NOLMBW: Chapter 59

In the suspension car, Calant sat in the driver’s seat while Aojia held the little leopard in the back seat, quietly holding onto the paws. Then Aojia opened his quantum computer and showed Duke Oran’s two photos to the little leopard.

This was an adult version of the snow leopard who was almost identical to himself. The little leopard was stunned and unconsciously leaned his head closer.

He was born in this world. Before he heard the duke’s voice, he had a vague memory. At that time, he hadn’t opened his eyes but a gentle touch fell on his head for a short time. The hand was cold and slightly shaking…

The little leopard turned to Aojia and stated, “This is my mother.”

He was very certain and there wasn’t a hint of hesitation.

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head a bit harder and then showed the leopard something else. “This file was decrypted by Ruhr from the housekeeper’s database.”

The military’s intelligence Ruhr was always tangled up in Housekeeper Baba’s data and picked up the housekeeper’s data from beginning to end. This file was hidden in the depths of Housekeeper Baba’s data and was encrypted by several layers. It was discovered by Ruhr after he cleaned up the housekeeper’s junk data several times. This was a file that even Housekeeper Baba didn’t know was stored inside him.


The little leopard was shocked as he stared at the contents of the file. Aojia held the little leopard’s paws and then showed the video that Duke Oran released on the Star Network after the memorial. Rong Mingshi’s paws tightened and the sharp barbs suddenly appeared.

Aojia lightly rubbed the paws. “We’ll go to the duke’s mansion.”

The little leopard slightly lowered his head, sharp teeth ground together and clear leopard eyes covered by mist.

The experience of his past life meant he didn’t care about the duke who abandoned him. He knew that because of his illness, he was a disappointment to some people. That’s why he treated the duke as a stranger at the museum. In his mind, his father was the robot housekeeper who raised him for 19 years.

He now knew that the original housekeeper’s intelligence was developed by someone else. She gave her life to give birth to him and never abandoned him. Even on her deathbed, she spared no effort to protect him and left everything she owned to him. However, such a gentle person was still being used 20 years after her birth!

Aojia turned the little leopard and gazed softly at the angry little leopard. “Let’s go and bring out your mother.”

The little leopard rubbed his eyes with his thick paws, gazed back at Aojia and nodded heavily. Aojia held the little leopard in his arms and handed the transparent energy stone over to the little leopard. The little leopard licked the fur around his mouth, hugged the stone and jumped onto the seat next to this person.

Aojia ordered Calant to park the car and wait outside. The little leopard shook his spirit, stretched out his paws, fixed the stone to one spot and started the leopard paw tools.

This time, he observed the masters carving at the college and Rong Mingshi’s insights greatly improved. Once his knives touched the transparent stone, he could clearly feel the power emerging in the stone. The force impacted his carving knife and made it difficult for him to make a cut.

 This time, the leopard’s knife was very steady and he firmly made the outline of the shape on the stone. This was a little leopard pouncing to hunt. The lines on his back were smooth and powerful while the fur was soft and tender. The hind paws were pushed backwards while the thick tail was slightly raised, balancing the little leopard’s leaping posture. The two front paws were open on each side, revealing sharp barbs.

Rong Mingshi couldn’t remember how many knife cuts he made but he completely made the outline of the little leopard and even formed some details. By the time he was pushed away by the power of the energy stone, the transparent energy stone seemed to come to life and power was flowing from the stone.

Aojia caught the little leopard who was thrown back and stared at the stone fixed in place. Then he bowed his head and kissed the head of the little leopard, praising, “Very successful!”

The little leopard licked his paws and gazed at his big black dragon.”Aojia, how long will it take us?”

Aojia pulled out the prepared clothes. “With me, the time is sufficient.”

The little leopard didn’t know how many knife cuts he made but he was clear about the calculations. According to the times when the little leopard previously made knife cuts, forget a trip to Duke Oran’s mansion, it was enough time to drive the suspension car around the capital!

The little leopard pulled the clothes towards him, jumped back onto the seat, looked up at his big black dragon and placed a paw on the transparent energy stone.


This was really a testing scene. The big black dragon took a deep breath before helping his snow leopard wear the clothes. Finally, he took out an armband and fixed it to Rong Mingshi’s left arm, storing the transparent energy stone in the armband.

At this point, Duke Oran was satisfied with the trend of public opinion on the Star Network. The Oran Carving Business had gained back many benefits. The customers who cancelled their high-grade orders didn’t return but the expansion to the stars in the surrounding areas had obviously improved.

