NOLMBW: Chapter 44

As for what link was missing, Rong Mingshi couldn’t think of it at all. He looked at the dates of the museum’s records and it had been thousands of years based on the calendar of the beastmen empire.

Rong Mingshi looked up at Aojia. “Aojia, are there records about the merman’s ancestors?”

Aojia saw his gaze and replied, “There are some teaching images of the ancestor in the library of the Imperial Carving Academy.”

The little leopard nodded. “Then I’ll go to the college tomorrow to check.”

Aojia squeezed his paws. “You don’t have enough authority.”

The little leopard looked puzzled. “I need permission to enter the college’s library?”

“I’ll get you permission from Principal Stewart tomorrow.”

“Yes.” The little leopard yawned.

Aojia rubbed his head. “Go home?”

The little leopard held his thick tail and buried his head in Aojia’s arms. “Yes, go back and sleep.”

Aojia held the little leopard’s body, taking out a cloak from his space and covering the little leopard with it.

By this time, the raucous crowd in the lobby of the museum’s first floor had quieted down. All the guests had left, leaving only Duke Oran’s family who were waiting for the imperial guards to determine the security before transferring to another manor. Two luxury manors in the centre of the capital had been blown up and now Duke Oran’s family could only go to a remote manor.

The duchess whispered to the duke about the wife of the foreign minister withdrawing the order. It was just that the angry Duke Oran had no time to care about this matter and was very irritable. “Let her cancel it. It is just one custom order.”

Beneath the cloak, the sleepy leopard suddenly opened his eyes and moved his paws. This voice was a bit familiar… he had heard it when he was born. The duke? Rong Mingshi stood on Aojia’s arm and poked his head out from Aojia’s shoulder.

The person who spoke was surrounded by several robot guards. His originally tailored and handmade suit was charred and tattered. He was tense at the thought of an ion bomb possibly coming at any time and his expression wasn’t very great.

Aojia raised a hand and pressed down the leopard’s head. He whispered, “Don’t look.”

Rong Mingshi heard these words and bit Aojia’s collar. He pulled it with a bit of force before shrinking back down from the shoulders. Aojia and the little leopard left the museum through another exit.

On the way back, the little leopard wearing the cloak hat obediently sat in the passenger’s seat. He watched Aojia drive the suspension car through the sky of the imperial capital. Aojia turned to look at the little leopard’s round ears under the cloak hat and the eyes that were unfocused. He always felt that this little leopard was planning something…

Once they returned to their room, Aojia took the little leopard for a shower. As always, one showered inside while the other bathed in the outside sink. The little leopard’s thick paws swung through the bubbles. His entire body was covered with bubbles and he used his paws to turn on the smart tap and washed off the bubbles.

This time, Rong Mingshi finished washing much faster than the marshal. He jumped from the basin with wet fur, licked his thick paws and shook the water off his head. He stood up and pulled down the smart towel, entered it and consciously dried himself. Then with fluffy fur, he headed straight to the bedroom.

In contrast, the marshal took longer than before. Estrus was always a bit difficult to deal with and his physical condition…

The marshal washed himself with cold water several times and emerged in a bathroom. He didn’t see the figure of the little leopard in the washbasin and headed to the bedroom. In the bedroom, the traces of the precise fire extinguisher had been handled by the housekeeper and the torn quilt was also changed. Under the newly changed quilt, the leopard’s two round ears and a bit of his head was exposed.

Aojia walked over. Then he heard a bang and the front of the quilt bulged out a bit. The little leopard inside hadn’t found a good angle and shot into the quilt before bouncing out…

Aojia caught and looked down at the annoyed little leopard. The little leopard was planning this thing? His family’s snow leopard wanted to become human and sleep in the quilt? Just thinking about this caused the black dragon’s body to heat up and he almost couldn’t hold back his dragon wings. Sure enough, it was right to wash himself a few times in advance with cold water.

Meanwhile, the little leopard hanging from his hand was glaring at the stone he failed to carve. This stone was too proud! He washed so quickly because he wanted to come over and try again to see if he could get a good night kiss. He didn’t expect the stone to reject him!

The frustrated little leopard’s limbs drooped and he looked pitiful. The marshal didn’t hold back. He held the little leopard with both hands and rubbed his hands back and forth. It wasn’t until the fur was fluffy all over that he was able to burn some mosquito repellant…

Rong Mingshi turned his head angrily and used his two front paws to hug Aojia’s arm. Then he opened his mouth and bit Aojia’s wrist, sharp leopard’s teeth stuck there. Aojia let go of his hand and the little leopard hung from his arm with his two thick paws, mouth stuck around the wrist and not letting go.

The black dragon held the little leopard again and patted him on the head in comfort. “Don’t feel pressure and take it slowly.”

The little leopard cried out “Aoji,” dug into this person’s arms and yawned. Then he closed his eyes.

The next morning, before Rong Mingshi’s breakfast, the housekeeper packed the carved seal and sent it.

They finished eating breakfast and Aojia was preparing to send him to the college when the stone from the buyer of the high-grade energy stone custom auction arrived. Rong Mingshi opened it and saw a very beautiful, transparent orange stone. The image of the tiger-shaped beastman provided by the custom buyer caused a simple idea to form in Rong Mingshi’s head.

On the way to the college, Aojia connected to Principal Stewart’s computer and mentioned giving Rong Mingshi permission to enter the library. He thought Principal Stewart would refuse or make other requests. Unexpectedly, the principal agreed. Aojia frowned slightly as he hung up the communicator and told the little leopard, “Don’t agree easily if there are any requests from Principal Steward.”


“The housekeeper and eagle have entered the college in disguised identities. Call them at any time and they will protect you.”

