NOLMBW: Chapter 56

The small online store was actually opened by the master of 10 master-level carvers of the empire. The reputation of the 18 masters and the casual nature made all the beastmen understand who would benefit from smearing the store owner.

However, the Oran Carving Business was a giant that monopolized that entire carving industry of the capital…

Not to mention that energy stone carving was the root of treating mania and a big enterprise like the Oran Carving Business was equivalent to clamping down on the soft ribs of the ordinary beastmen. Thus, ordinary beastmen might guess the Oran Carving Business was behind this but at best, they were only a bit angry.

This was different from the beastmen who needed to use high-grade energy stones. These beastmen were generally powerful in their own right and most of them were in high positions. The long-term limitations of mania might they were forced to use the Oran Carving Business. Now there was a carver who could almost completely cure their mania and he was being suppressed by the Oran Carving Business. This undoubtedly made these beastmen extremely angry.

In addition, there was the imperial marshal linked to the store owner and 18 famous masters on the store owner’s platform. Therefore, more high-grade orders were withdrawn from the Oran Carving Business. It wasn’t only the Capital Star, it had already spread to the stars around the capital.

Seeing that the situation was out of control, the subordinates of Duke Oran immediately reported this matter to Duke Oran.

Duke Oran was informed about the development of the situation and almost coughed up blood. The Oran Carving Business was the result of his painstaking efforts for many years. In the ear years, he used the status of a duke of the royal family to set roots in the industry and completely monopolize the high-grade orders. This was clamping down on the lifeline of the entire empire’s leadership and now he was going to be defeated because of a small online store?

Duke Oran gripped the image board in his hand. The image board contained an adult snow leopard with white fur and black patterns crouching under a tree. The head was slightly raised and blue leopard eyes looked softly at the horizon. Next to this image was another picture, showing a young leopard lying down, his eyes still not open.

Duke Oran slowly took a breath and gazed down at the little leopard in the image. His laboratory in the asteroid belt would soon be launched. Half the researchers of the institute would board the ship tonight. Once the research results came out, this store owner would just be a small issue!

“Send a message to all buyers who haven’t cancelled their high-grade orders. The fee is halved and all orders will be taken over by the company’s senior carving masters. Any customers who cancel an order will have to pay 10 times the fee when re-ordering.

It was a small online store with a daily volume of less than 10. Could it match the progress of hundreds of carving masters? Time would pass and he didn’t believe that the beastmen who used the high-grade energy stones could persist. How long could this small store last once he had his research results in hand?

At this time, at the manor of Marshal Black Dragon, Housekeeper Baba left a backup at home, operated his real data and along with the military’s intelligence Ruhr, he followed the loophole he recently created in the laboratory’s smart defense network to the control system of the nucleus research institute’s starship.

Meanwhile, the little leopard didn’t know there were so many things happening on the Star Network. He was concentrating on carving the baby elephant. During his carving process, the big black dragon beside him was also busy. However, the marshal wasn’t busy with official military duties. Instead, he was drawing an outline with simple strokes in the software of the mech armour building program.

Then the little leopard straightened up, put his carving tools away and observed the baby elephant in front of him. The black dragon, drawing the little leopard, reached out and rubbed his ears. “Yes, your skill has become more refined.”

Rong MIngshi turned and grinned at him, revealing sharp leopard teeth. There was a proud light in his leopard eyes. Then he inadvertently saw the two images drawn by this big black dragon…

The first one was a bloody black dragon lying on grass. Next to him was a small little leopard with his mouth open and trying to lick the black dragon’s claws.

The second picture was a flying black dragon with a huge nest in his dragon claws. The bird’s nest contained a snow leopard covered in feathers. His two paws were holding a huge bird’s egg and he was trying to bite the eggshell was his teeth.

Aojia only drew a few strokes but it looked very real. There was a real look of hunger in the little leopard’s shining eyes and he was always testing the sharpness of his little teeth.

…After all, he had been hungry for several days. The little leopard’s face heated up as he angrily moved from the table. He grabbed Aojia’s shoulders and opened his mouth to bite Aojia’s collar! Aojia chuckled at his little leopard and reached out to touch the fur. “Will you carve these two scenes?”

The little leopard shook his head. “No.”


“Jiji…” Too shameful…

Rong Mingshi spoke with a vague pronunciation. Aojia reached to pull the little leopard from his collar and gazed at the little leopard’s evading eyes. “You don’t like it? Then should I delete it and redraw it?”

