NOLMBW: Chapter 55

Then who acted behind the scenes to manipulate and smear the store owner, spreading rumours about the front-line soldiers? Who would have their interests violated by the store owner’s gradually growing store?

After the passion, the beastmen gradually became sober. The appearance of this store owner would undoubtedly have an impact on the existing carving industry, especially after the store owner started accepting high-grade orders. Who would bear the brunt of this?

The entire beastman empire knew that it was the Oran Carving Business that originally had a monopoly on the high-grade energy stone carvings. For a time, everyone had some doubts. Did they secretly mislead the online beastmen into believing that the owner was someone who sold out his country?

-Everyone, sober up. Will a big business care about a small online store? The big carving businesses have annual revenues of 10 billion.

-The carving business runs in the duke’s family. The family has been doing business for a long time and has been a shining example of royal style and good products. How can they go after a small store? I seriously suspect that the store owner is stirring up speculation himself!

-Royal style? Good products? Bah! I previously took a high-grade energy stone there to carve. The family came up with a price of six million star coins. After dragging it out for half a year and three reminders, I finally got the sculpture. I am a powerful golden python but the final product was yellow feces! I would rather grab the low-grade energy stones of the store owner than go to that business. Here are pictures!

(A orange-yellow shape that really looks like poo)

-Hey… this sh*t is really vivid.

-In fact, is there any need for the store owner to self-speculate? The store owner has the movie emperor’s endorsement. What does he need to speculate for? Is there anyone in the capital who doesn’t know the store owner? The store owner’s carvings have been spread all over the place and he relied only on word of mouth to become famous on the Star Network. The 10 custom auctions went mad and the price soared to over 10 million star coins. Is there any need for self-speculation?

During this time, the elites of the Information Department looked at the lively Star Network and were a bit stunned. “Deputy commander, we really can’t use anonymous accounts to help the store owner speak?”

The fox was looking at the dragonfly carving that hadn’t been sent to the scouting team yet. He heard the man’s words and gave him a look. “What account? Search for evidence first? In addition, put up an image of this carving.”

“Deputy commander, didn’t the store owner previously tell us not to put it up?”

“That was before. Just execute the order!”

“Yes, deputy commander!” 

Thus, in the tumultuous exchange area, the high-definition 3D image and test data of Rong Mingsh’s carving appeared next to the ‘Military Supplier Credentials.’ It was to clearly tell everyone that this Zerg form was an imperial soldier.

The noisy exchange area instantly fell silent. Almost all of the beastmen online were shocked, whether they were supporters of the store, pure passersby or those who bought high-grade orders. These beastmen unconsciously made the same action, reaching out to touch the 3D image, taking the image from the Star Network and holding it in the palm of their hands.

The dragonfly fluttering its wings, the lotus flower blooming and the lotus leaf stretching out, the carving that was half the size of a fist was exquisite and smart, as if there was life infused in it.

All beastmen were in a momentary trance. This was just a 3D image and not the real work. They couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be if the real carving was in front of them. How cool would it be if in the future, they had such a beautiful carving of their beast shape that could cure their mania?

After a long time, someone in the exchange area finally made a sound.

-The store owner’s exquisite skills, some people are absolutely afraid of them. I can foresee that a carving business is afraid of closing down.

-Open your eyes and look at this work. The store owner can use this type of craftsmanship for hype. The entire network knows this work. Whether you believe it or not, doesn’t your conscience hurt when talking about hype?

-I’m crying. Big store owner, look at me. I am a golden python and I’m your most loyal pursuer. Kneeling down and begging for a custom order! I’ll pay as much as you want and it doesn’t matter if it is a low or high-grade stone!

-Um… suddenly feeling a bit of pity for the poor golden python upstairs!

-Hahaha! If you manage to grab the owner’s custom order then please give a comparison picture!

-We suddenly want to know the difference between the skills of the carving business and the store owner! I’m throwing this out to the universe.

Of course, it wasn’t just these beastmen who were shocked. It was the principal as well.

