NOLMBW: Chapter 50

The little leopard rolled on the sofa and looked up at the small black dragon carving on the living room’s chandelier. He covered his nose with his thick paws, his thick tail moved and there was an impulse in his head.

It had been a really long time since he carved a cute little black dragon!

The little leopard suddenly sprang up from the sofa and ran to the entire shelf filled with white stones that had been sent by Aojia’s people. He turned it over and picked up a black variegated low-grade energy stone deep inside, pulling it all the way to the living room and moving it to the table.

The little leopard climbed onto the table, crouched down and started the knife smoothly against the stone.

This was a round, little black dragon with more movements. The dragon tail was curled up to the side of the body and it squatted on the ground. The wide dragon wings were carefully wrapped around its chest, tightly covering most of the dragon’s belly. The little black dragon’s golden vertical pupils were very large and spirited as it looked at its surroundings with vigilance.

Rong Mingshi was already calm when it came to carving his cute little snow leopard.

Therefore, the little black dragon’s wings weren’t wrapped around its own belly but a small snow leopard trying to open the dragon wings, head sticking out from the black dragon’s neck.

There was a furry leopard head revealed between the dragon wings and claws. It had big blue eyes and the thick leopard paws were on the edge of the dragon wing, trying to stick its head out. However, the snow leopard’s head was pressed down by the dragon’s claws. The dragon’s claws weren’t pressed tightly to the little leopard’s head and there was a feeling that it was trying not to use force. Even the hairs on the head of the little leopard weren’t overwhelmed…

At the same time, there was a slight bulging from the dragon wings wrapped around the little black dragon. It looked a bit like a paw print and was the traces of the snow leopard’s hind legs as it restlessly attempted to emerge from under the dragon wings.

This small work looked simple. The two dragon wings blocked most of the little black dragon and little snow leopard. In fact, the carvings inside were very fine. Rong Mingshi carefully moved his knives and finely carved the movements of the little black dragon and the little snow leopard.

Inside the dragon wings, the little black dragon’s claws were close to the belly of the little leopard. Of the leopard’s two rear legs, one stepped on a dragon claw while the other stepped on a dragon wing.

This situation was a fusion of last night when Aojia wrapped his dragon wings to wrap around both of them and the day at the museum when he curiously looked outside. His big black dragon had stretched out his hand to prevent Rong Mingshi from watching the lively situation.

Once this carving was completed, Rong Mingshi took back his paws and observed the steadily standing black dragon.

“Very good.”

The little leopard suddenly heard someone’s voice. The person reached out to poke the thick paws of the little snow leopard held by the little black dragon. Rong Mingshi was staring at the little black dragon and for a moment, the little black dragon seemed to raise its head, vigilant eyes sweeping sharply being him.

Who is coming to grab my baby? I’ll bite you to death!


Rong Mingshi’s brain was filled with too many things. He silently lifted his thick paws to turn the dragon on the table in another direction. He let the little leopard stare at the living room murals and then poked the dragon tail in a not very light manner. However, the little black dragon he carved was very stable and didn’t shake at all.

Aojia laughed, sat beside the little leopard and picked up the little leopard to place on his lap. He patted Rong Mingshi’s head and held the thick paws. “You didn’t go out all day? Weren’t you bored?”

The little leopard, who was used to staying at home in his past life, shook his head. He didn’t feel there was anything wrong with staying at home. Moreover, he completed three carvings today and earned more than two million star coins. This was making money at a rocket-like speed!

“Tomorrow is a holiday. Shall I take you out for a spin?” Aojia suggested while kneading the thick paws.

Rong Mingshi nodded. “okay.”

He didn’t mind staying at home but Rong Mingshi was very happy to go out with the little black dragon. In any case, there was no class tomorrow and no point going to college. After the transfer, the little leopard wasn’t limited by checking in and felt no self-consciousness. The matter of theoretical learning was also left behind.

Meanwhile, the buyers exchange area of the high-grade custom auction in Rong Mingshi’s store was noisy. All of the buyers who believed in the owner’s skills and were able to purchase high-grade energy stones were here. Of course, there were some who had no money and just wanted to see the store owner’s finished beastman carvings.

-I’m not blind, the store owner’s last high-end energy stone order was a successful transaction, right? The store owner has completed a custom order, will he open a new one? Why hasn’t he opened it yet?

-The buyer who successfully completed the transaction hasn’t displayed the finished product. Is the quality of the high-grade energy stone carved by the store owner not good enough?

-Hey, who are you to question the level of the store owner? Since you are questioning him, quickly leave? Why reveal your existence here?

-Big store owner, you have to distinguish between primary and secondary. This side is more profitable than that side. You have already opened two low-grade custom orders. Shouldn’t you open them here?

-Is it only me who has the feeling that the store owner probably… forgot to open it?

