NOLMBW: Chapter 51

Rong Mingshi pulled his arm and went outside. “It is in the garden, didn’t you see it? Did you fly up?”

Aojia looked down at the hand holding his arm and then the person’s bare feet. He reached out to grab the other person’s waist and directly carried him up, dragon wings flying out. One person and one half-person with dragon wings fell towards the open space in front of the giant energy stone in the garden, looking up at the stone together.

The stone that was a few metres high stood there firmly. However, apart from the rough mottled lines that outlined the basic structure, there were no details. It looked exactly like when the little leopard stopped last night.

Rong Mingshi knew nothing about the military’s latest camouflage technology and was paralyzed.

…Where was his big mech, big dragon and big Aojia statue?

The stone in front of him was exactly the same as the energy stone that he carved last night but the little leopard felt it was different. The one in front of him didn’t give off the familiar feeling of his carvings. This was just… an imitation!

The little leopard grabbed Aojia’s hand and turned back to look at Aojia. “Aojia, someone stole my work!”

The other things he carved were sold from 100 star coins to two million star coins. He didn’t feel much selling them, no matter how cheap or expensive, but the big black dragon and little black dragons were different! The moment he thought about the giant carving of the big black dragon that he painstakingly put hours into being stolen, the little leopard was simply… an angry pufferfish!

Aojia raised a hand to pat his soft hair. “Don’t be angry.”

After saying this, Aojia glanced towards the housekeeper and silently mouthed, “Remove the camouflage.”

Putting aside the manor’s defense system, there was the housekeeper present and there was no possibility of anything being stolen. The only one who could do this type of thing was the housekeeper. The housekeeper silently turned off the manor’s camouflage system while driving all the auxiliary robots into the garden, preparing to let it rain!

Rong Mingshi was thinking about how his carving was stolen when the arms around him tightened. He was pushed back and hit a hard object. Then Aojia’s hot breath invaded him. At the same time, the surrounding temperature increased by a few degrees and there was suddenly a lot of heat. Rong Mingshi was surrounded by the burning breath but managed to see the carved side face of Aojia to the side…

It was still here and wasn’t stolen. Then the statue that Aojia had seen…

The kissed Rong Mingshi’s lips curved slightly. “Aoji…”

The subtle movements made the man place a hand to the back of Rong Mingshi’s head and the burning tongue entered deeper into his mouth. Rong Mingshi suddenly realized his current situation. The carved human form of Aojia was behind him while the real Aojia was in front of him with dragon wings wrapped tightly around him. This was a very eager and passionate kiss. Someone’s hand slipped under the dragon wings and into the clothes, caressing urgently and meticulously.

The ubiquitous Housekeeper Baba naturally saw the situation, instantly burned his active and standby processors and almost exploded. All the housekeeper could do was jump into one of the manor’s auxiliary robots and along with the other robots, pour water down into the garden and onto the black dragon’s flaming dragon wings!

It was just that Marshal Black Dragon’s firepower was so strong that it wasn’t easy to extinguish! The rain poured down and the flames being emitted from Aojia’s dragon wings turned into water vapour. It formed steam around the entire carving and the two people were blocked.

Outside the dragon wings was the mist curtain while the inside of the dragon wings wasn’t affected at all, apart from the hot temperature caused by the flames. However, the heat of their breaths could burn people.

The little leopard was hotly kissed and his head felt a bit itchy. There was an urgent desire in the depths of his body and he seemed somewhat dissatisfied with the kiss. He always wanted more and forcibly bit the tongue intruding into his mouth.

The black dragon was suddenly bitten on the tip of his tongue and slightly retreated his invading tongue. He slowly soothed the lips with his teeth and then pulled away his tongue. He moved his hand down the back of the neck, pressed the other person’s head against his shoulder and slowly stroked. The two people had been so immersed in the kiss that they hadn’t noticed the round and white leopard ears with black edges popping out for a moment before disappearing without a word.

After stroking for a while, Rong Mingshi whispered in Aojia’s ears, “Aojia, do you like this carving?”

Aojia’s arms tightened and he brought Rong Mingshi’s body closer.


The little leopard with his head against Aojia’s shoulder felt a bit confused. His carving was good enough to make this big black dragon… was this it? The suddenly overwhelmed little leopard blushed and immediately changed the subject. “Aojia, what happened to the carving previously?”

