NOLMBW: Chapter 47

The moment the disguised marshal appeared in the warehouse, Housekeeper Baba glanced at him sharply before angrily walking away through another exit. He would look for a beastman later. Now he had to go home and cook for the little leopard.

The fake robot Eagle Tan immediately became vigilant. He watched as the man took his protection target out of the spherical seat and intimately held the little leopard as he walked out of the warehouse. The thinking Eagle Tan became firmly certain… what better excuse than this?

Aojia was holding the little leopard in one hand while opening the suspension car. He was about to talk to the little leopard when Eagle Tan sent him emergency news. “Reporting to the boss, I want to elaborate on my previous point.”

“First, the mission target is a beast-shaped little leopard. His resistance level is weak.”

“Second, the mission target is very close to a beastman!”

“Third, my many years of scouting experience allows me to conclude that this beastman is either a spy or a zerg in disguise. He doesn’t show any traces of a disguise but this shows that his disguise technique is superb. This shows that the mission is in a relatively dangerous environment”

“Sir, let me hide the little leopard. I promise that no one can find him!”

After reading the contents, the black dragon’s mouth twitched and he sent two words in reply. “Shut up!”

“Sir, I’m sending a text message.”

Aojia glanced in the direction of the warehouse auxiliary robots.

“Sir, this beastman is particularly vigilant! I seriously doubt his identity now!”

“Perform your mission. If you say one more word then go and be a bandit!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Despite this, Eagle Tan was still a bit unwilling and his sharp eagle eyes were focused on the suspension car about to fly away. A second passed and Eagle Tan decided he should get in close contact with the beatsman. Once the distance was close enough, his eyes should be able to see the disguise. Then he would determine the identity of the beastman and perhaps his boss would order him to hide the little leopard!

Aojia temporarily resolved the problem and launched the suspension car. Then he glanced at the little leopard rubbing his eyes with his paws. “Principal Stewart said he transferred you to the master class?”

The leopard lowered his thick paws and sat in the co-pilot’s seat. “Yes, but the principal didn’t ask for anything.”

Aojia reached out and rubbed the little leopard’s head. “He hopes that your skill will inspire them.”

“I know. I also hope that their skills can inspire my perception.”

Aojia glanced behind to check and saw several suspension cars following him. He narrowed his eyes and after turning in several directions, the suspension cars disappeared. They should be resolved quietly by the eagle who talked and thought too much.

Aojia looked at the little leopard and continued speaking. “Since you have entered the master carver class, should I accompany you to apply for the master carver certification tomorrow?”

The little leopard bit his tail and calculated his time. The giant stone would arrive soon after returning home. He would take a day or two to carve it. He also had the yellow-high grade energy stone that wasn’t carved… In addition, he wanted to open more custom orders and make money to buy high-grade energy stones for Aojia.

The worried Rong Mingshi looked up at Aojia. “How long does the certification test take?”

“Three to five days. “

The empire’s carver certification test couldn’t be jumped. It had to start from the lowest level and be certified step by step. The little leopard first needed to open the apprentice carver certification and move up. Thus, he needed to carve six works and do six theoretical tests. This took a long time…

“Must I be certified?’

“No, the empire’s carver certificate is just giving you an official name to enhance your reputation.”

“Then I’m not in a hurry. I’ll go later when I have time.”

The little leopard happily made a decision.

“Okay, don’t worry.”

The suspension car was about to enter the suspended land area and was very close to the manor. Aojia told the eagle who was still following them, “Your task today is over. You can go back.”

The eagle received the order and frowned. The boss was too rash! He had eliminated many people with bad intentions along the way. It was already dangerous enough that the leopard wasn’t in hiding. How could he also give up the protection? As a result, Eagle Tan violated the military order, disguised as a service robot and entered the suspended land area.

At this time, Rong Mingshi saw the huge package in the manor from the suspension car’s window and his eyes brightened. The black dragon looked at the little leopard lying against the window and reached out to him. “Did you buy that?”

