NOLMBW: Chapter 52

In his hurry to wash and eat, Rong Mingshi didn’t notice when he went out with Aojia that he forget to set an auction number and auction time when opening the high-grade auction. As a result, an auction was successfully opened. According to the credit situation and feedback from the buyer, the auction ceiling was automatically upgraded and it wasn’t one auction but 10!

These 10 high-grade auctions were set to the system’s default period of one day. Thanks to these auctions, all the buyers squatting in this online store went crazy.

-The store owner is really powerful!

-Store owner, I really love you!

-The store owner stayed silent to amaze the world with a single feat!

Then the crazy buyers found that 10 orders weren’t enough to grab one. The auction price soared and quickly overshadowed the closing price of the previous high-grade energy stone.

-Those of you at the top, I’m not lacking money! Do you dare to go to the top and seize it from me?

-Four million… I am whimpering!

-How I wish that the store owner had set a fixed bid amount. I am tired of the increase by 100,000.

-Did someone miss the point? The visual inspection is over a thousand!

-10 custom orders are over a thousand, it is at least 100 million…

-Excitedly calling the store owner! You see, if you are diligent then you can earn a lot of star coins. So don’t be lazy! I look forward to the store owner becoming the richest man in the empire.

At this time, the three elites of the Information Department were also dumbfounded. They saw the price of the 10 custom auctions break through three million and climb all the way to five million.

“The military spending that the deputy commander authorized is limited…”

“I only just realized that the imperial beastmen aren’t lacking in money.”

“It is impossible for us to grab any of them.”

Thus, the three dejected elites reported the situation to the deputy commander. The fox deputy command also realized the problem. His peacock acted as the store’s spokesman in thanks but this was lifting a stone to hit his own foot. However, an armed fighter plane was worth several million star coins…

Moreover, the soldiers didn’t need high-grade energy stone carvings. Those with a high combat power and strength needed high-grade energy stones. On the other hand, the scouts most needed low-grade energy stones that could hide the energy spillover.

Therefore, the soaring high-grade auction prices caused another problem. What if the store owner felt that the high-grade energy stone carving was more profitable and gave up on selling the low-grade energy stones?

The deputy commander connected to his commanding officer’s quantum computer and summed up the matter. He also made a proposal to contact the store owner and discuss a military order with the owner.

More than half of the empire’s energy stone carvers were current in the hands of Duke Oran. The Oran Carving Business almost controlled the vast majority of the military’s energy stone carvings, which was also a major threat to the military. Unfortunately, the deputy commander saw that the store owner was self-taught and was far from being able to compete with the Oran Carving Business.

At this time, Marshal Black Dragon was in front of a 5D game cabin, watching the little leopard floating in the air, waving his paws boldly and his thick tail shaking as he played the space simulation game. The leopard kept calling out Aoji excitedly while playing.

Once the deputy commander’s encrypted file arrived, the big black dragon looked down at it. Aojia saw that the owner had opened 10 high grade orders and raised his eyebrows. Opening so many orders at once, this obviously wasn’t the little leopard’s style.

Thus, Aojia opened his snow leopard’s store on the Star Network. He discovered that the 10 high-grade energy stone custom auctions were set automatically and even the auction time was automatic…

The little leopard probably slipped or forgot to set it. As for the deputy commander’s proposal…

Aojia watched the little leopard playing the game and ordered the deputy commander, “You can contact him but you can’t use any coercive means. Respect the owner’s choice.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The deputy commander’s fox eyes narrowed after receiving the order. For this business, he was ready to talk in person to achieve the maximum result! For example, a few high-grade custom orders…

The deputy commander obtained the contact information of the store owner from the platform and sent a message to the owner. He directly mentioned the intention for a military order and then quietly waited for the owner to reply.

It was just that the little leopard was busy playing and didn’t notice that someone had sent a message. The deputy commander’s message sank like a stone in the sea and there were no echoes. The deputy commander waited a long time, knocked on the table and doubled the custom order price. There was still no response from the owner.

The deputy commander raised his hand and called the three elites over.

“Deputy commander, this store owner isn’t the same as other businessmen.”

“The store owner is lazy to make money. The tens of millions of buyers recognize this.”

“Then it is likely the store owner will have no interest in the military’s order.”