“The housekeeper deliberately disguised the carving to avoid causing a stir.”

Aojia made a reasonable excuse for the housekeeper.

“…Then we have to pretend?”

“There can be a choice when camouflaging.”


“Everyone apart from you and me will see the rough form.”

“There is a selective camouflage! Then don’t show it to others or it might really be stolen one day.”


The two people were talking when the clothes on Rong Mingshi’s body suddenly fell. He quickly grabbed Aojia’s shoulders with his paws but he was a bit weak and slipped down through Aojia’s clothes.

The big black dragon raised his hand to catch the little leopard and carried him up. The little leopard poked his head out of the military uniform and turned his head, asking in a low voice, “What do you… what will you do?”

Aojia reached out and rescued the little leopard from his clothes. “I will just bear it.”

“Oh.” The little leopard obediently held Aojia’s arm and stayed motionless.

Aojia quietly hugged the little leopard and after standing for a while in the rain curtain, he rubbed the leopard’s ears. “It is late. Let’s go back and sleep.”

He looked down and the little leopard was already sleeping. Aojia originally wanted to cover it up with the excuse of sleep but this careless thing really had fallen asleep. Aojia smiled and moved his arm slightly to make the little leopard more comfortable.

He flapped his dragon wings and rose up out of the rain curtain around the garden. He flew to the bedroom, placed the little leopard on the bed and covered him up with a quilt. Then the marshal walked out to the balcony and stared at an auxiliary robot flying outside the balcony.

Housekeeper Baba stared firmly back using the auxiliary robot’s mechanical eyes.

…He was just putting out a fire.

Then the marshal said, “Duke Oran has established a research institute in the asteroid belt and has mobilized half the researchers from the capital’s institute. The carving business under Duke Oran has established a 17th carving store in the Minta Star Field that is at the border with the Zerg.”

The housekeeper’s data flipped over when he heard all of this.

Aojia paused slightly before continuing, “I can block the starships from the institute but I need your help to obtain evidence. In addition, you should know more about the carving industry than me.”

Housekeeper Baba nodded and quickly left. His data chain went along the Star Network and towards the institute to crack the smart system of the institute. At the same time, he split a copy to go to the Oran Carving Business.

Aojia stared after the housekeeper before turning back to the bedroom. Of course, he didn’t need to rely on the housekeeper to gather evidence. The carving store part was actually useless…

At the same time, the foreign minister came home late before of official business and finally saw the high-grade energy stone his wife ordered.  After determining the power of this high-grade energy stone and the ability to hide the spilled energy, Foreign Minister Hoss contacted several friends and informed them about the high-grade energy stone auction of this online store.

“Hoss, are you sure?” “

“Hoss, such a high energy activation rate… isn’t this unlikely?”

“Hoss, I am convinced that the store owner can hide the spilled energy but such a high activation rate…”

This was related to their lives and their family’s lives. To a certain extent, it was related to whether their wives could naturally give birth. The foreign minister directly showed them his tiger-shaped high-grade energy stone and did an energy test on the spot.

“If you’re still not sure then look at this online store.”

The few people hurried to visit the small online store and were surprised to find that the carvings the small store sold were scarce. However, the finished pieces were all very amazing, especially the fire fox high-grade energy stone.

…There was something familiar about it.

That night, the Oran Carving Business received three high-grade energy stone withdrawal orders. At the same time, the three customers prepared for the owner to open a high-grade auction.

Duke Oran received the news while busy with the research institute and just threw it aside with a frown. He didn’t care about a few high-grade orders.

The thing Duke Oran desperately needed to obtain was the little leopard’s beast nucleus. His several capture and tracking plans had all been destroyed. He hadn’t figured out who was behind it and when he talked with Principal Steward, the old man always confused him and didn’t tell him who was sheltering the little leopard! The duke also suffered from various attacks occasionally and experienced all sorts of troubles.

Early the next morning, the little leopard woke up. He emerged from the quilt, lay on the pillow and hurriedly entered his online store. Yesterday, he forgot to open a high-grade order. He wasted a lot of time and felt like he lost a lot of money.

However, Aojia was already pushing open the door. Rong Mingshi hurriedly opened a high-grade custom auction on the Star Network, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. “I’ll be there straight away!”

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