The little leopard nodded. He descended from Aojia’s arms and ran all the way to the package, stretching out his paws to touch the security lock of the giant package. Once the giant energy stone with three colours was on display, the little leopard crouched there and happily moved his tail. The item worth over a million star coins was great!

The marshal followed behind the little leopard and looked up at this giant energy stone. The little leopard was trying to carve a giant black dragon. Placing a giant energy stone carving in the house…

This meant that at home, he could be unscrupulous anytime and anywhere. Whatever he wanted to do with his beastman…

Once he imagined this scene…

The black dragon in his estrus period found it a bit unbearable. A hot breath flowed all over his body and his dragon wings almost broke out…

Then the manor’s gardening robot flew about Aojia’s head and swayed there while holding the big kettle full of water. These auxiliary robots didn’t have any intelligence and only strictly reinforced the orders of Housekeeper Baba. No fire was allowed!

The big black dragon let out a breath that was almost scorching and dispelled the various scenes inside his head. After all, until his snow leopard became a human, these were… Only delusions.

The little leopard saw his stone and turned. He climbed along Aojia’s thigh up to his chest and grabbed Aojia’s clothes. “Aojia, I need some tools for the giant carving.”

Aojia nodded, rubbing the little leopard’s fur as he said, “Yes, I’ll go down and do it for you.”

The little leopard waved his thick tail and entered the manor with Aojia. The little leopard finished eating and then they went down to the armour assembly room.

Aojia placed all the carving tools for giant energy stones in front of the little leopard and Rong Mingshi screened them with his paws. Once they were selected, Aojia modelled and modified them according to Rong Mingshi’s leopard paws. Some were made to be fixed to the leopard paws. Others were heavier and were made so that two leopard paws could use them at the same time.

Aojia’s movements were very fast. He finished simulating them with the little leopard and the parts were created by the machine. After some fine corrections and assembly, the pieces were discharged onto the table.

Rong Mingshi tried them one by one and was very satisfied. Once all the tools were done, Rong Mingshi jumped up to grab Aojia’s arm and used his thick paws to hug Aojia’s shoulders. His thick tail wrapped around Aojia’s neck like a fur collar and his teeth bit at Aojia’s collar. His head rubbed against Aojia’s chin as he spoke unclearly, “Aoji, what would I do without you?”

This move reminded Aojia of the arms around his neck yesterday. The black dragon couldn’t hold it and two puffs of flames emerged from his nose. Fortunately, the black dragon’s claws were fast enough and they didn’t touch the little leopard’s fur. Otherwise, if there was a bald patch…

The little leopard finished the hug, released Aojia’s shoulders and jumped onto the table. There were too many tools and they were too big to fit into his space. Aojia had to call the housekeeper and two auxiliary robots to move them for the little leopard.

Then the little leopard honed his two leopard paw tools, jumped into his spherical seat, picked up a carving knife and flew towards the giant energy stone. The advantage of the energy stone meant the little leopard didn’t have to worry about flying dust. He drove the spherical seat and flew up and down with the carving knife, cutting the stone into the general form that had been conceived for a long time.

Rong Mingshi got this idea the first moment he saw the broken armour in the underground area.

The giant carving consisted of three parts. The left side was the black and gold of the powerful armour, the right side was the black and red of the majestic evil black dragon and the middle was the black and silver military uniform and Aojia’s other proportions.

This was the work that Rong Mingshi carved with the greatest enthusiasm. The little leopard was lost in the entire process of stripping and slashing. He flew up and down, changed his tools from time to time or retreated far away to observe.

The sky gradually changed and the black dragon ordered the housekeeper to turn on the lights around the little leopard. Time passed and the giant carving started to take shape. The appearance could be vaguely seen. It reached this point but the little leopard didn’t stop. He changed his tools and flew up again.

