NOLMBW: Chapter 67

Rong Mingshi woke up and felt an inexplicable excitement, as if he just experienced something very intense and the excitement hidden in his consciousness hadn’t faded. Did something happen before he fell asleep?

Rong Mingshi raised his paws and rubbed his head. He turned to see Aojia sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with a little black dragon in his hand. A silent picture unfolded in front of him, the mouth of the person opening and closing as if saying something.

The little leopard moved through the quilt and climbed onto the big black dragon’s thighs. Aojia placed the little black dragon aside, rubbed the little leopard’s head before picking him up and opening the telephone interface. Abel appeared on the side of the little leopard and greeted him with a smile. “Little leopard, long time no see.”

The little leopard raised his paws at Abel.

Aojia told him, “Abel is talking about the carving stores in your name. Listen together?”

The little leopard nodded.

Abel continued, “Things are like this. At present, the operations of our Masters League carving business are on the right track. However, the new Monman Resources Company who took over the Oran Carving Business has come to the forefront, aggressively stealing the carvers and buyers we want to recruit and squeezing our market.”

“In order to gain an advantage in the empire’s energy stone carving industry, I think our masters haven’t played the greatest role yet. After all, the authority of these so-called masters is far less than it was a few months ago, mainly because their master, the store owner of the famous online stone, is in the limelight at present.”

“Sir, since you can bring in these 18 masters at the same time, recruiting Master Time shouldn’t be difficult? I’m not good at this matter so I can only ask the boss to coordinate it.”

“If you can hire the highly respected Master Time as the ambassador of our Masters League and then invite the old gentleman of good moral standing and reputation to be a guest lecturer of all the carvers in our business, I can definitely make the Masters League Carving Business the number one carving business of the empire.”

After saying these words, Abel gazed at his boss with eyes burning with confidence.

The little leopard, “…”

All the other words were fine but what did he say at the end? Old gentleman of good moral standing and reputation? He didn’t seem to have exposed his age on the Star Network. How was he an old gentleman?

Aojia looked down at the little leopard. “What do you think?”

The little leopard’s front paws stepped on his thighs as he asked, “Do I have to appear?”

He could transform into a human form for a long time but he wasn’t yet stable. He didn’t want to expose the image of the little leopard to the public.

Aojia nodded. “You can do what you want.”

Rong Mingshi suggested, “Then shall I publish an announcement in the online store?”

“That is feasible.”

“I’m really inexperienced as a lecturer but I can record the carving process in 3D high-definition.”

“Okay, we will let the housekeeper pick images after the recording.”

Abel’s face was full of dark lines as he listened to the person and little leopard listening across from him. The two of them were speaking as if the little leopard was Master Time. He had been struggling all day but the group of masters said they wouldn’t reveal Master Time’s contact details (in fact, they didn’t have it).

“Sir, as far as I know, Master Time is famous for being lazy… well, casual and never providing his contact information. Are you sure he will agree to these two things?”

Abel quickly replaced the adjective but Rong Mingshi still heard it. He hit Aojia’s thigh and said, “Aojia, I just finished the carvings for the lucky 18 buyers and now the 10 high-grade orders are also being completed quickly. Why is the name of lazy still hung on me?”

Abel, “…”

He was having a hallucination.

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s ears. “No, you are very diligent. They are just too greedy.”

Abel, “…”

The boss’ words were very deep.

Aojia told Abel, “The little leopard will announce the identity of the ambassador on the online store. All follow-up matters will be handled by you. The little leopard won’t be exposed.”

Abel, “…”

The amount of information was so large that he needed to hold his head and slow down. Abel’s senses finally returned as he stared at the little leopard his boss was holding and spoke incredulously, “You are Master Time?”

Rong Mingshi was opening the online store with his thick paws and shivered for a moment. Why did this name sound so… pretentious?

Abel saw the little leopard who didn’t object and felt awkward. He said from the beginning that the little leopard who matched with a top-grade transparent energy stone definitely wasn’t ordinary. He should’ve thought about this!

