NOLMBW: Chapter 46

The full deputy commander finally pulled down his fox ears and the beautiful crown feathers of the peacock movie emperor he was holding also fell to one side. The deputy reached out and touched them. “Come again?”

The peacock slapped his hand. “If I come again, my waist will be broken!”

They had been in close contact many times but it was only slowly and they never did it genuinely. He knew that this fox was worried about his safety and always held back. Now the fox finally had a high-grade energy stone carving and there was no need to be restrained. This fox almost swallowed him whole!

The deputy commander calmly pointed out the facts. “Your hair hasn’t been recovered.”

Suo Lan pressed a hand against the crown feathers on his head and tried to flatten it. Meanwhile, he glanced at the fox’s ears, reached out and pulled it. Then he dismissively said, “You say that like your hair has been recovered!”

“There is no way. It was so long before I finally got to eat a meal happily. I probably need a few more meals.”

“Be moderate or you won’t be able to eat when full!”

“…This is true.”



“Why did you suddenly come back?”

He clearly prepared a birthday gift and intended to find a place with a good atmosphere. Once the conditions were right, success would naturally follow. He was just ready to give the gift when the fox appeared in a hurry and accurately found the high-grade energy stone carving.

Originally, he and the fox had been suppressed for some time. Once they had the carving of the peacock and fox, the fire burned instantly…

Fox,  “…”

The peacock was asking him this? Their two beast shaped carvings were already famous online! In addition, the carving of his peacock had been studied in the general control room of the military’s Information Department at one hundred times the magnification…

“Fox? Why aren’t you talking?”

“Baby, I want red grapes…”


Once the fox ears and peacock crown feathers finally disappeared, it was already afternoon. The fox held his peacock to carefully take a bath and wrapped them in the quilt. Then he fished out the carving of the blue peacock and the fire fox. “Small bird, shall we get married?”

The exhausted peacock stared at the other person. The fox was smiling while holding him but at the same time, the wise and cunning eyes were very serious.

“Okay.” The peacock promised and his spirit was restored. He raised his arm to turn on the quantum computer and opened his account with great enthusiasm. Then he sent a big red envelope to the store owner with the sentence, “Big Store Owner, you are the blessing of my sex life!”

At this time, the little leopard watching the theoretical course suddenly received a red envelope alert. He raised his paws in a stunned manner and opened it. Then a big red bag with a beautiful peacock on it jumped out on his Star Network Account. 

The little leopard opened it with his paws and saw that inside this huge red envelope was… two million star coins! Then Rong Mingshi saw the sentence that came with it and suddenly realized the true essence.

…Money could buy many things for your beastman, such as buying a high-grade energy stone and then a custom order so that your sexual life was blessed.

The little leopard pouted, rubbing his sharp teeth together twice before grabbing his thick tail. He didn’t have the money to buy a high-grade energy stone for the big black dragon… Then they weren’t sexually blessed?

The amount in the red envelope might be similar to the auction price of his high-grade custom order but it was because of the peacock’s trust in him that he carved the high-grade energy stone and opened the order on the Star Network.

Therefore, he couldn’t accept this red envelope. Rong Mingshi was ready to return it. He didn’t expect that he hadn’t returned it yet when he received another message from the peacock. “Big Store Owner, the fox said that two red envelopes should be given. This one is from my fox.”

There was another big red envelope and the amount was the same as the previous one. These envelopes were worth four million star coins, directly paralyzing Rong Mingshi. The total amount that had been in this account wasn’t this much. The leopard’s clear eyes stared at the two red envelopes before the thick paws firmly touched each other.

He had principles! He couldn’t be money-grubbing! Even if the local tyrant used money as dung…

After seeing that the red envelopes were turned, the peacock yawned and raised his eyes to his fox. “The store owner doesn’t want our red envelopes.”

The deputy commander’s eyes narrowed. Based on the owner’s skills…

“The store owner probably isn’t lacking money.”

“In addition, giving money is too vulgar.”

Thus, the peacock once again sent a message to the store owner. “Then shall I officially become your spokesman?”

The little leopard sent the message that the buyer sent and sighed with relief that it wasn’t another red envelope. He thought about the peacock energy stone, which was the most perfect one he carved so far, and agreed.

The little leopard had insufficient understanding of the identity of the peacock movie emperor and didn’t know that the endorsement fee of Peacock Suo Lan was calculated to be billions of star coins. Therefore, the peacock movie emperor brought his own photographer, stylist, designer, etc., and became the spokesman of a small online store.

It was getting late and the big black dragon entered the college’s energy stone warehouse to pick up the little leopard. Inside, the well-behaved little leopard was sitting in his spherical seta and listening carefully to the college’s online listening course.

The housekeeper, who was hidden in another place and still screening the beastmen of the college, wasn’t very satisfied. It was strange. Why was there no beastmen who could compare to the black dragon?

…Simply incredible!

Meanwhile, Eagle Tan was disguised as a robot and thinking of ways to convince his boss. He still felt it was necessary to hide the little leopard carver.

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Cause you are Rong rong’s father laa.. no one deserves or equally special in your data then your child loo..