NOLMBW: Chapter 58

The angry little leopard drove his seat away and didn’t go back. He didn’t want to say anything to these unreliable masters and went directly to the library according to the tip from his quantum computer.

The group of cheeky masters kept following him. They all had permission for the library and could enter. They moved behind the little leopard and their mouths weren’t idle.

“Based on Master’s angry expression, the black dragon didn’t fail to raise it?”

“It’s possible.”

“We can’t be so sure. What if the marshal is below the little leopard master?”

After hearing this sentence from one of them, the group of masters stared at the furry snow leopard sitting on the spherical seat in front of them.

…It was a bit hard to imagine.

“It isn’t impossible.” The master’s tone who made the guess was a bit weak. Had they seen the human form of the leopard and had they not seen the human form of the black dragon?

The little leopard was stunned by the masters’ gossip and turned his head, gazing at them with clear leopard eyes. All the masters instantly shut up and smiled at the little leopard. “Master, we were wrong!”

How kind was this smile, how gracious and kind were they and how solemn was their tone?


The little leopard silently turned his head and continued to move on. Fortunately, this was now class time. The place where the little leopard passed belonged to a relatively remote place of the college. No students appeared or they would’ve seen the masters tailing the little leopard. It was hard to look at…

The principal knew that this group of unreliable old things couldn’t wait three days! Principal Stewart hurriedly sent a message to the dozens of masters. “Don’t you know what it is to act normal? Be careful that the master doesn’t stop Student Rong from coming to class!”

This reminded the masters of how the black dragon only let them study him for half a minute. This little leopard’s family was always a bit thunderous…

After receiving the news, the group of masters tacitly stopped and no longer followed the little leopard. They sat on the ground and took out their tools and the low-grade energy stones they previously took from the college’s energy stone warehouse. They started to carve the energy stone on the spot.

The little leopard moved some distance away and suddenly didn’t hear any movements. This caused him to slightly turn his head. The little leopard was attracted by the scene where more than a dozen masters were carving stones at the same time. He turned his seat around, slightly cocked his head and observed carefully.


Principal Stewart wanted to swear even more… He was more like a mother than a principal! Although in the past, once this group of old things suddenly found an interest, it was common for them to start carving regardless of the place or occasion. This was a normal state. However, the 18 masters had never done this at the same time. Not to mention, there was the eye-catching leopard in beast form.

Principal Stewart smashed the table twice and immediately ordered the college’s auxiliary robots to make the area as a danger zone to prevent students from being mistaken.

At the same time, Aojia was handling official duties at the military’s headquarters when he received a message from the asteroid belt. After the institute’s starship had left the domain of the Capital Star, the personnel he dispatched took full control of the starship carrying the research and experimental equipment.

Housekeeper Baba and Ruhr were processing the experimental data and cleared up all the projects once they took over Duke Oran’s laboratory. This included not only research programs developed for the little leopard’s nucleus but a number of other beastmen nucleus.

On the surface, the Beast Nucleus Research Institute mainly studied the beast nucleus donated by beastmen after death. In fact, the experiments carried out by the researchers under Duke Oran’s orders was to extract the beast nucleus directly from the head of the living beastmen and combined two of them into a large beast nucleus through an external force. It was then forcibly transferred into the head of a living beastman.

Once the beast nucleus was taken out of a beastman, the survival time was very short. This meant that from the beginning, the lives of the beastmen who provided the nucleus were abandoned. So far, the experiments almost all ended in the death of the beastman and failure.

However, Duke Oran seemed to have determined that the size of the beastman’s beast nucleus determined the strength of the carver’s perception. The transplant failed because of insufficient information. He needed the beast nucleus in the leopard’s head that could let a beastman survive and he also needed a lot of human experiments.

In the capital’s laboratory, too many missing carver trainees and apprentices would attract attention. That’s why he wanted to transfer the laboratory to the asteroid belt and establish a carving line to recruit beastmen.

The housekeeper sorted out this data and angrily moved them to his data chain. This evidence was enough to disgrace Duke Oran!

Meanwhile, Duke Oran released a mournful memorial on the Star Network after several failed attempts to capture the leopard.

