…”

This sounded comfortable but he still felt it was a loss. Seeing that the little leopard still wasn’t convinced, Aojia took a slight breath and reached out to pick up the little leopard. Since the little leopard didn’t believe it, there was no other way. His image might be damaged but it would be known to the little leopard sooner or later. He had no intention of hiding anything from the little leopard.

Aojia opened the quilt. He held the little leopard with one hand while putting on a coat. Then he placed the little leopard into his clothes and went out. Rong Mingshi protruded his head from the collar and looked at Aojia’s chin. “Where are we going?”

Aojia looked down at him and rubbed his back. “I’m taking you to one place and then we’ll go back and sleep.”

“Oh.” The little leopard obediently stayed in the clothes as Aojia descended the elevator to the underground mech assembly room and mech showroom. Aojia entered the mech assembly room, circled a tall and dark gold armour placed on the ground and opened a door hidden behind the mech.

Rong Mingshi was raising a paw to block a yawn when he became shocked by the situation behind the door, causing his paw to freeze there. Behind this door was a space larger than the mech showroom. It should originally be a cave of the suspended mountain. There were many stalactites of various colours and was a super-large space with luxurious decorations. Almost all the furniture and decorations were gold and even the textiles were made of gold thread. The handcrafting of the beastmen empire wasn’t developed enough but the decorations made by the smart machines were quite beautiful.

This… Rong Mingshi’s thick paws moved from blocking his mouth and rubbed his eyes instead. It was too bright and dazzling.

Aojia looked down at the little leopard as he circled this splendid space and stopped at a pile of gold coins that the little leopard thought was arranged in the warehouse by Aojia’s robots. The pile of gold coins wasn’t messy but was built into a perfect nest shape.

The little leopard, “…”

Aojia used his hands to move the little leopard from his collar to his arms. Then he aimed a dragon’s breath at the pile of gold coins. The gold coins piled up were melted under the dragon’s constant breath and became a perfect golden nest. Compared with the little leopard’s carving, the ability of the big black dragon’s body was also powerful.

Of course, the most important thing was… the black dragon liked to hoard things such as gold and the mech armour in the next room. The little leopard yawned, hugged Aojia’s arm and fell asleep. Very good, his money wasn’t spent in vain! There was no loss at all! He could sleep peacefully.

Before going to sleep, the little leopard thought of two things. When he had time, he wanted to decorate this gold nest, meaning he had to work harder to make money! Buy stones and buy gold!

Aojia looked down at the little leopard sleeping in his arms, rubbed the small head and gently returned to the bedroom.

Early the next morning, Rong Mingshi woke up and saw that Aojia was wearing clothes. He stretched and climbed up. “It is early, Aojia.”

Aojia put on his cufflinks and held the thick paws. “I have something to do early this morning. If you are sleepy then sleep for a while.”

Rong Mingshi shook his head, “I won’t sleep, I have to work hard.”

Aojia got dressed and touched the little leopard’s head. “Okay, don’t be too tired. We will drink together after I come back tonight.”

The little leopard nodded and watched Aojia leave the bedroom. After spending a while in bed, Rong Mingshi opened the online store. Now he was penniless and he naturally had to make money. Fortunately, his high-grade orders hadn’t been paid yet. He only spent the deposit. Once he completed the orders, the other half of the fee would be available.

Thus, the little leopard opened the interface and ran to the study room, ready to send the two high-grade energy stones that he had completed. However, he ran into the study and saw four completed carvings on the table!

This was a surprise! It was like a pie falling from the sky!

The little leopard hastily had the housekeeper send the four carvings. Since the little leopard saw he could gain many star coins at once and opened the backstage of his online store, ready to continue the orders.

At the same time, the three elites of the Information Department responsible for staring at the store jumped up. “Deputy commander, the store owner is online.”

The fox deputy commander, who had been busy for a few days and was currently facing a huge problem, immediately sent a message to the store owner.

“Hello store owner, the military has an urgent order. At present, only the store owner can complete it. For the sake of the lives of the front-line owners, can I ask you to consider it?”

Rong MIngshi just wanted to open an order when he received the buyer’s message. He nodded and immediately responded, “I can consider it.”

The deputy commander took a slight breath and directly spoke to the store owner without any calculations. “Honestly, the store owner’s low-grade energy stones that can hide the energy activation is very important for first-line fighters and can even save their lives. Therefore, we sincerely ask the store owner to accept this order. The order quantity is somewhat large and we won’t set a completion date. It can all be freely arranged by the store owner. In order to be sincere, the military is willing to pay the full amount in advance.”

“Okay, I’ll accept it but I don’t need the full amount. Pay it one by one when I complete it.”

The deputy commander sighed with relief when he saw the message. He reached out and immediately signed his secret key to the military expense and directly sent it to the owner. This was good. The military expenditure had already been calculated. Even if the emperor personally questioned it, the order would be difficult to give to the Monman Company.

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