NOLMBW: Chapter 65

After the golden python, the other lucky buyers showed their carvings in turn. The entire buyers exchange area was full of over a dozen carvings, making those who didn’t snatch a custom order become full of envy.

This feeling wasn’t simply relief about appeasing their mania, but a sense of impatient longing. They couldn’t wait for the store owner to let out a breath and produce thousands of carvings. Even more ridiculously, some people thought it would be perfect if the entire empire was one person.

Of course, no matter how noisy the online store or how many people were crying and shouting for the store owner to be diligent, Rong Mingshi didn’t go to the buyers exchange area at all. He was concentrating on studying the 10 high-grade energy stones.

He placed all 10 stones on the table and then the beast shaped images provided by the 10 buyers. The 10 stones were light or dark but they were all one colour. Rong Mingshi could feel a completely different and pure power surging in them.

The little leopard patted his paws together and started his tools. Then he thought about his apprentices and opened the video recording function of the quantum computer. He was busy until noon and completed the carving of two high-grade energy stones. He strolled out to eat lunch and take a nap. He had just arrived on the first floor when the big black dragon returned.

The little leopard ran over. Aojia reached for the little leopard and rubbed his head. “I arranged for a winemaker to come over and mix your favourite flavour of energy wine.”

Then someone spoke. “What winemaker? You say that as if I was casually pulled out of a bar. I am the empire’s chief winemaker, a first class winemaker!”

Rong Mingshi turned his head at the sound and saw a man striding into the living room. The glittering golden clothes almost blinded the little leopard. Rong Mingshi raised his paws and blocked half of his face. Through the gaps in his paws, he looked at the golden outfit and his mouth dropped open. This taste was unspeakable.

“Are you Aojia’s unmarried beastman?” The man leaned close to the little leopard and raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you think I am more handsome and tasteful than Aojia? His clothes are black like a crow and are ugly.


Rong MIngshi’s paws touched Aojia’s shoulder. He felt that Aojia wasn’t a crow at all.

…Even a crow was more comfortable than this little sun!

The man spoke with regret, “Well, you don’t know how flashy he used to dress. None of my clothes could match it. If Aojia wasn’t the marshal then he wouldn’t have to wear this dark military uniform.

Huh? The little leopard gazed at the black dragon with surprise.

Aojia looked back calmly. “Do you believe it?

The little leopard instantly shook his head.

…Although there was a legend that black dragons liked to hoard gold.

“Little leopard, you are too easy to deceive…”The man gently bumped Aojia’s shoulder. “Is your unmarried beast being cheated by you?”

“Second prince,” Aojia called out lightly.

Once he heard this title, Gult spoke with great agitation. “Stop it. You know how hard I worked to get rid of my royal status. It is refreshing and clean. How can I do business if this is revealed by you?”

Gult was like the walking sun as he stepped into the living room. “How long has it been since I’ve been to your manor? I say, how many cubs do you want? What is the use of decorating the living room? Hurry to get married and apply for genetic breeding. How many would you like to have to make sure your estate is in disorder?”

The black dragon and little leopard hadn’t spoken yet when Housekeeper Baba suddenly appeared in front of Gult. The huge ion gun on his shoulder was aimed at Gult’s head.

‘Daring to tease my little leopard, I will bombard you!’

Gult’s mouth twitched. As far as he knew, the defense robots of families in the empire could only be configured to have no lethality or to hold power grid projectors. However, the thing in front of him was obviously an ion gun and it was aimed at his head.

Aojia sat down on the sofa while holding the little leopard’s paws. He said, “Housekeeper, Gult is here to make wine for the little leopard.”

Housekeeper Baba looked at the little leopard. Since the leopard had to drink a bottle of wine every day, it was important to adjust the taste. Thus, he gave way. Of course, the ion gun was still on his shoulders.

Gult touched his nose, moved to the opposite side of the sofa and sat down in his flashy clothes. The little leopard stared at all the gold across from him and his eyes hurt. He turned and looked at the stupid little black dragons on the stair railings…

Lunch finished and Aojia arranged for the housekeeper to get the materials for blending energy wine from Gult’s suspension vehicle. Gult might be wearing pompous clothes but his skills weren’t ordinary. The little leopard listened to the familiar rhythmic voice and turned to look over.

