NOLMBW: Chapter 60

Aojia indifferently gazed at Duke Oran’s dark face and the corners of his mouth slightly curved. “We came here to pick up Ms Bowei.”

“If the marshal has this plan then you should think about it! Bowei might be dead for 20 years but she was still my wife! The matter of how to deal with her body can’t be intervened in by outsiders!” Duke Oran’s voice was cold.

Aojia quietly held the little leopard’s clenched fist.”Duke Oran, we aren’t coming to discuss this with you today. We are determined. In addition, spit out the legacy of Ms Bowei that you have embezzled.”

The moment Aojia said this, another file was presented on the interface in front of Duke Oran. It was the file Ruhr had extracted from the depths of the housekeeper’s database.

This document was a will signed by Ms Bowei before her death. The carving business was Ms Bowei’s pre-marital property. After Ms Bowei’s death, this would all be inherited by her son and it was confirmed by the genetic code.

Duke Oran started at the interface with twitching eyes. His face was dark because he never knew there was such a will! If he had known it earlier then he would’ve directly thrown the cub to the edge of the starfield to kill him!

Duke Oran stated, “The business has been expanded by me for 20 years. I don’t know where you go it and don’t know where you found that little cub. However, you want to take away ownership of the business? The marshal is too innocent!”

Aojia replied, “It seems that the duke wants to let the beastmen of the entire empire know that Duke Oran, who enjoys a noble title of the empire, actually wants to seize assets that aren’t his own. He didn’t bury his deceased wife for 20 years to extract her genetic code, abandoned the cub born to him by his deceased wife, abandoned the legal heir to the title and even replaced him with an illegitimate daughter.”

Aojia stared coldly at the opposite Duke Oran. “In the face of conclusive evidence of such a despicable act, do you think you can keep your reputation, title, privilege and current position?”

Duke Oran gritted his teeth, blood filling his throat. These allegations, no matter which one was published, would bring immeasurable impact to his reputation and title, threatening the most important thing he had to do now.

Once the empire’s eyes were focused on him, the Beast Nucleus Institute he just established might be exposed. After all, he did human experiments and many experimental bodies had died. The cover was fine but it wouldn’t be able to withstand the eyes of the entire empire falling on him. In a situation where the beast nucleus obtained from the cub could allow him to succeed with his experiments, Duke Oran naturally couldn’t make any mistakes.

He hated the fact that he hadn’t previously killed the cub, so that something like this would happen now. However, he still needed the beast nucleus from the living cub. The two thoughts tangled together in his head and he wanted to cough up blood!

A long time passed before Duke Oran spoke in a gloomy matter, “I can give you Bowei’s legacy but you must be clear that the carvers recruited to the Oran Carving Business for the past 20 years are signed to me. The private agreements and the expanded business in the past 20 years is in my name and has nothing to do with Bowei’s legacy!”

Aojia heard Duke Oran saying this and sneered. “The duke is really good at calculations. If it hadn’t been for Ms Bowei’s assets, could the Oran Carving Business develop to the present size?”

Duke Oran snorted. “If the marshal has to do this, do you want me to destroy Bowei’s body now?”

“Then I’m asking you to send over Mr Bowei’s intact body! The divestiture of Ms Bowei’s assets are clear and we don’t want anything that doesn’t belong to Ms Bowei’s estate!”

Duke Oran took a deep breath. “Okay! As long as the marshal destroys all evidence in person, Bowei’s body can be taken away with you!”

Duke Oran tore off his pretenses regarded Ms Bowei’s body. Aojia’s pupils narrowed slightly as he held the leopard’s taut fist and agreed. “Okay, deal!”

Having said this, Aojia turned to look at the snow leopard beside him. Rong Mingshi held his hand, clear eyes showing no doubts about Aojia’s decision. He didn’t care about these industries as long as he could get his mother’s body back.

Meanwhile, the duchess was huddled on the sofa, too afraid to say anything. Then the duke’s daughter, who had already removed all her jewellery and wore a beautiful light blue dress, entered the living room. Phidia went straight to the marshal of the empire, ignoring the person sitting close to the marshal as she put on a shy expression filled with some sorrow…

“Lord Marshal, did you come over to… ah!”

She was moving closer when the guard standing next to the marshal grabbed her wrist and threw her away. At the same time, Calant declared in a cold voice, “Duke Oran, please manage your daughter! Attacking the imperial marshal is a felony!”

This fake still wanted to come over and touch his boss? Bah! The little leopard who had become a person was very good and handsome, a great match for the marshal! Any other messy person who dared to come over would be knocked down!

The duchess quickly held her daughter, who had fainted. She looked up at Duke Oran with tears in her eyes but didn’t expect Duke Oran to be ignoring them and only looking at Bowei’s assets.

The Oran Carving Business carried out the end of the year liquidation annually. Over the years, Duke Oran only cared about the increasing value and didn’t notice that the area with the highest value added was almost entirely owned by the original Bowei, while his expanded industry wasn’t very high. The later carvers were signed to his name but he still felt grim about having to give up his part of Bowei’s industry.