At the end of his tribute, Duke Oran spoke with great affection, “As she died, my dear wife said she wanted to stay with me for another 20 years and see me rebuild the family for our child, Phidia. That’s why I have never held a funeral for my wife. Now, 20 years later, my daughter Phidia and I have decided to bury our beloved on the most beautiful suspended mountain in the capital. We will also host a funeral filled with royal honour for her.”

The tribute ended and Duke Oran released two 3D images One was a gentle snow leopard under the tree and the other was a beautiful woman lying quietly surrounded by white flowers.

Duke Oran’s plan wasn’t just to attract the little leopard he wanted to grasp. Those who knew that Duke Oran had married a second wife two years after the predecessor died felt that the duke was really cold. Now they knew that Duke Oran had made a promise to his wife and his wife’s body had been preserved at the duke’s house for 20 years.

Countless beastmen were moved and this also brought some changes to the online beastmen’s opinions about the carving business. Some beastmen even thought that competition was universal and it was understandable to use dark means. The online store didn’t experience a huge loss and also had its reputation expanded from the speculation.

The identity of the leopard was originally investigated by Calant and Calant happened to be the first to discover this matter. He almost blew up. This Duke Oran was really shameless. There wasn’t a single bit of truth in the words. Phidia was Duke Oran’s child born from someone else and she replaced the little leopard’s identity!

Calant raised a middle finger in his heart and angrily passed the news to his commanding officer. “Sir, Duke Oran released a message about the little leopard.”

The black dragon had currently obtained all the evidence from Duke Oran’s laboratory. He slightly closed his eyes and his fingers tapped the cufflinks on his wrist. He was thinking about how to give a fatal blow to Duke Oran when he received Calant’s report. He opened his eyes and turned on the computer. He read about Duke Oran’s performance and his eyes narrowed slightly. “Prepare the suspension car to go home.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Calant immediately responded and hurriedly opened the suspension car. Based on the commanding officer’s words, he knew that his commanding officer was angry.

Calant turned the suspension car into a fighter plane along the way and quickly arrived at the marshal’s manor. He had Calant drive straight to the terrace and entered the bedroom. He carried the little leopard’s transparent energy stone and the clothes he previously bought for the little leopard. He sat on the suspension car again and ordered, “Go to the carving school.”

“Yes, Sir!” Calant was a bit confused. Why did the boss go home to get a set of clothing?

Aojia arrived at the carving school whole Rong Mingshi was carefully observing and understanding the carvings of more than a dozen masters. They had been influenced by hundreds of years of mainstream carving and the form was similar. However, after the influence of the little leopard’s carvings, the masters quickly adjusted their works.

Moreover, it was enjoyable to see the masters apply their perception to the extreme. The perception power controlled by the masters took the form of countless filaments. Rong Mingshi knew that he lacked this type of fine perception control. That’s why his works didn’t contain as much vitality as the masters’ works…

At this time, Calant drove to the address provided by his boss and drove the suspension car all the way. He encountered numerous alarms and even the auxiliary robots tried to stop them. Still, this was the guard of the marshal and the auxiliary and guard robots of the college couldn’t even touch the side of the suspension car.

Principal Stewart was stunned as he gazed at the area where the alarms turned red. What happened? Was there an uproar? Principal Stewart thought of the possible consequences of the little leopard’s identity being exposed and hurriedly rushed over.

The suspension car quietly stopped in front of the little leopard. Rong Mingshi’s eyes widened as he stared blankly at the person walking down from the car. The big black dragon was different from the previous times when he picked up the little leopard from the college. He was wearing a military uniform and didn’t try to disguise himself. The little leopard’s eyes cleared at once. “Aojia? What happened?”

“There is something. I’ll tell you on the way.” He spoke while reaching out to pick up the little leopard. 

“Okay.” The little leopard could see the solemnity in Aojia’s eyes and nodded, following him into the suspension car.

By the time Principal Stewart hurried over, he only saw the shadow of the suspension car and the masters sitting down. Principal Stewart wiped his sweat and said, “What about Student Rong? What happened?”

The 18 masters were holding their own carvings different from the past and replied in unison, “The black dragon might be in estrus.”

The black dragon was so anxious, it couldn’t be anything other than this…

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2 years ago

The misunderstanding 😂😂 I hope the estrus will really come lol