Gult had dozens of energy wines in front of him. In a short time, there was a row of small glasses on the table filled with liquids of various colours that emitting a rich fragrance. The little leopard smelt the variety of different flavours in the air. He was a bit dizzy.

Gult told Aojia, “Try it and see which one your unmarried beastman likes. I will provide you with that one in the future and deliver it.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the order tomorrow. You can go.”


He couldn’t hear anything.

Aojia saw that the person didn’t move and repeated, “Gult, you can leave.”

At this time, Rong Mingshi had already jumped onto the table, lowered his head and drank. His head was lowered but he had evidently gone through several small cups. His tongue stretched out and licked some wet fur around his mouth.

Gult was stunned. “Isn’t your unmarried beastman drinking too quickly?”

Aojia reached for the little leopard while ordering, “Housekeeper, send him away!”

“Hey, I haven’t been drinking with you for many years. Let me sit for a while before leaving!” Gult was talking when he was picked up by the powerful housekeeper and had to watch Aojia leaving with the little leopard in his arms.

This was discrimination… the same nature drowned out different natures! Gult turned to the tall, strong and ruthless housekeeper. “Don’t carry me. Can’t I leave on my own?”

The housekeeper let go and stared as Baba took several steps. The housekeeper had jus seen Gult reach the garden outside when Ruhr, who had been busy in the military, rushed into the housekeeper’s simulation body and smashed the housekeeper’s data.

“Babababa, have you been thinking of me? I’ve been exhausted these past two days. You must have a lot of junk data to clean up, right? Come on, let’s clean up the junk in depth first!”

“Get out of here!”

“Babababa, this is what you promised me before. Didn’t you say that I can come over to study the flexible use of the simulation body?”

“There are so many simulations in the room. You love to drill that one and I will enter this one. Is there a virus in your master data? Well… comfortable, there…”

Gult felt that the housekeeper staring at him seemed to stop, so he turned his head to look. The housekeeper was standing there motionless and his expression was a bit distorted. The golden Gult shrugged and looked up in the direction of the second floor. He was ready to turn away and leave when he saw something breaking through the window and it fell to his feet.

Gult looked down and saw there was a low-grade energy stone carved in the form of a black dragon. The small dragon wings were opened, the golden eyes reflected the imperial of the imperial star coin. Sharp dragon teeth were revealed in a proud smile and the dragon claws were holding a thick, golden star coin.

The carving wasn’t the focus. The focus was that this little black dragon carving was too exquisite, giving Gult the illusion that the little black dragon was really trying to fly but the golden star coin was too heavy.

Gult had only seen a similar work from the top carver on the Star Network. In other words, the soul he had fallen in love with, the store owner whose age he didn’t care about!

The decorations in Aojia’s living room were energy stones so he hadn’t carefully observed them. Now that he thought about it, shouldn’t the various dragon patterns be carved by the store owner? Did Aojia know the store owner? If so, he had a great chance to meet the store owner in person! For a moment, Gult wanted to laugh.

Then Aojia held the little leopard wrapped in a cloak and descended from the second floor. The little leopard’s head poked out from the cloak, bright eyes looking around. “Where did the little black dragon that I carved fly to?”

The words were as heavy as one thousand ones. The smile on Gult’s face stiffened and he twitched. First, he felt ecstatic and then he was broken…

The saddest thing was that he had fallen in love with a person. He hadn’t even known them when he discovered they were already getting married and it was to his best friend.

He was a mighty golden python who made enough money to support his family. His appearance was also handsome and his taste high enough. He could be called a star in the imperial capital and he had a high vision. It was hard for him to look at a person yet it ended without even starting.

Aojia handed the little black dragon on the ground over to the little leopard and then glanced at his stiff friend standing there. “Gult, please keep the identity of the little leopard carver a secret.”

Gult nodded. This was natural and he certainly wouldn’t betray the master store owner. Still… Gult wanted to cry. “Is there a possibility of you breaking up?”

The big black dragon’s eyes slightly narrowed. “What?”

Gult was dejected. “I said, I wish you happiness…”

He thought he needed to go back to his wine cellar for a while.

The little leopard wasn’t listening to the two people. He held the little black dragon and excitedly said, “Aoji Aoji, did you fly with a golden coin when you were a child?”

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head and thought with a laugh, ‘This isn’t flying, it was thrown out by you, silly leopard.’

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