NOLMBW: Chapter 63

Aojia’s action of touching the head of the little leopard was very light but the sleeping leopard suddenly woke up. He opened his confused leopard eyes and couldn’t focus on his big black dragon.

Then the little leopard’s mouth opened, showing a bright smile. He released the snow leopard tail held in his thick paws, touched the neck of the big snow leopard, rubbed against the snow leopard before jumping out of the big snow leopard’s arms into Aojia’s arms. He grabbed Aojia’s shoulders and rubbed his head against the black dragon’s neck. Aojia was covered with the thick aroma of wine.

Aojia knew that the entire bottle of wine on the table had been drunk by the little leopard. Very good… he would remember these old guys!

He remembered what happened the last time the little leopard smelt Master Uka’s wine. Aojia held the little leopard with one hand and opened his computer to quickly contact the doctor on the aircraft.

The moment Aojia mentioned that the little leopard might’ve swallowed a whole bottle of energy wine, the doctor’s mouth twitched and he packed up his medical kit while saying, “Sir, the energy wine is a big tonic for him and it will kill him if it isn’t consumed. You must have him consume that power before going to sleep. Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon!”

Aojia saw the various dragon carvings scattered throughout the entire manor, the 18 beast shaped stones on the ground and the snow leopard mother…

Shouldn’t the little leopard be exhausted? The black dragon wanted to ask if the little leopard’s head hurt and didn’t notice that the little leopard in his hand was restless. The little leopard stepped on his shoulders and jumped down his back. His paws moved and he flicked his thick tail as he quickly ran out of the room.

Aojia immediately chased and saw the little leopard in the suspension car, ass sticking out. He walked to the car and saw the little leopard with the armband in his mouth as he moved out of the suspension car.

The little leopard raised his head and looked brightly at the big black dragon following him. Then he put the armband on the ground and tried to put it on with his thick paws. The power of the wine was completely consumed but the little leopard was still tipsy and couldn’t get the target.

The little leopard was anxious! The previous carved stones were so accurate. Why was it so hard to wear an armband?

Aojia crouched down, touched the little leopard’s head and reached out to help. Unexpectedly, the little leopard was energetic. He simply bowed his head in an annoyed manner and bit the armband. He directly opened the armband and bit the stone inside. The little leopard biting the stone pounced on the big black dragon. The next second, he became a young man with a red face.

Rong Mingshi leaned against Aojia’s neck with the stone still in his mouth. He slowly rubbed the leopard-shaped stone in his mouth as he called out vaguely, “Aoji, Aoji…”

The big black dragon suppressed his wings bursting out as he stood up with his human shaped snow leopard, one arm pulling at his military uniform to cover the snow leopard.

Then Aojia turned his head while holding his breath. He rubbed his snow leopard’s head with one hand while the other hand tried to get the carving out of the mouth. This thing was a bit small and what if it was swallowed by the drunk person? However, the snow leopard’s teeth were biting it tightly and he couldn’t get it out.

Aojia whispered, “Be good and let go.”

Rong Mingshi immediately shook his head, raising his hand to cover the transparent snow leopard carving he was biting. He had to rely on this thing to become human. In his human form, he could hug and kiss the big black dragon. Thus… no one could get it!

Aojia looked at the two hands covering the other person’s face and his Adam’s Apple moved slightly. His flaming breath moved closer as he once again whispered, “Little leopard, if there is something in your mouth then how can I kiss you?”

This seemed reasonable…

Rong Mingshi loosened his teeth and the stone fell onto his hands.

Aojia picked up the armband on the ground and placed the snow leopard in it. Rong Mingshi stared as the big black dragon fixed the armband around his arm. Then he raised his head and hugged the big black dragon, his head rubbing against the dragon’s neck. Without the restriction of the stone, he was free to bite.

The big black dragon’s wings burst out and the little leopard reached out to touch it. Why did he feel that no matter how good the stones he carved, there was nothing like the real big black dragon. He really liked it!

Aojia turned his head and gazed at the person lying against his shoulder. He asked, “Tell me first, does it hurt?”

Rong Mingshi shook his head and raised his eyes to gaze at this person, the reflection seen in the bright eyes.

The enduring black dragon spread out his wings, held the snow leopard in his clothes and flew to the bedroom. His wings gathered around the other person as he pressed his snow leopard against the wall. He reached out to help the person buried in his neck. The gnawing and biting gave Aojia the illusion that his snow leopard wanted meat.