Aojia looked at the fully engaged little leopard and slightly raised his eyebrows. The previous energy stones carved by the little leoaprd were those that beastmen carried around with them. The stones were fist-sized or smaller and the carving time might be long but it only took half a day.

The little leopard might be highly skilled and well-prepared but the giant stone carving would probably take several days. Did this little leopard plan to achieve it in one go?

The black dragon raised his feet and flew to the top of the stone. He stood in the part that was the armour and looked down at the little leopard. The little leopard in the spherical seat had his ears slanted and his tail curved slightly upwards. The thick paws were holding the tools to try and carve the structure of the mech.

Aojia reached out a hand and rubbed his head gently. “Rong Rong?”

The little leopard’s ears moved and he looked up with clear leopard eyes. The eyes had a feeling of losing focus after being so concentrated.

Aojia held the little leopard and took off the tools. “Go to bed.”


The little leopard raised his paws and let Aojia completely remove the tools. The black dragon carried the little leopard into the bathroom, putting him beside the sink and filling the sink with hot water. The little leopard still hadn’t recovered and was rubbed by Aojia’s big hand, covering him in bubbles.

Aojia held the little leopard’s head and washed him. The little leopard gazed at him pitifully, the clear leopard eyes fixed on his face. He turned around for a while before suddenly grabbing Aojia’s arm with thick paws.

Aojia raised his eyebrows and touched the wet fur on the leopard’s face. “What are you thinking?”

The little leopard grinned and moved in the water. “It’s nothing.”

The little leopard was washed and ran away first. Aojia watched the familiar scene and his Adam’s apple moved slightly. He entered the shower and took a cold shower first, just in case. Once the black dragon thought he could handle it and entered the bedroom. The little leopard was lying on the pillow and had already fallen asleep…

Aojia smiled helplessly and went to the bed. The transparent energy stone had fallen on the pillow next to the little leopard. Aojia reached out and picked it up. The moment he was about to put it away, he looked down and made a stunned expression. Three cuts…

The black dragon’s lips slightly curved and he leaned close to the little leopard, his warm breath hitting the top of the little leopard’s head. The fluffy hairs quivered and the sleeping leopard made a sound as he was disturbed.

Aojia laughed, held the stone and lay calmly on the bed. He didn’t move for a long time…

The little leopard couldn’t help it. He opened one eye and saw the black dragon’s smiling face close to him.


He was caught pretending to sleep…

The little leopard’s thick paws covered his face.

Aojia reached for the little leopard and placed the stone in the thick paws. In a flash, the little leopard’s fur became soft and smooth skin.

The marshal’s breath instantly became chaotic. In the half a second it took him to stabilize his agitated power and dragon wings that were about to emerge, the soft and warm lips of this energetic man fell on the tip of his nose and rubbed lightly.

This touch was far from enough. The snow leopard in Aojia’s arms quickly reached out and hugged his neck. With this force, the little white teeth fell and bit Aojia’s lips. The marshal’s breathing stopped for a moment. As the snow leopard tried to open Aojia’s mouth with the tip of his tongue, Aojia raised a hand and held the little leopard’s head. he opened his mouth and instantly caught the seeking tongue, sucking hard.

This time the marshal knew it was a race against time. Therefore, he did his best to kiss the snow leopard fiercely and released all his accumulated enthusiasm into the kiss. He held the person in his arms tightly and even wrapped the dragon wings that emerged due to passion around the snow leopard.

Both of them knew it was a quick kiss and time was limited. Thus, the two people reluctantly separated. Rong Mingshi held Aojia’s clothes and seriously said, “Aojia, it’s fast.”

The marshal didn’t say that it was actually a long time… The little leopard underestimated his ability to withstand real contact. It was a really long time… In addition, his snow leopard wasn’t showing any characteristics of estrus…


The man in his arms became a little leopard again and Aojia patted him on the back. Rong Mingshi raised his eyes to look at the dragon wings. He thought that it was strange when the dragon wings appeared.

