NOLMBW: Chapter 66

Such a cute store owner… Gult’s heart was bleeding. He originally thought that the store owner had such superb carving skills and also received 18 masters as apprentices. Perhaps the store owner wasn’t too young and they could only be soulmates.

In the end, Gult couldn’t bear the little flames burning in his heart. He took a step forward and bowed to the little leopard. “Store owner, I am the golden python you carved. Your work is excellent. Thank you very much.”

The little leopard was holding the little black dragon and didn’t raise his head.

Gult, “…”

‘Master store owner, look at me… maybe you will change your mind if you look at me?’

However, the little leopard’s eyes were only full of the little black dragon. At this time, his thick paws hit Aojia’s arms. “Little Black, let him fly once!”

Aojia reached out to pick up the little black dragon. He raised his arm and threw it out!

The small fire in Gult’s heart was extinguished instantly and another uncontrollable emotion came out. Blood was simply gushing out! He was defeated by these two…

This was the carving of the store owner! Did these two people know how hard it was to grab it? If the buyers waiting on the Star Network knew this, how crazy would they be?

Of course, Aojia didn’t simply throw the little black dragon. He let out a small bit of burning breath the moment the black dragon left his hand. The hot breath carried the little black dragon and it really flew. This angle and speed made it look like the little dragon was flying while holding the gold coin. The little leopard’s tail shook happily.

Of course, the little black dragon eventually landed on the ground. Fortunately, the power of the low-grade energy stone was activated. Unless the energy was exhausted, it generally wasn’t damaged. The posture of the little black dragon landing on the ground wasn’t elegant. It looked a bit messy and stupid.

The little leopard laughed in Aojia’s arms. Aojia acted like nothing happened as he picked up the little black dragon and handed it to the little leopard.

Gult felt a bit more comfortable. He would be even better if he could kick the tail of this little black dragon…

At the same time, the Gult who had too much blood flowing was a little relieved. The atmosphere between the two people was greasy enough to kill someone. It was obvious that no one could insert between them. Gult sighed and waved to the two people before heading to his suspension car.

After playing with the little black dragon a few times, the little leopard’s thick paws touched the small dragon’s head and stared at the gold coin in the dragon’s claws. The more he saw that the gold coin matched the little black dragon, the more he thought of the big, evil dragon holding a gold coin!

The drunk little leopard was eager to try it. As Aojia carried him back to the living room, he used his paws to open the Star Network. His eyes were burning as he chose a round and super-large empire coin-shaped pure gold ornament. The little leopard didn’t check the size and directly selected the maximum number. It was nice to have money because he could buy whatever he wanted!

Aojia who witnessed the entire process, “……”

The little leopard finished buying things and his spirit shook more and more. His thick paws pulled open the cloak wrapped around him and he struggled to get out of Aojia’s arms. Aojia held his paws and asked, “What do you want to do?”

The little leopard pointed to the study. His work hadn’t been completed and he naturally had to work! Make money to buy a lot of stones and a lot of gold!

Rong Mingshi entered the study and jumped from Aojia’s arms onto the table. The little leopard’s consciousness might be confused but his inspiration was clear. The remaining eight high-grade energy stones already had distinctive features in his head.

The little leopard licked his thick paws and started his leopard paw tools. He instantly sank into the carving. The drunkenness couldn’t be seen at all apart from the abnormal brightness of the eyes.

Aojia watched the little leopard for a while before connecting to the doctor. “What is the little leopard’s physical condition?”

The doctor had been staring at the little leopard’s body information all day and immediately responded, “Reporting to Sir, there are no problems! After the little leopard drank the energy wine, all the injected power flowed through the nucleus. The process of consuming the energy caused the energy layer around the beast nucleus to gradually improve.”

Aojia nodded. “If there are any accidents then report it immediately.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Aojia turned off the call to the doctor, pulled out the chair and sat across from his desk. The little leopard was crouching there, quickly controlling the carving tools as he carved the high-grade energy stones without any hesitation.

Under the little leopard’s paws, a rhinoceros was formed using a transparent bronze high-grade energy stone that was half the size of a fist. This carving didn’t have anything else added and every fold of the rhinoceros was full and smooth.

