NOLMBW: Chapter 61

Aojia kept patting the fur of the snow leopard as he spoke to the 18 masters. “The leopard needs people in his store. If you still want him to be your master, go to the store platform.”

Hearing this, the 18 masters sighed with relief. They thought it was a big deal but it was just going to the store platform. They had already been to the little leopard master’s online store but they had been smashed in public by the little leopard master.

…It was a bitter heart.

Thus, the 18 masters eagerly nodded to Marshal Black Dragon. “Then our master is decided.”

At the same time, the masters thought that the big black dragon being their master’s beastman was very reasonable.

It was just that when they agreed, the little leopard moved from the chest of the black dragon and his furry head emerged close to the masters. The pair of blue leopard eyes were hesitant and even contained some doubts. 

Aojia wanted to let these masters run the carving business left to him by his mother? He always felt they were unreliable… He hadn’t forgotten the bad words these masters said about his big black dragon!

The little leopard master’s gaze deeply stabbed at the heart of the 18 young (not) masters! The more than a dozen old faces became solemn and spoke one after another.

“Isn’t it just the store? Master can rest assured that we will definitely do a good job!”

“There will absolutely be no more bad words about Master’s store!”

“We guarantee that all buyers will be satisfied and there will be no mistakes!”

“Master’s business will definitely run smoothly and the turnover will increase by several times!”

Aojia spoke to the little leopard, “They can go to the platform and recruit new carvers. Their original authority as a master and them being Master Time’s apprentice means the buyers will agree. I will find a special manager for each carving store and the carving business will soon be on the right track, rest assured.”

“The black dragon is right!”

“We have raised several master carvers. We have absolute dignity and authority!”

“…Wait, what did the black dragon just say? Stores?” A master suddenly realized something.

“What do you mean by each carving store? The little leopard master has opened a store offline?”

Rong Mingshi looked up at the 18 masters and earnestly said, “I just took over the carving business left by my mother. There are more than 180 stores in the entire empire.”




The masters suddenly felt they had swallowed a big whale and were a bit choked up. Aojia raised his eyebrows and watched the masters. “You just promised. Do you want to back out?”


The more than a dozen masters were not only flustered but also had a bit of indigestion. Their faces were green. Go to more than a hundred store platforms? Wasn’t this going to exhaust their old bones?

“The little leopard has 10 custom orders to do and no free hands. It seems that the masters don’t want to do this. If that is the case…”

Aojia looked down at the little leopard and continued. “Let’s go to the carver’s certification office and find a few young carvers who are willing to learn. They don’t have the authority of a master but it doesn’t matter. You can find more than a few for your stores. Once you have time to teach them, it is estimated that they will exceed the level of a master.”

“You are right. I can do this.”

Rong Mingshi nodded his approval.

The masters’ faces were dark. They watched the big black dragon persuade the leopard master and this little leopard master had a matching expression with Aojia.

‘Little leopard master, have you been with the black dragon for so long that your heart has also darkened?’

They felt that the big black dragon being part of the leopard master’s family was quite reasonable. Aojia looked at the masters. “Since there is no agreement, forget it. Say goodbye to the masters.”

Then he shut off the video call with the 18 masters. The little leopard saw that the masters’ expressions were still struggling when the screen was turned off and he looked up at the big black dragon. “Are we really going to the carver’s certification office to find someone?”

Aojia’s lips slightly curved. “No, they will agree.”

The 18 masters were the best candidates for the little leopard’s industry. This was another reason why he sent the little leopard to the college after determining his previous life. He wanted to let the little leopard use his extraordinary skills to make the 18 masters surrender.

The 18 masters weren’t reliable but their character was good. Over the years, the 19 masters adhered to their principles despite Duke Oran’s various coercion and temptation. They didn’t collude with the Oran Carving Business, preferring to stay at the college. Using these masters to sit in the little leopard’s stores would be very positive, whether it was for the little leopard’s future industry or the selection of carvers. In other words, based on the personalities of these masters, the carvers recruited for the store in the future were likely to have decent characters.

Sure enough, the 18 masters soon connected with the big black dragon’s quantum computer and said, “Okay, your plot has succeeded. We promise that we will go to the little leopard’s 180 stores.”

Aojia spoke while rubbing the little leopard’s thick claws. “If I was plotting something then you would’ve been silently cleaned up by me a few months ago.”


After saying this…

The 18 masters suddenly turned to look at the little leopard master. Their little leopard was so good, how cute and lovely was he!