Early the next morning, Rong Mingshi refused Aojia’s plan to send him to college. In any case, there were no classes and he didn’t have a class until tomorrow’s seminar. He would rather not go to school and instead carve the giant energy stone at home.

Aojia commanded the housekeeper to take care of the little leopard and went to the military. The little leopard finished breakfast but didn’t go to carve the giant energy stone right away. He slipped into Aojia’s mech collection, studying them one by one in his spherical seat.

He had an idea about the carving of the mech but it was difficult for him to be more specific since he hadn’t handled any mech before. Some details would be distorted if he relied on his own imagination.

The little leopard observed these mechs one by one. The mech armour storage devices had records of the origin and use of the mech that Aojia had previously used. Moreover, it could be seen that Aojia highly cherished them. They could no longer be used yet they were carefully collected. It was as if the mech were alive and not pure machinery. They were comrades who had experienced the battlefield together.

The little leopard knew how to carve out the details…

He was ready to go back when his gaze inadvertently swept over a hidden corner. A small black object was placed in a storage device the same as the ones the mech were stored in. The little leopard’s ears moved doubtfully and he jumped from his seat to look. It was the little black dragon…

This was the low-grade energy stone carving he selected for Aojia on the resource star. It was just that the black dragon was broken and joined back together. The joining was very careful but the broken lines could still be seen. Moreover, unlike when he first carved it, the stone looked like an ordinary stone. There was no more sense of energy from the stone.

The little leopard understood what he saw and opened his quantum computer. He boarded the Star Network to find information about the low-grade energy stones.

Only then did he find out that low-grade energy stones were a consumable for a powerful beast like his black dragon. Every time mania broke out, it would consume the power of the low-grade energy stone. Under such circumstances, the stone was exhausted of its power and would be broken.

The little leopard’s thick paws touched the transparent protective barrier and stared at the rejoined carving. “Such a stone was broken and joined together again…”

He would give Aojia another carving! It was no wonder that Aojia hadn’t accepted the low-grade energy stone carving of the little black dragon emerging from the eggshell. He just thought the black dragon didn’t like it. This was actually the reason!

The little leopard wandered back above ground and decided to complete the giant carving. Then he would open more custom orders, make a lot of money and buy many high-grade energy stones to carve the black dragon!

The little leopard in high spirits greeted the two auxiliary robots and used his tools to continue carving the giant energy stone. The previous observations meant Rong Mingshi was confident in carving the mech.

This was a mech that was reconstructed from Aojia’s ruined armour. Rather than carving a new armour for the sake of brightness, he constructed a damaged look on the mech. The black and gold human-shaped mech armour stood proudly, the casing carrying traces of smoke from the battlefield.

Next was the black dragon that was the same height as the mech. Strong claws grabbed one side of the mech and the body twisted slightly to the other side. The wild dragon’s wings opened in mid-air and the dragon’s tail moved in the air. The evil and majestic dragon head breathed out orange-red flames to the other side, vertical golden eyes staring at all living things below.

In the middle was the human-shaped Aojia, emerging from the smoke with slender and powerful legs. Weapons hung on him and one hand was naturally fastened around a weapon. The other hand was fastened to the belt around his waist. Under his military hat, his resolute face had a faint smile.

The entire work looked like a battlefield where smoke was about to dissipate and Aojia seemed to be the god of war emerging out of the battlefield. As this work gradually formed at the manor, the robot disguised Eagle Tan was hiding on a suspended mountain not far away and rubbed his eyes several times.

At the manor, the little leopard was actually carving the marshal’s armour. The marshal’s beast form! The marshal… himself!

It was a giant carving he had never seen before. If he hadn’t watched the little leopard carving it little by little, he would’ve suspected it was made by a smart machine! Eagle Tan was slow and finally realized that the beastman who picked up the little leopard was his marshal! Then the words he previously said to the marshal…

He shouldn’t hide the little leopard, he should hide himself!

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