He also received feedback from the starship carrying the researchers. The starship had successfully arrived at the asteroid belt and the carving business at the edge of the star field had recruited many carvers, allowing them to start in a few days. This meant it wouldn’t be long before his experiments proceeded smoothly.

His ex-wife’s funeral would be held tomorrow. The little cub would surely try to attend and he would catch the cub in one fell swoop. Everything was perfect. He would take control of the entire empire by monopolizing the carved energy stones.

Duke Oran couldn’t help smiling when he thought about this and there was a sweet taste as he drank red wine. Phidia, who was next to him, spoke with some dissatisfaction. “Father, why do you need to hold a funeral for that woman? I don’t want to attend.”

Duke Oran stared at her. “That is your mother.”

Phidia glanced at her real mother and muttered, “She isn’t my real…”

“Phidia, be obedient. It is three months of plain clothes and no jewellery. It will soon pass.” The duchess gently persuaded her.

“Mother! Don’t you think it is unfair that Father has kept that woman’s body in this house for so many years?”


Just then, the manor’s robot housekeeper reporter that Imperial Marshal Aojia was visiting. The duchess immediately smiled. “Phidia, your father has his own reasons for the arrangements. You see, the marshal has come in person. Maybe it is because he is worried about you that he came over.”

Phidia felt giddy and slightly bowed her head.

This was an unexpected joy. Duke Oran had been thinking about marrying his daughter to the empire’s marshal to further consolidate his position and completely control the empire. He told his daughter, “Go change into plain clothes and get rid of your jewellery.”

Phidia nodded and ran back to her room. Duke Oran picked up the napkin, wiped his mouth and headed to the living room. At this time, Aojia walked down the long path of the duke’s manor with a hand on Rong Mingshi’s shoulder and into the living room.

“It is rare for the marshal to visit. Please sit down.” Duke Oran raised his finger and pointed to the sofa in the living room.

He frowned slightly as he saw the young man standing next to the marshal with the marshal’s hand on his shoulder. This was too close…

He was familiar with the various noble sons of the empire but had never seen such a person. Was the imperial marshal interested in a civilian? A civilian was easy to deal with…

The big black dragon took his snow leopard and saw opposite the duke. Once the duke’s gaze fell on the snow leopard, Aojia slightly blinked and gazed indifferently at the duke. It was only a glance but the eyes were like a knife stabbing at the duke’s body.

Duke Oran felt awkward. He sensed that the imperial marshal had visited for a different purpose.

The duchess next to him smiled and said, “Marshal, you haven’t had lunch yet? Let’s go to the dining room for lunch. Phidia’s mood hasn’t been good these days and I’m sure that when she sees the marshal…”

Aojia’s cold eyes swept over her and the suffocating feeling caused the duchess to lose her senses. She felt cold all over and stopped talking. She sat to one side and didn’t dare say another word. Aojia took back his gaze and looked at the duke sitting opposite him, speaking firmly and majestically.

“Duke Oran, my unmarried beastman and I are here to pick someone up.”

Duke Oran wondered, “Pick up?”

“My mother.”

Rong Mingshi’s clear eyes gazed calmly at the man he should call his father. Duke Oran’s eyes moved slightly. He was calm on the surface but ecstasy filled his heart. It turned out that the cub could become human. This meant his experiment had an almost 100% chance of success!

Duke Oran suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and said, “Marshal, His Majesty knows that Phidia is the daughter of my deceased wife and my biological daughter. Who is this kid who dares to claim an aristocratic identity? I never had such a son!”

Aojia’s lips slightly curved as he sneered. He didn’t say any words to refute Duke Oran. He only raised a hand to open an interface on his quantum computer, showing it in front of Duke Oran.

Duke Oran’s expression changed when he saw the interface and he suddenly stood up. “Where did you get this? IT is slander!”

Aojia played with the hand of the little leopard while speaking slowly, “You might’ve changed the name of the carving business, expanded the business and diluted the capital of the original carving store but for 20 years, the ownership of the carving business hasn’t really fallen into your hands. You need the genetic code of Ms Bowei to make any decisions.” 

“The real reason you haven’t buried Ms Bowei for 20 years is because you want to try and take the legacy Ms Bowei left for her son. The daughter of the so-called dead wife is actually an illegitimate daughter from outside. The genetic code confirmation of the carving business for 20 years and the genetic comparison of your illegitimate daughter are well-documented. Do you still want to call it slander?”

Every word caused Duke Oran’s face to darken. He stared coldly at Aojia and asked, “Marshal, don’t beat around the bush. What do you want?”

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