The little leopard’s carving skill had recently advanced by leaps and bounds. His carvings were meticulously realistic as well as perfectly reproducing the beast shape. Most importantly, he was now about to capture the charm of the beast shape very accurately. The eyes and muscle movements meant it was as if the real empire’s minister could be seen. During the time when the rhinoceros was gradually taking shape, the beastman the carving belonged to could already be seen.

The little leopard currently received 10 high grade energy stones from either high-ranking officials or rich people of other planets. Once the leopard finished carving two high-grade energy stones, Housekeeper Baba opened the door to remind the little leopard that a package had arrived.

The little leopard’s ears moved instantly as he was carving. He raised his thick paws from the high-grade energy stone that only had the basic shape outlined and didn’t hesitate to rush to Aojia’s shoulders, staring at him.

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s back fur and went out of the study. The living room was empty and didn’t contain the huge package envisioned by the little leopard. Housekeeper Baba pointed outside. “The package is too big to enter the door. It was placed outside.”

Aojia, “…”

He carried the little leopard out of the living room and walked to the huge parcel placed next to the manor’s giant carving.

The little leopard was particularly excited. He pressed his paws against the smart lock and the express package was opened, revealing a golden light that was particularly eye-catching. The gold coin was simply a big sun compared to the golden Gult. Rong Mingshi placed his paws together and looked up at his big black dragon, eyes bright enough to make a star.

The big black dragon, “…”

What else could he do? Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head and placed the little leopard next to the housekeeper, who accurately expressed rare sympathy. Then he indicated that the housekeeper should move back. 

Once the housekeeper had evacuated with the little leopard to the right position, Aojia slightly raised his hand and instantly launched his large and powerful dragon wings. He turned into a big black dragon and flew into the air. This time, Aojia showed his full size as the number one beast of the empire, a super-large form that the little leopard had never seen before.

The little leopard in the housekeeper’s arms was full of excitement. Too evil, too evil, but he liked it so much!

Under the little leopard’s burning eyes, the evil black dragon grabbed the gold coin with his claws and flew up. The gold coin made a clear noise as it flew up high, settled firmly in the dragon’s claws.

The little leopard was silent for a moment before extending thick paws in the big black dragon’s direction, shouting, “…Aoji Aoji Aoji!”

He didn’t say anything else.

The housekeeper holding the little leopard, “…”

His drunk child seemed a bit too unruly but this marshal was really good!

Ruhr who hadn’t left the housekeeper’s body, “…”

The marshal was mighty! However… did Baba just praise the marshal? It turned out that Baba liked this huge body size?

Thus, Ruhr instantly made a decision. He dragged Housekeeper Baba’s information out of the simulation body and all the way along the Star Network. Housekeeper Baba hadn’t yet responded when he was dragged to the nearest resource star and pulled into the largest robot of the mining area.

Ruhr proudly took the housekeeper to control the giant robot and jumped 360 degrees in the intelligent mining area without any humans…

The housekeeper’s data chain was shaking (from anger). He was just looking at his child when this little damn wisdom pulled him to a place without his child? There was definitely a virus in this little intelligence’s data!

The housekeeper didn’t hesitate to smash Ruhr’s data chain, emerged from the giant robot that was almost the size of the black dragon and returned to the manor along the Star Network. The housekeeper was only away for a few seconds. In this time, the big black dragon had descended from the air and placed the giant gold coin back on the ground.

The black dragon became a human and reached out to hold the excited little leopard who was shaking his tail in the housekeeper’s arms. He just hugged the little leopard. It was unknown what nerves were touched by the little leopard hurriedly opened the Star Network and ordered many gold coins of all sizes…

The entire beastmen empire basically used virtual star coins and solid coins were only needed for offline shopping.

Aojia, “…”

In the end, was he obsessed with gold or was the little leopard more obsessed with gold? The little leopard ordered a large number of gold coins and then touched his furry face. He felt that he still didn’t have enough money. Finally, the little leopard who had been active for one afternoon closed his eyes and fell asleep in Aojia’s arms.

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