NOLMBW: Chapter 64

The doctor saw his boss’ inscrutable expression and said, “Sir, according to the current symptoms, I speculate that the little leopard needs to drink a bottle of imperial standard energy wine every day. The effect of a stored bottle should be best. If you are worried about the leopard becoming drunk, you can calculate the amount of wine according to different time periods.”

Aojia gazed in the direction of the bedroom and said, “There is no drinking wine.”


What did he mean by there was no drinking wine?

“He doesn’t need to touch any drops of wine. He can get drunk off the smell.”

“…There is actually another method, depending on whether the boss wants to raise the leopard into a wine bug or a fat little leopard.”

Aojia silently gazed at the doctor.

The doctor explained, “In short, open a bottle of wine or directly have the little leopard drink it. As long as the quality of the energy wine is good enough, there will be no other side effects. Or let the little leopard keep eating energy rich meals. However, the little leopard has to eat all the time since the contents of an energy meal are much less than energy wine…”

Aojia’s eyes narrowed as he weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods for the little leopard.

The doctor continued, “If you choose the energy meal, I need to prescribe some medicines for the little leopard and develop a long-term weight loss plan because the little leopard will need to eat at least 10 medium-sized meals a day.”



Aojia and Housekeeper Baba stared at the doctor. They all knew the amount the little leopard ate and it was at most, half a meal…

Aojia wasn’t worried about the little leopard being fat. A fat little leopard was also good as long as his health was fine. However, would he be able to eat 10 medium sized meals a day?

Aojia directly told the doctor, “You go back first. The body monitoring data of the little leopard will be immediately sent to your computer. You should pay attention to the little leopard’s physical conditions at all times and if there are any problems then contact me instantly.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The doctor was ordered to leave. Aojia turned to the big snow leopard and after watching it for a while, he whispered, “Excuse me.”

He moved the big snow leopard to the room next to the bedroom. It was the room that had been originally arranged for the little leopard. He finished placing the snow leopard inside and returned to the bedroom.

The human shaped snow leopard was still sleeping at this time. His face was a bit red, his mouth slightly opened and his breath still smelling of alcohol. Aojia took a cold shower before lying next to him on the quilt. The man felt the movement and turned over. He raised his leg and placed it on Aojia’s lower abdomen, head on Aojia’s chest as he murmured, “Aoji…”

Aojia reached out to rub the fluffy head and closed his eyes, laying stiffly and in an unmoving manner.


Rong Mingshi woke up late. By the time he opened his eyes, the sky was already bright.

The sun shone through the curtain and warmed him up. The little leopard turned over in the bed, gazed up at the ceiling, yawned and opened the quilt with his hind paws. He stretched out his front paws and saw the armband around his front paw. He couldn’t remember when he put this armband on.

Rong Mingshi jumped out of bed and walked to the sink to wash his face. He held the smart toothbrush and carefully brushed his teeth twice because he felt a strange taste in his mouth. There was the smell of wine and a burning taste.

The little leopard brushed his mouth full of foam and speculated about what happened last night. It should be that the big black dragon drank the wine and put the armband on him. Then he became human and was kissed. He must’ve become drunk because of the residual alcohol in the big black dragon’s mouth so that he had no memories at all. It was reasonable.

However, Aojia’s previous kisses were full of passion. He didn’t know if the drunk Aojia had become more passionate and enthusiastic. There was a bit of regret that he didn’t remember anything.

He finished cleaning up and Rong Mingshi went out of the bedroom. Then the little leopard paused stiffly. The scene outside the bedroom was very strange. The entire second floor corridor and first floor lobby contained small black dragons of various styles in every place that could be seen!

…The thing that happened last night seemed a bit different from what he thought.

Rong Mingshi looked strangely at the evil black dragon pattern on the wall. He moved to the stairwell and saw the real black dragon standing n the stairway to the first floor, looking down at a hollow little black dragon on the armrest.


Rong Mingshi cried out. The big black dragon waved at him. The little leopard licked his fur and walked down the stairs towards Aojia.

Aojia reached out and knocked on the carving of the armrest. There was a dragon egg held in dragon claws. The dragon wings took the form of love behind it and it revealed four teeth in a silly manner, eyes narrowed into seams. Aojia opened his mouth. “The carving is good.”