The big black dragon’s hot eyes stared at the little leopard. “Do you know who I am?”

Rong Mingshi stared at the mouth of the big black dragon and licked his lips with bright eyes. “Aoji!”

Then he gnawed at the man’s mouth. He had been practicing with this man’s neck for a while and his kissing skills must’ve improved! The big black dragon was bitten on his lips and opened his mouth to suck on the snow leopard’s soft lips and tongue.

This type of action made the confused Rong Mingshi feel that his short practice was very useful. Therefore, he moved even more eagerly against the big black dragon’s lips and tongue, sucking up the familiar burning taste like it was an addiction.

This was a provocation…

The big black dragon was going crazy but he had to exercise restraint and not indulge. Even if his snow leopard could maintain the human form for a long time and was extremely enthusiastic, this was a little leopard after drinking…

No matter from what perspective he looked at it, this wasn’t the time for him to be unbridled.

Meanwhile, Housekeeper Baba and Ruhr’s data came back from the asteroid belt and Ruhr was directly kicked away by the housekeeper.

…He had to promise a special condition first.

As a result, all the data regarding his child was obtained as he returned to the marshal’s manor. He rushed to collect his backup in the robot and came out wearing the simulation body. He used the manor’s central system to inquire about the location of his child. Housekeeper Baba obtained the detailed data and saw the black dragon’s burning wings.

Well, the time was right and success would naturally follow. He wouldn’t disturb the people. The imperial marshal supported the little leopard and regained what originally belonged to the little leopard. After disposing of Duke Oran, Housekeeper Baba had taken a fancy to the black dragon. In addition, his little leopard liked this person so it was fine.

At this time, the doctor who received authorization from the marshal hurried into the manor and towards the room on the second floor. He didn’t know that the little leopard was in his boss’ room but he knew that the manor’s second floor contained bedrooms.



Housekeeper Baba decided to turn off the lights of the manor, plunging it into darkness. The doctor fell into instant darkness and his first reaction was that the boss had an accident!

Then a powerful man dragged him forcibly by the arm back to the lobby on the first floor. He was thrown onto the sofa and a pair of cloudy and calm eyes appeared in front of him “The marshal is mating with the master. You can’t disturb them.”

The doctor’s mouth twitched in the darkness and he shouted, “Sir, if you truly want to have the little leopard at this time then don’t regret it later!”

The shout almost shook the entire manor. The lights of the manor instantly lit up. Housekeeper Baba ran to the second floor where the marshal was standing at the door, looking down at the doctor. “What do you mean?”

The doctor instantly got up from the sofa and spoke to the second floor. “During this time, I carefully studied the data of the little leopard’s brain. He once had memory loss, which was probably caused by the position of the beast nucleus moving. Especially in the case of excess energy, too many mood swings or lustful impacts will make the beast nucleus unstable. His beast nucleus is larger than normal and will affect his memory once it is moved somewhere else. Boss, do you want to get up tomorrow with the little leopard not knowing who you are?”

Aojia’s eyes narrowed when he heard this and he turned into the bedroom while crying out, “Come in!”

The doctor rushed into the room, opened his space that contained various medical equipment and checked the sleeping leopard on the bed. Sure enough, it was as Calant mentioned. The human shaped leopard was really handsome and honestly, suited the boss!

Housekeeper Baba wasn’t well-trained but he was serious. He quickly sorted out his information about the little leopard and passed it onto the doctor. The doctor who opened the quantum computer was stunned and he immediately checked the records. Some time passed and medical equipment was used to test the little leopard. The doctor grasped almost all of the leopard’s past situation through the information provided by the housekeeper.

Aojia gently pulled a thin quilt over the snow leopard and whispered to the doctor, “Go out and say it.”

They left the room before the doctor whispered, ‘Marshal, the little leopard has shown unstable brain waves, memory confusion and slight mental incompleteness for the past decade or so. However, now the little leopard is fine. The beats nucleus shows no signs of moving and is gradually stabilizing.”

As the doctor spoke, he showed the latest images from the examination to his boss. He pointed to the location of the beast nucleus and explained, “This little leopard’s nucleus has an energy layer formed around it that has stabilized the influence of the oversized beast nucleus on the surrounding brain tissue. Based on the body information of the little leopard passed to me, I think the energy wine had a positive influence on the little leopard.”

The corners of Aojia’s lips moved slightly. Did this mean he had to face such a drunk little leopard every day in the future?

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