-I suddenly feel that the person upstairs is really reasonable…

The little leopard was busy carving the little black dragon and really had forgotten to log into the online store to open the auction. Plus, Aojia returned home at this time and the little leopard was wondering how many knife cuts he could make on the transparent stone today. As a result, the high-grade custom order was even more forgotten…

Aojia took the little leopard to wash his hands for dinner. After the meal, Aojia received an urgent military order and went to the study room to temporarily deal with matters. Rong Mingshi slipped into the bedroom and grabbed his stone. The little leopard crouched on the bedroom table, shook his fur and started the tools.

The feeling he got when carving the orange high-grade energy stone had a considerable effect on the little leopard’s perception power as he carved the transparent energy stone. This time, the carving was very smooth and he carved more marks than ever. He did several cuts in succession and almost outline the entire back line of the snow leopard rising to grab his prey!

Once he was rejected by the power of the stone, the little leopard was already used to it. He didn’t oppose the repulsive force as he flipped back and landed steadily on the bed beside the table. Then the little leopard hurriedly jumped onto the table, raised his paws and touched the transparent energy stone covered with lines.

This time, a more abundant power spread through his body and there was a distinct stagnant feeling in his mind. Then Rong Mingshi reached out to grab the thin sheet, wrapped it around himself and jumped like a bug into Aojia’s cloakroom.

Rong Mingshi pulled out underwear from a drawer, grabbed some pieces of clothing and quickly got dressed. Well… the underwear inside slid down a bit. Rong Mingshi reached out a hand and tied Aojia’s belt around himself.

The leopard gazed at himself in the 3D mirror. His figure might be a bit different and his height was a bit shorter than Aojia but once he put on the military uniform, he was quite handsome!

The confident Rong Mingshi emerged from the cloakroom, pulled up the sleeves of his clothing and went to Aojia’s study. There was a subtle noise coming from Aojia’s room, as if he was still busy. However, time was a bit tight so Rong Mingshi arranged his collar, reached out and knocked on the door of the study. “Aojia, can I enter?”

The smart door opened automatically. Obviously, he was allowed to enter. The little leopard stepped forward and went in.

Marshal Black Dragon, who was giving his final orders, suddenly froze and stared at the door with deep eyes. His family’s snow leopard was wearing his clothes and walking inside in such a pretty manner!

The slightly large military uniform had the sleeves rolled up, revealing half his arms. The pants were somewhat long and covered most of the feet, only showing the white toes stepping on the thick carpet. The buttons of the military uniform were done up to the top but still revealed a delicate and distinct collarbone. The handsome and clean face had a proud and sly smile, eyes bright as he stood by the table.

The marshal took the initiative to shut down the ongoing video call before the little leopard could speak. The deputy commander frowned doubtfully at the black screen and quickly sent a message to the marshal. “Sir, is there any trouble?”

Aojia’s throat moved and he replied, “No, the previous proposal is rejected.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The deputy commander gazed at his commanding officer’s message, fox eyes slightly narrowing. The sound was a bit fuzzy but he had heard the voice of a beastman coming from the boss’ side. The most important thing was that the man called out the boss’ name. It must be a great relationship.

At this time, Aojia was watching the other person while his Adam’s apple moved. He stood up and hugged Rong Mingshi’s neck, kissing the warm and sweet lips.

Rong Mingshi was obedient within the black dragon’s arms. It was just that the little black dragon on the table was a bit of an obstacle. He wanted to reach out and push it away but then he thought about how this little black dragon sleeping with one eye open was placed here to cover the table he previously scratched…

Thus, Rong Mingshi had to change his movements. He reached out to touch the little black dragon and then as if nothing had happened, he returned someone’s kiss, accepting the familiar burning hot tongue. At the same time, he heard the familiar sound of the dragon wings breaking through clothes.

Once Rong Mingshi was breathless, the black dragon only slightly retreated. He stroked the little leopard’s ear, kissed the nose and spoke in a hoarse voice, “I’ll take you to be clothes tomorrow.”


Rong Mingshi nodded. Then Aojia once again lowered his head and the burning breath invaded Rong Mingshi’s mouth again. Meanwhile, the dragon wings slightly fanned. The two people slightly flew up before slowly falling in front of the table., It wasn’t until their breathing became urgent that they reluctantly parted.

Rong Mingshi grabbed Aojia’s clothes and stabilized his breathing. Then he looked at the dragon wings and expressed a doubt in his heart.

“Aojia, I already carved the giant black energy stone for you. Why are your dragon wings still coming out?”

Did he have to carve more giant energy stones? Aojia looked down at the person in his arms. His snow leopard clearly didn’t know that characteristics of the beast-shape would appear when beastmen were in estrus. At the same time, the big black dragon realized that while he was full of emotions, there were no traces of mania.

“You haven’t seen it yet?”

No wonder why there was no praise…

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