The deputy commander’s mouth twitched. A businessman in the empire who didn’t want to receive orders from the military…

Then the deputy commander remembered the four million red envelopes that had been returned by the store owner. Then what type of method should he use to get the store owner to take such a big order? The always wise and cunning deputy commander felt a bit bald.

After a full day of playing, Rong Mingshi sat in the suspension car driven by Aojia and fell asleep with this thick tail in his arms. Aojia drove the suspension car directly to the balcony of the bedroom. He carried the little leopard into the room, bathed him while the leopard was still confused, stuffed the soft and fluffy leopard into the quilt and rubbed the head.

The little leopard fell asleep, stretching out a thick leopard’s paw to touch. Aojia reached out to the little black dragon with the dragon wings wrapped around the little snow leopard carving and placed it in Rong Mingshi’s paw. The little leopard held it in his paws and fell asleep.

Once he saw that the little leopard was sleeping steadily, Aojia returned to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He turned over in bed and placed the little leopard against him. The little leopard’s thick paws touched someone’s chest and he let out the little dragon carving…

The little black dragon rolled to one side of the pillow, holding his snow leopard as he looked around with vigilant eyes.


The big black dragon smiled and raised his hand to his own little leopard. The next morning, Rong Mingshi stretched out and opened his eyes. He vaguely felt that he had enjoyed himself too much yesterday and forgot something important.

He was brushing his teeth with a smart toothbrush when he remembered that he had started an order yesterday and hadn’t seen the results. The little leopard bowed his head, washed his mouth, dried the fur on his face and sat beside the sink to open his computer.

The first thing he saw was a message from Aojia, who had an emergency military service in the morning and arranged for the housekeeper to send him to school. Rong Mingshi jumped off the sink, walked out of the bedroom and logged into the online store.

He went to the backstage area and saw alerts for 10 successful auctions. Rong Mingshi cocked his head in a stunned manner. The little leopard was full of doubts while opening the auction details. Then his thick paws hung in the air and his mouth unconsciously dropped open and he forgot to close it. After a while, the little leopard put down his paws, turned his head to the bedroom, jumped into bed, hid in the quilt and closed his eyes.

Um… he probably hadn’t woken up yet…

Why else did he see 10 high-grade energy custom orders for tens of millions of star coins? Rong Mingshi was hiding in the quilt when Housekeeper Baba’s simulation body entered and greeted him. “Master, you have 10 packages that need to be signed for.”


The little leopard arched in the quilt, thick tail held in his mouth. 10 packages might be 10 high-grade energy stones from the custom buyers. It wasn’t a dream. He really received 10 high-grade custom orders for millions of star coins. 10 orders worth millions of star coins, the total was more than 100 million star coins… This type of money-making speed was equivalent to a hyperspace fighter plane.

The little leopard stiffened in the quilt and Housekeeper Baba was worried. He reached out and slightly poked the bulging quilt. “Master?”

Rong Mingshi emerged from the quilt and turned two laps. He sat down and told the housekeeper, “Housekeeper, please ask for a leave of absence for me. I won’t go to school today!”

He made money, this was a 100 million custom order fee! He had to carve the energy stones as quickly as possible so that the money would be his!

“Yes.” Housekeeper Baba replied and immediately applied for a leave of absence at the leopard’s college. The little leopard was just jumping out of bed to check the package when there was a call request from Principal Stewart.

Rong Mingshi felt a bit guilty and hesitated about opening it. He hesitated until this call request ended. Rong Mingshi pressed a paw against his nose, pretended not to notice the call request and stepped outside. He couldn’t wait to see the 10 high-grade energy stones.

Then Principal Stewart’s call request came again. The little leopard silently ignored it…

He was unwrapping the packages when Principal Stewart’s calls appeared again and again. The little leopard couldn’t ignore it anymore. He raised a paw and accept the headmaster’s call.

Then Principal Stewart’s 3D image appeared at a close distance to Rong Mingshi. “Student Rong! You asked for leave yesterday. Why are you asking for it again today? Don’t you know that the master carving class is today?”

Student Rong was good at everything apart from learning This was really sad for Principal Stewart!


The little leopard licked the fur around his mouth. Such a small leopard made it really hard for the principal to be angry at him The principal’s voice softened and he said, “Student Rong, is there something happening at home?”

Rong Mingshi wasn’t good at lying and silently shook his head.

“Then go to school! You need to attend school!”

The little leopard cocked his head. If this was the case, he would go to school and study the beast shapes of these 10 high-grade custom orders.

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