As the little leopard bowed his head to look at the online store, Abel glanced at his boss and couldn’t hold back the excitement in his head. “Sir, the giant energy stone that was ordered from our resource star, can I look at the finished product?”

He hadn’t seen many of the store owner’s works, apart from those that had already been displayed. How spectacular would a giant energy stone be when made with such exquisite carving skills? He really wanted to see it. The little leopard had personally carved it for the boss so it must be more shocking than ordinary beastmen!

Aojia gazed at him with calm and unwavering eyes.

Abel, “…” Stingy! Of course, he didn’t dare say this…

Meanwhile, Rong Mingshi entered the owner’s announcement area and entered another announcement.

-Dear buyers, this store owner is honoured to be…

Rong Mingshi looked up at Abel. “What is the name of the business?”

He had no business mind and hadn’t paid attention to these matters when handing his industry over to Abel. Abel’s mouth twitched as he said, “The Masters League Carving Business.” This store owner… how was he not worthy of being called lazy?

This name… very good! It was much more atmospheric than his Craftsman Time’s House. The little leopard continued to enter the announcement.

-Dear buyers, this store owner is honoured to be the ambassador and guest lecturer of the Masters League Carving Business. I hope that all the buyers will support the Masters League Carving Business!

After all, it was the industry that his mother left for him. Rong Mingshi made the announcement and opened the buyers exchange area.

-The master store owner is protecting the disciples’ stores with his strength. Sure enough, he is the best master!

-Then in the future, the carvers of the Masters League Carving Business can reach the level of the master store owner?

-Does the upstairs person believe this himself? The skills of the master store owner, how can it be learnt in a day or two?

-No matter what, since the store owner is the ambassador, I will acknowledge this Masters League.

-Even if the general carvers can’t reach the level of the master store owner, the 18 masters should get the store owner’s true lesson. In fact, it is comforting that we can go to the Masters League to get a carving from the masters.

-Hey! To celebrate this carving industry event, please owner a lucky draw!

-It is also okay to open custom orders!

-Begging the store owner to open a lucky draw system!

-I am curious, how much did the Masters League spend to hire the store owner?

Abel who was looking at the buyers’ messages displayed on the interface in front of the little leopard, “…”

The entire Masters League Carving Business belonged to the little leopard. What type of endorsement fee was needed? Moreover, the person who sent the message was obviously implying ‘I am willing to spend double’ to rob this person.

Abel saw this and sneered. He was able to make the boss’ resource star into a resource company that dominated the entire energy stone market of the empire. Naturally, he could make the little leopard’s carving business into the number one carving business of the empire. Abel waved to the little leopard and his boss, turned off the call and went to arrange matters.

At this time, Housekeeper Baba stood at the door and asked, “Marshal, do you want to eat first or let Master open the package first.”

Rong Mingshi was confused. Package, what package?

Aojia replied, “…Eat first.”

Housekeeper Baba nodded. He tried to control the facial expressions of his simulation body as he showed a loving smile to the little leopard and went out. Then Aojia picked up the little leopard and left the bedroom. Before heading downstairs, he turned to the next room and said, “When you fell asleep yesterday, I sent Ms Bowei’s carving to this room.”

The lttle elopard looked at the familiar snow leopard and the snow leopard he carved for Aojia placed in front of it. The little snow leopard breaking out of its shell opened its mouth and didn’t say anything.

Aojia rubbed his ears. “There is no shortage of little black dragons in the manor. The most missing is the little leopard.”

Rong Mingshi hugged Aojia’s arm and nodded hard. “You are right!”

He would make many little leopards to accompany the little black dragons and his mother!

Aojia rubbed this person’s head again. “Go and eat.”

The little leopard raised his paws to hold Aojia’s arm. They left the room and headed to the dining room on the first floor. After eating, Rong Mingshi followed Aojia out of the living room and saw a large number of parcels in the front yard of the manor. The huge gold coins were shining golden under the moonlight.

The paws of the little leopard stopped as the scenes that occurred after he became drunk wandered through his mind. Rong Mingshi opened his account and found that he seemed to have done a very bad thing. He spent all the money in his account to buy a large number of pure gold star coin shaped ornaments.

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