At first, Principal Stewart was strolling around the Star Network to see if the store owner had any new products. He intended to collect all the images of the owner’s works. They might just be images and not carvings but it was still helpful to improving carving skills.

…Perhaps Student Rong could understand with one glance. Principal Stewart didn’t expect to see the ‘Military Supplier Credentials’ signed by the marshal as soon as he entered. Principal Stewart suddenly felt that he had touched something.

Then the dragonfly appeared. Principal Stewart wad directly smashed. Apart from Student Rong, there was probably no one more familiar with this dragonfly than him. It was the same one he clearly saw the leopard carving with his paws!

Principal Stewart’s breath was stuck in his chest and he almost choked. This was the famous store on the Star Network that made the Oran Carving Business scared enough to find people to smear it and all the people who withdrew their high-grade orders from the Oran Carving Business were looking for the store owner. Yet the store owner was the little leopard he accused of not studying well?

Principal Stewart slowly reached out to pick up his cup. He mechanically drank the water, his old face full of twitches that were difficult to calm.

The marshal mentioned that he now had his own exclusive carver. Student Rong did the perception test in his office and the ball shone brightly. Student Rong only strolled around dozens of old works and understood the essence of the carving, managing to make up for his own defects.

These facts were all in front of him but he never linked the little leopard to the store owner on the Star Network. After all, Student Rong attended the trainee class after his enrolment. Even if Student Rong’s low-grade energy stones were vivid and exquisite, he didn’t think Student Rong could already carve high-grade energy stones.

In addition… the little leopard was raised by the marshal. How could he think that the little leopard would come out to make money? However, Student Rong previously said he had no money. Principal Stewart thought about how he told Student Rong to go beyond the store owner… In addition, he sent Student Rong to those old masters…

Principal Stewart took a breath and slammed against the table twice. He rubbed his hands together and thought about to make that group of old guys surprised as well! Thus, Principal Stewart connected to the quantum computers of dozens of people at the same time.

Then without saying anything, he showed them the page of the Star Network he was looking at. These people hadn’t seen Student Rong’s carvings from the beginning but they all knew this dragonfly.




There was an extreme silence before one of the masters suddenly wondered, “Is this our apprentice?”

Principal Stewart’s mouth thinned. This thick-skinned person!

“You just gave the little leopard a lesson. Is it okay to say Student Rong is your apprentice when the apprentice’s skill is far beyond yours?”

Stewart’s words silenced the group of masters and it took a while before they could speak.

“In fact, I want to say, is this our master?”

“It makes sense.”

“That’s right.”

“Then the next master class should be ahead of schedule?”

“I think tomorrow is good.”

“Is it Master Rong’s turn to teach this time?”

“I agree. “

Principal Stewart rolled up his sleeve and poked at the page. “Student Rong doesn’t want to reveal his identity. If you want him to be your master then continue to maintain the normal state and wait three days for class.”

“The low-grade energy stones.”


“Give us the master’s contact information.”

Principal Stewart didn’t listen anymore and continued to watch Student Rong’s online store. Despite the exquisite dragonfly, there were still some people who would jump in from time to time with words of doubt.

-Why did the store owner come out with the certificate now?

-Is the store owner so skilled that he feels nothing else matters?

-I said that he would stop once he collected money. The store owner has been lazy for two days.

-Such a lazy store owner has a problem with his character. He isn’t worthy of respect!

The beastmen were just struggling with the problem of the owner’s laziness when a series of people with similar names appeared. Above these names hung the certification of an imperial carving master.

Master Time’s Apprentice Morner: Our master is very busy

Master Time’s  2nd Apprentice Stefan: Our master isn’t lazy.

Master Time’s 18th Apprentice Dinol: Please be polite in the exchange area.

These 18 carvers appeared at the same time, making the online beastmen in an uproar. These masters were certified by the empire in their early years and were all professors or visiting professors of the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy. Almost all the carvers certified in recent years were their students.

Principal Stewart saw the scene and rubbed his old face. This bunch of cheeky old people! Did Student Rong acknowledge them? Well… if he didn’t have the title of principal then he would probably want to join in as well.

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