He could only comfort himself by ordering all the carvers under the Bowei industry to transfer. Now most of the empire’s carvers were in his hands. Without carvers, the business was just an empty shell and it wouldn’t take long for his carving business to squeeze this part of the industry that had been lost.

He might’ve possessed Bowei’s assets for 20 years but they needed Bowei’s genetic code and the duke’s assets couldn’t be mixed in. Thus, the liquidation of assets was fast and the divestiture process was clear.

In the end, Duke Oran made a list of Bowei’s assets in front of Aojia and withdrew all the carvers under Bowei’s assets.

Rong Mingshi provided the genetic code, which completely matched Bowei’s genetic code, and successfully took over Ms Bowei’s original assets. Then he controlled the intelligence system of all the carving business to remove the signs of the Oran Carving Business and close the doors.

Finally, Duke Oran ordered the robot housekeeper to send over Bowei’s body, which was stored in the mansion.

Fortunately, Ms Bowei’s body was in good condition. Duke Oran had been storing her body in the empire’s most advanced storage equipment in order to better extract her genetic code. Therefore, the current Bowei still maintained her original elegant and beautiful looks.

Aojia looked at the beautiful woman lying there quietly while gently holding his little leopard’s shoulder. Then he told Guard Calant to greet the guards waiting outside the duke’s residence to take Ms Bowei’s body. As the duke’s guard robots tried to block the escorts, Aojia glanced sarcastically at Duke Oran and raised his hand to destroy all the information about Ms Bowei’s genetic code and the little leopard.

Duke Oran asked, “The marshal has confirmed that all the information is destroyed?”

“I’m not as despicable as you!” Having said this, Aojia took his snow leopard and left the duke’s mansion.

Duke Oran stared at the distant figures and silently gritted his teeth.

He might’ve lost some assets but he now knew the little cub was under the protection of the marshal. He had a clear direction to capture the cub. Once the marshal and cub were separated, he would be able to start!

Duke Oran smiled and was about to give an order when he heard alarms outside the house. He looked over doubtfully and saw the imperial police’s cars floating outside the mansion. There were thousands of guard robots and dozens of guards armed with ion guns.

An imperial guard shouted, “Duke Oran, you are being arrested by the imperial police on suspicion of leading illegal human trials, intentional assault and anti-societal crimes. Please don’t resist! Otherwise, the guards will execute the command to kill you on the spot!”

Duke Oran was still shocked as the guards’ ion guns aimed at his head. He couldn’t think about how his actions had been exposed! Hadn’t his research institute been successfully transferred to the asteroid belt and all the materials and images taken away?

At the same time, the entire Star Network exploded. Aojia ordered all the evidence collected by Ruhr and the robot housekeeper to be published on the Star Network without any editing. The bloody projects of the Beast Nucleus Institute, which used human bodies as experimental objects, were displayed in front of all the beastmen of the empire. It also included the experimental equipment and unfinished experimental projects on the starship and the confession videos of the researchers!

Countless news headlines exploded.

-The ugliness and evil of human nature! The duke of the empire has slaughtered hundreds of carvers over several years!

-The wicked duke’s black hands have wiped out hundreds of lives!

-The Oran Carving Business is the flower of sin born on human blood!

-Duke Oran’s death isn’t enough to calm the civilians’ anger!

Then more news came to light. Apart from the master level carvers hired with high salaries and profits, almost all the carvers of the Oran Carving Business were violently forced to sign the contract.

As a result, countless beastmen on the Star Network started to denounce Duke Oran and the Oran Carving Business. The stores were directly besieged by countless beastmen and in just half a day, the Oran Carving Business was completely damaged about from the industry that the little leopard had taken over and removed the signboard.

Meanwhile, Rong Mingshi had once again become a little leopard and was on Aojia’s shoulder. He rubbed his head against Aojia’s chin and said, “Thank you, Aojia.”

The big black dragon had wiped clean the relationship between him and Duke Oran. No one would associate him with the ruined Duke Oran and his mother’s industry was completely separated from Duke Oran’s dirty carving business. Most importantly, the black dragon hadn’t reopened his mother’s affairs to the world, stopping his mother who died for 20 years from becoming the talk of others at dinner. This was a final peace for her.

Aojia rubbed his fur. “Do you plan to take over the carving business?”

The little leopard shook his head. He really didn’t know. He was already busy enough with his online store…

The big black dragon told him, “I have an idea.”

“Um? What is it?”

Under the little leopard’s doubtful gaze, Aojia rubbed his head and said, “There is nothing more appropriate than a story with an authoritative master.”

“Authoritative master?”

Then the black dragon connected a video with the 18 masters and asked the confused 18 masters, “Don’t you want a master?”




Did they want it or not… 

They always felt that these words from the black dragon’s mouth gave off the feeling of a conspiracy…

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25 days ago

Perfect answer. They were forced into employment. I hope the greedy carvers are vilified.
Idk how I feel about the duke being defeated with no resistance as I wished 😂 he has connections to the imperial family doesn’t he? Why are they not part of the conversation?