The little leopard crouched on the stairs and turned his head, as if pretending that nothing had happened. Still, he couldn’t help sneaking a peek at the little black dragon that looked particularly stupid. This stupid and proud expression was really cute!

The little leopard couldn’t help looking a bit more until his line of sight fell on the stair railing in front of him. The original manor’s decorations were very simple and the railings weren’t decorated. Now there was a complete scene carving that extended to the railing on the second floor, showing a war between a black dragon and an ugly rat king. He didn’t know what Duke Oran’s beast form was but in his subconscious, he probably thought of Duke Oran as the rat king.

Aojia glanced at the most conspicuous, violent black dragon that was burning the rat king and praised without any hesitation. “It is great and very appropriate. Defeat all evil and be invincible.”

Rong Mingshi didn’t hold back. He used Aojia’s thigh to jump up to his arms and asked, “Do you really think so?”

Aojia rubbed his head. “Naturally. Not only is it artistic, it also tells a story.”

The little leopard was very proud and his thick tail moved in a circle. “Do you like it?”

Aojia naturally nodded. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with the interior decorations of the manor becoming a little black dragon’s nest. It was just that the little black dragon was too lonely. Aojia added, “It is lacking little leopards.”

Rong Mingshi looked around and said, “There is no way. There are no more places to carve them.”

Aojia’s eyes moved in a circle. “…You’re right.”

Still, there would always be other ways.

After the meal, Aojia told the little leopard about the doctor’s words yesterday and let him choose the treatment plan. Rong Mingshi directly gave up on eating 10 meals. The size of his little leopard wasn’t as big as 10 people’s meals combined. He wouldn’t be able to support it.

Rong Mingshi solemnly gazed at the big black dragon. “I didn’t do anything crazy after becoming drunk on the wine?”


The special enthusiasm after drinking didn’t count.

“Then drink. In any case, I need to be able to practice my alcohol tolerance.”

Rong Mingshi made a decision and decided to be confident in himself! Aojia smiled and rubbed Rong Mingshi’s head. “Yes, I’ll come back every night and accompany you to drink.”

The discussion finished and the handsome man went to the military department to deal with official business. Rong Mingshi had missed the opening hours of the library yesterday and there was no point in going to college, so he asked Principal Stewart for a leave of absence.

Principal Stewart’s mouth twitched and allowed Student Rong’s vacation. This student had become the master of 18 masters yet he was still so modest. It was worthy of admiration!

The little leopard gazed at the dragon patterns in the living room and slipped into the room where the energy stones were stored. He saw a pile of beast carvings thrown on the ground by him. He walked over and picked them up with his paws. There were 18 and they were the orders of the 18 lucky buyers.

Then getting drunk and carving crazily had some benefits…

However, he didn’t make any money from the lucky draw. The little leopard greeted the housekeeper and sent all 18 orders with the housekeeper’s help. Then he continued to study all the little black dragons he carved in the living room.

The receipts of the 18 buyers soon arrived but Rong Mingshi didn’t notice. He finished studying the dragon patterns and ran to Aojia’s study room. He still had the 10 high-grade energy stones that he hadn’t carved in several days. Meanwhile, the buyers exchange area of the small online store was once again busy after seeing the orders of the 18 lucky draw buyers.

-The store owner finished 18 carvings in one night!

-Master store owner… it might not be very good but why are you putting the cart before the horse? Why are you so fast when you don’t make money but so slow with the custom orders? (low voice)

-Show, looking forward to the show!

Then a golden python appeared first.

-Hahaha! I said that my beast shape was the most powerful! Look at it! I also included the golden poo that was customized by the rubbish Oran Carving Business previously! You can do a contrast if you want.

The original snake form was somewhat gloomy and the appearance was slippery, making people visually uncomfortable.

They didn’t get this feeling from the store owner’s carving at all. The golden python was on a tree with golden scales, white lines and a winding posture. It looked strong and flexible, not cold and gloomy. It was the same as the golden python buyer, arrogant and very rich.

Moreover, it was unknown why but all the people who saw this golden python felt a type of vitality and explosive power. It was as if the golden python would snap the trunk it was coiled around and then its mouth would expand in the next moment.

Next to this carving was the unsophisticated golden python. The contrast impacted the senses of all buyers.

-Master store owner, you’re really amazing! What to do? I want to cry.

-The store owner’s works, regardless of low or high grade, are worth it, no matter how many stars!

-I really hope to see such a diligent store owner every day!


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