NOLMBW: Chapter 6

Guard Calant immediately carried out the order and hurried to the control room. The doctor saw the back of their commanding officer and had to remind him, “Sir, you better take a break.”

There was something else he didn’t dare to say. ‘Sir, your clothes! Shouldn’t you change them first?’

Still, looking at their commanding officer’s straight back, the doctor felt strange. It was such a ragged uniform yet how did it feel like their commanding officer was dressed in a royal outfit? Thus, the little leopard was carried away…

Rong Mingshi struggled for a moment but he wasn’t put down this time. Instead, he was touched by Aojia’s big hand. The moment the hand fell on his head and back, he deliberately used some strength. Then this person touched his thick claws but didn’t pinch them. It inexplicably made Rong Mingshi feel a bit comforted.

Forget the hug. Being held at this height was better than only seeing people’s boots and thighs. If Rong Mingshi was honest, staying in this person’s arms meant he could look around and play with his thick tail.

The little leopard was directly brought by Aojia back to the previous room he was in and entered the bathroom. The door of the bathroom was opened by Aojia and there was a full-length mirror in front of them. One human and one little beast suddenly saw themselves in the mirror.

A tall man in a blood-stained and ruined uniform and a small grey-faced snow leopard.


Leopard Rong didn’t want to speak, nor could he speak.


Black Dragon Aojia held the little leopard and walked in. He placed this beast on the sink and raised a hand to take off the shirt ruined by his own claws.

The little leopard saw his black paws and stretched out his claws to press the water switch. His tail drooped as he concentrated on washing his thick claws. He consciously pressed the cleaning liquid placed nearby and grey foam appeared around his front paws.


The little leopard looked at the colour of the bubbles, silently washed it off, added more cleaning solution and finally washed his thick leopard claws back to their original colour. He also washed the sharp barbs hidden in these thick claws.

Aojia watched the little beast washing his claws and raised an eyebrow. This little guy thought he was done after washing the claws? Aojia reached out and grabbed the beast who was still rubbing his paws together. Rong Mingshi was shocked by the sudden movement and saw Aojia’s bare upper body covered in wounds in the mirror. Aojia had been treated by the doctor but the places where the black dragon scales had been torn off were still bloody.

Aojia carried Rong Mingshi towards the bathtub, placed him inside and started to fill it up with water. Rong Mingshi stood up, hooked his tail around the edge of the bathtub and gazed at Aojia.

There might be some injuries but this person’s body was really good. His muscles were distinct but not exaggerated, every part continuing strength. There might be bruises and injuries but it didn’t affect the strength of this person.

Aojia saw the little leopard standing there, thought he was afraid of water and didn’t force the leopard to go down. He waited until the water reached the hind paws of the little leopard before turning off the water source. He was wondering how to wash this leopard when he saw the leopard unexpectedly shrink down and soak himself in the water.

Once Rong Mingshi was soaked, he stretched out his cleaned front paws and rubbed the wet fur stuck to his face. He rubbed it before cleaning it with water. He continued to wash his face while his tail swayed under the water.

Aojia watched on silently before reaching out and rubbing the small beast’s two round ears.


Rong Mingshi looked up with a puzzled expression before reacting. He hadn’t washed his ears so he bent his head and stretched out his claws to cover his ears. Once his enter body was wet, the little leopard looked at the platform at the edge of the bathroom. He jumped up from the water and stood on it. Then he patted his fur and looked up at Aojia.

“Do you want me to help?” Aojia asked.

The little leopard nodded. Aojia reached for the bath soap and rubbed it onto the little leopard’s body. Rong Mingshi cooperated by raising his head and lifting his claws. He let this person wash him until his entire body was covered in white foam.

Aojia rubbed it in and changed the water in the bathtub. Then the leopard covered in water jumped down, washed off the foam and jumped up again. Aojia grabbed a bath towel, wrapped it around the leopard and placed this beast on the sink while starting the bathroom’s smart drying system.

The warm feeling made the little leopard yawn comfortably. By the time all his fur was dry, a clean and spirited snow leopard emerged. The spirited leopard sprang out of the bathroom, slipped into the outside room and saw the food that had been placed on the table at an unknown time.

Little leopard Rong gulped and glanced at it before jumping onto the chair, waiting there patiently. The black dragon hadn’t come out of the bathroom and out of courtesy, he couldn’t use people’s things while the owner was absent. He had a nutrient pack for breakfast but how could the taste of the nutrients compare to the food on the table? Rong Mingshi felt the bag of nutrients had been digested and was very hungry.

Thus, once Aojia came out after bathing and dressing in a black uniform, he was immediately greeted with the eyes of the little leopard.

“Are you hungry? Eat first.” He spoke while wearing the new armband around his left arm. Rong Mingshi shook his head.

At this time, Aojia’s door rang and the doctor’s voice was heard. “Sir, the little leopard’s meal was sent.”

Aojia opened the door and the doctor came in with a plate. The plate was placed on the table and the chair the little leopard was sitting on was pushed forward.


The little leopard stared at the things on the metal plate and froze. It was actually a nutrient pack… He had a psychological shadow over the taste of this thing.

The doctor explained, “Sir, the little leopard’s physical fitness isn’t good. These nutrients are in accordance with his physical need and please let him eat them. There is no food suitable for a cub on our aircraft so let him eat this first. In addition, the food on the table is configured according to your current physique. The little leopard might not be able to withstand the impact so don’t let him eat your dishes.”

Aojia smiled and the doctor smiled at the little leopard before going away. Aojia came over and pushed the plate in the direction of the little leopard. Rong Mingshi opened his mouth and stared at the nutritious meal in front of him. Did he have to eat mud again?

Did he have to suffer? What about his egg? He had a cooked bird’s egg! He had been completely okay after eating the last bird egg. This person had been holding it for him when they got on the aircraft. Where did he put it? Since this person’s food couldn’t be eaten and his bird egg was delicious, he could eat this nutrient pack with the egg.

Rong Mingshi stretched out his claws and patted the table to catch Aojia’s attention. Then his paws moved in a circle as he drew his cooked bird egg.

Aojia raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

The little leopard was anxious. “Ao!”

BIrd egg! The anxious little snow leopard cried out and then Rong Mingshi was stunned when he heard his voice. He was a leopard. How did he make a sound like a yellow chicken?!

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5 months ago

lmaoooo this is too cute!!! (OAO;)!!!!