“Yes.” The little leopard nodded.

Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s head. “Go inside.”

Rong Mingshi turned his head and saw that he had already arrived at the college. He jumped up, waved his paws and plunged into his spherical seat. Aojia watched the spherical seat carrying the little leopard flying into the college and didn’t limit the little leopard’s play in the college.

Being famous in the college and being famous on the Star Network were two completely different things. The skills of the little leopard would be discovered and spread sooner or later, but compared to being famous online, fame from the college would make the little leopard’s foundation deeper. It would be better if the little leopard could gain the professors who were higher than the top carvers.

Rong Mingshi arrived at the classroom and felt that the students’ gazes were different. They looked at him from time to time with a strange feeling.

“Classmate Rong, I heard that you’re going to change classes? Your name isn’t on our class list.”

“What class are you transferring to? The junior carving class?”

Rong Mingshi was stunned. Who said he was going to change classes? He had only been in this class for a few days…

Rong Mingshi didn’t have a clear rebuttal and the students felt they had guessed right. Thus, more people gathered around.

“Classmate Rong’s level means the intermediate class shouldn’t be bad.”

“It is a pity that Classmate Rong’s other professional results are too poor or the senior class would also be okay.”

“The cost of our trainee class is so high, the cost for the junior and senior classes should be doubled…”

It was the question of money again…

Rong Mingshi had seen Aojia pay for the carver trainee class. If this fee was doubled…

It seemed he would have to open a few more high-grade custom orders. The most important thing was that his money also had to be used to buy a pure black high-grade energy stone for Aojia! This was a huge expenditure of 10 million star coins.

As the students discussed the problem and the little leopard’s spirit soared into the sky, Professor Phillier entered with a person behind him. Professor Phillier’s eyelids twitched when he saw the mess in the classroom and he ordered, “Return to your seats!”

All the students heard their teacher’s voice and scattered, revealing the little leopard who had been in the middle. The little leopard rubbed his nose and drove the sphere towards his seat. At the same time, the students were surprised when they saw the face of the person behind Professor Phillier.

Behind Professor Phillier was Principal Stewart. The principal of the college who they could only see once a year!

Phillier coughed and glanced at Rong Mingshi. “Student Rong, please wait.  Principal Stewart wants to see you for a matter.”

The little leopard turned and saw the smiling Principal Stewart behind Professor Phillier. Um… Aojia had told him not to agree to Principal Stewart’s requests!

Principal Stewart personally came to find Classmate Rong for something… Meanwhile, Classmate Rong’s face was overflowing with rejection…

The whole class was stunned silly. Did all of them lose their vision?

Then Principal Stewart opened his mouth. “Classmate Rong, come with me. I’ll give you permission to open the library.”

This sentence caused the entire class to sigh with relief. It was originally permission for the library. The fourth vice-president had already given unlimited use of the college’s low-grade energy stones so the students felt this was nothing. Classmate Rong was really cute and more benefits was normal.

Rong MIngshi really wanted to know about the merman’s ancestors and it wasn’t a real request from the principal. Thus, the little leopard drove his seat and followed the principal. Once Rong Mingshi left the classroom, the curious students asked the question in their hearts. “Professor Phillier, is Classmate Rong going to change classes?”

Classmate Rong’s skills crushed all of them but he was too cute and watching his carving process was even more beneficial. Professor Phillier nodded and opened the lesson he prepared for the class.

“Which class is Classmate Rong transferring to? The junior carver or intermediate carver class?”

Professor Phillier smiled. “What class do you think can go in and out of the library?”

“I don’t think the senior carver class has this permission.” There were students who knew about this. The library wasn’t just a library. It was a place where people could read ancient paper books and those long 2D videos.

Professor Phillier nodded. “Student Rong will go to the master class.”




All the students thought they were hallucinating.

The master class, the full name was the imperial carver’s master class. It was called a class but there were no fixed classes. All members were certified master carvers who gathered together to study carving skills and enhance their perception.

However, many masters received orders for high-grade custom stones and lost their original intention of research. Now the class only had some masters who were highly skilled and considered money as dirt. Most of the masters taught at the college or were visiting professors.

At this time, Rong Mingshi was sitting in the principal’s office. After giving permission to enter the library, Principal Stewart proposed for him to change classes. Rong Mingshi hadn’t heard about the master class and was thinking about the doubling of tuition fees. He asked, “Is it above the trainee class?”

Principal Stewart nodded. “Yes.”

“Principal Stewart, can I refuse?”


“I can’t afford the tuition fees.”


Principal Stewart’s mouth twitched. A beastman that the marshal personally sent to school was actually saying he couldn’t afford the tuition!

Rong Mingshi continued, “In addition, I came here to learn perception control. My foundation isn’t good.”


Principal Stewart almost vomited blood. A person without a good foundation carved a beautiful piece of the vice-president that made the fourth vice-president desire it? Even so, Rong Mingshi’s expression was very serious and he didn’t seem to be acting modestly. Thus, Principal Stewart asked, “Is your foundation really bad?”

Rong Mingshi nodded. “I don’t know the theory of perception and during control training, I could only go halfway in the perception labyrinth.”


This foundation was really a bit bad…

The former didn’t matter. After all, carving practice was better than theories. It was just that the latter was a problem. If control was insufficient then how could this student fully activate the power of the energy stone? Principal Stewart suddenly remembered the perception test from the other day. It seemed it was difficult to control such powerful perception.

“Student Rong, go to the class. It is a place where carving masters take turns to teach and will definitely be good for you. Moreover, there is no charge. About your basic knowledge, if you don’t study well then I really have no way.”

Rong Mingshi who suddenly received the hat of being lazy was stunned.

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