Aojia continued, “In addition, the identity of the little leopard as Master Time hasn’t been made public. I hope that you can continue to keep your master’s secrets.”

Of course… all the masters were firmly in agreement. Otherwise, how many people would be rushing over to their teacher? The little leopard master might be taken away.

“The manager will contact you tomorrow. You don’t need to go through each store personally. The manager will be responsible for the relevant arrangements.”

“Okay, I will listen to Master.”

The little leopard heard this title and suddenly couldn’t bear it. He fell on the black dragon’s knees, thick paws holding Aojia’s arms as he laughed.

The hand of the empire’s number one beastman stroked the head of the little leopard. “The store will reopen and the authority of the masters will act as insurance. This effect will cause enough of a shock that the 180 stores can run for half a year.”

“Marshal is mighty!”

“The marshal’s arrangement is great! We will listen to the manager’s arrangement!”

The little leopard finally stopped laughing. He rubbed his face with his thick paws and logged onto his online store. He wanted to withdraw his previous announcement in the online store and send a new one, only to find that his exchange area seemed to have blown up again. The little leopard moved his paws and opened the buyers exchange area.

-Master store owner, do you lack money to invest? I have money and will give you an interest-free loan!

-Upstairs person, I love you! Everyone, send him up.

-Calling the store owner! Begging the store open to open a business to save the imperial beastmen from the fire!

-The Oran Carving Business has closed down. Asking the store owner to greatly expand your business and save the precarious energy stone carving industry!

-Asking the store owner to get up. If you are lazy then you will miss the opportunity!

-Store owner, you shouldn’t be lazy anymore. We have to cry if you keep being lazy!

-Store owner is already lazy. We are crying to show you! (Beast shape crying)

Then this message was infinitely repeated on the screen, with countless different beast forms crying. The little leopard’s paws shook when he saw this and he suddenly forgot that he had to change the contents of the announcement.

Meanwhile, the 18 masters turned into miniature 3D versions and crowded next to the little leopard master, moving close to see the messages in their master’s online store. They had stayed at the college’s low-grade energy stone warehouse all afternoon and didn’t know that the Oran Carving Business had collapsed. They read a few messages in the little leopard master’s exchange area before opening their quantum computers.

The masters checked and confirmed the information on the computer and involuntarily pulled down their sleeves. The Oran Carving Business that had disgusted them for more than a decade finally got what they deserved! The hearts of the masters seemed to become 20 years younger and they all spoke to the master leopard.

“Master, this is a great opportunity! We must not miss it!”

“It is time for Master’s caring business to become the empire’s number one industry!”

“Be the mudslide of our beastmen empire, no, a clear stream!”

The black dragon raised his eyebrows and gazed at the dozens of red-faced masters. Then he contacted Abel to have him arrange a manager. Today, all those carving stores would be under the name of the little leopard.

This was the general manager of the marshal’s resource star and he was quick to do things.


At the same time, in the imperial palace, the emperor’s eyes slightly drooped and his tone was heavy as he played with an energy stone carving. “It collapsed. I didn’t expect Oran to be turned over at this time. All my efforts were in vain…”

He had painstakingly raised the power of the duke and deliberately handed over the Beast Nucleus Institute to Oran. Originally, he intended for Duke Oran and the marshal to fight. He didn’t expect the laboratory matters to be suddenly exposed. Now the marshal was the only big power. If the marshal moved with another heart then the emperor’s position would probably be at risk…

“Your Majesty, what about the experiments?”

“Put it away first while the people calm down.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. “

“How is taking over the carving business going?”

“It is going smoothly. The carving business can be restored to normal in three days.”

The emperor nodded. “Very well, continue.”


Meanwhile, the 180 stores with the authority of the masters reopened. Rong Mingshi’s buyers exchange area was silenced for a while before the online beastmen went mad again.

-Look, big store owner! The opportunity is gone… no more! 

–Big store owner, your laziness is going to make me die from crying.

-It might be a store opened by a master and is still good, but I hoped it would be the store owner.

-Did you forget? The store owner said they were liars and posted an announcement evicting them. Now…

-Store owner, do you know how much of a loss your laziness brought to you?

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6 months ago

Então tudo tava na obra do imperador desgraçado 🤬

4 months ago

I read too many of these novels, I be guessing the plot direction 😂😂 final boss has appeared. I hope ml isn’t a fool who is blindly loyal & trusting of the throne