Rong Mingshi hesitantly turned to gaze at the images. This was what the big black dragon drew…

The big black dragon had glued together the little black dragon that had become broken after use. The most important thing was the outline might be like this but it was his own decision when carving!

Thus, the little leopard raised thick paws and said, “…Just send them to me.”

Aojia rubbed his head and sent the two images to the little leopard. Rong Mingshi jumped out of his arms and turned to call the housekeeper to send the newly carved baby elephant.

After the delivery, Rong Mingshi boarded the online store and saw that the number of flashing messages in the exchange area was surprisingly large. Rong Mingshi entered and saw the Military Supplier Credentials at the top and the dragonfly he told the buyer not to publish.

Rong Mingshi’s first reaction was that something was wrong! The little leopard didn’t ask the black dragon sitting next to him. Instead, he hurriedly went to the buyers exchange area and read the messages. Once he found out that he was accused of being a traitor, the little leopard didn’t feel good at all.

He didn’t care about those who previously said he was lazy or even questioned his bad character. The thing he couldn’t bear was being called a traitor. In his previous life, Rong Mingshi’s ancestors had also experienced the battlefield. In the days of war, they suffered many hardships and never had a generation of the Rong family done anything humiliating for their ancestors. Let alone being a traitor, they never even sold any cultural relics to foreigners!

Now someone actually said he was a traitor. The little leopard’s hackles were raised. He turned and looked behind him. He firmly declared to the imperial marshal, “I am a leopard with a good spirit!”

Aojia had seen the page his snow leopard was looking at and heard the powerful voice. He nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

“I’m an upright leopard!”

“Yes,” Aojia agreed again.

“Thank you, Aojia.”

The little leopard knew that without the certificate that had been personally issued by the imperial marshal, his reputation would be stinky. Aojia rubbed the head a bit harder. “You don’t have to thank me.”

The little leopard rubbed against his palm. After a while, his head was still drooping with frustration. “Aojia, how can I judge who is a Zerg and who is a mixed-raced beastmen with an insect form? Should I only pick up orders from the military? Will this be more insurance?”

Aojia reached out to pick up the little leopard and replied while walking, “The credential voucher is to prove that you really aren’t doing things against the empire. The dragonfly is an order from the military and has nothing to do with the Zerg. If there are any orders from the military later, you can do whatever you want. If you don’t want to accept then just leave them.”

“As for how to judge a Zerg, the housekeeper has always been sifting through your buyers. Rest assured, we are there and you can concentrate on carving.”

“Yes!” The little leopard sighed with relief and glanced in the direction of the housekeeper. “The housekeeper is excellent.”

Housekeeper Baba’s backup data was excited and clipped out the little leopard’s words from the manor’s central control system, storing it well.

Aojia smiled and said, “It’s very late. We should go to bed.”


Rong Mingshi headed to the bedroom with Aojia while watching the buyers exchange area along the way. At last, he found a row of shameful accounts. The little leopard pointed to the 18 people who claimed to be apprentices of Master Time. “Aojia, I found that some people are actually pretending to be my apprentices.”

Aojia glanced at it. Once he saw the certification and the familiar names of the 18 disciples, his mouth twitched slightly. He remembered when he looked for the 18 masters to carve his high-grade energy stone…

During that time, his power was strong enough he had to force the suppression of mania. The previous high-grade energy stones weren’t enough to treat his mania so he found the 18 masters of the college and showed them his beast form.

Then he suffered from an unprecedented…

That group of old things, after seeing his dragon shape, they actually talked openly about him. Things like: Why have you grown up without experiencing estrus? In addition, dragon-shaped beasts don’t have that much vitality!

Aojia held the little leopard’s thick paws. “Don’t worry about them.”

“I’m a student myself and I’ve only been listening to those in the master class for a few days…”

Then Rong Mingshi cocked his head. The master class had 19 people if he included the principal.

Aojia blinked at him. “They are all liars. Tear apart their covers.”

“Aojia, they are speaking up for me. Shall I not tear them down this time?” 

“…Okay.” Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head. “I’ll listen to you.”

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2 months ago

Dois maridos obedientes 🥺🥰

28 days ago

Why do the carvers choose to work under the duke? If they are really that skilled, they can branch out as proved by mc. It’s also obvious they can fight for their autonomy, proof is the university professors.

Ml is going to regret dealing with the duke slowly. Such kind of dangers need one fatal strike instead of long term plotting.

3 days ago
Reply to  KatieM

My assumption was that there’s more security working for the Duke, it was previously mentioned there was a high salary
I guess it’s the same as the irl difference between working for an agency/company vs working freelance