NOLMBW: Chapter 45

Principal Stewart finished saying this and gave Rong Mingshi permission for all the classes in the college, whether it was junior or advanced. It also included all the online listening courses. Then the long-winded Principal Stewart patted Student Rong’s… spherical seat. “Student Rong, the labyrinth ball can enhance perception but in the end, it is limited. You need to seriously understand these theoretical courses and don’t be biased against the subject.”

Principal Stewart said these words and Rong Mingshi didn’t have a reason to reject them.

The little leopard emerged from the principal’s office and drove the spherical seat. He opened the schedule sent to him and found that the master carving class was in three days time… The library also had fixed opening times so he had to wait a few days.

The little leopard, who didn’t belong to any class, slipped into the energy stone warehouse and mingled with a group of warehouse auxiliary robots while listening to the college’s online theory course.

At this time, Housekeeper Baba was working part-time in the warehouse and he wasn’t far from ‘seeing’ his little leopard. The little leopard was watching the video of the theory class while letting the spherical seat float back and forth behind a group of auxiliary robots.

He was obviously very relaxed and cheerful but the housekeeper had a different feeling.

…Too lonely.

Housekeeper Baba considered how to find a companion for the leopard. The little leopard should have other beastmen as friends for when the marshal wasn’t present. As a result, Housekeeper Baba entered the college’s student list system and screened the appropriate beastmen.

While the housekeeper was concerned about this, another person who noticed the leopard was Eagle Tan. He was disguised as a guard robot and stood behind the leopard while carrying deadly weapons. At his angle, he could see that his protection target was looking at…

The theoretical course of the apprentice carver class. He was asked to protect an apprentice carver of the college? He was carrying deadly weapons to protect a student in his beast shape? Eagle Tan, who always worshipped his commanding officer, suddenly suspected that this was a prank his commanding officer was playing on him…

The little leopard listened for a while and there was a feeling of drowsiness. Therefore, Rong Mingshi placed the learning interface to the side and logged into the Star Network to check the giant energy stone he ordered. According to the estimate, it should arrive at his home this evening.

Rong Mingshi finished checking this and logged into his small online store to check the delivery of the seal carving. It was already signed off. The empire’s courier system was truly fast.

Rong Mingshi decided to open two images of the lynx while listening to the theoretical class. He was preparing to carve his other custom order. The little leopard saw the sturdy adult body and felt some envy… this was what big cats were supposed to look like.

The body was physically strong, the eyes were brown and the momentum was as powerful as a tiger. The lynx’s tail was thick like Rong Mingshi’s tail but the fur on it looked thick and rough, while his was fluffy and soft…

The little leopard constantly zoomed in and out on the images, observing the characteristics of the lynx and striving to see every detail clearly. After zooming in, the little leopard found that the lynx’s leg was injured. Under the thick brown-white fur, there was a hint of deep red blood that had spread.

The little leopard cocked his head and gazed at the image of the juvenile body. The curled up lynx looked smaller than a kitten as it shivered under the rocks. The hairs on its body were raised in a state of trepidation and the lynx didn’t move its young body. Therefore, the little leopard could only vaguely see the injured leg.

It was inevitable that mania must’ve erupted in the past to provide such images of the juvenile body. The two images might have a time difference of one second between the first one and the second one. The outbreak of mania caused the same beastman to become so different.

This was a sad fact…

The little leopard sighed, shook his spirit, jumped out of the spherical seat and climbed around on the stone shelves of the warehouse to pick the material. The lynx was a light brown colour with a white belly and black tufts on the ears…

This type of variegated low-grade energy stone was the easiest to find. Rong Mingshi quickly picked out a desirable stone and returned to his seat.

At this time, the disguised Eagle Tan behind him didn’t have a very good expression. He knew this lynx. It was the captain of the scouting unit. Then Eagle Tan saw something even more incredible. The little leopard sat on the seat in a dangerous manner. After fixing the low-grade energy stone in one spot, he pressed the space button and tools in the shape of leopard paws were pulled out. The fine tools attached to the leopard paws started to cut the stone.

Rong Mingshi’s idea was still to show both the adult and juvenile form. He outlined the structure with a knife. The injured lynx was lying on the ground, one ear moving while the other ear with black tufts slightly hung down as the lynx looked at its injured leg.

The little lynx was next to the big lynx, stretching out two thick front paws to try and stop the blood seeping from the leg of the big lynx. The fluffy little lynx had two black tufts stand up while its brown eyes contained persistence and seriousness.

Rong Mingshi used very fine carving for the big and small lynx. Then for the environment around the lynx, Rong Mingshi used the big knife and slashed and smashed at the energy stone, giving the feeling of an axe slamming down on a mountain.

The little leopard’s quantum computer was still open to the learning interface of the theoretical class but Rong Mingshi was fully focused on the carving and… didn’t listen to a single word.

Finally, the little leopard carved his signature on a corner of a rock and put away the leopard paws. He gazed at another completed work and raised his paws to his face. He patted his face before calling the Star Network’s courier service and sending the custom carving.

From beginning to end, the little leopard was in a skilled state.

Behind him, the fake guard robot saw the entire carving process and was blown up by the shock. This was the energy stone carver who could carve stones that hid the overflowing energy! No wonder why the boss asked him to carry deadly weapons to protect this little leopard. Eagle Tan now wanted to drive an armed fighter jet here. This little leopard could help strengthen the special soldiers and he couldn’t be too protective!

Eagle Tan frankly wanted to hide this store owner away! This wish swayed Eagle Tan and he quietly sent a message to the marshal. “Sir, can I hide the leopard?”


At this time, the marshal was staring at His Majesty with no expression. Beside the emperor was a beautiful girl in gorgeous clothes staring at Aojia with bright eyes.

“Your Majesty, my manor is too full and I have nowhere to entertain guests.”

Duke Oran’s daughter, Phidia whispered, “Lord Marshal, I will only stay for two days and won’t bother you.”

“Your Majesty, the unmarried beastman staying with me is a carver and all the rooms are used to store energy stone. Even I can only squeeze into a bed with the unmarried beastman.”

The emperor’s mouth twitched when he heard this and he told Phidia, “Since the marshal said this, you should stay in the college’s dormitory. Principal Stewart said the conditions there are excellent.”

“Your Majesty’s brother…”

“Okay, Phidia, go back first.”

Just then, Aojia received the message from Eagle Tan and his face instantly became colder. This kid wanted to hide his snow leopard? The big black dragon replied coldly, “Try it if you want to go to the asteroid belt and be a bandit!”

Eagle Tan saw his boss’ reply and naturally knew this was a refusal. He definitely couldn’t violate the military order. Still… if he could hide this store owner then he was willing to become a bandit.


The little leopard sent the carving and rubbed his ears while listening to the lesson. He decided to return to the start of the lesson and listen again.

On the Information Department’s side, the carvings went through several conversion sites because the address and receivers had to be hidden. Finally, the two carvings arrived at the military’s Information Department.

The group of information-gathering elites crowded together and curiously opened the parcel. Once the two carvings were placed in front of them, the chaotic control room suddenly calmed down.

These carvings subverted all their previous perceptions. No carver would combine the two forms of a beastman in one carving and no one would add anything else apart from the shape of the beast. Most importantly, no carver would carve a low-grade energy stone to such a superb level! This was simply a miniature version of the scouting captain and the second seal captain!

“Test the energy data!”

No matter how exquisite the carving was, this was the most important part for them. Two testers were quickly sent over and the two carvings placed inside simultaneously. The value jumped and the air in the control centre stagnated. Almost everyone was breathless. This lasted until both testers landed steadily on 100%.

Everyone cheered! This was more exciting than winning a battle!

“This is too great…” An information-gathering elite muttered.

“Unfortunately, the deputy commander asked for leave and he won’t be able to see it before the carvings are sent to the front line.” Another person in charge of the ordering said.

At this time, the deputy commander with two fox ears was pressing down on a proud peacock with crown feathers and exploring the meaning of life…

The two carvings were packed and sent away by military transport. Then the three elites responsible for the orders responsibly boarded the buyer’s exchange area. 

-Thank you to the store owner, I am very satisfied with the order!

-The store owner is amazing, this order is simply amazing!

The two messages had an image of the seal and lynx carvings and the energy test data result. Then the buyer’s exchange area under the custom auction section of Craftsman Time’s House boiled over.

-A big and small one! It is actually a big and small one!

-The store owner is amazing. How did he think of this?

-The white and round little seal and the seriously raised ears of the lynx are making me cry! This is simply curing mania!

-So, these two orders have been completed but the store owner still hasn’t opened any orders of low-grade energy stones. Why do I feel particularly out of breath…

-Hey, person upstairs, don’t have a crow mouth! Quickly take back the words! Take back the words!

-How did a crow offend you?!

-I suddenly don’t want to say that the store owner is lazy. The store owner is very diligent, very diligent! Very diligent so be sure to open a custom order!

Currently, Rong Mingshi just finished a lesson and received a confirmation of a receipt. He saw there were another 400,000 star coins in his account and the little leopard smiled. He couldn’t help wanting to open another order to be a diligent store owner.

Then he thought of the giant energy stone that would arrive home tonight and Rong Mingshi retracted his paws from the order button. It wasn’t urgent to open orders and make money.

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